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Conair Corporation
Stamford, CT
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4877942 Thermally-insulated curling iron October 31, 1989
A curling iron which has a handle, a barrel extending axially from the handle, a heater for the barrel, a spring-pressed, pivoted spoon for holding hair against the barrel, a spoon extension formed as part of and extending outwardly from the spoon, proximate to the handle, and a thumb
4870250 Reversible hair crimper September 26, 1989
A reversible crimper-straightener for hair including a handle, a pair of pivoted clamp halves secured to the handle, a pair of reversible plates, each plate including a crimping surface on one side thereof and a flattening surface on the opposite side thereof, a heater within at least
4839483 Modular watertight switch for use in personal care appliances June 13, 1989
A modular water proof switch which can be easily assembled, having a housing and cover secured together with complementary interfitting latches, a slide switch in the cover and containing a rocker switch actuator, a sealed flexible diaphragm between the cover and housing, a rocker sw
4837892 Cushioned handle structure for personal care appliances June 13, 1989
A cushioned handle structure for use in personal care appliances including two plastic understructure halves having outer and inner surfaces, each half having a plurality of holes running between the two surfaces. An elastomeric material is integrally formed as an overlay in contact with
4745528 Lighted travel mirror with retractable combined base support and handle May 17, 1988
A lighted travel mirror adapted to alternatively stand alone or be hand held including a housing with a pair of side lights, a reflective surface on one surface, a side having a lower edge, and an elongate recess opening to the housing along the lower edge. The recess includes slots upon
4731541 Ultraviolet light for use in setting gels for artificial fingernails March 15, 1988
A light system for providing uniform actinic radiation to fingernails while in a predetermined position, including a generally ellipsoidal housing having a circular horizontal cross-section and reflective inner surfaces to concentrate light, the surfaces being so shaped and so dimensione
4731519 Curling iron adapted to provide uniform heat when used with either domestic or foreign voltages March 15, 1988
An electric curling iron operative to provide uniform heating at both domestic (120 v) and foreign (240 v) voltages includes first and second rope-type electric heaters disposed side by side in the heatable barrel of the curling iron. The heaters are of the same configuration, coextensiv
4693854 Generator for hair styling mousse September 15, 1987
A styling mousse generator adapted to foam a liquid and deliver foamed styling mousse for use in hair treatment and the like having a liquid reservoir in its lower portion, means for filling the reservoir, a fan and motor above the reservoir, a fan inlet and a fan outlet, a foam delivery
4669610 Package assembly June 2, 1987
A package for personal hair care products and the like comprising package halves each formed of a transparent plastic material and having pockets integrally joined to and projecting from the planar portions of the transparent package halves which, when the transparent package halves are
4651453 Travel iron having controlled heat and compact storage March 24, 1987
A travel iron with a plastic housing defining a hot water reservoir, with a plastic sole plate as its lower surface. An immersible PTC resistor is used to heat the water and to protect the iron from overheating. The heated water heats the sole plate and serves to control the temperature
4623779 Electrically heated brush including a heat distribution barrel structure November 18, 1986
An electrically-heated brush has a barrel formed of a pair of concentric, cylindrical sleeves defining a heat distribution plenum chamber therebetween, and with electrical heating means within the innermost sleeve. The teeth or bristles for the brush are molded on individual tooth ba
4598722 Elastomer hair roller July 8, 1986
A hair roller is provided having a central cylindrical barrel of uniform diameter and flanged ends. The barrel is covered with a sleeve of elastomeric material. In order to fit the sleeve around the barrel, the roller structure is made of two inter-engageable, snap-fit sections. Each
4567905 Actuator control for retractable bristle brushes February 4, 1986
A slideable control is provided for use in retractable bristle brushes. It operates by co-action with a rotatable, cylindrical mandrel carrying pivoted bristles and having an angular cam slot. The control includes a longitudinally slideable button in the handle which has a control pin
4561455 Pivoted handle hair curler having self-adjusting clamp December 31, 1985
A hair curler is provided formed of a pair of handles pivoted together at one end with one handle having a heated barrel and the other handle having a hair clamp at their opposite ends. The hair clamp has a flexible spring connecting it to its handle. This permits the clamp to vary the a
4520256 Hot air curler having a remote air inlet and a slide switch and actuating arm within its handle May 28, 1985
A hot air hair curler includes a cylindrical hollow handle having an air inlet at one end and a cylindrical hollow barrel having air outlet openings in its sidewall extending from the other end. An electric heating element and a motor driven fan are enclosed within the handle, together
4488888 Table top air filter December 18, 1984
There is disclosed a readily assemblable, inexpensively manufactured table top air filter of the type having a circulating fan. A unitary housing has sides and a top which defines air outlet openings. The bottom of the housing is open. A fan support assembly mounts readily within the hou
4467821 Actuator control for retractable bristle brushes August 28, 1984
A slideable control is provided for use in retractable bristle brushes. It operates by co-action with a rotatable, cylindrical mandrel carrying pivoted bristles and having an angular cam slot. The control includes a longitudinally slideable button in the handle which has a control pin
4327278 Simplified multiple speed hair dryer April 27, 1982
A simplified four heat, two speed hair dryer is provided having a housing with a plurality of heating elements mounted therein and a fan driven by a motor for blowing air over the heating elements and delivering hot air from the dryer. A source of alternating current potential is provide
4295283 Air diffuser for a hair dryer October 20, 1981
A diffuser for a hair dryer reduces the force of impact of air discharged from the hair dryer against the hair of a user. The diffuser includes a housing having an inlet port, an outlet port and a freely rotatable fan blade mounted within the housing. The inlet port is removably inte
4275055 Hair conditioner having a stabilized, pearlescent effect June 23, 1981
A hair conditioner is provided having a stable pearlescent effect which is achieved in the absence of nacreous or synthetic pearlescing agents. In addition to the usual substances for controlling pH, for conditioning, for emulsifying, and for preserving, this hair conditioner also includ
4255006 Strain-relief member for reducing torsional strains in line cord March 10, 1981
A strain-relief member is provided to relieve torsional strains from a two-conductor power supply cord attached to a personal care electrical appliance, such as a hand-held hair dryer, or curling iron. It is molded to the insulation of the two-conductor electrical power supply cord. Such
4210797 Foldable curling iron providing for self-storage and safety disconnection July 1, 1980
A curling iron includes a tubular barrel extending forwardly from a hollow handle. The barrel contains an electric heating element and is provided with a spring-biased pivotable hair holding clamp conforming to the surface of the barrel. The barrel and clamp are pivotal as a unit about
4081135 Pulsating shower head March 28, 1978
A shower head is provided capable of producing a pulsating or steady spray. Water entering the shower head passes through a set of inlet orifices into a plenum chamber and drives a turbine-type rotor within the chamber. The rotor has water cutting vanes which alternately open and close o
4009367 Steam-producing curling iron February 22, 1977
A steam-producing curling iron includes a tubular barrel having a handle at one end and a liquid reservoir at the other end. An electrically-heated heating member is axially slidable within the barrel into and out of engagement with a stationary wick communicating with the reservoir. The
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