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Cooper Industries, Inc. Patents
Cooper Industries, Inc.
Houston, TX
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RE36908 Ceiling mounted wallwash light fixture October 10, 2000
A ceiling mounted, recessed, wallwash light fixture includes a reflector having an internal reflecting surface. A wallwash segment of that reflecting surface is defined by vertically adjacent reflecting faces each arranged so that an effective lowest point of brightness seen by the r
RE34807 Combustion system for dual fuel engine December 20, 1994
We provide a torch cell for a dual gas-liquid fuel engine, the torch cell has a torch cell nozzle at one end thereof and the other end having appropriate means to connect said torch cell to a fuel supply. A fuel injector is mounted in said torch cell at a predetermined angle to an axis
RE33877 Fuse block with rejection feature April 7, 1992
A rejection-type fuse block is disclosed for use with Class CC cartridge-type fuses having ferrules at opposite ends, the ferrule at one end having a cap of smaller diameter than the ferrule. An insulated rejection collar having a rejection opening sized to allow the cap to pass ther
RE33137 Subminiature fuse December 26, 1989
A subminiature fuse is disclosed comprising two terminals, a substrate, a fusible conductor, and a unitary housing. The unitary housing is sealed and provides increased mechanical strength, thus reducing the risk of a catastrophic failure of the fuse. The upper portion of the fuse termin
D479756 Track lighting fixture September 16, 2003
D464756 Track lighting fixture October 22, 2002
D463055 Track lighting fixture September 17, 2002
D452581 Track lighting fixture December 25, 2001
D437539 Wire wrap tool February 13, 2001
D422863 Slip joint pliers April 18, 2000
D421230 Tape measure blade February 29, 2000
D416457 Box joint pliers November 16, 1999
D414096 Screw driver handle September 21, 1999
D413997 Trim for ceiling recessed lighting fixture September 14, 1999
D413174 Combined auxiliary light and license plate holder August 24, 1999
D412127 Post level July 20, 1999
D407693 Fuse holder April 6, 1999
D406737 Self-igniting pistol grip propane torch March 16, 1999
D406507 Compound action snips March 9, 1999
D404354 Windshield wiper blade connector January 19, 1999
D403263 Airport runway guard light December 29, 1998
D402216 Tape measure blade December 8, 1998
D397950 Tape measure housing September 8, 1998
D395865 Windshield wiper blade straight arm connector July 7, 1998
D395864 Windshield wiper blade large hook connector shim July 7, 1998
D395387 Ergonomic handle for a pneumatic drill June 23, 1998
D394990 Compound action snips June 9, 1998
D384868 Self-igniting quick fire torch October 14, 1997
D378365 Windshield wiper unit March 11, 1997
D377231 Luminaire January 7, 1997
D376415 Connector body December 10, 1996
D376089 Hammer handle December 3, 1996
D373245 Tire chain box September 3, 1996
D372012 Windshield wiper unit July 23, 1996
D370662 Power distribution fused disconnect module June 11, 1996
D368635 Latch for snips April 9, 1996
D367041 Fused disconnect switch February 13, 1996
D365407 Universal track lampholder December 19, 1995
D361146 Universal track lampholder August 8, 1995
D360271 Florescent lighting fixture July 11, 1995
D357992 Adjustable floodlight May 2, 1995
D357669 Shielded reset lever for a firewall-mount high amp circuit breaker April 25, 1995
D355893 Fused electrical power disconnect February 28, 1995
D355642 Fused electrical power disconnect February 21, 1995
D355575 Pneumatic scissors February 21, 1995
D353910 Ring/baffle element December 27, 1994
D353365 DIN rail mounting disconnect terminal block December 13, 1994
D353364 DIN rail mounting disconnect terminal block December 13, 1994
D352856 Honeycomb shade cell November 29, 1994
D352797 Wall mounted lighting fixture November 22, 1994
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