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Stamford, CT
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3967957 Aqueous ammonia oxidative leach and recovery of metal values July 6, 1976
Certain mineral values are recovered from source material such as ore, scrap metal, and mixtures in the presence of another metal thereof by aqueous ammonia leaching solution, and the mineral values are precipitated by ammonia from said solution as a complex, and the mineral values are
3967860 Method of transporting a sulfur-hydrocarbon slurry in a pipeline July 6, 1976
The present invention relates to an improved method of transporting a sulfur-hydrocarbon slurry in a pipeline with a minimum of sulfur precipitation and adherence to the internal parts of the pipeline system. The improvement comprises maintaining the flow rate of the slurry to at lea
3966588 Catalytic hydrodesulfurization June 29, 1976
A process and catalyst for converting hydrocarbon oils to desirable components by contacting said oils in the presence of hydrogen under hydrocarbon conversion conditions with a catalyst comprising a catalytic amount of a catalytic metal supported on gamma alumina.
3966567 Electrolysis process and apparatus June 29, 1976
An improved process and apparatus for electrolysis of a high purity metal from an aqueous pregnant liquor acid electrolyte at high efficiency and high current density in the presence of impurities. In one embodiment the electrolysis cell employed in such process is provided with a fluid
3966261 Coal slurry recovery systems June 29, 1976
Improvement structure for use in mine slurry conveyor systems of the type which transport mined material from a plurality of work spaces in the mine to a remotely disposed recovery and finishing plane. The system utilizes permanent tank or silo storage of slurry and water at a centralize
3966088 Leak detection apparatus June 29, 1976
A leak detection apparatus for a dispensing apparatus having a pump and a pressure-sensing apparatus with an output switch responsive to a predetermined pressure has a pump interrupter circuit with a control input. A pump interrupter control circuit has an input and an output connect
3965984 Waterflood method using overbased normal alkylaromatic sulfonates June 29, 1976
An improved anionic waterflood additive is prepared by partially chlorinating a normal alkane having about 10 to about 18 carbon atoms to about 2 to about 15 weight percent chlorine content, employing the chlorinated alkane to alkylate an aromatic hydrocarbon, such as benzene; sulfon
3965978 Subsurface transient pressure testing apparatus and method of use thereof June 29, 1976
Wireline apparatus and method for measuring pressure downhole in well tubing comprising a main plug body which seats in a seating nipple forming part of the tubing, a pressure gauge in communication with the tubing below the main plug body, and means for equalizing the tubing pressure
3965178 Method for preparing tetrabutylammonium bromide June 22, 1976
Tetrabutylammonium bromide is prepared buy mixing n-butylbromide with tributylamine in acetonitrile, in an inert atmosphere, under reflux conditions for a sufficient period of time to form a solution containing tetrabutylammonium bromide, cooling the resulting solution; mixing the so
3965045 Iron catalyst June 22, 1976
An improved iron catalyst is provided which is useful in catalytically synthesizing hydrocarbons from carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The catalyst comprises a calcined and reduced mixture of magnetite and alumina derived from water hydrolysis of aluminum alkoxides wherein at least 70 wt %
3964993 Removal of HF from the sludge resulting from the treatment of a hydrocarbon June 22, 1976
A process for removing HF (hydrogen fluoride) from the sludge resulting from the HF treatment of a hydrocarbon is disclosed. The process comprises concurrently treating the sludge with aqueous caustic and a liquid aromatic hydrocarbon.
3962509 Waterproof paperboard and method for producing same June 8, 1976
Waterproof corrugated paperboard and other paper constructions and a process for producing such waterproof paperboard by impregnating paperboard with a mixture containing from about 10 to about 50 weight percent tung oil and from about 90 to about 50 weight percent paraffin wax and c
3962196 Technique for reducing polymer deposit during polymerization in aqueous dispersion June 8, 1976
Polymer deposit or build-up on the interior surfaces of a polymerization vessel during polymerization of monoethylenically unsaturated monomers in aqueous dispersion may be inhibited by adding certain heterocyclic compounds to the dispersion prior to polymerization.
3962124 Oxidation stabilized organic compositions June 8, 1976
The use of a condensation reaction product of (1) meta-cresol, para-cresol or a mixture of meta and para cresols, and (2) an aldehyde defined by R-CHO wherein R is hydrogen or an alkyl group having at least 1 carbon atom as an antioxidant in organic compositions.
3962099 Water base drilling mud composition June 8, 1976
An improved water base drilling mud composition wherein calcium ions are controlled and converted to water-insoluble plant nutrient compounds by the use of monocalcium phosphate compounds, said composition comprising an aqueous suspension containing from about 5 to 35 pounds per barrel o
3961972 High strength silicate form and method for producing same June 8, 1976
A silicate foam composition having improved strength is produced using a particular combination of ingredients comprising an alkali metal silicate, a filler material, a cementing agent, a vinyl chloride telomer having an average molecular weight from about 600-1,000, a gelling agent, and
3961772 Control system for positioning extensible pipeline system June 8, 1976
A control system for use in controlling the positioning of a continuous hydraulic pipeline system of extensible type. The system includes automatic control apparatus responsive to pipeline or hydraulic transport position sensing apparatus which functions to maintain the pipeline appa
3960704 Manufacture of isotropic delayed petroleum coke June 1, 1976
Isotropic petroleum coke is produced by air blowing a petroleum residuum to produce a delayed coking feedstock having a particular softening point and then coking said air-blown residuum with or without diluent under delayed coking conditions.
3959323 Oil soluble mercury compound for an analytical standard May 25, 1976
A stable oil-soluble metal carboxylate composition for use as an analytical standard for metal-in-oil analysis is provided. The composition is an equilibrium product represented as follows: ##EQU1## WHEREIN M is a metal selected from the group consisting of mercury, vanadium, iro
3958216 Two-wire multiplex seismic recording system May 18, 1976
Apparatus for interconnection of seismic receivers using a two-wire connection and utilizing frequency diversification to maintain separation of received energy from each of the individual seismic receivers. Each seismic receiver is used in combination with a local oscillator having an
3956359 Alkylidenedithiobisphenols May 11, 1976
Compounds having the general formula: ##EQU1## where R is an alkyl radical substituted by a radical selected from the class consisting of alkoxy, carbonyl and ester radicals. The compounds are useful for reducing blood cholesterol in warm-blooded animals.
3955624 Safety valve for controlling flow in a flow conductor May 11, 1976
Well tools comprising a go-devil actuated well safety valve, a locking assembly for releasably locking the safety valve at a desired depth in a well, running and pulling tools for installing and removing the safety valve, a go-devil ball for closing the safety valve, and apparatus for
3955593 Conveyor for flexible slurry hose May 11, 1976
A conveyor for a flexible slurry hose of the type carried on a plurality of wheel-supported carts interconnected by an articulated linkage. The conveyor provides guidance and track means for transporting the carts and hose through a turn by lifting the wheels from the ground
3954798 Process for preparing phosphorotriamidothioates May 4, 1976
A process is disclosed for preparing novel compounds represented by the formula ##EQU1## wherein R is a C.sub.10 -C.sub.100 alkylene group, R' is a C.sub.1 -C.sub.5 alkylene group, n is an integer of 1 to 4, X is NH.sub.2, NHR", or NR"R", and Y is NH.sub.2, NHR", NR"R", or haloge
3954664 Addition polymerization process May 4, 1976
A polymerization catalyst consisting of a cupric salt, a copper chelating agent, and a cyanide salt is disclosed for polymerizing vinyl monomers. Such a catalyst system is less hazardous than are the persulfate and peroxide catalysts; the molecular weight of the polymer is higher under
3954660 Anionic surfactant slurry having increased viscosity and method of providing said slurry May 4, 1976
The viscosity of anionic surfactant slurries is increased by admixing with such slurries an effective amount of a viscosity increasing additive selected from the group consisting of dialkyl ethers wherein the alkyl radicals of said ethers contain from 2 to 5 carbon atoms, alkoxyethox
3952803 Oil recovery method using overbased waterflood additive containing sulfonates derived from alkyl April 27, 1976
An improved anionic overbased waterflood additive comprises a base component, a first sulfonate component derived from an alkylation reaction product employing a branched-chain alkene as the alkylating agent, and a second sulfonate component derived from an alkylation reaction product
3951854 Stabilized analytical standards April 20, 1976
This invention is directed to stabilization of analytic standards comprising (a) an oil-soluble metal sulfonate wherein said metal is selected from the group consisting of molybdenum, vanadium, iron, boron, beryllium, tin, silver, copper, magnesium, or mixtures thereof, (b) a normall
3951824 Dry drilling fluid composition April 20, 1976
A dry powdered drilling fluid composition and method of use thereof prepared by mixing together under conditions of high shear a major portion of water and a minor portion of a hydrophobic silica.
3949593 Diffusion monitoring apparatus April 13, 1976
Apparatus for connecting the open end of an elongated hollow probe member to a chamber whereby the interiors of the probe member and the chamber can be evacuated while the probe member and chamber are disconnected from each other and then the probe member sealingly connected to the chamb
3949353 Underground mine surveillance system April 6, 1976
A system for maintaining a continuous log of activity in and around an underground mine wherein seismic energy in the area is continually monitored, processed and classified into meaningful relative data indications; and which system further includes selectively deployable seismic en
3949220 Method for detecting and locating sand producing zones in friable, unconsolidated sandstone form April 6, 1976
A method for locating and identifying sand producing zones in friable, unconsolidated sandstone formations of a subterranean reservoir traversed by a well bore. The method comprises the following steps:A. introducing into said reservoir through said well bore, a radioactive material whic
3948055 Method for controlling stress and increasing the strength of support members in coal mines April 6, 1976
A method for controlling stress and increasing the load-bearing strength of support members, the support members comprising coal, of a coal mine wherein the method consists essentially of injecting ammonia or hydrochloric acid into the interior portions of the support members.
3942841 Slurry handling system March 9, 1976
An underground, improved slurry transportation system consists of a first and second vertical cavity. Both cavities have a vent means to the surface of the earth. Slurry input means from a plurality of mine faces communicates with the upper portion of the first vertical cavity and sl
3942546 Corrosion monitoring and composition-analytical apparatus March 9, 1976
A simple apparatus and process for monitoring a selected component of a fluid system are provided wherein the apparatus comprises a simple diffusion probe, an electronic pumping means and a reading means whereby the diffusion and pumping rate are read directly as electrical current.
3941820 Predominantly aliphatic hydrocarbon materials from carbonaceous solids March 2, 1976
Predominantly aliphatic hydrocarbon materials may be obtained from carbonaceous solids by a sequence of steps comprising gasifying the carbonaceous solids, combining the gasification product stream with an internal recycle stream, separating certain impurities from the combined strea
3940612 Method for detecting and locating water-producing zones and/or water thief zones in subterranean February 24, 1976
A method for locating water-producing zones and/or water thief zones in a subterranean formation penetrated by a well bore comprising the sequential steps of:A. injecting into said formation an aqueous solution containing from about 0.01 to 7.5 weight percent of an irradiated water solub
3940184 Methods and systems for hydraulically transporting solids February 24, 1976
Methods and systems for forming a particulated solids-carrier liquid slurry and transporting it through a conduit are provided wherein a continuous stream of carrier liquid is flowed into a sump, particulated solids to be transported are introduced into the sump so that a pumpable solids
3939912 Method for reducing the production of water from oil wells February 24, 1976
A method for reducing the production of water from oil wells by injecting into the oil wells a viscous oil containing from about 0.01 to about 10 weight percent of a coupling agent in an amount sufficient to saturate the subterranean formations penetrated by the wellbore radially for dis
3938600 Hydraulic mining nozzle-air lift device February 17, 1976
A hydraulic nozzle device for removing soil from the interior and below a hollow structure.
3937788 Treatment of gases containing sulfur dioxide February 10, 1976
An improvement in wet regenerative SO.sub.2 scrubbing systems using a sulfite-forming additive wherein a thiosulfate-rich aqueous solution is used to prevent oxidation of sulfite to sulfate, to serve as a source of the sulfite-forming additive, and also to increase the salt concentration
3937787 Treatment of gases containing sulfur dioxide February 10, 1976
An improvement in regenerative SO.sub.2 scrubbing systems which use sodium, potassium or ammonium carbonate to react with the SO.sub.2 to form sulfite, wherein a thiosulfate-rich aqueous solution of the carbonate is used to prevent oxidation of the sulfite to sulfate; to serve both as a
3937728 Low-temperature synthesis of urea February 10, 1976
Urea is produced by reacting phosgene and ammonia, one of the reactants being in the liquid state and the other gaseous, at to
3937520 In situ mining using bacteria February 10, 1976
Mineral values are recovered in situ by generating a leaching agent in the formation containing the mineral to be recovered.
3936318 Electrical energy storage battery means February 3, 1976
An improved electrical energy storage battery is provided having a case, at least two porous electrolyte containers positioned within the case, a solid hydrogel positioned within the case and between the electrolyte containers, the hydrogel containing an effective amount of an electron
3935632 Method of preparing an insulated negative buoyancy flow line February 3, 1976
Method of preparing an insulated negative buoyancy conduit wherein a jacket is placed around the conduit and an insulating material comprising a porous filler and a resin-forming composition is positioned in the annulus between the jacket and the conduit.
3933685 Method for producing catalyst impregnated alumina extrudates January 20, 1976
An improvement in a method for producing alpha alumina monohydrate extrudates by mixing acid, water, and alpha alumina monohydrate to form an extrudable mixture; extruding the mixture to produce green alpha alumina monohydrate extrudates and drying the green extrudates, wherein the i
3933514 High strength, water resistant silicate foam January 20, 1976
An alkali metal silicate foam composition comprising preferably sodium silicate, cementing agent such as sodium silicofluoride, gelling agent such as linoleic acid and filler such as glass fiber mixed with water and blowing agent to provide foams having high strength, high water resistan
3933201 Method using overbased branched-chain alkylaromatic sulfonates as waterflood additives January 20, 1976
An improved anionic waterflood additive is prepared by alkylating an aromatic hydrocarbon such as benzene with a branched-chain alkene having about 10 to about 35 carbon atoms such as a propylene tetramer dimerization reaction product in the presence of an alkylation catalyst such as
3932552 Integrated process for producing C.sub.2 hydrocarbons from carbon monoxide and hydrogen January 13, 1976
C.sub.2 hydrocarbons may be produced from carbon monoxide and hydrogen using an integrated process scheme involving reacting carbon monoxide and hydrogen to produce a hydrocarbon effluent containing hydrogen and subsequently hydropyrolyzing said effluent and recovering C.sub.2 hydroc
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