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Compagnie Generale des Matieres
Velizy Villacoublay, FR
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7218396 Method and apparatus for spectroscopy of the optical emission of a liquid excited by a laser May 15, 2007
A method for spectroscopy of the optical emission of a liquid excited by a pulsed laser focused on the surface thereof is such that the area of analysis is scanned by a laminar discharge of gas whose velocity and section are such that it is possible to remove the residues of the plasma
6723996 Variable collimation radiation detector April 20, 2004
Servocontrol is achieved on a radiation detector that controls a motor (7) that makes a rod (9) slide, tilting a mobile portion (12) of an absorbing enclosure (2) to open or close a collimation slit (3) and adjust the amount of radiation received by the detection solid (1) to an ideal va
6578721 Pivoted arm for lowering under a slab June 17, 2003
An instrument (1) is lowered into a tank with a narrow opening (4) guided by an articulated arm (11) mounted on a mobile trolley on the periphery of the opening. The rotation of the arm consecutive to this movement and the pivoting of the lower section (13) around the articulation (14) p
6561200 Method for generating and circulating a foam in an installation and system for application of th May 13, 2003
The invention relates to a method for generating a foam from a liquid phase and a gas phase, a method for placing a foam in circulation in an installation, and a method for cleaning an installation by placing a foam in circulation.Generation of the foam is made by aspiration of an approp
6386968 Method and apparatus for performing confinement by thermal stratification May 14, 2002
The present invention relates to a method of confining pollution generated in the top volume and/or in the bottom volume of an enclosure filled with a fluid, i.e. either a gas, which is in general air, or a liquid, which is in general water, the method confining the pollution by thermal

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