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Conair Corporation Patents
Conair Corporation
Stamford, CT
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D292284 Telephone base October 13, 1987
D292093 Telephone base September 29, 1987
D292092 Telephone base September 29, 1987
D291064 Packaging container for a telephone July 28, 1987
D290955 Telephone stand for a handset transceiver July 21, 1987
D289737 Hair care appliance package May 12, 1987
D287419 Hand-held vacuum cleaner December 23, 1986
D287362 Handset telephone and stand unit December 23, 1986
D283438 Replaceable air filter April 15, 1986
D281105 Heated hair brush October 22, 1985
D281024 Carrying case for a hair curler October 15, 1985
D281023 Curling iron October 15, 1985
D281022 Curling iron October 15, 1985
D281021 Hair brush October 15, 1985
D281020 Detachable handle for personal care appliances October 15, 1985
D281019 Styler dryer October 15, 1985
D280954 Retractable bristle brush October 15, 1985
D280941 Hair setter October 8, 1985
D280129 Air Filter August 13, 1985
D280128 Air cleaner August 13, 1985
D280031 Hair curler August 6, 1985
D278557 Styler dryer April 23, 1985
D278085 Hair dryer March 19, 1985
D277789 Hair dryer February 26, 1985
D277613 Hair dryer February 12, 1985
D274272 Hair drying bonnet June 12, 1984
D264274 Case for a hairsetter travel kit May 11, 1982
D259742 Air diffuser for a hair dryer June 30, 1981
D256171 Holder for manicuring implement, brush or similar article July 29, 1980
D255270 Folding curling iron June 3, 1980
D253429 Double-sided illuminated mirror November 13, 1979
D253387 Coffeemaker November 13, 1979
D252783 Liquid dispenser September 4, 1979
D251989 Electric hair dryer May 29, 1979
D248410 Hair styler July 4, 1978
D246730 Electric hair dryer December 20, 1977
8573115 Brewed beverage appliance and method November 5, 2013
A beverage assembly includes a housing having a liquid reservoir, an inlet portion formed in the housing, a beverage container configured to be removably accommodated within the inlet portion and having a fracturable seal and containing a beverage ingredient of a first size, a grindi
8272589 Blade assembly for food processor September 25, 2012
A blade assembly 1 has a body 2 having a top, closed end 3, a bottom end 4 formed with an opening 5 at its end, and an interior chamber 6. A blade 7 having two cutting edges 8, 9 is fixed to the body 2, and it may be insert molded. A motor shaft engagement sleeve 10 has an opening 11
8220100 Hair brush with curved styling surface July 17, 2012
A hairbrush 10 has rounded outer surfaces 23, 25 of hinged heads 22, 24 that, when the brush is closed, achieve a closed form that is generally round or spherical in cross-sectional shape. Another aspect of the present invention includes inner head surfaces 26, 28 that support bristl
8075935 Methods and systems for brewing variable amounts of coffee December 13, 2011
A method brewing a beverage or coffee, and an associated system, include a water reservoir having a fixed capacity, an electric pump, a steel vessel with an inlet and an outlet for water and with a heater for heating the water, a container for holding coffee grounds having a removabl
7980252 Nail drying and decorating assembly July 19, 2011
An appliance 1 according to the present invention comprises a bottom tray 2, a middle housing 3, a transparent lid 4, a lid release button 5 for removing the lid from the housing 3, at least one finger hole 6 for receiving a user's finger, and a glittering switch 7 for activating an
7681817 Food processor March 23, 2010
A food processor (100) includes one or more of a removable feed tubes (155), a cover or lid (156) for a feed tube opening (154), a double sided grating disc (190), a bowl or receptacle (110) having a pour spout and a complimentary hinged spout lid (140s) on the bowl cover (140), a bowl
7562466 Ion generating device July 21, 2009
There is provided a device for hair care having a housing with at least one aperture, one or more ion generators for selectively generating concentrations of ions having different combinations of intensity and polarity, and one or more ion emitters for selectively emitting concentrat
7510088 Liquid filter cartridge March 31, 2009
A water filter cartridge (10) has a two-piece housing (14, 18) internally configured with inlet and outlet openings (12, 16), a diffuser (42), and a plurality of diverter plates (56, 32) to optimize liquid flow and to regulate even flow through a charcoal filter medium (40) located insid
7490615 Hair straightening and styling device February 17, 2009
A brush for styling hair has a handle connected to a head with the head having a longitudinal axis and a number of stationary teeth and a number of movable teeth. The stationary teeth and the movable teeth both are arranged in a number of rows. The stationary teeth and the movable teeth
7475630 Reversible cooking appliance January 13, 2009
A cooking appliance is provided. The cooking appliance has a heating plate with at least one cooking surface, a heater for heating the heating plate, a support structure for supporting the heating plate, and an interface mechanism that, in response to the heating plate being position
7475504 Steamer and hot iron appliance January 13, 2009
An appliance (10) for ironing and steaming fabric or clothing includes a base (12) housing a water reservoir (124) and boiler (112) for respectively creating steam and operating an iron. A steam outlet port and hose (20), and a steam wand (18) emit steam onto a fabric or garment. A c
7451613 Frozen food appliance November 18, 2008
A frozen food appliance for making and dispensing frozen food products comprising a base, a removable container adapted to be chilled in a conventional freezer and then replaced into the base, a dispensing nozzle and associated control lever, an automatic scraper, auger and paddle for
7389721 Combined food cooker and steamer June 24, 2008
A cooking device and method for cooking food items by boiling and by steaming is provided. The method of cooking the food items includes placing an amount of liquid in a recess of the cooking device, heating the recess to heat a liquid therein to a cooking temperature, and receiving
7325413 Apparatus for making ice cream having an improved dispenser February 5, 2008
An ice cream maker for making ice cream having a vessel, a motor being connected to a dasher in the vessel and a housing for housing the vessel and the motor. The housing has an inlet, an outlet and a valve at the outlet. When said valve is actuated, the ice cream is released from the
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