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New York, NY
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6992058 Aqueous composition comprising oligomeric esterquats January 31, 2006
The application relates to a medium viscosity, clear fabric softening composition, comprising (a) from about 1 to 20 wt. % of an oligomeric esterquat, derived from the reaction of an alkanol amine with (i) a polycarboxylic acid; and (ii) a fatty alcohol or a fatty acid; or (iii) a
6986885 Stable and efficacious soft solid product January 17, 2006
A low residue antiperspirant and/or deodorant composition in the form of an anhydrous, surfactant-free and antiseptic alcohol-free suspension exhibiting a syneresis of less than 8% is disclosed which comprises: (a) a dimethicone/vinyldimethicone crosspolymer composition made by reacting
6983507 Toothbrush January 10, 2006
An electrically-driven toothbrush has a brush holder that is arranged to rotationally vibrate and carry a number of bristles interspaced with arcuate membranes. The membranes serve to aid cleaning of the teeth and to polish the teeth surfaces during use of the toothbrush.
6974790 Cleaning compositions in the form of a tablet December 13, 2005
A water soluble tablet comprising a cleaning composition which contains a surfactant coated bleach.
6969510 Glycine-free antiperspirant salts with Betaine for enhanced cosmetic products November 29, 2005
A glycine-free aluminum and/or zirconium Betaine salt having a metal to chloride molar ratio in the range of 0.3-2.5:1, a Betaine:aluminum molar ratio in the range of 0.05-1.0:1 and/or a Betaine:zirconium molar ratio in the range of 0.2-3.0:1, wherein the Betaine is used in its normal fo
6953817 Dual component dentinal desensitizing dentifrice October 11, 2005
A two component dental composition is disclosed which eliminates or substantially reduces the discomfort and pain associated with dentinal hypersensitivity which composition comprises a first dentifrice component having a neutral pH in the range of about 6.5 to 7.5 buffered with a ph
6949500 Fabric softener compositions containing a mixture of cationic polymers as rheology modifiers September 27, 2005
An aqueous fabric softening composition is described having its rheological properties of flow elasticity and viscosity capable of being readily modified as needed independently of each other to satisfy a consumer preference, said composition comprising: a) from about 0.01% to about 2
6944901 Brush section for a powered toothbrush September 20, 2005
A brush section for use in a powered toothbrush, and a powered toothbrush utilizing the brush section are provided. The brush section has a generally disk shaped carrier from which extends at least one finger that has oral care elements, i.e., bristles and elastomeric cleaning members,
6938294 Toothbrush with movable head sections for enhanced oral care September 6, 2005
The present invention relates to a powered toothbrush with two moving bristle bearing parts, the first such part is disc-shaped and rotates or oscillates back-and-forth, the second such part is coupled to the brush head by an elastomeric material, such that the second section can be move
6938293 Powered toothbrush September 6, 2005
A powered toothbrush include a head containing a rotating or oscillating first bristle carrier and also containing a second bristle carrier movably connected to the head, which second bristle carrier may include elastomeric walls for enhanced cleaning and may include a weakened section
6931688 Toothbrush August 23, 2005
A toothbrush comprises a handle and a head. The head includes a first section having cleaning elements extending outwardly from its outer surface. A ball joint is mounted to the head adjacent to the first section. The ball joint also includes cleaning elements extending outwardly fro
6927053 Dual component dental composition containing enzyme August 9, 2005
A two component desensitizing dentifrice composition is disclosed which comprises a first dentifrice component containing an enzyme such as papain and a second dentifrice component containing an ionic surfactant such as sodium lauryl sulfate, the first and second dentifrice components be
6914071 Antioxidant containing composition and method July 5, 2005
A companion pet diet meeting ordinary nutritional requirements of the pet and further comprising a sufficient amount of an antioxidant or mixture thereof to inhibit the onset of deterioration of the mental capacity of said companion pet in its aged years.
6908890 Pearlescent solution June 21, 2005
A pearlescent solution containing a metal oxide coated mica.
6893260 Dental instrument May 17, 2005
This invention is directed to a dental instrument and the use of this dental instrument to measure deposits and other imperfections on a tooth surface. The dental instrument has an elongated portion and on at least one end a general curvature portion. The general curvature portion will
6892412 Powered toothbrush May 17, 2005
The head of a powered toothbrush includes a first tuft block mounted for rotational oscillation about an axis generally perpendicular to the outer surface of the head, and a second tuft block having fixed bristles or bristles independently movable by being mounted on an elastomeric base.
6889401 Powered toothbrush with vibrating section May 10, 2005
The head of a toothbrush includes a tuft block having bristles wherein the tuft block is moved in a direction parallel to the outer surface of the head. A second tuft block having bristles is a vibrating section which is moved in and out in a direction perpendicular to the outer surface
6886208 Toothbrush assembly having an environmentally safe polymer battery May 3, 2005
The present invention discloses a powered or manual toothbrush having a polymer battery as a power source. The polymer battery contains no heavy metals, making it environmentally safe, and contains no alkaline, making it physically safe. The polymer battery is inexpensive and rechargeabl
6884764 Liquid dish cleaning compositions April 26, 2005
A liquid dish cleaning composition with desirable cleansing properties comprising a C.sub.8-18 ethoxylated alkyl ether sulfate, two anionic surfactant, a betaine surfactant, an alkyl polyglucoside surfactant, a hydroxy containing organic acid, and water.
6881716 Aqueous composition comprising oligomeric esterquats April 19, 2005
The application relates to a low viscosity and to a stable fabric softening composition process for the preparation of a stable, and particularly to a viscosity stable, fabric softening composition having a low viscosity, said composition comprising from about 1 to 18 wt. % of an oligome
6864223 Thickened fabric conditioners March 8, 2005
The present invention relates to thickened fabric conditioners, which fabric conditioners contain a particular polymeric thickener, which is obtained by polymerizing from 5 to 100 mole percent of a cationic vinyl addition monomer, from 0 to 95 mole percent of acrylamide, and from 70 to
6852260 Process for preparing cleansing bars having well-defined platelet striations therein February 8, 2005
A process for preparing a cleansing bar having well-defined platelet striations therein which comprises extruding a cleansing bar composition having platelets therein to form a cleansing bar using an extruder having a perforated barrier across the cross section of the extruder, wherein t
6848141 Brush section for an electric toothbrush February 1, 2005
An electric toothbrush brush section and method of use thereof is disclosed, the brush section having a generally disk shaped bristle carrier from which extend one or more bristle bearing fingers of varying length and width, which fingers provide increased contact area between bristl
6844308 Antibacterial cleaning wipe January 18, 2005
A cleaning wipe comprising a nonwoven fabric wherein the nonwoven fabric is impregnated with an antibacterial cleaning composition.
6838421 Bathroom cleaning composition January 4, 2005
A bathroom cleaning composition containing a chlorine containing bleach, that is effective in removing mold and mildew as well as removing soap scum.
6838420 Soap composition January 4, 2005
A translucent or transparent composition comprising a. about 3 to about 40 wt. % soap, b. about 4 to about 40 wt. % of at least one synthetic surfactant, c. about 14 to about 45 wt. % water, d. from 0 to about 3 wt. % lower monohydric alcohol, e. about 5 to about 60 wt. % of a humecta
6821939 Acidic light duty liquid cleaning compositions comprising a sultaine November 23, 2004
A light duty liquid detergent with desirable cleansing properties to the human skin comprising a C.sub.8-18 ethoxylated alkyl ether sulfate anionic surfactant, two sulfonate anionic surfactant, a hydroxy aliphatic acid, an alkyl polyglucoside surfactant, a hydroxy sultaine surfactant and
6817054 Toothbrush November 16, 2004
A toothbrush comprises a handle having an elongated head mounted to the handle. The head has a longitudinally central portion which comprises a plurality of longitudinally aligned segments connected to each other by a joint. Cleaning elements are mounted to the segments and extend outwar
6815406 Liquid dish cleaning compositions November 9, 2004
A liquid dish cleaning composition with desirable cleansing properties comprising two C.sub.8-18 ethoxylated alkyl ether sulfate surfactants, two anionic surfactant, an amine oxide surfactant, an acid and water.
6815405 Liquid cleaning compositions containing an anionic surfactant mixture November 9, 2004
A cleaning composition with desirable cleansing properties to the human skin comprising at least one surfactant, a preservative system and water.
6813793 Toothbrush with linear and rotary fields November 9, 2004
A powered toothbrush to provide oral hygiene having a brush section with a first bristle carrier that is powered and driven to rotate in a first path of motion. A second bristle field including a plurality of brush elements extends from a base support of the brush section. An extension m
6805855 Cool and dry antiperspirant stick October 19, 2004
An antiperspirant and/or deodorant stick composition is disclosed comprising (a) 10-60 weight % of a volatile silicone such as cyclomethicone; (b) 2-30 weight % of a low melting point wax gelling agent (particularly stearyl alcohol); (c) 1-10 weight % of a high melting point wax (suc
6794353 Cleaning wipe September 21, 2004
The present invention relates to a cleaning wipe which is a water insoluble substrate impregnated with a cleaning composition containing a cellulosic polymer.
6793915 Cool and dry soft solid antiperspirant September 21, 2004
A stable, high efficacy, low residue surfactant-free, soft solid cosmetic composition (especially an antiperspirant and/or deodorant) comprising: (a) 40-75 weight % of a volatile silicone; (b) 0.5-20 weight % of a non-emulsifying silicone elastomer; (c) 0.1-10 weight % of a of a supe
6770266 Liquid tooth whitening composition August 3, 2004
An aqueous tooth whitening liquid composition comprising an orally acceptable vehicle comprising water and monohydric alcohol having dispersed therein a film forming combination of a poly(ethylene oxide) and a Carbomer, the pH of the composition being adjusted to and maintained at, a
6767878 Light duty liquid cleaning composition with suspended solid particles July 27, 2004
A light duty liquid detergent with desirable cleansing properties to the human skin and dishes comprising a C.sub.8-18 ethoxylated alkyl ether sulfate anionic surfactant, a sulfonate anionic surfactant, an alkyl polyglucoside surfactant, an amine oxide, solid particles, a 3-D structu
6746995 Wash cycle unit dose softener containing a controlled amount of moisture June 8, 2004
A unit dose wash cycle fabric softening composition for softening or conditioning fabrics in the wash cycle of an automatic washing machine, said unit dose comprising a compacted granular fabric softener composition formed from granules of softener, which granules are formed from a powde
6743760 Transparent conditioning shampoo June 1, 2004
A conditioning shampoo comprising: (a) 8-18 weight % of an anionic surfactant; (b) 0.5-0.8 weight % of a conditioning system comprising: (i) 0.1-0.75 weight % of silicone Quaternium-8; (ii) 0.1-0.5 weight % of a low molecular weight guar gum with a molecular weight less than 100,000
6730310 Wash-off vitamin E compositions May 4, 2004
A topical composition suitable for application to skin comprising an amount of antioxidant action vitamin and vitamin precursor sufficient to bring about an effect selected from the group consisting of a level of vitamin on the skin significantly above the amount of vitamin on normal vit
6729475 Shipper and display carton May 4, 2004
The carton can be used both as a shipper carton and a display carton. The carton comprises two or more channels for containing products. The channels can be opened to maintain the integrity of the carton for use as a display carton by maintaining the integrity of the base wall, but with
6726011 Toothbrush display tray April 27, 2004
The present toothbrush display tray provides a way to display toothbrushes in a horizontal orientation in a stacked vertical array. The display tray comprises a plastic layer with a plurality of recesses. A toothbrush is held in each recess and a sheet of material overlays the plastic la
6723305 Anti-microbial breath freshening mouthrinse April 20, 2004
It has been found that a mouthrinse comprising CPC and zinc ions is a very effective mouthrinse. It has an antibacterial effect that removes odor creating bacteria from the oral cavity. The CPC and zinc ions preferably are used in combination with an ionone terpene such as alpha ionone o
6696398 Stabilized composition comprising 2-(2-H-benzotriazol-2-yl)-6-dodecyl-4-methylphenol February 24, 2004
A solid translucent or transparent soap composition comprising a cleansing effective amount of soap and an antidiscoloration effective amount of the benzotriazole 2-(2H-benzotriazol-2-yl)-6-dodecl-4-methylphenol.
6692726 Enzyme containing oral composition having enhanced stability February 17, 2004
An oral care composition having enhanced oral hygiene and antiplaque properties which comprises an orally acceptable vehicle containing a combination of an enzyme, cetylpyridinium chloride and a reducing agent.
6689736 Cleaning wipe February 10, 2004
The present invention relates to a cleaning wipe which is a water insoluble substrate impregnated with a cleaning composition containing a cellulosic polymer.
6683037 Cleaning system including a liquid cleaning composition disposed in a water soluble container January 27, 2004
A water soluble container having disposed therein a liquid cleaning composition containing at least one nonionic surfactant, an anionic surfactant, triethanol amine, water, a perfume and a fatty acid.
6682749 Low Residue cosmetic composition January 27, 2004
This invention comprises low residue cosmetic compositions (especially underarm products) which are made by combining an active ingredient; a silicone gel material itself comprising an elastomer composition; and at least one selected surfactant having an HLB value in the range of 8-16.
6680287 Cleaning wipe January 20, 2004
A dishwashing cleaning wipe comprising a fabric wherein the fabric is impregnated with a cleaning composition.
6673303 Bottle and closure January 6, 2004
There are various ways to latch a closure onto a container. It has been found that for blowmolded containers that the support flange for the bottle preform can later be used as a part of the latch mechanism to secure a closure onto the container. Preforms have a support flange by whi
6669930 Liquid tooth whitening gel December 30, 2003
A storage stable liquid peroxide whitening gel composition opacified with an organic and inorganic particles.

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