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Caterpillar Inc.
Peoria, IL
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RE41504 Heat and corrosion resistant cast CF8C stainless steel with improved high temperature strength a August 17, 2010
A CF8C type stainless steel alloy and articles formed therefrom containing about 18.0 weight percent to about 22.0 weight percent chromium and 11.0 weight percent to about 14.0 weight percent nickel; from about 0.05 weight percent to about 0.15 weight percent carbon; from about 2.0 weigh
RE41100 Heat and corrosion resistant cast CN-12 type stainless steel with improved high temperature stre February 9, 2010
A cast stainless steel alloy and articles formed therefrom containing about 0.5 wt. % to about 10 wt. % manganese, 0.02 wt. % to 0.50 wt. % N, and less than 0.15 wt. % sulfur provides high temperature strength both in the matrix and at the grain boundaries without reducing ductility due
RE40144 Method and apparatus for delivering multiple fuel injections to the cylinder of an internal comb March 11, 2008
A fuel injection control system and method for delivering multiple fuel injections to a cylinder of an engine during a fuel injection event based upon engine operating conditions, the control system including an electronic controller coupled to an electrically controlled fuel injecto
RE39937 Exhaust gas recirculation system December 11, 2007
Past exhaust emission control systems have failed to cool the exhaust gas prior to mixing with the intake air. The present exhaust gas recirculation system cools a flow of exhaust gas with a common coolant being used to cool an engine prior to mixing the flow of exhaust gas with a fl
RE38858 Frictionally driven belted work machine November 1, 2005
An elastomeric belt laying vehicle is disclosed for transmitting greater tractive effort to the earth as compared to comparably powered wheel vehicles and being operable at high speed on improved road surfaces without inflicting damage thereto. A pair of the wheels are arranged on ea
RE37807 Method and structure for controlling an apparatus, such as a fuel injector, using electronic tri July 30, 2002
A structure and method for electronically minimizing or eliminating performance variation of an apparatus controllable by a control signal, such as an electronically-controlled fuel injector, is disclosed. The method includes the steps of measuring the resultant characteristics of th
RE37174 Frictionally driven belted work vehicle May 15, 2001
An elastomeric belt laying vehicle is disclosed for transmitting greater tractive effort to the earth as compared to comparably powered wheel vehicles and being operable at high speed on improved road surfaces without inflicting damage thereto. A pair of the wheels are arranged on ea
RE36499 Method and apparatus for holding a cylinder valve closed during combustion January 18, 2000
An outwardly opening valve system for an engine includes an engine having a hollow piston cylinder in fluid communication with a gas passageway via an opening. The engine also has a piston bore that opens to the hollow piston cylinder. A portion of the opening includes an outward valve s
RE36152 Method and apparatus for controlling differentially driven wheel-slip for an articulated machine March 16, 1999
An anti-spin apparatus for a machine is disclosed. The machine is articulated and has at least one axle set with at least two driven wheels. The anti-spin apparatus includes braking mechanisms which controllably apply braking forces to each of the driven wheels. A controller produces a
RE35303 Apparatus for adjustably controlling valve movement and fuel injection July 30, 1996
An apparatus adjustably controls intake and exhaust valve movement and fuel injection of an engine. Valve movement and injection is adjustably controlled in response to electrical signals delivered to a piezoelectric motor which in turn delivers hydraulic signals through a single spool
RE34139 Engine piston assembly and forged piston member therefor having a cooling recess December 8, 1992
Present day diesel engines having aluminum piston assemblies are limited to combustion chamber pressures of approximately 12,410 kPa (1,800 psi) whereas the desire is to increase such pressures up to the 15,170 kPa (2,200 psi) range. To reach such levels the instant piston assembly i
RE33575 Internal combustion engine noise reduction plate April 23, 1991
Rigidifying or structural members are used to increase structural stiffness of cylinder block and consequently have reduced vibrations and noise emitted therefrom. These devices in the past have reduced serviceability, increased engine component complexity, increased cost and allowed
RE33046 Seal for a multipiece wheel assembly September 5, 1989
A tire rim assembly (16) permits inflation of a tire (10) mounted thereon only when the components constituting the structure are assembled in a locking configuration. The tire rim assembly (16) includes a rim base (18) having first and second grooves (32,34) defined on its outer periphe
RE32442 Belt tensioning mechanism June 23, 1987
A belt tensioning mechanism is provided for use with a vehicle having an axle pivotably connected to a frame of the vehicle with inextensible belts entrained about wheel assemblies mounted on either side of the vehicle for transmitting tractive effort to the earth. Some systems provide t
H946 Tip and adaptor assembly August 6, 1991
Tip and adaptor assemblies are normally utilized to provide an arrangement in which the tip can be readily removed from the adaptor. It is advantageous to have a simple construction while still maintaining both good traction of the compactor wheel and good demolition of the material
H2031 Apparatus and method for controlling the end of fill of a fluid actuated clutch June 4, 2002
The present invention discloses a system and a method for controlling the timing of the filling of a fluid actuate. The system includes, a fluid actuated clutch 83, an electronic controller adapted to detect an end-of-fill point for the fluid actuated clutch 83, compare the end-of-fi
H2024 Adjustable control assembly June 4, 2002
An adjustable control assembly includes a plurality of control members. The control members preferably include moveable portions such as levers that are manipulable to accomplish a desired operation of heavy duty machinery such as construction equipment, for example. The control members
H2020 Tip and adapter for an earthworking bucket May 7, 2002
A tip and adapter assembly for an earthworking bucket has a replaceable tip mounted on an adapter. The adapter has a mounting end fitted into a socket cavity of the tip, which are provided with suitable mating surfaces for transferring loading forces from the tip to the adapter. The adap
H2012 Braked joint assembly February 5, 2002
An improved braked or snubbed joint assembly for use for supporting a grapple, clam shell or like device, is disclosed. The present braked or snubbed joint assembly includes a first member including an element defining an elongate cylindrical bore therethrough having a central axis,
H1998 Apparatus for accelerating the onset of wear related damage and distress on a circumferential ca November 6, 2001
Apparatus for accelerating the onset of wear related damage on a circumferential cam surface including a structure for supporting a camshaft including the circumferential cam surface, a plurality of rollers having respective circumferential roller surfaces, and structures supporting
H1990 Magnetic shunt device for hall effect applications September 4, 2001
A magnetic shunt device for use in a Hall effect sensor application wherein the shunt device is positioned and located relative to the Hall effect element and is shaped and dimensioned so as to shield and null the influence of the magnetic field when such field is substantially parallel
H1977 Closed loop hydraulic system with variable charge pressure August 7, 2001
A closed loop hydraulic system having a variable charge pressure capability without parasitic power losses is disclosed. The present system includes a variable displacement hydraulic pump driven by a power source, a tilt control means for controlling a tilt angle of the variable displace
H1953 Apparatus and method for preparing a hydraulic work machine for towing April 3, 2001
An apparatus and method for preparing a hydraulic work machine for towing in response to a dead engine condition. The apparatus includes a source of hydraulic fluid, a standby pump system hydraulically connected to the source, a plurality of pilot controls adapted for electrical activati
H1928 High viscosity, solvent resistant, thermoset polyetherpolyurethane and A process for making the December 5, 2000
A high viscosity, solvent-resistant, thermoset polyetherpolyurethane molded article that includes a methylene-bridged polyarylpolyisocyanate component and a polyether polyol solution combined in catalytic urethane-forming reaction where the polyether polyol solution of the urethane-formi
H1912 Remotely controlled brake system November 7, 2000
A remotely controlled brake system is provided to permit braking control of a machine from a remote location while still permitting an operator located on the machine to control the braking function of the machine. Remote control is accomplished by providing a source of pressurized fluid
H1910 Rubber tired carrier November 7, 2000
A wheeled carrier adaptable for use with material handling equipment comprises a main body and first and second frames adjustably connected to the main body portion. Wheel assemblies are connected to the frames. The width of the carrier is adjustable so the carrier can be easily tran
H1908 Lever bank for heavy vehicle November 7, 2000
A lever bank for implement controls on large construction or agricultural vehicles has a "home" position for operation of the levers. One of the levers has a handle which is larger than the handles of the other levers. This large handle provides a rest position for the operator such that
H1907 Apparatus for initiating fatigue related damage on a member November 7, 2000
Apparatus is disclosed for initiating fatigue related damage on a circumferential surface of a rotatable member resultant from application of a tensile stress condition and a superimposed contact stress condition. The apparatus includes structure for supporting the member for axial r
H1869 Valve train components having an oxidation and corrosion-resistant thermal spray coating October 3, 2000
Today's engines are pushed to operate at higher temperatures, higher peak cylinder pressures, in more corrosive environments and with highly variable fuel types and qualities. A solution to guttering is an oxidation and corrosion-resistant coating with a general turn MCrAlY applied to th
H1861 Composite production with continuous metal and ceramic phases September 5, 2000
The present invention relates to a ceramic alloy composite composition having the alloy spontaneously infiltrated into the ceramic, with the preferred ceramic alloy composite composition being a Si.sub.3 N.sub.4 /TiN/Cu-Ti composite composition and a method for forming the ceramic al
H1854 Inductive spool displacement sensor July 4, 2000
An inductive spool displacement sensor for determining the position or displacement of a spool within a particular hydraulic valve including a sensor housing having a cavity formed therein adapted for mounting within the hydraulic valve, the sensor housing being positioned such that at
H1851 Motor grader having dual steering mechanisms June 6, 2000
A dual steering system for controlling the steering of a motor grader is disclosed. The first portion of the steering system comprises a steering wheel connected through a hydraulic steering valve to hydraulic right and left steering cylinders, which are connected to the right front tire
H1850 Joystick having electronically controlled centering force feedback June 6, 2000
A joystick is disclosed which comprises an operator member mounted to a pivotal member, the operator member for moving the pivotal member, a position sensor associated with the pivotal member, a linear solenoid having a pair of plunger members each being positioned within the solenoid
H1846 Electro-hydraulic steering system for an articulated vehicle April 4, 2000
The present invention provides an electro-hydraulic steering system for an articulated vehicle having a front frame and a rear frame. The system includes a controller and a hydraulic steering system having a pump for providing hydraulic pressure. A steering input control, typically a
H1845 Method and apparatus for using a control system of an earthworking machine as a training system March 7, 2000
The present invention is a method and apparatus for training an operator of an earthworking machine having an implement control system. The method and apparatus includes switching from control by the implement control system to control by the operator, monitoring operator control command
H1841 Air cooled engine enclosure system and apparatus March 7, 2000
A system and apparatus for evacuating air from an at least partially enclosed space around an internal combustion engine including an exhaust pipe for the flow of combustion products to atmosphere. The present system and apparatus includes a shaft and structure for mounting the shaft to
H1840 Apparatus and method of providing calibration information to an operator of a work machine February 1, 2000
An apparatus and method of providing at least one calibration prompt message to an operator of a work machine is disclosed. Whether the work machine control system is in calibration mode is determined. At least one calibration prompt message containing a detailed description of the c
H1831 Ergonomic motor grader vehicle control apparatus February 1, 2000
A motor grader vehicle control apparatus is provided including first and second joystick assemblies for controlling a blade and vehicle drive and steering systems. Additional control mechanisms are included on the joystick assemblies to provide further control of the blade and vehicle
H1822 Miniature joystick mounted on a joystick December 7, 1999
A hand-operated dual joystick for a motor grader is disclosed. The dual joystick comprises a first joystick having a ledge and a switch, and a second joystick that is significantly smaller than the first joystick. The second joystick is mounted to the ledge of the first joystick. The fir
H1820 Method for heating actuating fluid in a fuel system December 7, 1999
The present invention includes an apparatus adapted to heat actuating fluid in a rail passage located within an engine. The rail passage is connected to an fluid inlet of at least one fuel injector. The apparatus includes a heating device located within the rail passage. The heating devi
H1260 Method for forming a solid oxide fuel cell December 7, 1993
A method for forming a solid oxide fuel cell of yttria stabilized zirconia on a substrate, separating the resultant electrolytic layer from the substrate, and thereafter plasma spraying ceramic powder materials and forming an anode and a cathode on the electrolytic layer.
H1238 Suspension for an oscillating axle October 5, 1993
Vehicles that are frequently operated in "off road" conditions are normally equipped with a means by which some form of oscillation is provided to accommodate the uneven terrain over which it traverses. In some instances, the stability of the vehicle is inadequate while in other instance
H1180 Face seal with increased torque transfer capacity May 4, 1993
A shear loaded face seal having means for increasing the torque transfer capacity of the shear loaded face seal between its support ring and its load ring along their mating interface is disclosed. In such a shear loaded face seal, the load ring is of a deformable rubber and the support
D665826 Master link unit assembly August 21, 2012
D663606 Key July 17, 2012
D661629 Steering wheel June 12, 2012
D660207 Fender of a truck May 22, 2012
D656577 Fuel filter March 27, 2012
D655781 Fuel filter March 13, 2012
D655652 Bumper of a truck March 13, 2012

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