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6401273 Adjustable portable bath tub spa June 11, 2002
A bath tub spa is provided that has a motor housing with a motor for driving a pump. The pump has an input opening and an output opening sealed about the pump such fluid is drawn through said input opening and expelled through the output opening. The spa also has a nozzle removably seale
6364226 Food processor with reversible motor feature April 2, 2002
There is provided a food processor having a motor, an impeller rotatably driven by the motor, a controller for rotating the motor in a first direction or a second direction, and a switch for controlling the controller to change the direction of the rotation of the motor.
6314236 Cordless dryer safety interlock system November 6, 2001
A hair dryer having a heater, a fan positioned to form an air flow that is heated by the heater, a battery and a switch connected in circuit with the fan and the battery. An interlock prevents the switch from closing during the time the hair dryer is inserted in a base for charging the b
6288516 Food processor motor controller September 11, 2001
A food processor with a motor control that disables speed regulation during motor start operation and high torque operation. Whenever motor speed is less than a set speed, both a motor starter winding and a main winding are energized without speed regulation. When the motor speed is equa
6269549 Device for drying hair August 7, 2001
A hair dryer in accord with the invention includes a hood, two staggered or asymmetrically placed fans in a base, and an airflow conduit therebetween. The hood of the device may also have an adjustable vent for regulating the amount of air delivered to the head. Moreover, the hood may be
6267046 Convection steamer July 31, 2001
There is provided an apparatus for steaming food contained within a perforated food basket. The apparatus includes a convector that urges steam upward and having an exit that permits steam to pass therethrough and out of the apparatus, a removable lid for sealing the exit, a steam ch
6199295 Variable-configuration hair dryer and nozzle March 13, 2001
A detachable or integral nozzle for a hair dryer is shown that can easily be modified from a first configuration delivering a stream of hot air with an approximately circular cross section, until a stream of air is produced with an approximately rectangular cross section, that is broad a
6198078 Temperature control for a toaster oven March 6, 2001
A toaster broiler oven with an NTC temperature probe located within the oven chamber and a controller that controls the heater of the oven in a thermostat operation for non-toasting modes and in a variable toasting interval length operation in the toasting mode. When the toaster start
6191387 Hair styling tongs with biased handles February 20, 2001
Hairdressing tongs have a pair of arms extending from handles. Each arm has a heating pad affixed thereto. The handles have opposed openings. A central element is positioned between the handles and fitted within the openings such that the central element is slidable toward the handles. T
6159006 Portable oral irrigator December 12, 2000
The present invention discloses a portable oral irrigator that is made up of a housing, a pump within the housing, a tube adapted to bring liquid to the pump, and an outlet for discharging a pulsating stream of liquid from the pump. The outlet includes a tip adapted for insertion into an
6119703 Hook tape to plastic roller bodies September 19, 2000
The present invention is a roller comprising a roller body including a bore therein and a slot communicating between an exterior surface portion of the roller body and the bore. A hook tape is wrapped around the roller body and includes a first tape end and a second tape end. The first t
6114661 Hair curler with slot adapted to receive a rail-like heat conductor September 5, 2000
Hair curler which has a pair of substantially semi-cylindrical, metal members having opposed side faces. The members are joined at one end by a bridge that separates the side faces of the metal members by a distance adapted to receive a rail-like heat conductor.
6056160 Heated foaming liquid dispensing apparatus May 2, 2000
A dispenser for heating and dispensing, to a user through an outlet, a foaming liquid, such as shaving cream from a pressurized can of such cream. The foaming liquid, when initially heated in the dispenser's heat chamber may undesirably produce steam and or a runny liquid that would be
6039482 Hot wax hair remover apparatus March 21, 2000
A hot wax hair remover apparatus comprising a heating sleeve (1) for depilatory wax equipped with a wax applicator (6) wherein the heating sleeve (1) is provided with a retractable foot (5) equipped with a spring (7) holding the foot (5) in the deployed position and with means (7, 9)
5998965 Direct plug in power tool using single pair of contacts for both AC and DC currents December 7, 1999
A cordless modular power tool having a battery module, a motor module and a tool module that can be a saw, drill, toothbrush, flosser and the like. First and second electrical plug units are situated on the battery and motor modules respectively. The battery module plug unit is used in a
5983904 Hair curler November 16, 1999
A hair roller is provided with an hollow outer member enclosing an inner member. A plurality of hair clips is connected to the inner member by flexible roots and connected to the outer member by integral pivot axes. The hair clips extend though longitudinal openings in the outer member.
5921254 Power flossing device July 13, 1999
A power flossing device having only seven parts, namely, a driver element, a driver arm, a flossing head, a retainer, a housing, a seal and a glamour cap. The driver arm is coupled with the driver element and the flossing head. The driver element is responsive to rotary motion provided b
5868148 Hair styler February 9, 1999
A hair styler for controlling the flow of air emitted from a hair blower, which comprises a coupler for attachment to the hair blower and having an internal chamber with a central axis and a plurality of vents, the hair styler having deflectors in the form of a plurality of canted vanes
5865095 Coffee grinder and maker February 2, 1999
A coffee maker includes a water reservoir, a heater coupled to the water reservoir, a conduit coupled to the heater, a coffee filter holder, a condensate chamber for channeling steam condensate to the water reservoir, and a fluid distributor operatively connected between the conduit, fil
5863118 Blender with extendible housing January 26, 1999
A blender includes a housing with a lower portion and an intermediate portion, the lower portion being movable in relation to the intermediate portion to permit the housing to be extended during use. The housing encloses a motor and a shaft extending axially in the housing. The shaft
5862029 Resettable immersion detecting circuit interrupter (IDCI) January 19, 1999
A leakage current interrupter comprising a trip mechanism that operates automatically in response to the presence of a shock hazard condition. Actuation of the trip mechanism automatically interrupts the flow of current to a load and permits movement of a reset button to take place to
5845857 Coffee mill adapted for controlled mixing of coffee beans December 8, 1998
A coffee mill providing for mixing of coffee beans in different ratios includes a bin partitioned in the middle to form two chambers holding two different types of coffee beans. An outlet in the bottom center of the bin leads to a coffee grinder. This central outlet is surrounded by a ba
5802957 Toaster shade control display September 8, 1998
An improved toaster includes a user control panel for receiving and displaying user selections corresponding to a desired toast darkness setting. A toaster shade display displays a user selected toast darkness setting and includes a linear array of LEDs (LED bar), horizontally arrang
5797859 Massager for producing rotary/vibratory massage motion, using a single motor August 25, 1998
A massager for producing rotary and/or vibratory massage motion includes a base structure, a support plate with a contact surface and a mounting surface, and resilient mounts for coupling the support plate to the base structure. At least one rotator structure is associated with the conta
5784800 Cord reel dryer July 28, 1998
A hair dryer includes an air inlet, an air outlet and a primary air passage between the inlet and outlet. The hair dryer employs a housing having side walls and a cord reel positioned in the housing, between the side walls and across the primary air passage between the air inlet and the
5729907 Hair straightening pick March 24, 1998
An attachment for a hair dryer includes an upper body for supporting a heat transmissive plate with a comb extending from one side of the heat transmissive plate and a lower body for attachment to an outlet of the hair dryer. The heat transmissive plate is heated by the hot air exiting
5697528 Coffee mill adapted for controlled mixing of coffee beans December 16, 1997
A coffee mill providing of coffee beans in different ratios includes a bin partitioned in the middle to form two chambers holding two different types of coffee beans. An outlet in the bottom center of the bin leads to a coffee grinder. This central outlet is surrounded by a base cylinder
5612849 Static eliminator for hair dryers March 18, 1997
A hair dryer is provided which reduces static electricity in hair being dried. A point source for electron release, such as a needle, is positioned in a reflector in the air stream of the dryer. The point source is electrically connected to an electron source, such as a piezoelectric
5611262 Cappuccino maker March 18, 1997
A cappuccino maker having a housing, a steam source, a coffee filter and holder for making coffee using water from the steam source, a coffee dispensing spout for dispensing the coffee, a milk frother and a milk dispensing spout for dispensing the frothed milk, wherein the milk dispe
5586443 Refrigerant conservation system and method December 24, 1996
The present invention provides a refrigerant conservation system and method for preventing the release of refrigerant to the atmosphere during high pressure system failure. Refrigerant is delivered from the refrigerant loop of the refrigerant system to an evacuated sealed receiver. The
5520909 Method of permanently restructuring curled or frizzy hair May 28, 1996
A hair relaxant and process in which water-soluble disulfides are added to water-soluble mercaptans, used as reducing agents, to shift the equilibrium point of the relaxer toward the reactants sufficiently such that the relaxant will not cause damage to the hair. The ingredients are
5487511 Blender blades and system adapted for ice crushing January 30, 1996
Two pairs of blender blades for crushing ice, one of which pairs extends upwardly and the other of which extends downwardly. The blades of the upwardly-extending pair are similar in size and shape; but one of the pair is at a sharper angle to the axis of rotation than is the other. The
5485829 Central body for use in regulation systems of catalytic burners January 23, 1996
A moldable central body for use in a catalytic burner has a generally rotational symmetry about a longitudinal axis. It provides a cover retaining surface for the cover of the unit; furnishes the bayonet pin for receiving the cover; carries spacers positioning itself within the outer
5476376 Catalytic burner and regulation system therefor December 19, 1995
A butane burner for personal care appliances includes a receptacle at one end for a gas canister. Upon insertion of a canister, a probe presses against the canister valve, opening it; and it thereafter remains open. Gas then flows to the input end of the control stem and, depending upon
5473972 Milk container attachment for cappucino maker December 12, 1995
A separate, removable milk container is provided which can be attached to and detached from a cappucino coffee maker. Alternatively, it can be attached to a modified espresso maker, converting it to making cappucino. The container has make and break connections for a milk delivery tube,
5473824 Rotating outlet for hair dryers December 12, 1995
A rotating outlet for hair dryers is provided causing air exiting from the hair dryer to travel in a circular pattern. A tubular member fits the outlet end of the hair dryer, and has a spider across its outlet end which carries a centrally located pivot. A rotating member is mounted on t
5441729 Lotion for reduction of post permanent wave odors August 15, 1995
Post permanent wave hair odor is reduced by treating the hair fiber with an aqueous bicarbonate/carbonate salt solution and then with an acidic aqueous solution. After allowing sufficient time for this lotion to penetrate the fiber, the acidic aqueous solution is directly applied to
5400810 Combined curling iron and hair roller March 28, 1995
A hot air curling iron is provided which can alternately be used as a curling iron or used to heat a hair roller. It has a spoon that is separate from the spoon control lever, but which has a common pivot with it. A releasable detent connects them. The unit normally operates as a cur
5361592 Refrigerant conservation system November 8, 1994
The present invention provides a refrigerant conservation system and method for preventing the release of refrigerant to the atmosphere during high pressure system failure. Refrigerant is delivered from the refrigerant loop of the refrigerant system to an evacuated sealed receiver. The
5359863 Refrigerant conservation system November 1, 1994
The present invention provides a refrigerant conservation system and method for preventing the release of refrigerant to the atmosphere during high pressure system failure. Refrigerant is delivered from the refrigerant loop of the refrigerant system to an evacuated sealed receiver. The
5345055 Fast heating curling iron and control circuit therefor September 6, 1994
A rapidly heating curling iron with a handle, a hollow barrel secured to the handle, and a heating element positioned within the barrel, the heating element being an electrical insulating board wound with electrical wire. A pair of heat transmission members are positioned with one on eac
5325809 Hair dryer with alarm notifying user of clogged filter July 5, 1994
A warning system for a hair dryer to warn the user when the air inlet of the dryer has become clogged with hair or other particles, the dryer including an air filter in the inlet, an air-actuated whistle having an air inlet end and an air outlet end, the whistle being mounted in the air
5235759 Reversible diffuser for hair dryer August 17, 1993
An air diffuser for attachment to a hair dryer, with a housing containing an air inlet, a hood, and an air outlet from the hood, a face plate having a front side and a rear side and being pivotally mounted in the air outlet so that alternately one or the other of the sides can face outwa
5207236 Water reservoir to provide mist for a hairsetter May 4, 1993
A reservoir unit for use in a hairsetter which has upwardly-extending heating posts. The reservoir unit has a cup to hold water, the cup having a base and sides and being open at the top, and the base having an upwardly-extending heating post recess therein. The recess has a shape co
5105939 Combined retail package and carrying case April 21, 1992
A retail display formed of a display card and a transparent carrying case and having peripheral indentations along opposing ends of the case, the peripheral indentations having locking edges facing their respective ends of the case, the display card including a pair of sleeves, the perip
5046625 Modular display stand for personal care appliances and the like September 10, 1991
A display stand for displaying appliances, allowing for change of the appliance displayed and of associated promotional cards, having an upper face plate made of transparent material and supported at an angle away from vertical, display card guides on the under side of the upper face
5036601 Plastic air diffuser for hair dryers August 6, 1991
An air diffuser for a hair dryer having a porous diffuser face, panels secured to the diffuser face and to one another to form a plenum chamber. A spout is attached to the plenum chamber on the side opposite the diffuser face. When the spout is fitted about the air outlet of a hair d
5013891 Personal appliance having shock protection circuitry May 7, 1991
A personal appliance, such as hair dryer, with enhanced shock hazard protection, and including a housing formed of two complementary and interfitting sections, electrical units mounted within the housing, a power cord leading to the housing, an IDCI on the power cord, and a sensing w
4984591 Orthogonally asymmetric geometric hair rollers January 15, 1991
A hair setter unit for providing unusual forms of hair curling including a base and a plurality of heating posts on the base, a plurality of hair rollers having axial bores therein and fitting about the heating posts, the rollers having orthogonally asymmetrical cross-sections, and at le
4939340 Moldable curling iron July 3, 1990
A curling iron is provided which is easy to assemble and, so, more economical to manufacture. The unit is molded in two snap-together halves, one half being the bottom portion (divided axially) and the other half being the top portion, and a molded spoon. The molded sections would in
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