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Cisco Technologies, Inc. Patents
Cisco Technologies, Inc.
San Jose, CA
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D514562 Network device February 7, 2006
8295306 Layer-4 transparent secure transport protocol for end-to-end application protection October 23, 2012
Techniques for providing layer 4 transparent secure transport for end-to-end application protection are described herein. According to one embodiment, a packet of a network transaction is received from a client over a first network, where the packet is destined to a server of a data
8260908 Techniques for sequencing system log messages September 4, 2012
Techniques for system (syslog) messages are provided. As syslog messages are generated a dual sequence number is maintained for each syslog message. The first sequence number is consistent for each syslog message and represents a total number of syslog messages received. The second s
8259748 Multiple channels and flow control over a 10 Gigabit/second interface September 4, 2012
A transmitter transmits a data frame as an uninterrupted stream of codeblocks of predefined size on a first 10 Gigabit/second data path between a MAC and PHY. It inserts a first idle block of predefined size within the data frame if there is insufficient data. A receiver receives a s
8259612 Method of routing multicast traffic September 4, 2012
A method of routing multicast traffic in a computer network is disclosed. The method comprises associating a plurality of multicast group addresses on a network device with respective multicast routing topologies. A network device and a network are also disclosed.
8151365 Filtering access to data objects April 3, 2012
In one embodiment, a code server and edit server are provided. The code server stores the source code. Users do not access the code server directly. Rather, an edit server is used where users can log in to the edit server and send requests to edit portions of the source code. The edi
7948905 Troubleshooting voice over WLAN deployments May 24, 2011
A voice over WLAN diagnostic system. In particular implementations, a method includes simulating, in response to a triggering event, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications with a remote diagnostics engine; gathering metric data characterizing one or more aspects of the simula
7903639 System and method for selectively interfacing different types of network communications March 8, 2011
A system for interfacing different types of network communications. In one embodiment, the system includes one or more gateways capable of converting messages from messages that are adapted for a first type of network and/or destination device to messages that are adapted for a secon
7830908 Systems and methods of reducing delay in decoding November 9, 2010
In one embodiment, a method includes inserting a packet containing an interpolated timestamp into a burst media stream. The insertion is responsive to a channel change request. The burst media stream includes a series of cached frames.
7792131 Queue sharing with fair rate guarantee September 7, 2010
In one embodiment, separate rate meters are maintained for each flow enqueued an increased at a target rate while a packet from the flow occupies the head of a shared transmit queue. The meter value is decreased by the packet length when a packet in enqueued or dropped. The next pack
7684794 Managing endpoint addresses separately from managing endpoint mobility March 23, 2010
Performing management operations for a mobile node present in a foreign network includes performing an address management operation and a mobility management operation. The address management operation includes receiving an address request message at a home address server of a home n
7657654 Hashing assist for network processors February 2, 2010
A resource unit has a request interface to allow the unit to receive a request and associated data. The resource unit also has a hashing engine to create a hash of the associated data, a modulo engine to create a modulus result, a read engine to perform a memory read, and a results i
7619169 Method and apparatus for reducing electromagnetic radiated emissions from a chassis November 17, 2009
The disclosed device is directed towards an electromagnetic compatibility clip comprising a body having a first side and a second side opposite the first side. The first side is configured to contact a top surface of a chassis separator and a bottom surface of the chassis separator. The
7415023 Method for classifying packets using multi-class structures August 19, 2008
In one embodiment, a super class that contains a plurality of matching rules is generated. The matching rules of the super class are converted into a hierarchical arrangement of lookup tables and equivalence sets, the hierarchical arrangement having a plurality of levels including a
7349348 Method and apparatus for determining a network topology in the presence of network address trans March 25, 2008
The present invention may be used for determining a topology of a network in the presence of network address translation. From an active client behind a translating device, communications are initiated that effect the network address translation. The communications are monitored beyond t
7185221 Method and system for signaling a system fault February 27, 2007
A method and system for signaling a system fault. In one method embodiment, the present invention receives an error advisory pertaining to a fault within a network. Next, the present invention selects a pre-programmed alert message from a database based on the error advisory, wherein
7058066 Controlling the transition glitch that occurs when a gateway switches from voice over IP to voic June 6, 2006
In a gateway router the length of the play-out buffer in VBD mode is not set at a previously established value. Instead the length of the play-out buffer in VBD mode is determined by the length of the buffer in the previous audio mode. When the system switches from audio mode to VDB
7027597 Pre-computation and dual-pass modular arithmetic operation approach to implement encryption prot April 11, 2006
A pre-computation and dual-pass modular operation approach to implement encryption protocols efficiently in electronic integrated circuits is disclosed. An encrypted electronic message is received and another electronic message generated based on the encryption protocol. Two passes o
6965605 Split access point November 15, 2005
A split access point is disclosed in which an access point controller is provided for management functions of a plurality of wireless clients on a network and one or more media access controls are provided for moving data packets between the network and the wireless clients. One or more
6961323 Guaranteed air connection November 1, 2005
A technique whereby a subscriber of a multiple access communication network such as a cellular communication system is permitted to make a reservation to guarantee availability of a shared physical communication resource, such as a cellular radio telephone traffic channel, at an appointe
6832253 Proximity as an aid to caching and secondary serving of data December 14, 2004
A proximity-based content control method "propagates" or positions content based upon "proximity" between various nodes on a network. The nodes between which the content is propagated include content libraries, servers, and clients. In one case, the relative proximities of two content
6759986 Stacked patch antenna July 6, 2004
A stacked patch antenna is disclosed which includes a first antenna element and a second antenna element for cooperating with the first antenna element. These antenna elements are preferably a passive parasitic element in combination with a driven element. A flexible substrate is provide
6665396 Call hold manager system and method December 16, 2003
A communications system having a module operable to a establish a communication channel coupling a terminal unit and a device, in response to a request from the device, is provided. A proxy system may be coupled with the module. In a particular embodiment, the proxy system is operable
6567404 Multiprotocol packet recognition and switching May 20, 2003
The invention provides a method and system for identifying header information in a packet header, and for switching (and otherwise operating) on the packet in response thereto. A first set of header information recognizers operate in parallel on selected words of the packet header so
6542503 Multicast echo removal April 1, 2003
An apparatus is provided which processes upstream multicast packets and downstream multicast packets in a manner such as to avoid the problem of multicast echo which is generated from a host gateway. For upstream multicast packets, a method is provided which includes: extracting the
6463068 Router with class of service mapping October 8, 2002
A router includes a classifier that classifies packets assigned to 2.sup.n-m classes of service into 2.sup.n classes of service that are supported by the router. The classifier then sets the loss priorities of the respective packets to one of m levels. The router uses a modified weig
6377642 System for clock recovery April 23, 2002
A decoding system having a clock recovery system for maintaining the optimum time for sampling a signal. The clock recovery system is particularly useful in decoding 1 Mbps signals for two-level Gaussian frequency shift key (GFSK) modulation and 2 Mbps signals for four-level Gaussian
6219699 Multiple VLAN Architecture system April 17, 2001
A system in which a single VLAN architecture spans multiple VLAN transport protocols and technologies, including a method and system in which multiple different VLANs may be combined in a single enterprise network. Each LAN-switch in the system identifies each frame with an identifier,
6119231 Data scanning network security technique September 12, 2000
A system and method are disclosed for providing enhanced computer network security by scanning data, specifically electronic mail messages, sent to the network before the data is received and transmitted by the network's mail server. An e-mail message is received by a computer network
6032019 Echo device method for locating upstream ingress noise gaps at cable television head ends February 29, 2000
A system and method for locating ingress noise gaps for an upstream data carrier in a cable network utilizing cable modems is described. A system for identifying a transmission frequency that has less noise than other available frequency bands includes a packet generator, a rate controll

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