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RE43480 Coated optical fiber and curable compositions suitable for coating optical fiber June 19, 2012
The present invention provides materials suitable for use as secondary coatings of optical fibers. According to one embodiment of the invention, a curable composition includes an oligomer and at least one monomer, which when cured forms a cured polymeric material having a Young's mod
RE41220 Extreme ultraviolet soft x-ray projection lithographic method system and lithographic elements April 13, 2010
The projection lithographic method for producing integrated circuits and forming patterns with extremely small feature dimensions includes an illumination sub-system (36) for producing and directing an extreme ultraviolet soft x-ray radiation .lamda. from an extreme ultraviolet soft
RE41127 Glasses for display panels and photovoltaic devices February 16, 2010
An aluminosilicate glass having a composition consisting essentially of, as calculated in weight percent on an oxide basis, of 58-70% SiO.sub.2, 12-22% Al.sub.2O.sub.3, 3-15% B.sub.2O.sub.3, 2-12% CaO, 0-3% SrO, 0-3% BaO, 0-8% MgO, 10-25% MCSB (i.e., MgO+CaO+SrO+BaO), and SrO and BaO in
RE40586 Reduced striae extreme ultra violet elements November 25, 2008
Titania-containing silica glass bodies and extreme ultraviolet elements having low levels of striae are disclosed. Methods and apparatus for manufacturing and measuring striae in glass elements and extreme ultraviolet elements are also disclosed.
RE39535 Method of making fused silica by decomposing siloxanes April 3, 2007
This invention relates to the production of high purity fused silica glass through oxidation or flame hydrolysis of a vaporizable silicon-containing compound. More particularly, this invention is directed to the use of vaporizable, halide-free compounds in said production. In the preferr
RE39028 High performance single mode waveguide March 21, 2006
Disclosed is a single made optical waveguide fiber having a segmented core design. In particular, the core comprises three segments, each having characteristic dimensions and refractive index profile. By proper choice of index profile in each segment, a waveguide fiber is made which has
RE38959 Glasses for display panels and photovoltaic devices January 31, 2006
An aluminosilicate glass having a composition consisting essentially of, as calculated in weight percent on an oxide basis, of 58-70% SiO.sub.2, 12-22% Al.sub.2O.sub.3, 3-15% B.sub.2O.sub.3, 2-12% CaO, 0-3% SrO, 0-3% BaO, 0-8% MgO, 10-25% MCSB (i.e., MgO+CaO+SrO+BaO), and SrO and BaO in
RE38888 Cordierite body November 22, 2005
A ceramic comprising predominately a cordierite-type phase approximating the stoichiometry Mg.sub.2 Al.sub.4 Si.sub.5 O.sub.18 and having a coefficient of thermal expansion ( C.) of greater than 4.times.10.sup.-7 /.degree. C. and less than 13.times.10.sup.-7 /.degree. C
RE38586 Fiber optic coupler exhibiting low nonadiabatic loss September 14, 2004
A fiber optic coupler comprising a plurality of single-mode optical fibers, each of which is tapered to form a small diameter section that extends in contiguous relationship with the small diameter sections of the other fibers to form a coupling region. Each of the fibers has a core surr
RE38310 Optical circuit on printed circuit board November 11, 2003
Apparatus for packaging a fiber optic device along with electronic and opto-electronic components upon a printed circuit board. Bend members having arcuate shaped guide surfaces for directing fibers between various components are strategically mounted upon the top surface of the board.
RE38214 Microplates with UV permeable bottom wells August 12, 2003
Microplates and methods for manufacturing microplates. The microplate is designed to allow UV radiation to pass through the bottom wells of the microplate so that the microplate can be used for assaying samples by use of UV absorbance. In one embodiment, the microplate comprises at least
RE37920 Flat panel display December 3, 2002
A flat panel display comprising an aluminosilicate glass panel that exhibits a strain point higher than C., a weight loss less than 20 mg/cm.sup.2 after immersion for 24 hours in an aqueous 5% by weight HCl solution at C., a CTE in the range of 31-57.times.10.s
RE37680 Dispersion shifted optical waveguide fiber April 30, 2002
A single mode optical waveguide fiber designed for high data rate, or WDM systems or systems incorporating optical amplifiers. The optical waveguide has a compound core having a central region and at least one annular region surrounding the central region. A distinguishing feature of the
RE35138 Achromatic overclad fiber optic coupler January 2, 1996
An achromatic fiber optic coupler of the type wherein a plurality of single-mode optical fibers, each having a core and a cladding, are fused together along a portion of the lengths thereof to form a coupling region. The propagation constants of the fibers are preferably equal; however i
RE34853 Preparation of monolithic catalyst supports having an integrated high surface area phase February 7, 1995
A method of preparing a monolithic catalyst support having an integrated high surface area phase is provided. A plasticized batch of ceramic matrix material intimately mixed with high surface area powder is formed into the desired shape for the monolith and then heated to sinter the cera
RE34804 Method of producing high-strength high surface area catalyst supports December 6, 1994
A catalyst support having both substantial high strength and high surface area can be produced by heating a shaped mixture of a porous oxide having a surface area of at least 20 m.sup.2 /g and the precursor of an inorganic binder for the porous oxide. The binders are precursors of alumin
RE34624 Extrusion die for forming thin walled honeycomb structures May 31, 1994
An extrusion die for extruding a honeycomb-shaped structure having rectangular channels. The die is formed of a hard, rigid material, preferably metal, and includes a body plate and an abutting face plate. The outlet face of the body plate is brazed to the inlet face of the face plat
D602558 Filter apparatus October 20, 2009
D499006 Optical waveguide spool November 30, 2004
D462605 Optical waveguide spool September 10, 2002
D437207 Optical waveguide spool February 6, 2001
D415346 Shipping container October 19, 1999
D373505 Pot handle September 10, 1996
D371486 Lid handle July 9, 1996
D355847 Collapsible tumbler sleeve February 28, 1995
D350603 Cell culture scraper September 13, 1994
D343682 Vacuum filter flask January 25, 1994
D321355 Combined eyeglasses and shielding cassette therefor November 5, 1991
D303056 Measuring spoon August 29, 1989
D303055 Measuring cup August 29, 1989
8588569 Low bend loss optical fiber November 19, 2013
One embodiment of a single mode optical fiber includes: a graded index central core region having outer radius r.sub.1 and refractive index .DELTA..sub.1; a cladding region comprising (i) a first inner cladding region having an outer radius r.sub.2<10 microns and refractive index
8588568 Bend loss resistant multi-mode fiber November 19, 2013
A graded index multimode optical fiber comprising: (a) a silica core doped with germania, and at least one co-dopant, comprising one of P.sub.2O.sub.5 or F or B.sub.2O.sub.3, the core extending to outermost core radius, r.sub.1 and having a dual alpha, .alpha..sub.1; (b) a low index
8586492 Crack and scratch resistant glass and enclosures made therefrom November 19, 2013
A glass and an enclosure, including windows, cover plates, and substrates for mobile electronic devices comprising the glass. The glass has a crack initiation threshold that is sufficient to withstand direct impact, has a retained strength following abrasion that is greater than soda lim
8586188 Protective films or papers for glass surfaces and methods thereof November 19, 2013
A protective paper or film and a method of protecting a glass substrate by applying the protective paper or film having a slip agent composition onto a surface of a glass substrate. The slip agent composition comprises at least one fatty alcohol as defined herein.
8585467 Linear pressure feed grinding with voice coil November 19, 2013
The present invention is directed to an apparatus for grinding or polishing at least one edge of a glass substrate. The apparatus includes a grinding unit configured to remove a predetermined amount of material from the edge when in an aligned position. The grinding unit applies a pr
8585206 Methods for operating scanning laser projectors to reduce speckle and image flicker November 19, 2013
Methods for operating a light source of a scanning laser projector to reduce speckle and image flicker in projected images are disclosed. The methods generally include projecting an image comprising a plurality of frames with a light source of the scanning laser projector. Simultaneo
8584490 Laser cutting method November 19, 2013
A method for cutting a sheet of material having a thickness of at most 400 .mu.m using an electromagnetic wave beam (EWB) such as a laser. The method comprises forming a surface initiation defect and irradiating the sheet along a predetermined path within a short distance from the in
8584489 Non-contact dancer mechanisms, web isolation apparatuses and methods for using the same November 19, 2013
A non-contact dancer mechanism for conveying a web of brittle material includes a guide rail and a variable position web support plenum adjustably positioned on the guide rail. The variable position web support plenum may include an arcuate outer surface with a plurality of fluid ven
8584354 Method for making glass interposer panels November 19, 2013
Glass interposer panels and methods for forming the same are described herein. The interposer panels include a glass substrate core formed from an ion-exchangeable glass. A first layer of compressive stress may extend from a first surface of the glass substrate into the thickness T of th
8580701 Method of controlling Ce:Zr ratio in oxide nanoparticles November 12, 2013
A method of making a nanoparticle catalyst composition including: a single heating of an aqueous salt solution comprising a Ce, a Zr, a rare earth dopant, and a transition metal oxide precursor to provide nanoparticles, the nanoparticles have a compositional gradient comprised of a C
8579518 Optical receptacles and systems and devices including optical receptacles November 12, 2013
According to one embodiment, an optical receptacle for receiving a corresponding optical connector may include a receptacle housing, a receptacle optical path and a positionable shutter assembly. The receptacle housing includes a connector port disposed at an end of the receptacle ho
8578737 Glass flow management by thermal conditioning November 12, 2013
This disclosure relates to methods and apparatus for controlling glass flow in, for example, a downdraw glass manufacturing process (e.g., the fusion downdraw process). The methods and apparatus are particularly well-suited for use in the manufacture of glass sheets such as the glass
8578736 Soot radial pressing for optical fiber overcladding November 12, 2013
A method and apparatus for making an optical fiber preform. The apparatus has an outer wall and an inner wall. The outer wall surrounds the inner wall and the inner wall surrounds an inner cavity of the apparatus. A consolidated glass rod is deposited in the inner cavity after which
8576541 Electrolyte system November 5, 2013
An electrolyte system having a conductive salt dispersed in a solvent mixture, the solvent mixture having an organic nitrile solvent and a co-solvent. The concentration of the conductive salt in the electrolyte system is 1.25 molar to 3.0 molar.
8575354 Fused thiophenes and methods for making and using same November 5, 2013
Disclosed are compounds having one of the following formulae: ##STR00001## wherein X is an aromatic nucleophilic substitution leaving group; R.sup.1 is hydrogen, an alkyl group, or an aryl group; and Q.sup.1 is a carboxyl protecting group or an aldehyde protecting group. Also disclo
8574906 Cell culture surfaces having hydrogel supported proteins November 5, 2013
A method is disclosed herein for treating a polymeric surface to define an improved cell culture surface. The method includes the steps of: coating the polymeric surface with a hydrogel; and attaching proteins to the hydrogel-coated surface. Advantageously, a method is provided which
8574684 Method and apparatus for aligning a support with respect to a honeycomb body November 5, 2013
Method is provided for applying a cement mixture to a honeycomb body including the step of aligning a first end of the honeycomb body with respect to a first longitudinal axis of a first support member. The method further includes the step of aligning a second support member with res
8574670 Method for membrane deposition November 5, 2013
A method and apparatus for applying a uniform membrane coating to a substrate, such as a honeycomb structure, having a plurality of through-channels, wherein the through-channels have an average diameter of less than or equal to 3 mm. The method includes providing a liquid precursor
8573785 Wavelength-switched optical systems November 5, 2013
Optical systems operable to emit an output beam having fast-switched wavelengths are provided. In one embodiment, an optical system includes a laser and a wavelength conversion device. The laser emits a pump beam that switches between at least two fundamental spectral peaks at differ
8573008 Method for producing optical fiber at reduced pressure November 5, 2013
An optical fiber production system and method are provided for producing optical fiber. An optical fiber is drawn from a preform in a furnace and passes through a treatment device under a reduced pressure in the range of 0.01 to 0.80 atm. The treatment device cools the bare optical fiber

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