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6596417 Magnetic recording medium with a Ga3Pt5 structured underlayer and a cobalt-based magnetic layer July 22, 2003
The present invention provides a longitudinal magnetic recording media having a substrate, a Co or Co alloy based magnetic layer arid an underlayer disposed between the substrate and the magnetic layer. The underlayer is made of a material having a Ga.sub.3 Pt.sub.5 crystalline struc
6594430 Solid immersion lenses for focusing collimated light in the near-field region July 15, 2003
A lens for focusing collimated light. The lens includes a single, optically transmissive material having an aspherical focusing surface and a second surface, such that collimated light incident on the aspherical focusing surface is focused in a near-field region of the second surface.
6581000 Position location system and method June 17, 2003
A system for determining a position of a user. The system includes a distance sensor in communication with a position tracking device. The distance sensor is for detecting movement by the user, and the position tracking device is for determining the position of the user based on dete
6578048 Method for constructing a catalog of the files on a network and a catalog so constructed June 10, 2003
A method of constructing a catalog of the files stored on the network comprised of a plurality of interconnected computers each having a plurality of files stored thereon is comprised of the following steps: (a) establishing a queue containing at least one address representative of a
6567079 Portable computer system with ergonomic input device May 20, 2003
A portable computer system with an ergonomic input device is comprised of a housing having a top surface. A central processing unit is carried in the housing. A heads-up display is provided for displaying information to a user, with certain of the information being selectable by the user
6558297 Energy storage device used in locomotion machine May 6, 2003
A locomotion device, such as a pogo stick, having a housing having a first end portion and a second end portion, a plunger being slideably connected to the housing second end portion, the leaf spring also pivotally attached to the plunger. A method for locomoting using such a device is a
6545164 Fluorochromes labelling complexes with large stokes shift formed by coupling together cyanine an April 8, 2003
The present invention provides low molecular weight fluorescent labeling complexes with large wavelength shifts between absorption of one dye in the complex and emission from another dye in the complex. These complexes can be used, for example, for multiparameter fluorescence cell analys
6541580 Atom or group transfer radical polymerization April 1, 2003
A process for ATRP polymerization and coupling of molecules by radical processes is provided, wherein improvements are provided by selection of various ligands, counterions, transition metal compounds and/or zero oxidation state transition metals to give improved control over molecular
6538091 Atom or group transfer radical polymerization March 25, 2003
Improved processes have been developed for atom (or group) transfer radical polymerization (ATRP). In one improvement, the ATRP process involves polymerizing in the presence of a (partially) free radical-deactivating amount of the corresponding reduced or oxidized transition metal compou
6514259 Probe and associated system and method for facilitating planar osteotomy during arthoplasty February 4, 2003
A plate probe and associated system and method for facilitating the orientation of an osteotomy and the implantation of an artificial joint component during arthroplastic surgery requiring an osteotomy. The probe comprises a coupler and a plate. The coupler is configured so that it can
6512060 Atom or group transfer radical polymerization January 28, 2003
A process for controlled coupling and chain extension, or atom transfer condensation polymerization, of molecules containing one or more radically transferable atoms or groups is provided, wherein transition metal compounds, optionally partially in the zero oxidation state, various l
6505045 Method for configuring and assigning channels for a wireless network January 7, 2003
A method for configuring access points of a network providing wireless communications coverage for an environment, including determining a coverage radius of an access point at certain locations within the environment, determining an average coverage radius of the access points for t
6486123 Low oxygen affinity mutant hemoglobins November 26, 2002
Non-naturally occurring mutant hemoglobins rHb (.beta.N108Q) and rHb (.beta.L105W) are provided that have a lower oxygen affinity than that of native hemoglobin, but high cooperativity in oxygen binding. rHb (.beta.N108Q) also exhibits enhanced stability against autoxidation. The mut
6480323 Two-dimensional beam scanner November 12, 2002
A device that includes a projection element positioned between first and second beam scanners configured in series and a two-dimensional display plane. An apparatus for controlling the first and second beam scanners is provided so that the angle of incidence and the point of incidence of
6480290 Method and apparatus to measure the cross-sectional area of an object November 12, 2002
An apparatus for determining a cross-sectional area of an object. The apparatus includes a plurality of radiant energy sources, a plurality of radiant energy detectors oriented to receive radiant energy emitted by the plurality of radiant energy sources, a strobing module in communicatio
6479303 Fluorescent labeling complexes with large Stokes shift formed by coupling together cyanine and o November 12, 2002
The present invention provides low molecular weight fluorescent labeling complexes with large wavelength shifts between absorption of one dye in the complex and emission from another dye in the complex. These complexes can be used, for example, for multiparameter fluorescence cell analys
6476382 System and method for measuring the size of a focused optical spot November 5, 2002
A system for measuring a size of a focused spot of an optical energy beam. The system includes a grating, a beam scanner oriented between a source of the optical energy beam and the grating, and a detector oriented to sense a diffraction pattern of the grating.
6472207 Method for producing tagged genes, transcripts, and proteins October 29, 2002
The invention described here is a method whereby a molecular tag is put on a gene, transcript and protein in a single recombinational event. The protein tag takes the form of a unique peptide that can be recognized by an antibody or other specific reagent, the transcript tag takes the fo
6458615 Method of fabricating micromachined structures and devices formed therefrom October 1, 2002
A method for fabricating a micromachined structure. The method includes forming a circuitry layer having an upper etch-resistant layer on an upper surface of a substrate, directionally etching a portion of the circuitry layer exposed by the upper etch-resistant layer, and directionally e
6456749 Handheld apparatus for recognition of writing, for remote communication, and for user defined in September 24, 2002
A device including a housing, a writing tip connected to the housing, a writing surface position indicator, a processor in the housing, a memory device in the housing connected to the processor, and a sensor in the housing and cooperative with the writing surface position indicator. The
6453223 Infrastructure independent position determining system September 17, 2002
A computer-assisted method for determining a position and orientation a sensor relative to a scene. The sensor has a plurality of degrees of freedom in position and orientation relative to the scene. The method includes sensing an image of the scene, the sensed image having a plurali
6438180 Soft and hard sequence detection in ISI memory channels August 20, 2002
A method of determining branch metric values in a detector. The method includes receiving a plurality of time variant signal samples, the signal samples having one of signal-dependent noise, correlated noise, and both signal dependent and correlated noise associated therewith. The method
6432563 Zinc enhanced hard disk media August 13, 2002
The present invention provides a magnetic recording media incorporating Zn containing layers in close proximity to a magnetic layer to provide media having increased coercivity and lower noise. The Zn containing layer can be incorporated in a rotating, translating or stationary recording
6426190 Difference detection methods using matched multiple dyes July 30, 2002
A process and a kit are provided for detecting differences in two or more samples of protein, including proteins bearing post-translational modifications and peptides. Proteins are prepared, for example, from each of a different group of cell samples or body fluid samples to be compared.
6407187 (Co)polymers and a novel polymerization process based on atom (or group) transfer radical polyme June 18, 2002
A new polymerization process (atom transfer radical polymerization, or ATRP) based on a redox reaction between a transition metal (e.g., Cu(I)/Cu(II), provides "living" or controlled radical polymerization of styrene, (meth)acrylates, and other radically polymerizable monomers. Using
6391483 Magnetic device and method of forming same May 21, 2002
A device including a magnetic material having a magnetization configuration that is circular in a plane, and a word line for producing a magnetic field in the plane, the magnetic field being radial with respect to a point in the plane and within the circular magnetization configuration.
6366061 Multiple power supply circuit architecture April 2, 2002
A multiple power supply circuit architecture, such as a circuit power system including a first voltage rail, a first reference rail, a second voltage rail, a second reference rail, and a first selective connector between the first and second voltage rails.
6363632 System for autonomous excavation and truck loading April 2, 2002
In accordance with the present invention, a system to organize and coordinate components associated with earthmoving machinery capable of performing excavating and loading tasks autonomously is disclosed. The system comprises an earthmoving machine equipped with a scanning sensor sys
6363173 Incremental recognition of a three dimensional object March 26, 2002
The present invention is a method and apparatus for determining the location, orientation, and dimensions of an object using range data from a scanning sensor based on data for a relatively small portion of the object. The present recognition method uses characteristics of a scanning
6342143 Cutting tool for multiple sample retrieval from gelatinous material January 29, 2002
The invention relates to a sample retrieval apparatus of particular benefit in the field of molecular biology. The apparatus permits the rapid collection of numerous specified fractions of samples: such as DNA, RNA or protein, that are separated by gel electrophoresis; or microorganisms
6336051 Agricultural harvester with robotic control January 1, 2002
An agricultural harvesting machine (harvester) is automatically controlled and steered so as to completely harvest all crop in a field. A Global Positioning System (GPS) and an Inertial Navigation System provide data regarding the position and orientation of the harvester in a field. A
6296317 Vision-based motion sensor for mining machine control October 2, 2001
A mining machine having a position sensing and control apparatus is claimed. The mining machine has a vehicle body having forward and rearward ends and movable along a mine floor. A cutter head is mounted on the forward end of the mining machine for upward and downward movement relat
6288186 Rate enhancement of nitroxyl radical-mediated polymerization September 11, 2001
An improved process for free radical polymerization is produced making it possible to control the growth steps of a polymerization to produce homopolymers and copolymers, including block and graft copolymers. The process uses a long half-life radical initiators and compounds which have
6277984 Monomethine cyanines rigidized by a two-carbon chain August 21, 2001
Fluorescent monomethine cyanine complexes rigidized a two-carbon alkyl group between the nitrogen's of the cyanine's heterocycles are provided and having the structure ##STR1##wherein R.sub.1 through R.sub.7 represent various selected groups or ring structures that may be chosen to p
6248416 Highly oriented magnetic thin films, recording media, transducers, devices made therefrom and me June 19, 2001
The present invention provides for magnetic and magneto-optic recording media, transducers and data storage devices constructed therefrom that have highly oriented films having long range order in the crystal structure of the film. The recording medium includes a magnetic recording l
6241779 Metal ligand containing bleaching compositions June 5, 2001
The invention provides a novel composition and method for removing or reducing levels of recalcitrant constituents from an effluent, such as lignin chromophores, AOX species, such as chlorinated phenols, dioxins, dibenzofurans, biphenyls, and high molecular weight material produced in
6225980 Multi-functional, rotary dial input device for portable computers May 1, 2001
A multiple switch assembly acts as an input device for computers. The switch assembly is comprised of a first input device which defines a circumference. A second input device is positioned within the circumference of the first input device. An interface is connected to the first inp
6225050 Cyanine dyes as labeling reagents for detection of biological and other materials by luminescenc May 1, 2001
Cyanine and related dyes, such as merocyanine, styryl and oxonol dyes, are strongly light-absorbing and highly luminescent. Cyanine and related dyes having functional groups make them reactive with amine, hydroxy and sulfhydryl groups are covalently attached to proteins, nucleic acids,
6223110 Software architecture for autonomous earthmoving machinery April 24, 2001
In accordance with the present invention, a modular architecture to organize and coordinate components that are needed to automate earthmoving tasks, and to coordinate the flow of data between the components is disclosed. The architecture includes three main subdivisions: a sensor pi
6207464 Rigidized monomethine cyanines March 27, 2001
Boron complexes of certain bis-heterocyclic compounds are provided. The complexes resemble monomethine cyanines and are useful for imparting fluorescent properties to materials by covalent and noncovalent association. The compounds have the following general formula: ##STR1##wherein
6205411 Computer-assisted surgery planner and intra-operative guidance system March 20, 2001
An apparatus for facilitating the implantation of an artificial component in one of a hip joint, a knee joint, a hand and wrist joint, an elbow joint, a shoulder joint, and a foot and ankle joint. The apparatus includes a pre-operative geometric planner and a pre-operative kinematic
6201839 Method and apparatus for correlation-sensitive adaptive sequence detection March 13, 2001
The present invention is directed to a method of determining branch metric values for branches of a trellis for a Viterbi-like detector. The method includes the step of selecting a branch metric function for each of the branches at a certain time index. The method also includes the step
6175244 Current signatures for IDDQ testing January 16, 2001
A method of using static power supply current in response to test vectors for acceptance testing and defect diagnosis of CMOS integrated circuit die. Testing is based on comparison of two or more power supply current measurements from the die under test. Defect diagnosis is based on
6167336 Method and apparatus for determining an excavation strategy for a front-end loader December 26, 2000
In one embodiment of the present invention, a planning apparatus and method for earthmoving operations with a front-end loader, such as loading a bucket with material and unloading the material in a receptacle, is disclosed including multi-level processing for planning the operation. One
6166172 Method of forming poly-(3-substituted) thiophenes December 26, 2000
A method of forming a regioregular polythiophene from a polymerization reaction is described. The method proceeds by combining a soluble thiophene having at least two leaving groups with an organomagnesium reagent to form a regiochemical isomer intermediate, and adding thereto an eff
6165486 Biocompatible compositions and methods of using same December 26, 2000
Blends of biodegradable polymers, preferably poly(caprolactone) and poly(D,L-lactic-co-glycolic) acid are discussed as well as their applications in the medical field, particularly with regard to bone tissue engineering. Preferably, hydroxyapatite ("HA") granules are incorporated int
6162882 Preparation of novel homo- and copolymers using atom transfer radical polymerization December 19, 2000
The present invention is directed to a process of atom (or group) transfer radical polymerization for the synthesis of novel homopolymer or a block or graft copolymer, optionally containing at least one polar group, with well defined molecular architecture and narrow polydipersity index,
6151009 Method and apparatus for merging real and synthetic images November 21, 2000
A method for merging real and synthetic images in real time is comprised of the steps of providing a first signal containing depth and image information per pixel about a real image. A second signal containing depth and image information per pixel about a synthetic image is provided. The
6136223 Metal ligand containing bleaching compositions October 24, 2000
The invention provides a novel composition and method for removing or reducing levels of recalcitrant constituents from an effluent, such as lignin chromophores, AOX species, such as chlorinated phenols, dioxins, dibenzofurans, biphenyls, and high molecular weight material produced in
6133445 Rigidized trimethine cyanine dyes October 17, 2000
Disclosed are analogues of trimethine cyanine dyes which are useful for imparting fluorescent properties to target materials by covalent and non-covalent association. The compounds have the following general formula: ##STR1## optionally substituted by groups R.sup.2 -R.sup.9 wher
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