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6774228 Tetra-aza macrocycles and metal complexes thereof August 10, 2004
1,4,7,10-Tetrazacyclododecanes carrying a side chain terminating in a group capable of reacting with an antibody, and their complexes with a di- or tripositive metal having a coordination number of 6 or more can be used to prepare imaging agents. Typical metals are indium, copper, lead,
6509451 Cross-linked antibodies and processes for their preparation January 21, 2003
Bis-maleimido cross-linking reagents join labelled antibodies having at least one sulphide interchain bridge. The conjugates have an enhanced binding capacity and have good blood clearance in vivo. The conjugates are of use in the diagnosis and therapy of tumors and may be prepared by
6307026 Humanized antibodies directed against A33 antigen October 23, 2001
A33 antigen binding proteins are described for use in the diagnosis or treatment of colorectal tumors and metastases arising therefrom. The binding protein may be a humanized A33 antibody, including complete antibody molecules, fragments thereof, and particularly, multivalent monospe
5965405 Method for producing Fv fragments in eukaryotic cells October 12, 1999
Methods for preparing Fv fragments which lack linking polypeptides in eukaryotic cells are provided.
5958413 Use of antibodies to TNF or fragments derived thereof and xanthine derivatives for combination t September 28, 1999
A combined preparation for simultaneous combined, simultaneous separate, or sequential use in the therapy of prophylaxis of disorders associated with undesirable high levels of TNF, e.g. septic or endotoxic shock and immunoregulatory and inflammatory disorders, which comprises an antibod
5889058 Peptidyl derivatives March 30, 1999
Methods of use for compounds of formula (I) are described wherein R represent a --CONHOH, carboxyl (--CO.sub.2 H) or esterified carboxyl group; R.sup.1 represents a hydrogen atom or an optionally substituted alkyl, alkenyl, aryl, aralkyl, heteroaralkyl or heteroarylthioalkyl group; R
5864019 Multivalent antigen-binding proteins January 26, 1999
A multivalent antigen-binding protein comprises a first Fv fragment bound to at least one further Fv fragment by a connecting structure which links the Fv fragments to each other but which maintains them spaced apart such that the proteins are capable of binding to adjacent antigenic
5859205 Humanised antibodies January 12, 1999
CDR-grafted antibody heavy and light chains comprise acceptor framework and donor antigen binding regions, the heavy chains comprising donor residues at at least one of positions (6, 23) and/or (24, 48) and/or (49, 71) and/or (73, 75) and/or (76) and/or (78) and (88) and/or (91). The
5858755 Lipase from human gastric mucosal tissue January 12, 1999
A human gastric lipase protein for use in the treatment of lipase deficiency. A process is described for producing gastric lipase using recombinant DNA technology to produce a host organism (for example E. coli) capable of producing a methionine-gastric lipase or precursor of the gas
5691181 DNA encoding lipase from human gastric mucosal tissue November 25, 1997
A human gastric lipase protein for use in the treatment of lipase deficiency. A process is described for producing gastric lipase using recombinant DNA technology to produce a host organism (for example E. coli) capable of producing a methionine-gastric lipase or precursor of the gas
5681718 Methods for enhanced production of tissue plasminogen activator in cell culture using alkanoic a October 28, 1997
Methods for enhancing the production of tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) in cell culture are disclosed. The methods involve culturing TPA-producing cells in growth media supplemented with an alkanoic acid or salt thereof at a concentration which enhances TPA production. The most prefer
5658759 Recombinant DNA expression vectors August 19, 1997
The invention provides expression vectors containing the promoter, enhancer and substantially complete 5'-untranslated region including the first intron of the major immediate early gene of human cytomegalovirus. Further vectors including the hCMV-MIE DNA linked directly to the coding se
5569665 Peptidyl derivatives and their use as metalloproteinases inhibitors October 29, 1996
Metalloproteinase inhibitors are provided which are selective inhibitors of the action of gelatinase, and may be of use in the treatment of cancer to control the development of tumour metastases.
5500350 Binding assay device March 19, 1996
A device for performing an enzyme-labelled binding assay comprises an absorbent material and a developing solution, wherein the absorbent material is provided with a plurality of reagent zones including an indicator reagent zone, and is capable of transporting the developing solution
5491147 Tri-substituted phenyl derivatives and their use in pharmaceutical compositions and methods of t February 13, 1996
Compounds of formula (1) ##STR1## are described wherein Y represents a halogen atom or a group --OR.sup.1, where R.sup.1 is an optionally substituted alkyl group; R.sup.2 represents an optionally substituted cycloalkyl or cycloalkenyl group; R.sup.3 is a monocyclic or bicyclic ar
5484893 Tri-aza macrocycles and metal complexes thereof January 16, 1996
Ti-aza macrocycles of formula (1), wherein m and n, which may be the same or different, is each zero or an integer 1, 2, or 3; p is zero or an integer 1 or 2; q is zero or an integer from 1 to 6 inclusive; R.sup.1, R.sup.2 and R.sup.3, which may be the same or different, is each a hy
5374618 Calcitonin peptides, and gene related pharmaceutical compositions December 20, 1994
This invention relates to human gene related peptide pharmaceutical compositions containing the peptide and the method of treating hypertension with said pharmaceutical composition.
5354554 Crosslinked antibodies and processes for their preparation October 11, 1994
Cross-linked labelled antibody conjugates are described which have at least one non-disulphide interchain bridge. The bridge may be the residue of a homo- or heterofunctional cross-linking reagent, and is located away from the antigen binding domains of the antibody. The antibody conjuga
5340827 Phenylcarboxamide compounds which have useful pharmaceutical activity August 23, 1994
5332805 Process for the recovery of recombinantly produced chymosin from insoluble aggregate July 26, 1994
The production of recombinant chymosin is disclosed in which an insoluble form of chymosin precursor is produced by a bacterial host cell transformed by a vector including a coding sequence for said precursor. Solubilization of said insoluble form of chymosin precursor is accomplishe
5332664 Human calcitonin precursor polyprotein structural gene July 26, 1994
Production of human calcitonin precursor structural gene, the insertion of this gene in a vector system, the cloning thereof and a process for the production of authentic human calcitonin using recombinant DNA biotechnology.
5300501 Peptidyl derivatives April 5, 1994
A compound of formula (I): ##STR1## wherein R represents a --CONHOH, carboxyl (--CO.sub.2 H) or esterified carboxyl group;X represents an amino (--NH.sub.2), or substituted amino, hydroxyl or substituted hydroxyl group; and their use as metalloproteinase inhibitors.
5271927 Antibody conjugates with macrocyclic ligands December 21, 1993
The conjugation of antibodies to a macrocyclic conjugate compound wherein the conjugate compound has the structure (I), wherein R.sup.1 is --(CH.sub.2).sub.p --R.sup.6 --CH.sub.2).sub.q -- where p and q are the same or different and are 0, 1 or 2, and --R.sup.6 -- is --((CH.sub.2).su
5247077 Tri-aza macrocycles and processes for their preparation September 21, 1993
5247075 Tri-aza macrocycles and metal complexes thereof September 21, 1993
Tri-aza macrocycles of formula (I), wherein m and n, which may be the same or different, is each zero or an integer 1, 2, or 3; p is zero or an integer 1 or 2; q is zero or an integer from 1 to 6 inclusive; R.sup.1, R.sup.2 and R.sup.3, which may be the same or different, is each a h
5219996 Recombinant antibodies and methods for their production in which surface residues are altered to June 15, 1993
The present invention provides an altered antibody molecule wherein a residue in a surface pocket on the molecule has been changed to a cysteine residue to introduce a thiol group in the surface pocket and a process for its production by recombinant DNA technology.
5183657 Antibodies for use in antilymphocyte antibody therapy February 2, 1993
The use of antibodies against human alpha tumor necrosis factor in antilymphocyte antibody therapy is described. The anti-human alpha tumor necrosis factor antibodies may be used to prevent or treat shock-related conditions arising from antilymphocyte antibody therapy. Also described
5079361 Thiol-reactive cross-linking reagents January 7, 1992
Cross-linking reagents which are highly specific for sulphydryl groups and react with thiols at an excellent rate. The essential feature of the reagents is at least one vinyl group conjugated with an armoatic nitrogen heterocycle. Particular examples include vinyl pyridines, vinyl py
5028533 Precursor polypeptide, DNA sequence coding therefor, vectors host organisms, and processes invol July 2, 1991
A yeast expression and secretion vector is described. The vector carries a nucleotide sequence coding for a precursor polypeptide which includes the signal sequence of amylo-alpha-1-,-4-glucosidase from Saccharomyces diastaticus.
5015573 DNA vectors and their use in recombinant DNA technology May 14, 1991
A new class of DNA vectors, each comprising two replication systems; a first origin of replication resulting in a low copy number and stable inheritance of the plasmid, and a second, high copy number, origin of replication at which replication is directly controllable such that, when
4943535 Anti-lift fermenter July 24, 1990
A continuous fermenter vessel such as an air-lift fermenter for receiving and cultivating a suspension culture of cells. The vessel contains a mechanism for agitating the suspension culture received in the vessel and causing a gross flow movement of the suspension culture. The vessel
4925791 Eucaryotic expression vectors May 15, 1990
A eukaryotic expression vector includes a controllable repressor operator sequence witin the expression control sequence of the vector. The controllable repressor operator sequence represses expression of a heterologous structural gene located downstream of the expression control seq
4898823 DNA sequence February 6, 1990
An upstream activator sequence derived from the yeast PGK gene. The upstream activator sequence is contained in the 5' region of the yeast PGK gene between nucleotides -324 and -455. The upstream activator sequence has synthetic linkers attached to either end to facilitate attachment to
4816397 Multichain polypeptides or proteins and processes for their production March 28, 1989
Multichain polypeptides or proteins and processes for their production in cells of host organisms which have been transformed by recombinant DNA techniques. According to a first aspect of the present invention, there is provided a process for producing a heterologous multichain polypepti
4760026 Monoclonal antibody July 26, 1988
A monoclonal antibody having specificity for an antigenic determinant of a B-type blood cell. The monoclonal anti-B, produced by a hybridoma cell (the preparation of which is described), affords a defined, specific and cheap blood grouping reagent. The monoclonal antibody is defined by i
4748123 Continuous fermentation device May 31, 1988
A continuous fermentation device for receiving a suspension culture of cells includes a fermentation vessel having inlet means to deliver suspension culture medium; baffle means defining, in combination with interior walls of said vessel, a downcomer and a riser; pump means for forci
4615974 Yeast expression vectors October 7, 1986
There are described a number of plasmid vectors suitable for the expression of genetic material, at various levels in yeasts. The plasmids each comprise a yeast selective marker, a yeast replication origin and a yeast promoter positioned relative to a unique restriction site in such a wa
4589987 Separating animal cells from a liquid culture May 20, 1986
A process for separating animal cells and/or animal cell debris from a liquid culture of animal cells involves flocculating the culture with a polygalacturonic acid and separating the flocculated animal cells and/or animal cell debris from the liquid culture.

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