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D627375 Machine tool November 16, 2010
8299386 Device designed to cut off the spent wire on a spark erosion machine October 30, 2012
Cutting device for spark-erosion machine wires in which, after passing through a machining region, the wire-electrode is cut up into sections which are disposed of as waste products into a recovery receptacle. The device comprises electrical contacts connected to a voltage/current so
8242403 Wire electric discharge machining method and apparatus August 14, 2012
A method for controlling a wire electric discharge machine comprising the steps of: determining of at least one predefined contour deviation (E.sub.smax) of a predefined contour to be cut into the workpiece; determining a curvature of at least one geometry element defining at least
8093527 Device and method for high frequency electrical discharge machining January 10, 2012
The invention relates to a device and a method for electrical discharge machining of a work piece by means of a working electrode. A sequence of working pulses is applied on the work gap between the working electrode and the work piece. The working pulses comprise eroding pulses for
7948758 Circuit board unit and method for production thereof May 24, 2011
The invention relates to a circuit board unit and a method for production thereof. The circuit board unit comprises a circuit board topmost laminate with conductive tracks on the upper side for mounting surface-mountable devices. The circuit board topmost laminate features a thicknes
7947918 Method and generator for electrical discharge machining May 24, 2011
The invention relates to a method and a generator for generating a time sequence of discharge pulses separated from each other by pulse pauses for electrical discharge machining. At least two pulse capacitors are discharged each in the form of a partial pulse into the spark gap for f
7816620 Method and generator for electrical discharge machining October 19, 2010
The invention relates to a method and generator for generating a time sequence of EDM pulses having a predefined ignition voltage for electrical discharge machining. An AC voltage is generated from a DC voltage, furnished by a bipolar current source. The AC voltage is applied to an i
7812277 Method and generator for electrical discharge machining October 12, 2010
The invention relates to a method and a generator for generating a time sequence of discharge pulses for EDM machining wherein a pulse capacitor (22) for generating the discharge pulse is charged with a charging voltage (U_chrg) and then discharged into the spark gap. The pulse capac
7608795 Device for machining by electroerosion October 27, 2009
The electrical discharge machining device comprises a first voltage/current source (U1) for discharge initiation connected to the tool electrode (F) and a workpiece electrode (P) forming the poles of a machining gap (G) and a second voltage/current source (U2) that can be disconnecte
7310560 Numerically controlled drive device with device for detecting operating anomalies intended for d December 18, 2007
A drive device for a load (18a) comprises a device for detecting accidental collisions with a motor (14a), a first, respectively a second position sensor (15a, 16a) disposed upstream, respectively downstream of a transmission assembly (12a) providing first and second values of positi
7294806 Method and device for measuring and adjusting the electrode for taper machining on an electrical November 13, 2007
A device and method for measuring and adjusting an electrode used during electrical discharge taper machining, referenced on three axes, Y and Y horizontal and Z vertical, whereas two linear geometric references, bottom and top, which may be intersected by a wire, each of them lying in
6958460 Device for machining by electroerosion October 25, 2005
The device for machining by electroerosion comprises an electrode-tool (EO) and an electrode-workpiece (EP) constituting the opposite poles of a working gap (GA) and an electrical circuit with a double voltage source (UD) connected to a supply network (A) arranged so as to produce erosiv
6642470 Process and device for machining a three-dimensional piece by electroerosive milling November 4, 2003
An electroerosion machining device to machine a piece (14) by milling successive layers includes a member (30) to drive in rotation an electrode-tool (31) of tubular shape and a digital control unit (CN) to control the three-dimensional movement (x, y, z) between the electrode-tool a
6538226 Load of particles for machining liquids for electro-erosion machines, its process of production, March 25, 2003
The machining liquid includes a load of particles contained in a dielectric liquid. The particles are carbon microfibers, sectioned or not, having a diameter (e) comprised between 0.2 and 8 micrometers and a length which is a function of the machining gap (G) provided between the electro
6495788 Electrode for machining a piece by electro-erosion and its process for production December 17, 2002
A wire electrode for machining a piece by electro-erosion includes a metallic core and a cladding having an alloy of manganese and zinc obtained by simultaneous electrolytic deposition at a thickness between 1 and 40 micrometers. The cladding permits a substantial increase of the mac
6486429 Electric discharge machine and module set for assembly of machine tools November 26, 2002
An EDM machine for machining a workpiece is disclosed. The EDM machine includes a machine frame having a central stationary machine body and a machining electrode to machine the workpiece. Machining occurs by producing a relative movement in at least one of an X axial direction and a
6465754 Process and device for machining by electroerosion October 15, 2002
The process and device for machining by electroerosion are arranged so as to produce during each erosive discharge the following succession of phases: a delay phase (t.sub.D) during which an alternating voltage is applied between the tool and the piece at a frequency such that the ions
6392183 Process and device for machining by electroerosion May 21, 2002
In the process of machining by electroerosion, there is adjusted during a first transitory phase the machining current increase of the discharges after triggering a discharge between the electrode and the piece, such that a parameter connected to this increase will be substantially equal
6184486 Rotative tool-electrodes of simple shapes for 3D electroerosive machining February 6, 2001
Electrode tools for electroerosion (EDM) where a cavity or a relief is machined by hollowing out the part at great speed and in successive layers or slices by means of a rotating electrode tool of a simple shape which is independent of the cavity to be eroded, called "EDM slices milling"
6159543 Processes for manufacturing wires with a brass surface December 12, 2000
A process for the manufacture of wires with a brass surface and a predefined zinc content for application in wire electroerosion. Wire (32) made of copper or brass is passed through heated treatment chamber (14) filled with a zinc vapor, wherein the zinc in gas phase diffuses in wire
6072143 Measuring device and method for determining the length of an electrode June 6, 2000
The invention proposes a method for determining the actual length of an electrode in an electrical discharge forming machine, wherein the electrode is brought in contact with a contact element. An electric short circuit is triggered at a trigger point during the additional movement of
6011230 Apparatus for holding an electrode for electrical erosion machines January 4, 2000
An apparatus for holding an electrode, in particular a cylindrical, tubular electrode in an electrical erosion machine, the electrode being held in a prismatic guide, wherein the electrode can be pressed by an elastic laminate against a prismatic guide.
5561336 Device for supplying electric current to a rotating part and its application in EDM October 1, 1996
A good electric contact device is provided for carrying electrical current to a rotating cylindrical part; it comprisesat least one conducting plate mounted around the rotating cylinder to be supplied with current, rotating together with it, while establishing a gold, almost frictionless
5455400 Machining tank with a mobile part giving a free access to the machine area of machine tools October 3, 1995
A work tank for machine tools for receiving the machining fluid comprising a fixed part and a movable part which retracts to move the tank away from the work area when it is necessary to remove a workpiece.
5410117 Device and control process for EDM machining with an electrode-wire April 25, 1995
At least one machining parameter of an electrode-wire EDM machine, cutting according to a predetermined trajectory, is varied when the electrode-wire reaches the apex of an angle or approaches an arc. The strategy consists of the following stages:1) calculation of the locations along the
5396040 Device, standard blanks and standardized electrodes for electro-discharge milling March 7, 1995
An electric discharge machine with a turning or touch-up of the electrode uses an auxiliary tool for cutting or chiseling within an auxiliary tool holder which is mounted in the tank and includes a reference sphere for determining the electrode's shape. The auxiliary tool can include an
5196665 Multi-layer electrode wire and method for producing the same March 23, 1993
A wire electrode for electro-erosion cutting consisting of a core of electrically conductive material. The core is covered with a film of multiple fine layers. The layers provide the characteristics of high electrical conductivity and low melting and vaporization temperatures in an a
5128505 Injection device and electrode wire electric discharge machine for high-speed precision machinin July 7, 1992
The injection device for machining liquid comprises a nozzle (9) sliding in a mobile element (7) which itself slides inside a housing (1) fixed to a machining head, these three elements forming an injection chamber (2) with the base of this head. The nozzle (9) and the mobile element (7)
5122630 Device and control process for an EDM cutting machine preventing wire breakage June 16, 1992
Device and process to control at least one machining parameter of an electrode-wire EDM machine according to a protection strategy, in particular to avoid short-circuits, or to improve machining conditions so as to obviate the risk of electrode-wire breakage. That strategy consists o
5118914 Protective device for machining heads June 2, 1992
A machining head carries at its end a sensor comprising a pressure-sensitive element (4) mounted on the parts (1, 2) holding the injector jet for the machining fluid, as well as the buffering pieces (5, 6, 12) forming a shield. The element (4) is an insulating and watertight tube, ar
5117082 Device and process for controlling the variation of a parameter in EDM machining with an electro May 26, 1992
At least one machining parameter of an electrode-wire EDM machine, cutting according to a predetermined trajectory, is varied when the electrode-wire reaches the apex of an angle or approaches an arc. The process consists of the following stages:1) calculation of the locations along the
5071567 Installation and process for filtration of a machining liquid in a continuous supply circuit December 10, 1991
An apparatus and method for continuously supplying and recycling machining liquid in an EDM device employ a filter between a liquid reservoir and a machining location at which the liquid is used. In one embodiment of the invention a buffer reservoir is provided between the filter and the
5047607 Wire-cutting electric discharge machine with wire sectioning device for wire disposal September 10, 1991
An EDM machine in combination with a wire sectioning device. The wire sectioning device has two rotating members consisting of a rotating member 2 having an anvil 16 and a member 3 rotating in the opposite direction. The rotating member 3 has four cutting blades made of a tough material
5023421 Device for limiting the withdrawal of the electrode of a die sinking machine June 11, 1991
A device comprising an element mounted on the frame 1 and having a microswitch 8 that can be actuated by a mechanical part 9 and which causes the machining current to be cut off when this part 9 arrives opposite it when the machining head 5 moves up.The mechanical part 9 is movable along
4980531 Prehesive device for the electrode wire of an EDM cutting machine December 25, 1990
An EDM machine with a travelling wire electrode having a device for straightening and rethreading the wire electrode. The device has a pivotally rotating arm that has a clamp to grasp the free end of the wire after accidental breakage. The clamp applies a tightening stress (optionall
4891485 Device for fastening an EDM tool in plural orientations January 2, 1990
A device permits fastening a tool (preferably an EDM tool) to a machining head in at least two different orientations. The tool is mounted on a tool holder, and a pair of portions alternately fix the holder to the head in two different orientations, for example, one in which the tool is
4891162 Machining fluid for electrical discharge machining apparatus January 2, 1990
An electrical discharge machining fluid consisting principally of de-ionized water and a triethanolamine salt, the latter being at a concentration of 0.2% to 10% by volume.The method for preparing the machining fluid consists in adding to the de-ionized water, under vigorous stirring, fr
4888462 Device and process for machining by electroerosion December 19, 1989
A device for machining by electroerosion has a tool electrode driven in a rotary motion controlled by a servomotor and showing the shape of a solid of revolution around its axis of rotation. A measuring circuit continuously evaluates the degree of contamination of the machining diele
4883934 Machine using a wire for use in electroerosion November 28, 1989
A machine which uses electroerosion with an electrode piece by means of a stretched electrode wire unwound between two wire guides with at least one device with crossed movements to fabricate other pieces, these wire guides are equipped to displace in a parallel plane to that of the traj
4825030 Device and process for preventing the breaking of a metal wire April 25, 1989
Device placed at the outlet of a machining zone and having an outflow gauge equipped with two barrels in which a metal wire passes, an electrical current running through the wire which travels under tension between two guides, a pumping installation injecting a machining fluid under pres
4820894 Electro-erosion machine for automatic machining according to a closed trajectory April 11, 1989
An electro-erosion machine for automatic completion of a cutout according to a closed trajectory or whose ends reach the edges of a part to be machined, or for completing a hollowing by means of piercing the part to be machined all the way through, as well as separating, at a certain
4814574 Device for injection of liquid for machining by electroerosion March 21, 1989
The device has a case (1) which has a wire guide (2) and a chamber (4) filled with machining liquid which is brought there under pressure by a pipe (7). A nozzle (5) in the shape of a truncated cone fits in the case and closes the chamber (4) in its normal working position by supporting
4778972 Method and apparatus for repeatedly and automatically threading the wire electrode of an EDM app October 18, 1988
A method and apparatus for automatically rethreading the electrode wire of a traveling wire EDM apparatus through a pair of close tolerance wire support and guide members, one disposed on one side of a workpiece and the other on the other side of the workpiece, and for threading the end
4773030 Method and apparatus for determining the deviation of an electrode wire in a travelling wire EDM September 20, 1988
A method and apparatus for determining the amount of deflection, or curvature height, of an electrode wire during machining of a workpiece by the electrode wire in a travelling wire EDM apparatus. A parametr affecting the curvature height of the electrode wire is varied from a first
4769520 Apparatus and method for electrical discharge machining of a workpiece with an inclined electrod September 6, 1988
An apparatus and method for preventing machining errors due to changes in the inclination of the electrode wire in a travelling wire EDM apparatus wherein the electrode wire effectuates a cut on a workpiece such that the workpiece is provided with a bevel or taper on its peripheral surfa
4751362 Method and apparatus for orienting the guide member of an electrode wire in a travelling wire ED June 14, 1988
In a travelling wire EDM apparatus having orientable swivelling wire guide and support members, or wire guide heads, the orientation of each wire guide head is effected by a pair of hydraulic slave cylinders each connected to a master cylinder. Each master cylinder has an input member
4745253 Device and process designed to automatically hold up and fix in position the parts cut out of a May 17, 1988
An EDM device includes two support bars bearing on the same reference surfaces as the workpiece. Gibs are provided which engage into driving units able to displace them axially while holding them at a small distance under one support bar. The other support bar carries the receiving units
4743730 Device for straightening and cutting metallic wire May 10, 1988
A device installed on a traveling wire EDM apparatus for straightening the electrode wire and providing the electrode wire with a needle point end for facilitating manual threading of the electrode wire through close tolerance closed wire guide members. The device takes the form of a pai
4742205 Method and device for positioning a metallic piece on a machine-tool, and use of the method May 3, 1988
A method and apparatus for holding an electrically conductive workpiece in a machine tool by forming at least one positioning cavity or recess on a face of the workpiece by a holder having a tip used for machining the cavity or recess by a conventional EDM sinking operation. Subsequently
4733038 Contact member for supplying electrical current to an electro-erosion wire electrode March 22, 1988
A contact device for an electrical current supply of an electrode wire operating in an electro-erosion machine having an electrical conducting part, mounted in free rotation and solidly attached to a shaft extending perpendicularly to the plane of rotation. The shaft is, preferably, also
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