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Tokyo, JP
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RE43778 Printing apparatus and printing method using a plurality of printers and which distributes a pri October 30, 2012
A photographic print vending apparatus is provided which comprises a media accepting unit which accepts a recording medium having photographic image information stored thereon. An image information reader reads the image information from the recording medium, and a plurality of printers
RE43491 Image shake correction image processing apparatus and program June 26, 2012
An image processing apparatus comprising: a block selector that selects one of blocks that contain an amount of features, larger than a predetermined amount of features, from among a plurality of blocks which compose a particular one of a plurality of frames of a moving image of a su
RE43217 Homeotropic alignment type liquid crystal display device February 28, 2012
A liquid crystal display device includes a first substrate having one surface on which a first electrode is provided, a second substrate which is provided with a second electrode, and a liquid crystal layer which is interposed between the first and second substrates. Negative dielectric
RE43148 Mounting structure and mounting method of a semiconductor device, and liquid crystal display dev January 31, 2012
A mounting structure of a semiconductor device includes an electroconductive film provided on a substrate. An insulating film is formed on the electroconductive film, and provided with an opening portion to expose a part of the electroconductive film, and its internal stress is set t
RE42848 Information transmission system using light as communication medium, information transmission me October 18, 2011
A CPU 36 of a light emitting unit 30 fetches ith bit of transmission information TX stored in a transmission data memory 33 in synchronization with a clock signal CK from a timing generator 35. The CUP 36 determines the bit value and fetches a first pattern sequence SA from a pattern dat
RE42365 Liquid crystal display apparatus having display panels on both upper and lower surfaces May 17, 2011
A liquid crystal display apparatus includes a first liquid crystal display panel, a second liquid crystal display panel smaller in area than the first liquid crystal display panel. A flat backlight has an optical waveguide and a point light source placed near one side surface portion
RE41511 Semiconductor device having a thin-film circuit element provided above an integrated circuit August 17, 2010
In a semiconductor device, re-wiring is provided on a circuit element formation region of a semiconductor substrate. A columnar electrode for connection with a circuit board is provided on the rewiring. A first insulating film is provided over the semiconductor substrate excluding a
RE41369 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same June 8, 2010
A semiconductor device includes at least one semiconductor structure having a plurality of external connection portions on an upper surface, and an insulating member which is made of a resin containing reinforcing materials and arranged on a side of the semiconductor structure. An in
RE40673 Shift register and electronic apparatus March 24, 2009
Each of stages RS(1), RS(2), . . . of a shift register is constituted by six TFTs. A ratio of a channel width and a channel length (W/L) of each of these TFTs 1 to 6 is set in accordance with a transistor characteristic of each TFT in such a manner that the shift register normally op
RE38961 Method for production of semiconductor package January 31, 2006
The invention provides a method for producing semiconductor packages comprising the steps of forming electronic circuits for a plurality of semiconductor chips 11 on a wafer 1, forming bumps 2 on the plurality of semiconductor chips 11, encapsulating the circuit-forming surface 111 of
RE38198 Image data recording system including memory card July 22, 2003
An electronic video data recording system includes a camera apparatus for photoelectric-converting an incident optical image into electronic image data: a memory card detachably mounted on the camera apparatus and containing a random access memory to store the electronic image data; and
RE36137 Instruction input system for electronic processor March 9, 1999
An instruction input system for an electronic processor is capable of determining the type of an instruction and an area in which the instruction is to be executed simultaneously, in accordance with a set of touch-operation positions input via an input device having a touch-operation
RE34481 Electronic musical instrument December 21, 1993
An electronic musical instrument includes circuitry for modifying an ordinary address signal which changes at a uniform rate over one cycle of a waveform, into a modified address signal whose rate varies in one cycle of the waveform by the use of a modification signal.The modified addres
RE34422 Portable electronic memorandum device October 26, 1993
A portable electronic memorandum device has a memory for storing character data items. When a switch is operated, all the address areas of the memory are designated so as to sequentially read out all the character data items stored therein. All the character data items are then sequentia
RE33739 Electronic musical instrument November 12, 1991
An electronic musical instrument comprising detection means to detect time positions of an initial part and a terminal part of a voice, extraction means to extract pitch data of the voice, a plurality of processing means to subject the pitch data to different processing operations, means
RE33607 Auto-playing apparatus June 11, 1991
Data for a plurality of musical pieces is preset in a ROM pack and also on a tape recorder. Musical piece data read out from the ROM pack or tape recorder is supplied from a control section to melody generators, a chord generator, a bass generator and a rhythm generator. Melody data, cho
RE33425 Handy reader/printer apparatus November 6, 1990
In a handy reader/printer apparatus for reading recorded information from a desired portion of a medium to be read and printing read information on a desired portion of a medium to be printed, the apparatus has a housing having an opening in a lower surface thereof and placed on the medi
D663222 Wrist watch July 10, 2012
D575287 Mobile terminal August 19, 2008
D514456 Watch case February 7, 2006
D509216 Wrist mounted device with non-contact type input and output function September 6, 2005
D508712 Digital camera August 23, 2005
D508520 Electronic calculator August 16, 2005
D508519 Multifunction cash register input and display unit August 16, 2005
D508415 Watch case August 16, 2005
D508256 Electronic keyboard musical instrument August 9, 2005
D503115 Wrist watch March 22, 2005
D502723 Digital camera March 8, 2005
D488500 Electronic calculator April 13, 2004
D452263 Photosensitive drum cartridge for an electronic copying machine December 18, 2001
D448697 Portion of a protector for a wrist watch October 2, 2001
D446808 Toner cartridge for an electronic copying machine August 21, 2001
D424608 Photosensitive drum casing for an electronic copying machine May 9, 2000
D412523 Electronic calculator with transmitter for video August 3, 1999
D409228 Electronic cash register May 4, 1999
D409161 Handheld computer May 4, 1999
D408440 Electronic calculator April 20, 1999
D404676 Watch band January 26, 1999
D403252 Wrist watch December 29, 1998
D403246 Watch case December 29, 1998
D402967 Handheld computer December 22, 1998
D402899 Watch case December 22, 1998
D402566 Watch case December 15, 1998
D401863 Watch case December 1, 1998
D401862 Watch case December 1, 1998
D401162 Watch case with a protection device November 17, 1998
D401160 Watch case November 17, 1998
D401159 Watch case November 17, 1998
D400912 Electronic organ November 10, 1998
D400911 Electronic organ November 10, 1998

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