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Milpitas, CA
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D511981 Semiconductor integrated circuit test head November 29, 2005
8295182 Routed event test system and method October 23, 2012
An efficient automated test system and method are presented. In one embodiment, an automated test system is implemented in a routed event distribution architecture. In one exemplary implementation, an automated test system includes a plurality of test instruments, a switched event bu
7810005 Method and system for correcting timing errors in high data rate automated test equipment October 5, 2010
A system and method for reducing timing errors in automated test equipment (ATE) offering increased data rates for the testing of higher-speed integrated circuits. Embodiments provide an effective mechanism for increasing the data rate of an ATE system by delegating processing tasks
7805628 High resolution clock signal generator September 28, 2010
A clock signal generator having first and second coarse delay circuits connected in series delays pulses of a reference signal having period T.sub.p to produce pulses of the clock signal. The first coarse delay circuit delays pulses of the reference signal with a delay resolution of
7765443 Test systems and methods for integrated circuit devices July 27, 2010
One embodiment of the invention is a portion of a test system that includes a timing generation circuit and a formatter that are coupled together, which are on a single CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) integrated circuit. The timing Generation circuit generates software
7761751 Test and diagnosis of semiconductors July 20, 2010
A method and system for performing diagnosing in an automatic test environment. The method begins by determining a fail condition during a test of a device under test (DUT). A diagnostic suite is determined for testing the fail condition. The diagnostic suite is generated if the diag
7627790 Apparatus for jitter testing an IC December 1, 2009
An integrated circuit tester channel includes an integrated circuit (IC) for adding a programmably controlled amount of jitter to a digital test signal to produce a DUT input signal having a precisely controlled jitter pattern. The IC also measures periods between selected edges of the s
7615990 Loadboard enhancements for automated test equipment November 10, 2009
An enhanced loadboard and method for enhanced automated test equipment (ATE) signaling. More specifically, embodiments provide an effective mechanism for reducing signal degradation and error interjection by replacing one or more relays with signal splitters for directing signals bet
7532014 LRL vector calibration to the end of the probe needles for non-standard probe cards for ATE RF t May 12, 2009
A method and apparatus for radio frequency vector calibration of s-parameter measurements to the tips of the wafer probe needles of an automatic test equipment production tester. The method involves a modified Line-Reflect-Line (LRL) calibration routine that uses a Thru-Reflect-Line
7496467 Automatic test equipment operating architecture February 24, 2009
An integrated circuit testing device, such as an ATE, configured with an architecture comprising a distinct software layer and a distinct hardware layer with an interface for tester abstraction providing a communication conduit between the software layer and the hardware layer. The softw
7492181 Method and device for enabling the measurement of device under test voltages using a testing ins February 17, 2009
A method for determining an output voltage of a device under test is disclosed. In the method, a first voltage is placed onto a terminal of a resister that is coupled to the device under test and a first current is through the resistor that corresponds to the first voltage is measured. A
7471753 Serializer clock synthesizer December 30, 2008
A clock synthesizer uses a serializer to convert a parallel data stream into clock signals. The frequency of the synthesized clock is dependent on the bit values of the parallel data stream and the frequency of the reference clock used by the serializer. Rapid tuning of the frequency is
7471100 Semiconductor integrated circuit tester with interchangeable tester module December 30, 2008
A test head for an integrated circuit tester includes a main chassis defining a chamber that is open at the top. Tester modules are installed in the chamber, each tester module being removable as a unit from the chamber and including a tester module chassis, multiple pin electronics
7454678 Scan stream sequencing for testing integrated circuits November 18, 2008
A system and method for processing scan data for integrated circuit testing. Scan data is divided into three groups of scan data segments: scan-in data segments, scan-out data segments and scan-mask data segments. The sequence of scan data segments in each group constitutes the opera
7439728 System and method for test socket calibration using composite waveform October 21, 2008
A system and method for calibration of a test socket using a composite waveform. A group of input signal pins of test system are coupled together. A pin belonging to the group is selected as a pin under calibration. A first calibration edge is applied to the pin under calibration. Af
7430130 D-optimized switching converter September 30, 2008
A switching converter produces an output signal transmitted to a variable load impedance to produce a load voltage V.sub.DD across the load impedance and holds V.sub.DD close to a set point voltage V.sub.SP selected by control data D.sub.REF1 to compensate for variations in the load
7414438 Clock based voltage deviation detector August 19, 2008
The clock based voltage deviation detector of the present invention includes a pulse module, an indicator module and a correlation module. The pulse module generates a stream of reset pulses as a function of a clock signal. The indicator module generates a pass/fail indicator signal
7409617 System for measuring characteristics of a digital signal August 5, 2008
An electronic device under test (DUT) responds to a digital input signal by generating a digital DUT output signal conveying a repetitive digital signal pattern. An apparatus for measuring various characteristics of the DUT output signal includes a trigger generator for generating a seri
7400154 Apparatus and method for detecting photon emissions from transistors July 15, 2008
A system, apparatus, and method for analyzing photon emission data to discriminate between photons emitted by transistors and photons emitted by background sources. The analysis involves spatial and/or temporal correlation of photon emissions. After correlation, the analysis may furt
7389449 Edge selecting triggering circuit June 17, 2008
A triggering circuit asserts a trigger signal in response to edges of a digital signal conveying a repetitive pattern of edges. The triggering circuit generates first data having a value identifying a position within the pattern of a last occurring edge of the digital signal and generate
7372302 High speed, out-of-band differential pin driver May 13, 2008
A driver block for a differential pin driver that supports out-of-band signaling. The driver block includes a main enable switch that is controlled by a high speed driver inhibit (DINH) signal. The main enable switch controls coupling between a main current source and a differential
7370255 Circuit testing with ring-connected test instrument modules May 6, 2008
Method and apparatus for circuit testing with ring-connected test instrument modules. A system for controlling one or more test instruments to test one or more integrated circuits includes a master clock and a controller. The test instruments are connected to form a communication rin
7353126 Method of determining coherent test conditions April 1, 2008
A method of determining coherent test conditions is disclosed. The method includes receiving constraints from a user, wherein the constraints include desired test conditions, desired tolerances for the desired test conditions, and desired instrument. Further, the method includes dete
7343538 Programmable multi-function module for automatic test equipment systems March 11, 2008
A programmable source/measurement module for automatic test equipment is disclosed. A high resolution low frequency source, high resolution low frequency measurement capability, low resolution high frequency source, and a low resolution high frequency measurement capability are provided
7336066 Reduced pin count test method and apparatus February 26, 2008
Testing of an electronic device is carried out by combining power and signal delivery on a single pair of wires. The power delivery is decoupled from the signal delivery, using inductors, so the device power supplied does not interfere with the test signals delivered from the device
7327452 Light beam apparatus and method for orthogonal alignment of specimen February 5, 2008
A system for orthogonal alignment of a specimen disclosed. The system includes a light-beam illumination source, collection optics, imaging optics, and a tiltable specimen holder. The light-beam source is activated to illuminate a spot on the specimen, and the imaging optics is used
7323862 Apparatus and method for detecting photon emissions from transistors January 29, 2008
A system, apparatus, and method for analyzing photon emission data to discriminate between photons emitted by transistors and photons emitted by background sources. The analysis involves spatial and/or temporal correlation of photon emissions. After correlation, the analysis may furt
7314767 Method for local wafer thinning and reinforcement January 1, 2008
A method is provided for preparing a semiconductor wafer for testing. The method includes selecting a die to be tested; measuring a diagonal of the die; thinning an area over the die extending beyond the scribe lines, the thinned area may be a circular area having a diameter that is larg
7307440 Semiconductor integrated circuit tester with interchangeable tester module December 11, 2007
A test head for an integrated circuit tester includes a main chassis defining a chamber that is open at the top. Tester modules are installed in the chamber, each tester module being removable as a unit from the chamber and including a tester module chassis, multiple pin electronics
7297948 Column simultaneously focusing a particle beam and an optical beam November 20, 2007
The invention concerns a column for producing a focused particle beam comprising: a device (100) focusing particles including an output electrode (130) with an output hole (131) for allowing through a particle beam (A); an optical focusing device (200) for simultaneously focusing an
7296195 Bit synchronization for high-speed serial device testing November 13, 2007
An apparatus for testing electronic devices employs a programmable device to adjust the timing of the strobes such that the strobes sample the bit stream from a device under test at or near the center of the bit position. The strobe time adjustment is performed based on pairs of stro
7292059 Power supply assembly for a semiconductor circuit tester November 6, 2007
A power supply assembly includes a dielectric substrate and a power supply circuit supported by the dielectric substrate. A conductive connection block is attached to the dielectric substrate at a main surface thereof and is connected to a power supply terminal of the power supply circui
7271664 Phase locked loop circuit September 18, 2007
A phase locked loop circuit (PLL) has a reference terminal for receiving a reference signal and an output terminal for providing an output signal. The PLL comprises a phase comparator having first and second inputs and having an output at which it provides a signal that depends on phase
7257507 System and method for determining probing locations on IC August 14, 2007
An apparatus and method for tracing back a probing location to identify the circuit element being probed on a device under test (DUT). The coordinates of the irregularity on the DUT are used to trace back to the logic cone to decipher the root-cause of the irregularity. The Def and L
7254203 Method and apparatus for use of high sampling frequency A/D converters for low frequency samplin August 7, 2007
A method and apparatus for adding fill-in clock pulses to an analog to digital converters input clock signal between requests for analog data acquisition. The circuit that provides the fill-in clock pulses is able to detect a request for analog data acquisition, synchronously stop ad
7246026 Multi-domain execution of tests on electronic devices July 17, 2007
A device under test is divided into multiple test domains, and test conditions for each of the multiple test domains are defined separately, so that each test domain has its own test pattern, timing data, and other test conditions. Each test domain can start and stop independently, and
7245133 Integration of photon emission microscope and focused ion beam July 17, 2007
An integrated FIB/PEM apparatus and method for performing failure analysis on integrated circuits. In-situ failure analysis is enabled by integrating Photon Emission Microscopy into a Focused Ion Beam system, thereby improving throughput and efficiency of Failure Analysis. An iterati
7243278 Integrated circuit tester with software-scaleable channels July 10, 2007
An integrated circuit tester for testing an IC device under test (DUT) during a succession of test cycles includes a pattern generator programmed to generate data before each test cycle encoded to specify all test activities to be carried out during the test cycle and to specify for
7243039 System and method for determining probing locations on IC July 10, 2007
A method for identifying an area of a chip to be probed proceeds as follows. A callout list of failures is obtained from a tester, the list including cell name and pin for each failure. A Def file is interrogated to locate a Def entry matching the cell name, and a cell type, cell loc
7242257 Calibration-associated systems and methods July 10, 2007
The present invention relates to test systems for testing integrated circuit devices and to calibration associated systems and methods. One embodiment of the invention provides an auto-calibration system. The system includes: a plurality of delay line elements (DLEs) adapted to be co
7230240 Enhanced scanning control of charged particle beam systems June 12, 2007
A charged particle beam system and scanning control method capable of imaging, and possibly editing, a device under test (DUT). The charged particle beam system contains a charged particle beam generation unit, such as a focused ion beam (FIB) column, which emits a charged particle b
7228464 PICA system timing measurement and calibration June 5, 2007
PICA probe system apparatus is described, including apparatus for calibrating an event timer having a coarse measurement capability in which time intervals defined by clock boundaries are counted and a fine measurement capability in which time between boundaries is interpolated using
7227702 Bi-convex solid immersion lens June 5, 2007
A bi-convex solid immersion lens is disclosed, having a top and bottom convex surfaces. The radius of curvature of the bottom surface is larger than that of the top surface. A conical sloped side-wall connects the top and bottom surface.
7227580 Knife edge tracking system and method June 5, 2007
A system and method for automatically and accurately determining the exact location of a knife-edge, such as an edge of an optical shutter, so that it can be controlled automatically. In one aspect the system comprises a mechanized shutter coupled to a shutter controller that can automat
7224828 Time resolved non-invasive diagnostics system May 29, 2007
A system for probe-less non-invasive detection of electrical signals from integrated circuit devices is disclosed. The system includes an illumination source, collection optics, imaging optics, and a photon sensor. In a navigation mode, the light source is activated and the imaging o
7222280 Diagnostic process for automated test equipment May 22, 2007
A test apparatus including a means for sending a first test pattern to a device under test (DUT), where the first test pattern is a part of a planned sequence of tests, and further including a means for evaluating the test results received from the DUT, and a method of testing are de
7219269 Self-calibrating strobe signal generator May 15, 2007
A self-calibrating strobe signal generator for a BIST circuit responds to an edge of an input strobe signal by generating corresponding edges of first and second strobe signals separated in time by a target delay specified by input data. The strobe signal generator includes a multipl
7212941 Non-deterministic protocol packet testing May 1, 2007
A test apparatus implements a method for testing electronic devices that exhibit non-deterministic behavior. The test apparatus includes a high-speed buffer queue for storing data packets. The data packets arrive at one end of the queue and, as they exit at the other end, are compared
7203875 Test systems and methods with compensation techniques April 10, 2007
The present invention relates to test systems for testing integrated circuit devices and to calibration associated systems and methods. One embodiment of the invention provides a method for providing formatted levels for use in a test system. The method includes: providing on a singl
7177777 Synchronization of multiple test instruments February 13, 2007
A test apparatus has multiple instruments that are synchronized with respect to one another so that a trigger signal may be generated in response to events occurring at different instruments. The events may correspond to events defined within a test program or events detected at a de
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