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Cray Communications Limited Patents
Cray Communications Limited
Berkshire, GB3
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5430725 Transmitting different size data items on a bus July 4, 1995
A method of communicating different size items of information between terminals via channels of a time-division-multiplexed parallel bus (1) operating with a predetermined frame period (F) divided into a predetermined number of time slots. Each terminal transmits the whole of each of
5428616 Measuring packet transmission delays June 27, 1995
A packet transmission system comprising a network of one or more nodes (1) each comprising a number of inputs connected via packet switching means to a number of outputs each of which has storage means (11) associated with it in which to store a queue of packets to be outputted; characte
5381408 Packet transmission system January 10, 1995
A packet transmission system in which variable delays are compensated for by packetizing an input signal so as to produce packets at a predetermined packet frequency (3), allocating a sequence number to each packet (6), transmitting these packets over a network to an endpoint (7), and fo
5319682 Adaptive data compression system June 7, 1994
An adaptive data compression system comprises an encoder 2 which responds to input characters by producing output codewords according to a stored encoding map or table of characters and codewords, and an adapter 4, 5 which adapts the encoding map or table in accordance with the input
5315591 Method and apparatus for controlling congestion in packet switching networks May 24, 1994
A system in which core information, for example in the form of a core block or blocks (C), is transmitted in a core packet (PC), and at least some enhancement information, for example, in the form of enhancement blocks (E), is transmitted in an enhancement packet (PE) which is separate f

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