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Centre Electronique Horloger S.A.
Neuchatel, CH
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5856765 Electronic device comprising an integrated time base January 5, 1999
An electronic device (1) has a substrate (2) of monocrystalline silicon on which is an integrated circuit (3). The integrated circuit is an oscillator containing a resonator, a maintenance circuit to cause the vibration of the resonator, and a frequency division chain. The maintenanc
5630130 Multi-tasking low-power controller having multiple program counters May 13, 1997
A multitasking controller comprising task storage means (2) for storing up to N tasks (P0,P1,P2,P3) each comprising a sequence of instructions, a microprocessor for processing, by time-sharing, a plurality of such N tasks, and a random access memory (12) for storing variable data created
5566137 Watch comprising a display arrangement associated with an optical enlarging device October 15, 1996
A watch (31) comprises an horological movement (32) associated with a liquid crystal display arrangement (34) located under the crystal (8) of such watch. The watch (31) comprises an active display arrangement (36) located within the watch case (4). In addition, the watch comprises a
4873465 2T-cut piezoelectric resonator using coupled contour modes October 10, 1989
The piezoelectric resonator (1) comprises two plates (5,6) and at least two parallel bars (2 to 4) connecting the plates (5,6) to each other. The orientation of the quartz wafer in which the resonator (1) is cut and the arrangement of the electrodes (9 to 11, 15 to 17) on the bars (2 to
4628274 Amplifier with input drift voltage compensation December 9, 1986
The invention concerns an amplifier comprising means for compensating for the input drift voltage. During a preparation phase, the input signal of the amplifier (10) is nullified by short-circuiting the inputs (12) and (13) by means of the change-over switch (30) and the output (15) is
4580106 Differential amplifier with bipolar transistors which is compatible with standard complimentary April 1, 1986
There is disclosed a differential amplifier which comprises bipolar transistors which may be produced using MOS technology and wherein the amplifier is particularly useful when the transistors have a poorly defined current gain. The amplifier includes a first pair of transistors havi
4564836 Miniature shutter type display device with multiplexing capability January 14, 1986
A display device comprising an insulating carrier (1) and shutters (V) which are capable of rotating under the effect of an electrical field (E) which is perpendicular to the plane of the carrier. The shutters (V) are grouped in pairs and are controlled by applying a voltage between a
4503353 Cut angles for tuning fork type quartz resonators March 5, 1985
Axes X', Y' and Z' of a resonator are established from the axes X, Y and Z of a quartz crystal by virtue of two rotational movements through angles .phi. and .theta., respectively. The resonator is energized to vibrate in accordance with the fundamental torsional mode. The angles of cut
4435986 Pressure transducer of the vibrating element type March 13, 1984
44A pressure transducer which uses the principle of a variation in the resonance frequency of a membrane when it is subjected to a variable pressure. The transducer comprises a vibrating membrane which is fixed on a support member forming a cavity, and a cover member forming a second
4431929 CMOS Dynamic amplifier February 14, 1984
A dynamic amplifier comprises two complementary MOS transistors T1 and T2 which are connected in series, the gates G1 and G2 of which are connected to each other and to an input node by way of capacitors C1 and C2. The gate of T1 is connected to its drain by a switch means S1. The input
4400092 Analogue and digital display August 23, 1983
A combined analogue and digital display device having a plurality of individually energizable display elements arranged symmetrically with at least some of the elements common to both displays. Several of the elements are disposed so as to form groups of segments or zones, each group
4399523 Non-volatile, electrically erasable and reprogrammable memory element August 16, 1983
The invention relates to non-volatile electrically erasable and reprogrammable memories produced by CMOS technology.According to the invention, each memory element comprises only a single p-channel transistor having a polycrystalline silicon floating gate capacitively coupled to a contro
4385291 Electronic diary watch May 24, 1983
The data input device permits the selection of a symbol amongst a set of N symbols, e.g. for memorizing a message. A data input device permitting selection of a particular symbol from amongst a set of N symbols includes a display subdivided into K distinct display zones and K selecting
4383255 Miniature display device May 10, 1983
Each segment of a display device, e.g., a seven-segment display comprises at least one shutter normally obturating a cavity in a carrier on a base plate. Each shutter is suspended by two resilient attachments and can turn about a torsion axis established by these attachments under the in
4369440 Data input device January 18, 1983
A device is provided for the rapid and easy introduction of data into an apparatus, e.g., for setting a digital watch. A binary decision device continuously tests the state of a plurality of finger responsive sensors A, B, C and D and produces control signals for a operational unit. The
4352069 Switched capacitance signal processor September 28, 1982
An electronic filter circuit is described having first and second selective circuits each of said selective circuits having an input terminal for receiving an input voltage, each of said selection circuits comprising a first capacitor, an integrator means providing an output signal, swit
4327320 Reference voltage source April 27, 1982
A reference voltage source implemented in silicon-gate CMOS transistor technology comprises a pair of reference transistors of the same conductivity type, the gates of which are made of polycrystalline silicon and differ from each other by the type of doping. The reference voltage ca
4313071 Piezo-electric quartz resonator January 26, 1982
The resonator according to the invention comprises at least one quartz crystal in the form of a rectangular thin plate, of which the length l is directed along an axis X', the width w along an axis Y' and the thickness t along an axis Z', and which vibrates in a contour mode. The axis Z'
4259600 Integrated insulated-gate field-effect transistor control device March 31, 1981
An integrated control device for controlling a device such as a LED display or a miniature stepping motor for an electronic watch comprises at least one insulated-gate field effect transistor for controlling the supply of current to the element. The gate of the F.E.T. is connected to a c
4242676 Interactive device for data input into an instrument of small dimensions December 30, 1980
The device according to the invention comprises a sensor formed by a plurality of capacitive or resistive electrodes. The user searches the symbol to be selected by displacing his finger on the sensor while looking at a control display unit. Any position of the finger on the sensor cause
4230957 Logic JK flip-flop structure October 28, 1980
A logic JK flip-flop structure is disclosed which may have a dynamic, semi-dynamic or static behavior as far as the clock signal is concerned. The structure of the invention is particularly simple in design and has a minimum number of transistors although it is insensitive to parasitic
4228534 Electronic watch control device for manual actuation October 14, 1980
An electronic watch control device for manual actuation is disclosed. It comprises a capacitive sensor including a conductive layer on the inner surface of the watch-glass, which is actuated by placing a finger-tip on the outer side of the watch-glass. The sensor is part of a capacitive
4228527 Electrically reprogrammable non volatile memory October 14, 1980
An electrically reprogrammable non-volatile memory device is disclosed which includes complementary MOS transistors provided with a polycrystalline silicon floating gate electrode in a common n.sup.- -type substrate. The device comprises three main parts. The first part, which is use
4227097 Logic D flip-flop structure October 7, 1980
A logic D flip-flop structure is disclosed which may have a dynamic, semi-dynamic or static behaviour as far as the clock signal is concerned. The structure of the invention is particularly simple in design and has a minimum number of transistors although it is insensitive to parasitic
4199751 Device for the input of alphanumerical data for apparatus of small size April 22, 1980
A device for the input of alphanumerical data for apparatus of small size. The device comprises a keyboard formed of zones and members for the introduction of data, a monitoring display having luminous segments and electronic memorizing and decoding means, with the introduction zones
4187518 Timing device February 5, 1980
A timing device comprises an oscillator a time base, a time display device and a control device intermediate between the oscillator and the display. In addition, it comprises a pickup for low-frequency pulses radiated by a conventional television receiver, and a treatment circuit having
4140924 Logic CMOS transistor circuits February 20, 1979
The invention relates to logic CMOS transistor circuits formed by at least one gate circuit, each gate circuit comprising a pair of CMOS transistor groups connected in series between the terminals of a power supply. The conductive state of both groups of transistors defines the potential
4126802 Torsional mode CT or DT cut quartz resonator November 21, 1978
The invention relates to piezoelectric resonators, and more particularly to piezoelectric resonators comprising a DT- or CT-cut quartz plate vibrating torsionally about its longitudinal axis which is the electrical axis X of the quartz crystal. The width of the plate b, extending along t
4106279 Wrist watch incorporating a thermoelectric generator August 15, 1978
An electric wrist watch including a case containing a timekeeping module, an electrical storage device, and a display device. The case also includes a thermoelectric generator in contact with two heat exchangers. The two heat exchangers are arranged such that they are at least temporaril
4096444 Active integrated circuit June 20, 1978
An active circuit is disclosed including an integrated circuit having at least one amplification stage comprising an FET. At least one negative feedback transistor is provided of the same conduction type as the amplifying transistor, with the drain-to-source path of the negative feed
4065684 Piezoelectric resonator for timepieces and method for making same December 27, 1977
A piezoelectric resonator, particularly for electronic wrist watches, comprises an elongated piezoelectric crystal rod that oscillates in length-extension. Opposite faces of the rod are partially metallized; and short wires are secured tangentially to these metallized surfaces midway
4053836 Device for transmission of information by pulse code frequency shift modulation October 11, 1977
A device for transmission of information by pulse code frequency shift modulation. The device incorporates a phase-locked superheterodyne receiver including a single voltage controlled oscillator, and a demodulator including a phase comparator and a phase shifter. The intermediate fr
4047010 Multi-functional electronic watch September 6, 1977
A multifunctional wrist watch combining the functions of time-indication with other functions, for example a calculator. The watch has a glass in which pick-ups are provided for detecting the passage of a finger of a user over the surface of the glass and recognition circuits for convert
4039969 Quartz thermometer August 2, 1977
A quartz crystal thermometer in which a standard frequency is generated by a first oscillator circuit incorporating a quartz crystal element and in which a frequency which varies with temperature is generated by a second circuit incorporating the same quartz crystal element. Two electrod
4038580 Electro-luminescent diode July 26, 1977
An electro-luminescent diode having a luminous surface which is defined by a thinned portion comprising zones with emitting junctions, the zones occupying only a portion of the luminous surface. The composition of the thinned portion allows multiple reflection of light to occur and enabl
4015208 Frequency generator compensated as a function of at least one physical parameter of the environm March 29, 1977
A frequency generator comprises a quartz crystal controlled oscillator subjected to at least one variable physical parameter such as temperature and has an arrangement for calibrating the frequency with respect to a standard signal with simultaneous compensation for variations of the
4013979 CMOS oscillator with first and second MOS transistors of opposed type integrated on the same sub March 22, 1977
CMOS oscillator in which the oscillator circuit comprises a first MOS transistor connected by its source to a first terminal of a voltage supply and biased by the current provided by a second MOS transistor of opposed type which is a part of the same integrated circuit. At least a third

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