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Colgate-Palmolive Company Patents
Colgate-Palmolive Company
New York, NY
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE31954 Oral composition July 23, 1985
Oral composition having a mellow flavor characteristic due to the presence of a .Iadd.sialagogue of a .Iaddend.flavoring oil and a 5'-ribonucleotide as a flavor modifying agent.Iadd., further containing a sweetening agent characterized by early appearance of sweetness and early extinctio
RE30057 Disposable diaper July 31, 1979
A disposable diaper comprising, an absorbent pad assembly having a pair of waistline portions, a crotch region intermediate the waistline portions, a fluid impervious backing sheet, a fluid pervious cover sheet, and an absorbent pad intermediate the backing and cover sheets. The pad asse
RE29634 Dentifrice containing visible agglomerated particles of polishing agents May 16, 1978
Dentifrice containing visible, palpable and esthetically pleasing substantially water-insoluble agglomerated particles of polishing agents. The particles are reduced to smaller impalapable size by mild mechanical action such as by toothbrushing. The agglomerates include water-insoluble
D693213 Oral care implement package November 12, 2013
D693212 Oral care implement package November 12, 2013
D693127 Oral care implement November 12, 2013
D692242 Oral care implement October 29, 2013
D669689 Toothbrush handle with tissue cleaner October 30, 2012
D669688 Head portion of a toothbrush October 30, 2012
D667730 Container September 25, 2012
D667728 Container September 25, 2012
D667223 Toothbrush September 18, 2012
D666834 Toothbrush September 11, 2012
D666493 Cap for a container September 4, 2012
D666492 Cap for a container September 4, 2012
D666105 Container August 28, 2012
D666104 Container August 28, 2012
D666099 Cap for a container August 28, 2012
D666098 Cap for a container August 28, 2012
D666097 Cap for a container August 28, 2012
D666096 Cap for a container August 28, 2012
D664360 Oral care implement July 31, 2012
D664359 Toothbrush July 31, 2012
D664045 Container July 24, 2012
D661490 Oral care implement June 12, 2012
D660599 Toothbrush May 29, 2012
D658890 Toothbrush May 8, 2012
D658889 Toothbrush May 8, 2012
D658887 Toothbrush May 8, 2012
D658886 Toothbrush May 8, 2012
D657569 Head portion of an oral care implement April 17, 2012
D657568 Oral care implement April 17, 2012
D655918 Toothbrush March 20, 2012
D655917 Toothbrush March 20, 2012
D655916 Toothbrush March 20, 2012
D655007 Oral care strip February 28, 2012
D654696 Toothbrush handle with tissue cleaner February 28, 2012
D654695 Toothbrush February 28, 2012
D654270 Toothbrush handle February 21, 2012
D652318 Container January 17, 2012
D651807 Toothbrush January 10, 2012
D651806 Toothbrush January 10, 2012
D651407 Toothbrush January 3, 2012
D651406 Toothbrush handle January 3, 2012
D649474 Container November 29, 2011
D649463 Lower portion of a container November 29, 2011
D649462 Transverse portion of a container November 29, 2011
D649059 Container November 22, 2011
D647806 Container November 1, 2011
D647702 Oral care implement November 1, 2011

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