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Cree, Inc.
Durham, NC
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RE43725 Ultraviolet light emitting diode October 9, 2012
A light emitting diode is disclosed. The diode includes a silicon carbide substrate having a first conductivity type, a first gallium nitride layer above the SiC substrate having the same conductivity type as the substrate, a superlattice on the GaN layer formed of a plurality of rep
RE43412 LED with self aligned bond pad May 29, 2012
A method is disclosed for attaching a bonding pad to the ohmic contact of a diode while reducing the complexity of the photolithography steps. The method includes the steps of forming a blanket passivation layer over the epitaxial layers and ohmic contacts of a diode, depositing a photor
RE43045 Multi-chamber MOCVD growth apparatus for high performance/high throughput December 27, 2011
In one embodiment the present invention is a method of conducting multiple step multiple chamber chemical vapor deposition while avoiding reactant memory in the relevant reaction chambers. The method includes depositing a layer of semiconductor material on a substrate using vapor dep
RE42598 Light emitting diode arrays for direct backlighting of liquid crystal displays August 9, 2011
A display panel for a flat panel display includes a planar array of LCD devices and a planar array of LED devices that is closely spaced apart from the planar array of LCD devices, at least some of the LED devices being disposed within a periphery of the array of LCD devices such that,
RE42007 Vertical geometry InGaN LED December 28, 2010
A vertical geometry light emitting diode is disclosed that is capable of emitting light in the red, green, blue, violet and ultraviolet portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The light emitting diode includes a conductive silicon carbide substrate, an InGaN quantum well, a conductive
D693948 Lamp November 19, 2013
D692171 Lighting fixture October 22, 2013
D691973 Lamp packages October 22, 2013
D669204 Modular indirect suspended/ceiling mount fixture October 16, 2012
D669040 Light emitting diode October 16, 2012
D667983 Troffer-style lighting fixture September 25, 2012
D667803 Light emitting device package September 25, 2012
D667801 Package for light emitting diode (LED) lighting September 25, 2012
D667156 Troffer-style lighting fixture September 11, 2012
D666339 LED lamp August 28, 2012
D661264 Light emiting device package June 5, 2012
D660990 LED lamp May 29, 2012
D660257 Emitter package May 22, 2012
D659657 Light emitting diode (LED) package May 15, 2012
D658139 High-density emitter package April 24, 2012
D656254 Lamp March 20, 2012
D656253 Lamp March 20, 2012
D654193 LED lamp February 14, 2012
D653366 LED lamp January 31, 2012
D653365 LED lamp January 31, 2012
D650760 Light emitting device package December 20, 2011
D650343 Multiple configuration light emitting device package December 13, 2011
D648687 Light emitting device package November 15, 2011
D648686 Light emitting diode (LED) package November 15, 2011
D647222 Lamp October 18, 2011
D644356 Lamp August 30, 2011
D643819 Package for light emitting diode (LED) lighting August 23, 2011
D641719 Light emitting diode July 19, 2011
D641096 Lighting fixture July 5, 2011
D640645 Lamp package June 28, 2011
D638160 Lighting device May 17, 2011
D636921 Lighting device April 26, 2011
D635527 Light emitting diode April 5, 2011
D635525 LED chip April 5, 2011
D633099 Light engine for a lighting device February 22, 2011
D626257 Lamp October 26, 2010
D621802 Light emitting diode August 17, 2010
D621799 Light emitting diode August 17, 2010
D616839 LED chip June 1, 2010
D615504 Emitter package May 11, 2010
D614592 Light emitting diode April 27, 2010
D608739 LED January 26, 2010
D608307 Light emitting diode January 19, 2010
D606948 LED December 29, 2009
D605612 LED December 8, 2009
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