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RE42619 Magnetic tunnel junction magnetic device, memory and writing and reading methods using said devi August 16, 2011
Magnetic tunnel junction magnetic device .[.(16).]. for writing and reading uses a reference layer .[.(20c).]. and a storage layer .[.(20a).]. separated by a semiconductor or insulating layer .[.(20b).]..Iadd., which can include an antiferromagnetic layer adjacent the storage layer.I
RE41931 Receiver module and receiver formed from several cascaded modules November 16, 2010
Receiver module and receiver formed from several cascaded module. The module comprises inputs (E1, E2, E3, E4) and outputs (S1, S2, S3, S4) connected to .Iadd.a .Iaddend.selection .[.means (44).]. .Iadd.circuit, .Iadd.a .Iaddend.switching .[.means (45).]. .Iadd.circuit, .
RE41774 Data transmission process with auto-synchronized correcting code, auto-synchronized coder and de September 28, 2010
A data transmission process with auto-synchronised correcting code, auto-synchronised coder and decoder, corresponding transmitter and receiver.According to the invention, synchronisation management signals (HS, SS, ID) are formed and, under the control of these signals, a header is
RE41107 Method of receiving CDMA signals with parallel interference suppression, and corresponding stage February 9, 2010
A method of parallel suppression of interference, and corresponding stage and receiver is disclosed according to the invention, parallel suppression of interference is carried out starting from the signals selected by a maximum likelihood criterion based on the calculation of a metri
RE40716 CDMA receiver with parallel interference suppression and optimized synchronization June 2, 2009
A receiver for transmission and parallel interference has multiple access interference suppression stages having K channels, each comprising a correlation device corresponding to a particular pseudorandom sequence and interference generation and suppression device. Each stage delivers
RE39484 Process for the production of thin semiconductor material films February 6, 2007
Process for the preparation of thin monocrystalline or polycrystalline semiconductor material films, characterized in that it comprises subjecting a semiconductor material wafer having a planar face to the three following stages: a first stage of implantation by bombardment (2) of th
RE38489 Solid microlaser passively switched by a saturable absorber and its production process April 6, 2004
The invention relates to a microlaser cavity (10) having: a solid active medium (2) emitting at least in a wavelength range between 1.5 and 1.6 .mu.m, and a saturable absorber (4) of formula CaF.sub.2 :Co.sup.2+ or MgF.sub.2 :Co.sup.2+ or SrF.sub.2 :Co.sup.2+ or BaF.sub.2 :Co.sup.2+ or
RE33383 Process for producing a magnetic read write head and head obtained by this process October 16, 1990
A first magnetic material film is deposited on a support, a groove is etched in the first magnetic film which is shaped like a figure eight, a double coil is formed and is wound respectively around the two central pole pieces. An insulating material layer is deposited and etched in step
RE33243 Process for treating a metal oxide powder June 26, 1990
The invention relates to a process for the treatment of a metal oxide powder, particularly a UO.sub.2 or PuO.sub.2 powder, with a view to its fritting.This process consists of oxidizing the powder, so as to form on its surface a hydrated oxide layer of the same metal. When the oxide is U
RE29326 Integrated magnetic head having alternate conducting and insulating layers within an open loop o July 26, 1977
The open-loop magnetic circuit of an integrated magnetic head for reading and/or writing is made up of two magnetic films which are joined together at one end, the other end being placed in proximity to the writing and/or reading surface and substantially at right angles thereto. In orde
RE28891 Liquid crystal display device July 6, 1976
An electrooptical display device comprising a film of liquid crystals between two systems of electrodes. One system comprises a plurality of integrated circuits forming a supporting layer on a substrate and a plurality of flat metallic electrodes deposited on the supporting layer, ea
D331709 Portable radiation source container December 15, 1992
8587080 Optical filtering matrix structure and associated image sensor November 19, 2013
The invention relates to an optical filtering structure consisting of a set of at least two elementary optical filters (R, V, B), an elementary optical filter being centered on an optimum transmission frequency, characterized in that it comprises a stack of n metal layers (m1, m2, m3)
8586463 Method for preparing a layer comprising nickel monosilicide NiSi on a substrate comprising silic November 19, 2013
A method for fabricating a layer including nickel monosilicide NiSi on a substrate including silicon. The method includes the steps of incorporating, on a portion of the thickness of the substrate comprising silicon, an element selected from W, Ti, Ta, Mo, Cr and mixtures thereof; de
8586409 Component with buried ductile conductive bumps and method of electrical connection between said November 19, 2013
A method of electrical connection between a series of hard conductive points and corresponding pads arranged on a one face of a first component, and a series of buried ductile conductive bumps and corresponding pads arranged on one face of a second component. The method comprises for
8586127 Crystallisation method with control of the orientation of the crystal grains November 19, 2013
A crystallization method, including: depositing a thin film of a crystalline material on a substrate; heating the substrate and the crystalline material deposited on the substrate to a first temperature for a time enabling internal strains present in the crystalline material to be re
8583403 Method of measuring an anisotropic surface diffusion tensor or surface energy anisotropies November 12, 2013
A method for the determination of the diffusion tensor anisotropy or the surface energy anisotropy that does not require the formation of particular structures, and that is capable of being performed in cases of moderate-amplitude perturbations. The invention relates to measuring the
8570017 Voltage limiter and protection of a photovoltaic module October 29, 2013
A voltage limiter device of an assembly of photovoltaic modules, including: (a) means (Z1) forming an electronic switch for a current of said assembly; (b) comparison means (Comp, R1, R2, C2) for comparing a voltage at the output of the limiter with a reference voltage value (Vref);
8562728 Process for preparing proton-conducting clay particles and composite material comprising such pa October 22, 2013
The invention relates to a process for preparing proton-conducting clay particles, successively comprising the following steps: a) a step of activating a clay powder, comprising a step in which the said powder is subjected to a gas plasma; b) a grafting step comprising a step of pl
8301966 Distributed turbocoder for block-fading channels October 30, 2012
A cooperative communications system comprising a source terminal, at least one relay terminal and a destination terminal. The system also comprises a distributed turbocoder over the source terminal and at least the relay terminal. The first part of the turbocoder residing on the sour
8301575 Method and device for the recognition of the position or movement of a device or a person October 30, 2012
This method uses two sets of sensors to estimate certain characteristics of the movement of a device or a person or states, especially postures, they adopt. A first, abundant, set of sensors (1) is removed after a learning phase where it records with certainty the states obtained by
8298399 Method, device and system for the microanalysis of ions October 30, 2012
A method of microanalyzing ions, which includes: placing in a cavity having an internal volume, a volume of an ionic liquid that is smaller than the internal volume; placing in the cavity a solution containing the ions that are to be analyzed, a solvent of the solution and the ionic
8294359 Electronic component with p-doped organic semiconductor October 23, 2012
An electronic component comprising a layer of organic semiconducting material in which a dopant is dispersed having an energy difference between the work function of the dopant and of the HOMO level of said organic semiconducting material that is less than 0.5 eV. The dopant is an at
8293193 Microfluidic component with a channel filled with nanotubes and method for its production October 23, 2012
A microfluidic component comprises at least one channel (2) delineated by a top wall (6) and a bottom wall (3) and two opposite side walls (4, 5). The distance (P) between the top wall (6) and the bottom wall (3) of the channel (2) is greater than or equal to 25 micrometers and first and
8291777 Devices for sampling and confining chemical contaminations, associated transport device and appl October 23, 2012
A method of sampling and confining chemical contaminations intended for the chemical analysis of contaminations in particulate and/or molecular form with prior adsorption by a support or trapping in a liquid. The adsorbent support or the contaminated liquid is then held in position in
8291284 Method and device for decoding LDPC codes and communication apparatus including such device October 16, 2012
A device and method for the iterative decoding of a received word represented by signal values according to a parity control matrix code of the type for passing messages between variable nodes and control nodes of a two-part graph related to the matrix. The method includes at least the
8288823 Double-gate transistor structure equipped with a multi-branch channel October 16, 2012
Double gate transistor microelectronic device comprising: a support, a structure suited to forming at least one multi-branch channel and comprising a plurality of separate parallel semi-conductor rods and situated in a plane orthogonal to the principal plane of the support, the rod
8288250 Method for transferring chips onto a substrate October 16, 2012
A method for making a stack of at least two stages of circuits, each stage including a substrate and at least one component and metallic connections formed in or on this substrate, the assembly of a stage to be transferred onto a previous stage including: a) ionic implantation in the
8288009 Formation of ultra-thin films that are grafted to electrically-conducting or semi-conducting sur October 16, 2012
The present invention relates to the use of precursors of following formula (I): ##STR00001## independently of E or Z configuration, in which: R.sub.2 is an electron-withdrawing group, R.sub.1, R.sub.3, R.sub.4 and R.sub.5, which are identical or different, represent a hydrogen a
8285102 Structure of a micronanostructure optical wave guide for controlling birefringence October 9, 2012
A waveguide structure includes a supporting substrate and a waveguide having at least one guide layer with a refractive index n1. This layer comprises a zone of birefringence B which comprises voids provided in the thickness of the guide layer filled with a fluid or material having a
8284281 Method for reading a two-dimensional matrix of pixels and device for implementing such a method October 9, 2012
The invention relates to a method for reading a two-dimensional matrix of pixels of an image sensor, the matrix being organized in blocks of pixels forming macropixels, each macropixel being readable independently of one another in high resolution mode and/or in low resolution mode. The
8284001 Differential filtering device with coplanar coupled resonators and filtering antenna furnished w October 9, 2012
A differential filtering device with coupled resonators, including: a pair of coupled resonators disposed on one and the same face of a dielectric substrate, each resonator including two conducting strips positioned in a symmetric manner with respect to a plane perpendicular to the f
8282989 Method for manufacturing an assembly for a fuel cell October 9, 2012
The invention relates to a method for manufacturing an assembly (1) for a fuel cell comprising at least two adjacent cell components, applied by means of the successive steps consisting of: a) solidifying by laser sintering a powder layer (Ci) deposited beforehand so that it forms a
8279973 Space-time coding method using a partitioned position modulation alphabet October 2, 2012
The invention relates to a space-time coding method for a MIMO-UWB system with P antennas using information symbols belonging to an M-PPM, where M is a multiple of P. The modulation alphabet is partitioned into P sub-alphabets corresponding to successive ranges of modulation positions.
8278638 Device for storing data with optical addressing October 2, 2012
A data storage device including a stack of layers is provided. The stack of layers includes at least one memory layer able to effect a storage of data in a plurality of portions of the memory layer by a modification of at least one physico-chemical property of the material of the portion
8277599 Compounds for placing objects by self assembling and the use thereof October 2, 2012
The inventive method for placing and fixing (bonding) a first object, whose surface is functionalized by compounds of formula I Y (X), A' (I), on the surface of a second object whose surface is functionalized by compounds of formula II Y (X).sub.n A (II), wherein A and A' are functio
8274428 Method for estimating a radar cross-section September 25, 2012
A method for estimating a radar cross-section (RES) of a given object by using a diffraction model of this object. With the model, it is possible to determine a basis adapted to said object on which is projected a vector of measurement. With the projected vector, it is possible to ob
8274282 Method for assembling a high-dynamic and high-spatial resolution eddy current testing head September 25, 2012
The invention concerns a method for producing an assembly of at least one transmission coil (B.sub.1) and one reception coil (B.sub.2) for eddy current testing, the reception coil receiving in the absence of fault a complex amplitude signal V.sub.R, subject to a variation .delta.V.sub.R
8272556 Metal lip seal and machine fitted with same seal September 25, 2012
This metal lip seal capable of ensuring tightness between two elements includes: two resilient members each intended to be accommodated in a cavity of one of the two elements, said cavities being located in line with a zone of engagement of the two elements one with the other in which
8268355 Silica particle comprising an organolanthanide compound, preparation process therefor and uses t September 18, 2012
The present invention relates to a silica particle comprising at least one complex of at least one lanthanide and of at least one ligand of formula (A) ##STR00001## in which Z.sub.1, Z.sub.2 and Z.sub.3, which may be identical or different, each represent a group bearing an atom
8268148 Reference electrode, manufacturing method and battery comprising same September 18, 2012
A reference electrode having a casing with an inner cavity successively filled with a paste constituting an active material and a porous material impregnated with an electrolyte solution. The projecting end of a silver wire is embedded in the paste at the bottom of the inner cavity. The
8263947 Method and device for localising fluorophores or absorbers in a surrounding medium September 11, 2012
The invention relates to a method of localising a fluorophore (22) in a scattering medium (20), by means of a radiation source (8, 10) suited to emitting an excitation radiation of this fluorophore and detection means (4, 12) suited to measuring a fluorescence signal (.PHI..sub.fluo)
8263488 Surface-coating method September 11, 2012
The invention relates to the deposition or attachment of materials to surfaces. It relates to a process for coating a surface with a first material and a second material, comprising the following steps: placing the first material on the said surface, inserting into the first material
8263317 Formation of deep hollow areas and use thereof in the production of an optical recording medium September 11, 2012
At least one hollow zone is formed in a stack of at least one upper layer and one lower layer. The upper layer is patterned to form at least a first hollow region passing through said upper layer. The first hollow region is extended by a second hollow region formed in the lower layer by
8263023 Microfluidic system and method for sorting cell clusters and for the continuous encapsulation th September 11, 2012
A microfluidic system and method for sorting cell clusters, and for the continuous and automated encapsulation of the clusters, once sorted, in capsules of sizes suitable for those of these sorted clusters is provided. The microfluidic system comprises a substrate in which a microcha
8258504 Organic field-effect transistor and method of fabricating this transistor September 4, 2012
This organic field effect transistor comprises a semiconductor layer made of an organic semiconductor material. The mobility .mu..sub.sup of the charge carriers in the first portion of the semiconductor layer is X times greater than the mobility .mu..sub.inf of the charge carriers in
8258011 Method for producing a set of chips mechanically interconnected by means of a flexible connectio September 4, 2012
The method relates to production of a set of chips mechanically interconnected by means of a flexible connection. The chips, integrated on a substrate, each comprise a receiving area. The chips of the set are connected in series in the receiving areas by a connecting element. The chi
8257792 Process for depositing sensors on a porous support September 4, 2012
Process for manufacturing an article comprising an approximately flat porous support and, within this support, defined zones in a chosen pattern, these zones being grafted with sensor molecules, such as metals, biological molecules, whereas the rest of the support remains free of thi
8254497 Method for detecting cyclostationary signals August 28, 2012
A method for detecting a cyclostationary signal in a signal to be analyzed, received from a transmitter by a receiver or read from a recording medium by a reader device. According to this method, the value of a discrimination function J is estimated, expressed as a quadratic form of
8254474 Method for estimating the characteristcs of OFDM signals August 28, 2012
This invention relates to a method for determining at least one characteristic of an OFDM signal within a received signal, characterized in that: a plurality of cyclic correlation coefficients (.rho..sup.k/(.alpha.+.beta.)(.alpha.)) for the received signal is calculated (420, 520)

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