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Choon Nang Electrical Appliance Mfy., Ltd Patents
Choon Nang Electrical Appliance Mfy., Ltd
Aberdeen, Hong Kong, CN
No. of patents:

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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D570172 Rotary driving tool/trimmer June 3, 2008
D568132 Sharpener for drill bits May 6, 2008
D542108 Electric cutter May 8, 2007
D539107 Electric sander March 27, 2007
D534778 Electric saw January 9, 2007
D528886 Electric sander September 26, 2006
D526869 Electric sander August 22, 2006
D526177 Electric saw August 8, 2006
D526079 Lighting device for use with power tool August 1, 2006
D522338 Router attachment June 6, 2006
D521336 Circular saw May 23, 2006
D519810 Saw attachment for rotary driving tool May 2, 2006
D511954 Grinder attachment November 29, 2005
D510004 Grout removal attachment September 27, 2005
D509719 Rotary driving tool September 20, 2005
D507525 Battery charger July 19, 2005
D507371 Flashlight July 12, 2005
D507234 Battery charger July 12, 2005
D478489 Electric trimmer August 19, 2003
D478487 Electric trimmer August 19, 2003
D478260 Electric trimmer August 12, 2003
D478259 Electric trimmer August 12, 2003
D477204 Electric trimmer July 15, 2003
D477203 Electric trimmer July 15, 2003
D474086 Electric driver for screw or the like May 6, 2003
D471781 Electric trimmer March 18, 2003
D471329 Electric cleaner/polisher March 4, 2003
D470735 Electric trimmer February 25, 2003
D469324 Electric driver for screw or the like January 28, 2003
D460674 Electric drill July 23, 2002
D460673 Electric drill July 23, 2002
D459178 Rotary driving tool June 25, 2002
D453460 Electric sander February 12, 2002
D453288 Electric grinder February 5, 2002
D448262 Electric sander September 25, 2001
D446432 Electric driving tool August 14, 2001
D446431 Electric driving tool August 14, 2001
D446100 Electric trimmer August 7, 2001
D441268 Electric drill May 1, 2001
D441267 Rotary driving tool May 1, 2001
D440474 Electric jigsaw April 17, 2001
D440202 Battery charger April 10, 2001
D433906 Electric grinder November 21, 2000
D427870 Electric rotary tool July 11, 2000
D427040 Electric rotary tool June 27, 2000
D414094 Electric jigsaw September 21, 1999
7293944 Power tool with tool bit holder operator November 13, 2007
A power tool having a body, a tool bit holder protruding from the tool body for holding and rotating a tool bit about an axis of rotation, and an operator for operating the bit holder. The operator includes an annular member rotationally engageable with the bit holder for manual turn
7157180 Rechargeable battery pack January 2, 2007
A battery pack for a power tool includes a casing housing rechargeable cells. A receiving bay in the casing receives slide-in parts of the power tool and of a recharging stand, to retain the battery pack. A pair of primary electrical contacts is located in or adjacent the receiving bay.
7109613 Power hand tool September 19, 2006
A power hand tool includes a body and an electric motor in the body and having a shaft for driving a connector for connecting and driving a cleaning/polishing implement. An enclosure encloses the motor for protection against intrusion of a liquid, and includes a thermally conductive
7107690 Electric cutting tool September 19, 2006
An electric cutting tool has a body, a chuck at an end of the body for attaching a cutting implement having a rear end including a recess, and a drive mechanism for driving the chuck to slide in reciprocation for operating the cutting implement. The chuck has a gap for receiving the
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