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Chrysler Corporation Patents
Chrysler Corporation
Auburn Hills, MI
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE36428 Automotive vehicle body with powered sliding side door December 7, 1999
An automotive vehicle body has a side opening that is opened and closed by a sliding door. The door is operated with a power drive mechanism that is pivotally mounted thereon and extends through the side opening. The power drive mechanism includes a reversible electric motor driven frict
RE36267 Vehicle body with powered lift type tailgate August 17, 1999
A tailgate is hinged to a passenger van type vehicle body above a substantially vertical rear access opening for swinging movement about a horizontal hinge axis. The tailgate is counterbalanced through its range of movement by spring devices and is opened and closed by a powered actu
RE30737 Electronic circuit for use in a variety of engine control systems September 8, 1981
A novel electronic control circuit which may be used in different types of electronic engine control systems is disclosed. Illustrative usage in various types of electronic spark timing control systems contemplates 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engine configurations as well as single or multiple
H1556 Invented power & free conveyor carrier trolley wheel detection device July 2, 1996
In a power and free conveyor system that includes a trolley frame having spaced pairs of load wheels supporting the trolley frame for movement in a longitudinal direction along a track and a spaced pair of guide wheels for maintaining orientation of the frame with respect to the center o
H1555 Piston top dead center locating tool July 2, 1996
A tool for visually indicating the relative crankshaft and piston position at top dead center for an internal combustion engine of the type having a threaded opening for a spark plug positioned above the piston's top surface. The tool consists of a base which has threads for attachment i
H120 Method of electroforming a ceramic faced workpiece September 2, 1986
An improved method of electromagnetic forming a ceramic member to the end of a metallic member by the utilization of a metal sleeve which fits over the ceramic-metal joint formed by the two pieces to be joined. The metal sleeve traps the ceramic and the metal pieces together in one e
D434999 Automobile body December 12, 2000
D429675 Convertible top for an automobile August 22, 2000
D427555 Front face for a vehicle wheel July 4, 2000
D422801 Jump seat for a motor vehicle April 18, 2000
D422544 Spoiler April 11, 2000
D420939 Vehicle body February 22, 2000
D420317 Front face segments of a vehicle tailgate February 8, 2000
D418086 Sport utility vehicle body December 28, 1999
D416696 Vehicle seat November 23, 1999
D416519 Vehicle body November 16, 1999
D414948 Vehicle seat October 12, 1999
D414445 Automobile body September 28, 1999
D414156 Vehicle wheel front face segment September 21, 1999
D413837 Vehicle body September 14, 1999
D413552 Automobile front end unit September 7, 1999
D413083 Automobile body August 24, 1999
D413081 Vehicle body August 24, 1999
D412299 Vehicle body July 27, 1999
D411160 Front face for a vehicle wheel June 22, 1999
D411156 License plate carrier for a motor vehicle June 22, 1999
D406807 Vehicle wheel front face segment March 16, 1999
D406779 Vehicle remote keyless entry transmitter March 16, 1999
D406551 Vehicle body March 9, 1999
D406550 Vehicle body March 9, 1999
D405392 Vehicle body February 9, 1999
D405390 Automobile body February 9, 1999
D405389 Automobile body February 9, 1999
D403652 Truck box cap exterior surface January 5, 1999
D403639 Vehicle fender January 5, 1999
D403638 Accessory rear spoiler January 5, 1999
D401186 Automobile body November 17, 1998
D400839 Vehicle rail module exterior surface incorporating a handle coathook and lamp November 10, 1998
D399790 Vehicle body October 20, 1998
D399482 Storage console October 13, 1998
D398588 Vehicle remote keyless entry transmitter September 22, 1998
D396838 Front face for a vehicle wheel August 11, 1998
D396830 Vehicle body August 11, 1998
D396828 Vehicle body August 11, 1998
D396666 Vehicle body August 4, 1998
D396663 Vehicle body August 4, 1998
D396478 Engine cover July 28, 1998
D394829 Vehicle body June 2, 1998
D394232 Vehicle body May 12, 1998
D393617 Vehicle ornament April 21, 1998

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