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Coleco Industries, Inc. Patents
Coleco Industries, Inc.
West Hartford, CT
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D296800 Combined child's desk and play center July 19, 1988
D294608 Toy kitchen March 8, 1988
D293901 Children's ride-on simulated fire truck January 26, 1988
D291790 Children's ride-on simulated dump truck September 8, 1987
D277772 Doll carriage February 26, 1985
D271594 Toy riding cycle for children November 29, 1983
D261881 Battery eliminator November 17, 1981
4887820 Vacuum ball holding device December 19, 1989
A ball holding device has an elongated handle having a cavity opening at one end thereof and a passage opening to the side thereof spaced from its one end. Seated in the cavity is an elastomeric vacuum cup which has a body portion disposed in the cavity with a conduit portion extending
4857030 Conversing dolls August 15, 1989
Two or more dolls with speech synthecizing systems appear to intelligently converse while signaling each other via a radio frequency transmission to indicate what has been spoken, and to request a response which is intelligent with respect to the synthecized speech of the first doll.
4854911 Doll with waterproof joints August 8, 1989
A toy figure comprising a hollow body or torso member has at least one extremity receiving socket disposed therewithin having an annular sidewall and a base wall and formed integrally with the body member. The hollow extremities have a projecting socket with an annular sidewall and a bas
4840602 Talking doll responsive to external signal June 20, 1989
A doll cooperates with a remote signal source which provides a narration with which the doll interacts, and it has a vocabulary stored in digital data in a memory which may be accessed to cause a speech synthesizer in the doll to simulate speech. The doll has a radio frequency receiver w
4820236 Doll with sensing switch April 11, 1989
A doll contains a flexible sensor which is captured in the doll near a surface thereof and will emit an electrical signal when subjected to bending or pressure to indicate that this part of the doll is being touched or manipulated. The sensor utilizes a film having piezoelectric prop
4811954 Folding case and game board assembly March 14, 1989
A portable game board assembly is comprised of a pair of elongated tray elements which are hinged along one elongate side and open along that side between the hinge elements. The tray elements may be pivoted into a closed position to define a container. Stored in each one of the tray ele
4808142 Doll with controlled mouth actuation in simulated speech February 28, 1989
A doll head of flexible self-supporting material having lips and defining a mouth and a motor-driven mouth actuator which moves the lips between open and closed positions to simulate mouth movement and a central processing unit including a speech synthesizing system energizes the mouth a
4766275 Doll or the like with motion sensing switch and switch therefor August 23, 1988
A motion sensing device wherein a conductive ball is movable with a cavity defined by a base member defining a cylindrical cavity and a closure member to make and break electrical contact between top and bottom contact members of a first potential and sidewall contacts of another potenti
4763898 Competitive manipulative skills game August 16, 1988
A game assembly for competitive use employs loose pieces which are configured for selective emplacement upon lowered platforms. When one player succeeds in placing all of his pieces, he may actuate a release mechanism to propel the opponent's platform upwardly, so as to eject the pie
4751353 Doll or the like with position and motion sensing switch June 14, 1988
A device which senses position through a conductive ball which may be seated on one of a plurality of pairs of contacts in a cavity within a housing in accordance with the angular position of the sensor and which also senses motion through movement of the ball making and breaking con
4738649 Figure toy with punching arm mechanism April 19, 1988
An action toy figure has a spring-powered rotatable arm which is capable of simulating a pummelling action. It employs a spring motor, with a pawl-activated ratchet-clutch arrangement which permits full winding while protecting the mechanism against damage due to excessive rotation of th
4725257 Doll with gripping hand construction and clip therefor February 16, 1988
A plastic clip is integrally formed to provide a flexible finger portion intermediate two relatively rigid finger portions. It is configured to be assembled within a hand-simulating portion of a doll appendage, with the flexible finger of the clip disposed within a thumb-like component o
4708687 Rolling figure toy November 24, 1987
A humanoid toy figure is constructed to fold from an erect posture to a curled, generally cylindrical configuration in which it will roll upon a flat surface. Desirable body features are afforded by molding the trunk member of the figure as separate lateral sections, and manufacture of t
4689034 Figure toy with projectile launching mechanism August 25, 1987
A creature figure toy having walking action capability utilizes a pair of ring members which are mounted for counter-rotation within the body. Projectile launching means is also incorporated.
4689033 Figure toy with rapidly extensible tongue August 25, 1987
A toy creature figure has a tongue-like element that darts from the mouth of the figure when a pneumatic bulb, which comprises an integral part thereof, is squeezed. The component parts are few in number, assembly thereof is readily achieved, and manufacture of the figure is relatively
4682970 Figure toy with extensible head portion July 28, 1987
A toy creature figure has an extensible neck on which is mounted a head that is thrust upwardly as the neck is propelled forwardly. The mechanisms provided are highly effective for their intended purpose, and manufacture of the toy is relative facile and inexpensive.
4682968 Figure toy with rapidly retractable trap element July 28, 1987
A creature figure toy has an extensible tongue component, which may cooperate with the string by which it is secured to provide a trap for capturing objects. Abrupt retraction of the tongue component may be effected by pulling a tail component, attached to a second string, the effect
4674989 Figure toy with simulated leg action and pivoted striking element June 23, 1987
An armed toy creature figure has an axe-like element pivotably mounted along its back, which strikes forwardly when disengaged. The plunger for actuating the striker element is associated with the holder by which the figure is supported on the operator's hand, and the figure has flexible
4672541 Video game with interactive enlarged play action inserts June 9, 1987
A method of operating a video game which comprises storing at least two different but related playfield displays and changing playfield displays in response to the player-initiated selection of a designated switch, representing a specific game action.
4669998 Humanoid figure assembly and method for assembling same June 2, 1987
A simulated figure with articulated limbs and a pivotable head has a torso comprised of front and back sections which interfit to define a cavity and provide neck, arm and leg apertures. An armature is seated in the cavity and has arm and leg portions extending from a center portion to t
4666419 Figure toy with gripping legs assembly May 19, 1987
A toy creature figure has pivotably mounted simulated leg elements which can be operated manually to effect a gripping action. The subassembly of pivot pieces and actuating lever provided is effective to readily operate the leg members, and manufacture of the toy is relatively facile and
4654018 Figure toy with launching mechanism for conceled flying element March 31, 1987
A creature figure toy includes a launching device for a flying object. The object is seated within an enclosure formed by wings simulated on the body of the device, in which position high-speed rotation can be imparted to it. When the operator wishes to release the object, the actuating
4630756 Liquid squirting creature December 23, 1986
A liquid squirting simulated creature is comprised of a front section having a body, legs and head, and a rear section which is assembled thereto. The front section is comprised of top and bottom elements defining a cavity therebetween and front and rear apertures, as well as apertur
4622020 Glove puppet figure assembly and powered wing drive mechanism November 11, 1986
A glove puppet figure has wings capable of simulating flapping movement while producing an audible sound, and driven by a mechanism that is uncomplicated and yet effective. The figure may have a head component that can be moved, by manipulation of the operator's finger, relative to a bod
4610640 Glove puppet figure assembly with articulated head components September 9, 1986
A glove puppet assembly, in the form of a spider-like creature, has a tail or abdomen portion which can be articulated by wrist action. It may also have an articulated, finger-operated head component, and utilizes a gripping ring holder and a glove member which facilitate movement of its
4610639 Simulated flying creature with flappable wings September 9, 1986
A toy creature includes a one-piece member providing wings that can be reciprocated, by direct manual force, to simulate a flapping action. The creature may include legs that permit it to grasp an object for unassisted support thereon.
4608025 Glove puppet figure assembly with articulated head components August 26, 1986
A hand puppet figure has head components which can be moved, by manipulation of the operator's finger, relative to a body which is held substantially immobile on the operator's hand. The puppet figure may have wings capable of simulating flapping movement, while producing an audible
4601478 Simulated flying figure with movable wings July 22, 1986
A simulated flying-figure unit is adapted for mounting upon the handlebar structure of a child's ride-on toy, and permits the child to operate a push-button lever to simulate flapping wings while riding the vehicle. The construction of the unit disposes the operating button in convenient
4598976 Simulated rotating light for children's vehicles and the like July 8, 1986
A device for simulating a flashing warning light utilizes a drive mechanism having an escapement feature, permitting free rotation of a light-reflecting rotor following actuation by a manually operated lever. The rotor body is of generally inverted cup-like configuration, and has a s
4585425 Glove puppet assembly with finger actuated claws April 29, 1986
A glove puppet assembly simulating a creature with movable claws has a body member and forwardly extending claw members with lever arm portions which extend into the cavity of the body member. A bell crank assembly in the cavity is pivotally connected to the inner ends of the lever arm p
4576586 Cord-climbing creature March 18, 1986
A cord-climbing simulated creature has a body comprised of a bottom section and a top section with apertures on each side through which extend legs from a common web member disposed on each side. On the outer surface of the top section of the creature's body is an upstanding post. A winc
4575349 Winged creature March 11, 1986
A winged creature employs a push-button member that is reciprocated to simulate a flapping action of wing elements, which can be provided by a one-piece member rigidly affixed to the push-button member. The wing elements are constructed for pivotable movement, and the edges of the pu
4561854 Creature with snap action jaw December 31, 1985
A creature with snapping jaws is comprised of a pair of body members defining a body cavity. The lower body member defines a lower jaw portion, an upper jaw member which has a lever arm extending into the cavity at one end, and disposed thereover is wherein it is pivotally mounted for pi
4555423 Multicolored unitary thermoformed article November 26, 1985
A multicolored thermoformed article is prepared by initially forming thermoplastic resin of a first color into a contoured design configuration. This preformed element is then placed in a thermoforming mold having an insert-receiving portion of complimentary contour and additional co
4552360 Video game with control of movement and rate of movement of a plurality of game objects November 12, 1985
A video game having a controller for player selection of movement of a plurality of game objects, and for controlling the rate of movement of the selected game objects.
4516648 Child's ride-on toy with reversing drive for rear wheels May 14, 1985
A child's motor powered vehicle utilizes a unidirectional electric motor supported on a drive shaft which carries at its ends drive members which are engageable with either one of a pair of radially spaced drive surfaces on the drive wheels. Control levers support the drive shaft adjacen
4497500 Spring action ride-on toy February 5, 1985
An animal-simulating child's ride-on toy has head and foreleg members that are capable of being turned independently of the body, and has a unique suspension system that is accommodated in the body without disfiguring structure, thereby enhancing the lifelike appeal of the toy. The c
4486629 Joystick controller December 4, 1984
A joystick type controller for controlling the X-Y coordinate movement of an object through closure of discreet switch contacts where tilting motion of the joystick handle is limited to predetermined directions, and the amount of pressure which may be applied to the contacts is limited.
4474725 Method of making multicolored unitary thermoformed article October 2, 1984
A multicolored thermoformed article is prepared by initially forming thermoplastic resin of a first color into a contoured design configuration. This preformed element is then placed in a thermoforming mold having an insert-receiving portion of complimentary contour and additional co
4470012 Apparatus for generating rate signals September 4, 1984
Apparatus operable by the player of a video or electronic game to generate pulses at a rate proportional to the speed of rotation of a rotatable member by closing one of a pair of switches dependent upon the direction of rotation. One of the switches is monitored to determine the directi
4462594 Video game with control of rate of movement of game objects July 31, 1984
A video game including a player operated device for controlling the velocity and direction of movement of a game object. The game player may generate a pulse train having a pulse repetition rate proportional to the desired velocity of the game object. A numerical value of the pulse rate
4439648 Joystick-type controller March 27, 1984
A joystick controller assembly for making switch closures in response to X-Y coordinate movements of a joystick in which means are provided for limiting the force which can be applied to a switch.
4391444 Electronic game providing formation changes and method July 5, 1983
An electronic football game has a housing on which are provided a central simulated playing field and a separate control panel on each of two sides of the simulated playing field. In each control panel are provided two vertically elongated levers, each of which is operable to selectively
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