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Cidelcem Industries Patents
Cidelcem Industries
Lognes, FR
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5992411 Process for restoring the temperature of precooked dishes, transportation and temperature restor November 30, 1999
Precooked dishes loaded in a refrigerated enclosure (4) of a transport cart (1) for their transport toward a place of consumption, are selectively restored in temperature. The refrigerated cooked dishes which must be restored in temperature are, before being loaded in a single enclosure
5808280 Device for induction heating of a receptable and process for controlling such a device September 15, 1998
Device for induction heating of cooking receptacles, of the type comprising at least two concentric induction coils supplied by a generator. Each induction coil (I.sub.1, I.sub.2, I.sub.3) is supplied by a separate generator (G.sub.1, G.sub.2, G.sub.3), the number of induction coils bein
5767492 Tunnel oven for cooking food, including a device for connecting two tunnel oven segments June 16, 1998
A connection device for two successive segments (1A, 1B) of a tunnel oven for cooking food, comprises a first sleeve (16A) fixed to the frame (18) of the tunnel and second sleeve (17) secured to the tunnel segments (1A, 1B). The second sleeve (17) is mounted axially slidable relative to
5541390 Tunnel oven for microwave heating and cooking foods July 30, 1996
The tunnel oven comprises an elongated enclosure connected to an inlet closure and an outlet closure and traversed by a conveyor transporting the food to be cooked. The enclosure is delimited by a wall forming a floor, a wall forming a ceiling, and two side walls of which one is provided

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