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4554834 Acoustic sensor and method of using same for determining the position of a tool relative to a wo November 26, 1985
An acoustic sensor and method of using same for determining the position of a tool from a workpiece are disclosed in which a piezoelectric transducer having a curved surface emits a sound wave which strikes the workpiece and is reflected back to the sensor. The sensor and tool are positi
4526106 Three-wheeled adjustable vehicle July 2, 1985
A motor driven vehicle for traversing the interior of a pipe or conduit comprises a pair of arms pivoted to each other at one pair of ends, a drive wheel the axle of which may coincide with the pivot, a swiveling wheel carried at the other end of each arm and a spring positioned to pull
4493048 Systolic array apparatuses for matrix computations January 8, 1985
A systolic array system of inner product step processors is provided in the form of a mesh connected network which rhythmically compute and pass data through the system. Each processor in the system regularly feeds data in and out, each time performing some computation, so that a regular
4485472 Testable interface circuit November 27, 1984
The interface circuit is intended to be connected between a module terminal and a module itself and provides means for stimulating and sensing signals between the module and its terminal. The interface circuit comprises a decoupling section which connects or disconnects the interface cir
4445965 Method for making thin film cadmium telluride and related semiconductors for solar cells May 1, 1984
A thin cadmium-telluride semiconductor film for use in solar cells is grown epitaxially on a second semiconductor film, typically tellurium, which may be epitaxial on a substrate semiconductor, typically single-crystal cadmium-telluride. The second semiconductor has a lower resistance to
4425818 Robotic manipulator January 17, 1984
A robotic manipulator includes a plurality of segments connected by joints between a fixed base and the distal end of the arm. At least one of the joints comprises a servomotor having a stator and a rotor one of which is attached to a segment positioned closer to the fixed base, the othe
4137516 Grinding wheel crack detector January 30, 1979
A grinding wheel is provided around the inside of its hole with a plurality of turns of an electrical conductor weaker in tension than the material of the wheel, the ends of which are brought out to terminals on the surface of the wheel. Incipient cracks in the wheel rupture the conducto
4087840 Method and apparatus for magnetically recording and reproducing physiological information May 2, 1978
Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for magnetically recording and reproducing physiological information such as in an electrocardiogram. The ECG signal is pulse width modulated (PWM), and the transition points, or zero crossings are stored on magnetic tape. The original PWM signal i
4083189 Open cycle method and apparatus for generating energy from ocean thermal gradients April 11, 1978
Power is generated by subjecting a body of water in an evacuated chamber alternately to pressure corresponding to the vapor pressure of water at the surface of a body of water, such as tropical sea water, and pressure corresponding to the vapor pressure of subsurface water. The body of w
4074471 Process for nucleating diamonds February 21, 1978
The specification discloses nucleating diamonds in the absence of an external container. Nickel and graphite are subjected to high temperature and pressure, e.g., by a grinding process, sufficient to cause diamond nuclei to be formed.
4073214 Shave forming of wire February 14, 1978
Wire is produced from wire rod by moving the rod lengthwise through first and second cutting tools, the first of which gouges out continuous chips from the rod surface, leaving lands between the grooves so formed, and the second shaves off those lands.
4026116 Mine roof supporting May 31, 1977
A roof pin-or-bolt setting machine which applies sonic energy to drive bolts which may be of non-circular section or helical into the roof of a coal mine. The energy is supplied by a bar which is set into sonic vibration in its bending mode so that there is a standing wave along the
3995160 Method and apparatus for obtaining electrical power from sea water November 30, 1976
A method and apparatus for producing electricity utilizing a foam formed from ocean water at ambient temperatures. The method and apparatus utilize the enthalpy released by a rising foam to generate the power to drive a turbine for power export.
3993533 Method for making semiconductors for solar cells November 23, 1976
The invention relates to a method for producing a desired thin semiconductor film for use in solar cells. The desired semiconductor is grown epitaxially on a second semiconductor film which may be epitaxial on a third semiconductor. The second semiconductor has a lower melting point
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