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Compagnie Plastic Omnium
Lyons, FR
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D381163 Wheeled refuse container axle July 15, 1997
D381160 Four wheeled container with laterally affixed lifting bracket July 15, 1997
D375597 Four wheeled container with vertically affixed lifting bracket November 12, 1996
D302884 Refuse container August 15, 1989
8136861 Assembly including a body-in-white and tailgate for automobile March 20, 2012
An assembly includes a body of an automobile and a tailgate mounted on the body so as to be movable between an open position and a closed position. The assembly also includes: an opening assistance device mounted between the body and the tailgate in order to apply a pushing force on
8118352 Lining for the hood of an automotive vehicle and combinations thereof with certain parts of the February 21, 2012
A motor vehicle hood lining for stiffening the hood in the vicinity of its periphery and co-operating therewith to form a hollow body over at least a fraction of its periphery, the lining being generally of channel section with a bottom and side walls. Said bottom or at least one of said
8118346 Support mount for an impact absorbing system intended to be mounted at the end of a motor vehicl February 21, 2012
The supporting piece is intended to be mounted at the end of a motor vehicle side member, this side member including, in the continuation thereof, a plate for mounting a transverse impact beam. The supporting piece includes a bearing surface for an absorber positioned in front of thi
7997642 Motor vehicle hood provided with hollow bodies August 16, 2011
The invention relates to a motor vehicle hood comprising a visible outside skin and a lining, in which the lining is shaped in such a manner that: the hood has reinforcements comprising a plurality of hollow bodies defined by the skin and by the lining; and that the hood includes at
7967350 Shock absorption module for an automobile June 28, 2011
The invention provides an impact absorber module for a motor vehicle, the module comprising: a top transverse element for bearing against an impact beam of the vehicle; a bottom transverse element and two uprights connecting the top and bottom transverse elements together so as to form
7914070 Method for fitting a bumper shell around light units stay for a bumper shell and headlight unit March 29, 2011
The present invention relates to a shaping method of shaping a bumper skin of plastics material around at least two light units of a motor vehicle, with the help of reinforcement comprising a certain number of portions, the skin having zones for covering the various portions of the r
7905533 Rear module for fitting on a motor vehicle March 15, 2011
The invention relates to a rear module for fitting to a motor vehicle, the module comprising a large door for being pivotally mounted about an axis, the large door extending in a direction parallel to said axis between two stiffener uprights both presenting a cross-section of thickness,
7828366 Motor vehicle door November 9, 2010
The rear unit comprises first and second doors for a motor vehicle. The first and second doors respectively comprise first and second tailgates, the second door carrying the first tailgate. The first rear door has hinge means for hinging the first tailgate relative to the body of the
7690709 Rear door for fitting to a motor vehicle, and a set of two rear doors April 6, 2010
The invention relates to a rear door for a motor vehicle, the door including hinges (16, 16') embodying an axis (Y) for pivoting the door on the vehicle between a closed position and an open position. The door includes a motor (17) for generating a driving torque about the pivot axis
7681700 Energy absorber system for a motor vehicle March 23, 2010
The energy absorber system is adapted to a motor vehicle having side rails. The system comprises a top absorber beam positioning in front of the side rails of the motor vehicle, a bottom absorber beam for being positioned beneath the top absorber beam, and at least two uprights provi
7678492 Battery vent and pressure blowout relief frit March 16, 2010
The present invention is directed to an improvement in a battery cover having a vent opening, the improvement is a frit that has two functions; namely, it acts to allow gases to escape while preventing liquid to escape and in addition acts as a blowout disk when a pressure within the
7669914 Motor vehicle rear door March 2, 2010
The rear door is for fitting to a motor vehicle having a rear chassis and a rear insurance impact absorber system suitable for absorbing insurance type impacts so as to prevent plastic deformation of the rear chassis of the vehicle. The door carries the rear impact absorber system of the
7662131 Liquid-injection syringe assembly, and a sheath for the assembly February 16, 2010
The assembly comprises a body forming a reservoir for the liquid, the body being provided with a liquid-injection needle, a plunger mounted to be axially movable in the body between a ready position and an end-of-injection position, and a sheath in which the body is mounted to be axi
7661735 Assembly consisting of a bumper skin and of a shock absorber February 16, 2010
The invention relates to an assembly comprising a vehicle bumper skin and a channel-section bumper impact absorber, the absorber being made of thermoplastic material and comprising a web and two flanges, each having a free longitudinal edge and an opposite longitudinal edge that is c
7658437 Bumper skin February 9, 2010
A bumper skin made of plastics material including a front portion, at least one side overrider, and a face of the bumper skin that is visible presenting a shape irregularity between the front portion and the overrider. The front portion and the overrider are constituted by two distin
7645060 Support for a motor vehicle light unit, a light unit, and an assembly comprising a front end mod January 12, 2010
The present invention relates to a support for a motor vehicle light unit that enables the light unit to be mounted displaceably on an equipment module. The support includes a guide for guiding the light unit along a predetermined path relative to the equipment module.
7641268 Assembly of a bodywork part and a headlight glass for a motor vehicle January 5, 2010
In an assembly of a bodywork part and a headlight glass for a motor vehicle that cooperate by elastic deformation, the headlight glass has an outline designed to be engaged in an opening in the bodywork part. The opening is defined by an outline in the bodywork part that is substanti
7637562 Motor vehicle part including light unit support means December 29, 2009
The invention relates to a motor vehicle part including a light unit support possessing an initial "operational" position in which the light unit is held at a given height on the vehicle. The light unit support also is configured to take up a second "depressed" configuration on being
7552898 Sensor support for motor vehicle June 30, 2009
A sensor support for a motor vehicle, the support comprising an assembly base carrier for receiving a sensor, wherein the assembly base is shaped so as to be secured to two portions of a bar in a grille, said portions being situated in alignment with each other but being spaced apart so
7506919 Bumper shield for a motor vehicle constituted by a skin and open-worked and method for assembly March 24, 2009
A bumper shield is constituted by an outer skin and an inner skin lining. The skin lining is capable on its own of carrying light units, enabling the shield to be mounted in two stages. A method of mounting such a shield.
7481952 Electrically conductive PTFE tape January 27, 2009
The present invention is directed to a fluoropolymer tape having an electrically conductive surface. More specifically, the present invention is directed to a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tape and method for producing an electrically conductive tape by blending vapor-grown carbon f
7441827 Rear support for a vehicle, a rear module, and a method of securing such a module October 28, 2008
The present invention relates to a rear support (12) for a vehicle (24) that is to be fitted to the rear end of the body (22) of the vehicle (24) in the vicinity of a door (14) movable to pivot about an axis that is substantially horizontal, pivoting being enabled by at least one hinge
7425241 Assembly comprising a trim part for a motor vehicle and another part secured to the trim part by September 16, 2008
This assembly of a trim part of thermoplastic material for a motor vehicle with another part having a thin portion of thermoplastic material is such that the thin portion presents through orifices and the melting of the trim part together with the thin portion is localized solely at the
7390037 Piece for placing against an element of bodywork, an element of bodywork suitable for receiving June 24, 2008
The invention relates to a piece for placing against a face of a bodywork element, which element includes on said face a fastening projection made of plastics material. The piece has a fastening portion made of plastics material that is configured to form a tab which, when the piece for
7338115 Motor vehicle rear floor March 4, 2008
The present invention relates to a motor vehicle rear floor (32) that is intended to form part of a motor vehicle rear block, the block including two longitudinal rails (12), each having a front end forming a rear structural node (20) of the vehicle and a rear end (14), the rear ends
7329032 Housing structure for light unit, chassis part for housing a light unit and external module comp February 12, 2008
The invention provides a receiver structure for receiving a light unit having a glass for fitting to a motor vehicle fender, the fender and the glass including means for putting the glass of the light unit into a reference position relative to the fender, the receiver structure compr
7325642 Motor vehicle fender having a breakable zone February 5, 2008
The disclosure concerns a motor vehicle fender made of plastics material having a skin separating the inside and the outside of the fender, wherein the skin possesses a breakable zone suitable for opening when subjected to thrust from the inside towards the outside of the fender. The
7320771 Method of making a ribbed part out of thermoplastic material covered in a conductive foil, and a January 22, 2008
The invention relates to a method of making a part (2) of thermoplastic material covered on the surface by an electrically conductive foil (4) of thickness less than 0.1 mm, the part also including a rib (6), and the method comprising a step of depositing on an inside surface of a mold
7319516 Measurement instrument for inspecting painted bodywork parts, the instrument being provided with January 15, 2008
The invention relates to an optical measurement instrument for inspecting the quality of paintwork at the outlet from a line for painting motor vehicle bodywork parts, the instrument including a viewing frame through which the instrument takes optical measurements. In front of the viewin
7309090 Bodywork element made of plastics having a grille integrally molded with said bodywork element December 18, 2007
A bodywork element comprising a skin and an original grille integrally molded with the element. The original grille can be replaced by a replacement grille that takes its place in the skin.
7289216 Station for inspecting the painting of motor vehicle parts October 30, 2007
A station for inspecting the painting of motor vehicle bodywork parts, the station including an optical measuring apparatus and means for attenuating vibration of the moving parts.
7287809 Cross-member for a motor vehicle front end module, and a front end module and a cooling module s October 30, 2007
The invention relates to a cross-member to be found in the proximity of a bodywork part capable of moving towards the cross-member, said cross-member being fitted with an inertia part and a stabilization part for geometrically stabilizing the inertia part. The stabilization part is l
7258385 Support for motor vehicle bodywork elements, an equipment front face divided into two parts, and August 21, 2007
A support for bodywork of a vehicle elements is provided that includes means for receiving and fastening optical elements, fastener members for bodywork elements, docking zones for receiving the edges of bodywork elements and for putting them into position relative to the adjacent ed
7241277 Security device for a syringe July 10, 2007
The present invention relates to a safety device (2) for a prefilled syringe (1), the syringe comprising a body (3), a needle carrier (4), a piston (6) movable inside the body, and a piston rod (7) suitable for pushing the piston inside the body towards the needle carrier. The device
7236135 Reinforcement piece for a motor vehicle, and the use of such a piece as an antenna June 26, 2007
The invention relates to a reinforcement piece (6) for reinforcing a piece of motor vehicle bodywork, the reinforcement piece comprising at least one strip (8, 12) of thermoplastic material defining at least one opening (10) in the piece (6), the piece being covered at least in part in a
7216911 Motor vehicle rear module May 15, 2007
The module is extended to extend the body (10) of said vehicle by being fastened thereto. It is also designed to support rear doors (14) and a rear bumper. It comprises a frame of plastics material (24) including fastener means for fastening to the body and fastener means (28) to the
7204545 Fender support for a motor vehicle April 17, 2007
The motor vehicle fender support comprises a metal core with a top portion provided with fasteners for fastening to a fender. The top portion is provided with ribs arranged to stiffen it in the event of stress being directed in the transverse direction, and to buckle in the event of
7172322 Framing for a window of a motor vehicle passenger compartment, and a motor vehicle door includin February 6, 2007
The invention related to framing (8) for the window of the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle, the framing having a support face between an inside edge (8a) and an outside edge (8b) of the framing and designed to be covered by the periphery of a window (6) connected in sealed manne
7165794 Passive safety device January 23, 2007
The invention provides a motor vehicle bumper comprising: a shield presenting a first impact zone situated substantially at the same height as the knee of an adult pedestrian and, immediately below said first zone, a second impact zone situated substantially at the height as the ti
7152916 Liner for a motor vehicle grille December 26, 2006
The invention relates to a liner for the grille of a motor vehicle. The liner permits simple management of the desired clearance between a bumper shield and grille. The liner is intended to position the grille relative to the bumper shield while simultaneously supporting a top rim of the
7150495 Use of a fender and a hood in combination with an air bag, fender retaining and support means, a December 19, 2006
The present invention relates to the use, at the front of a motor vehicle, of a fender and of a hood defining a fender-hood junction leaving predetermined clearance between an edge of the hood and an edge of the fender, in combination with an air bag for deploying to the outside of t
7118170 Sill moulding for a motor vehicle October 10, 2006
The present invention relates to a motor vehicle sill moulding including a vertical undulating strip of plastics material and optionally, at least one holding plate.
7108411 Piece of styling and a motor vehicle including such a piece of styling September 19, 2006
A piece of styling for a motor vehicle having an outside skin placed in visible manner on a support of the vehicle. The outside skin has an outside surface that is semi-reflecting so as to allow light to pass through it in one direction only.
7097236 Connection between a side rail and a structural part of the front of a motor vehicle August 29, 2006
A connection between a side rail and a structural part at the front of a motor vehicle, the structural part having a top edge situated in the vicinity of a zone of the bodywork that might receive an impact from the head or the hip of a pedestrian, wherein the connection comprises for
7086679 Motor vehicle bodywork assembly August 8, 2006
A bodywork assembly is described that facilitates joining of a fender and a bumper skin. The edges of the fender and bumper skin include complimentary shapes that mate when the fender and bumper skin are pressed together. A plurality of studs transects the fender and bumper skin alon
7040787 Signaling device and a motor vehicle bodywork part fitted with such a device May 9, 2006
The invention provides a signaling device for a motor vehicle, the signaling device being constituted by a skin of translucent material presenting an outside face to be seen from outside the vehicle when said device is mounted on the vehicle, and an inside face opposite the outside f
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