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Champion Spark Plug Company Patents
Champion Spark Plug Company
Toledo, OH
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RE34028 Alumina-zirconia ceramic August 11, 1992
A ceramic consisting essentially of from 1 to 15 percent of glass and 99 to 85 percent of a mixture of particulate Al.sub.2 O.sub.3 and particulate ZrO.sub.2 is disclosed. ZrO.sub.2 is present in a sufficient amount, usually from 1/4 to 6 percent based on the weight of the ZrO.sub.2 and
RE30968 Attachment for paint spray gun systems June 15, 1982
A spill preventing diaphragm attachment for a paint spray gun paint cup as shown. The diaphragm is engaged around the mouth of the paint cup and forms, with the undersurface of the paint cup lid, a chamber above the paint in the cup that is deeper at one side than the other. At the deep
D311572 Combined valve and gauge October 23, 1990
D308434 Outdoor display cabinet June 5, 1990
D305732 Container January 30, 1990
D304685 Container November 21, 1989
D304684 Container November 21, 1989
D293585 Air compressor January 5, 1988
D293584 Air compressor January 5, 1988
D293446 Air compressor December 29, 1987
D287994 Paint cup yoke January 27, 1987
D285596 Robot mounted spray gun September 9, 1986
D283832 Spray apparatus housing for liquids, powder and the like May 13, 1986
D270368 Spray gun August 30, 1983
D270367 Spray gun August 30, 1983
D270180 Spray gun August 16, 1983
D270179 Spray gun August 16, 1983
D250755 Spark plug service unit January 9, 1979
D244586 Spark plug gap measuring and adjusting tool June 7, 1977
5147833 Alumina-zirconia ceramic September 15, 1992
A ceramic article is disclosed. The article is composed of from 6 to 50 percent of particulate ZrO.sub.2 having an ultimate particle size less than 2 .mu.m, from 50 to 94 percent of particulate Al.sub.2 O.sub.3, from 1/4 to 3 percent of MnO.sub.2 and from 1/4 to 3 percent of TiO.sub.2.
5028346 Semi-conducting ceramic July 2, 1991
A semi-conducting ceramic is disclosed. The ceramic consists essentially of from 50 percent to 72 percent of silicon carbide particles, from 25 percent to 47 percent of silicon nitride particles and a modified silicon oxynitride glass bonded to the silicon carbide particles and bonding t
4978309 Igniter cable connector December 18, 1990
An improved high voltage igniter connector for aircraft applications. An insulator projecting from the cable connector extends into a tubular insulator in the igniter. An electrical contact at the free end of the connector insulator is urged into contact with a center electrode terminal
4919868 Production and sintering of reaction bonded silicon nitride composites containing silicon carbid April 24, 1990
A method for producing a sintered reaction bonded silicon nitride ceramic reinforced with silicon carbide whiskers is disclosed. The method comprises mixing powdered silicon having an average particle size not greater than 5 .mu.m with from 3 to 7 percent each of MgO and CeO.sub.2 an
4887795 Open-celled, electrically conductive ceramic network December 19, 1989
Electrically semi-conducting and conducting open celled ceramic networks and methods for producing them are disclosed. The ceramic network is formed by impregnating an organic foam material with a semi-conducting or conducting ceramic composition, and firing the impregnated material to
4826462 Method for manufacturing a spark plug electrode May 2, 1989
An improved method for manufacturing a spark plug electrode having a substrate formed from a first metal and a spark gap surface area formed from a second metal, such as a precious metal. The spark gap surface area is formed by heating the portion of the first metal at which the spark ga
4814664 Igniter with wear indicator March 21, 1989
A wear indicator for an igniter of the type having a center electrode, an annular ground electrode surrounding the center electrode, and a spark gap between the electrodes extending along a surface of a ceramic material. An annular wear indicating groove is formed in the ground electrode
4807747 Package structure for spark plugs February 28, 1989
A package structure is disclosed. The structure comprises a lid and a base, both of a flexible material which is relatively reistant to elongation and compression. The lid and the base are movable relative to one another between an open position and a closed position. The lid has a centr
4771209 Spark igniter having precious metal ground electrode inserts September 13, 1988
A spark igniter is disclosed. The igniter comprises a metal shell having a firing end which terminates at its lower end in an annular ground electrode, an insulator, a center electrode and a plurality of inserts embedded within and bonded to the metal shell. The insulator is sealed w
4751207 Alumina-zirconia ceramic June 14, 1988
A ceramic consisting essentially of from 1 to 15 percent of glass and 99 to 85 percent of a mixture of particulate Al.sub.2 O.sub.3 and particulate ZrO.sub.2 is disclosed. ZrO.sub.2 is present in a sufficient amount, usually from 1/4 to 6 percent based on the weight of the ZrO.sub.2 and
4730753 Paint cup vent March 15, 1988
A paint cup assembly for a suction feed paint spray gun having an improved drip free vent. An annular groove forming a tortuous vent passage in the lid is covered by a gasket which seals the lid to the paint cup. Removal of the gasket provides access to the vent passage for cleaning. In
4726634 Outdoor display cabinet February 23, 1988
The present invention relates to a unique mobile outdoor display cabinet which can be utilized, for example, to store and display automotive replacement parts at service stations. The display cabinet includes an open ended container adapted to contain a supply of the goods to be disp
4722673 Tank mounting for compressor and motor February 2, 1988
Apparatus for mounting a compressor and a motor on an air receiving tank. One end of a compressor base is provided with legs which rest on the top of the tank and an opposite end of the compressor base is provided with a tongue which is connected to an adaptor on the tank. Preferably, th
4716874 Control for spark ignited internal combustion engine January 5, 1988
An improved control to establish ignition timing in a spark ignited internal combustion engine near optimum efficiency without knock and/or anomalous combustion. The control operates in response to a detected ion and charged particle current in the engine exhaust and to timing pulses
4712739 Spray gun nozzle assembly retainer clip and spray gun nozzle assembly December 15, 1987
A clip for frictionally holding an air cap or a fluid tip on a spray gun when a retainer ring is removed and an improved nozzle assembly including the clip. For an air atomization type spray gun, the clip is positioned in a chamber defined between the air cap and the fluid tip for fricti
4703668 Wrist mechanism for a robot arm November 3, 1987
An improved wrist mechanism for a robot arm is disclosed. A first drive mechanism is provided which includes a hollow upper knuckle portion adapted for rotation about a first axis. The upper knuckle portion terminates in an angled end. A second drive mechanism is provided which inclu
4695759 Method for producing a composite center electrode and an electrode September 22, 1987
An improved method is disclosed for forming a composite spark plug electrode having a thermally conductive metal core embedded within a corrosion-resistant metal sheath. Initially, a composite billet is formed by positioning a mass of the thermally conductive metal within a cup forme
4684352 Method for producing a composite spark plug center electrode August 4, 1987
The present invention relates to a composite spark plug center electrode having a sparking tip composed of a precious or semi-precious metal and a method for producing same is disclosed. A right circular cylindrical billet of a corrosion-resistant material is initially formed into a
4657184 Fluid tip and air cap assembly April 14, 1987
A fluid tip and air cap assembly for use in a spray gun is disclosed. A spray cap having a central opening also defines an internal threaded opening. A fluid tip is connected to the spray cap by a plurality of mating threads. A tip member of the fluid tip is concentrically and axiall
4655984 Method of and apparatus for isostatically pressing a body from particulate material April 7, 1987
A method of and apparatus for forming a pressed body (54) with a bore (56) therein and with a notch (58) in the exterior surface thereof. The body (54) is formed by isostatically pressing particulate material (52) in an elastic mold (14) so that the material (52) is compacted into a
4655693 Compressor apparatus April 7, 1987
A method and apparatus for controlling a motor is disclosed in this application. A means for loading the motor is provided and the loading means is operatively connected to the motor. A variable drive means is operatively connected between the motor and the drive means. The variable
4653691 Washing attachment March 31, 1987
A washing attachment for a compressed fluid spray gun is disclosed. The washing attachment includes a conduit, having a compressed fluid passageway positioned on the discharge end of the spray gun. An elongated member defining first, second and third passageways is in communication w
4643688 Method for assembling a spark plug February 17, 1987
A method for assembling a spark plug 20, 66 which includes providing a ground electrode 24 on a spark plug shell 22 having a predetermined final configuration and position and then mounting an insulator 34 in the shell. The distance from a step 38 in an insulator bore 37 to the ground
4613082 Electrostatic spraying apparatus for robot mounting September 23, 1986
An improved electrostatic spraying apparatus for robot mounting is disclosed. The electrostatic spraying apparatus has a drive assembly connected to a spray gun assembly. The spray gun assembly has a base and a detachable barrel. The drive assembly acts to rotate the spray gun assemb
4584977 Low engine oil sensing switch April 29, 1986
A pneumatic switch (25) responsive to the vacuum in a closed crankcase (20) of a reciprocating piston engine (15) for indicating when there is less than a predetermined quantity of oil (21) in the crankcase. The switch includes a housing (30) defining a cylinder (35), a closed end (48) a
4568855 Spark plug February 4, 1986
An improved spark plug, capable of suppressing radio-frequency electromagnetic interference from internal combustion engine ignition systems such as those commonly used in motor vehicles, is disclosed. The plug comprises a shell releasably engageable with an engine, an insulator moun
4561624 Mounting platform December 31, 1985
An improved platform (10) for mounting a motor (13) and a driven device (11) to facilitate adjusting tension on a drive belt 20. The motor (13) is mounted by means of bolts (14) which pass through a motor base (30) and slots (26 or 27) in the mounting platform (10) and engage openings (3
4555058 Rotary atomizer coater November 26, 1985
A coating applicator is disclosed which includes a rotary atomizer on a driven shaft. The shaft operates at high speeds. Coating material is supplied to the rotary atomizer. A pair of spaced bearings rotatably mount the shaft and a seal assembly is positioned between the rotary atomizer
4552852 Alumina ceramic comprising a siliceous binder and at least one of zirconia and hafnia November 12, 1985
A ceramic composed of 1 to 15 percent of glass and 99 to 85 percent of a mixture of particulates is disclosed. The glass, present as a vitreous phase bonding the particulates into a dense, gas impervious structure, contains 45 to 80 percent of SiO.sub.2, 8 to 65 percent of CaO and MgO an
4526551 Production of electrodes July 2, 1985
A method for producing a composite spark plug electrode is disclosed. The method comprises forming a first metal into a cup having an open end, a closed end and a wall surrounding a central opening which extends a distance z from the closed end to the open end. The method also comprises
4522170 Low engine oil sensing method June 11, 1985
A method for sensing when the quantity of oil in the crankcase of a reciprocating piston engine is inadequate for proper lubrication while the engine is operating. During engine operation, the crankcase gas pressure cycles between positive and negative values as the piston reciprocates.
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