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RE43702 Microscope with heightened resolution and linear scanning October 2, 2012
Microscope with heightened resolution and linear scanning wherein the sample is illuminated with a first and a second illuminating light, whereby the first illuminating light excites the sample, and the second illuminating light is generated through the refraction of coherent light a
D639324 Microscope June 7, 2011
D608787 User interface for computer screen January 26, 2010
8582924 Data structure of an image storage and retrieval system November 12, 2013
Disclosed is an imaging system that stores and retrieves very large scanned digital images, as in applications that automatically scan biological samples using a computer-controlled digital camera microscope. Slide data is entered, zelle data is captured and compressed and a zelle da
8570625 Device and method for generating an image of an object October 29, 2013
A device for generating an image of an object is provided, comprising an illumination module, by means of which the object can be illuminated with a pattern whose phase is altered temporally, a recording module, by means of which a plurality of recordings of the object are carried out du
8563912 Microscope having focus-holding unit October 22, 2013
The invention relates to a microscope having a stage for supporting a sample to be examined, a recording sensor, an imaging optic for imaging the sample onto the recording sensor, a moving unit by means of which the distance between the stage and the imaging optic can be changed, a c
8294897 Method for imaging a sample using a microscope, and microscope and data storage center October 23, 2012
The invention relates to a method for imaging a sample using a microscope, in particular a scanning microscope, in which the sample is illuminated with excitation light via an illuminating beam path, and light emitted from the sample is recorded via a detection beam path, wherein at
8294728 Process for generating display images from acquired recorded images, and means for carrying out October 23, 2012
An image processing device comprising an acquisition interface for acquiring recorded image data or recorded image signals and a graphics interface for a display device is constructed in such a way that a temporal sequence of recorded images can be acquired via the acquisition interf
8280131 Method and configuration for optically detecting an illuminated specimen October 2, 2012
A configuration for the optical detection of a specimen, wherein the specimen or at least part of the specimen is scanned by means of linear illumination by scanning means, means for linear beam shaping of the illuminating light are provided, and the illuminating light has a preferab
8253093 Optoelectronic detector assembly and method of operating same August 28, 2012
An optoelectronic detector and method of using same. In order to avoid any condensation on a surface, it has been known to heat such a surface. However, heating an optoelectronic detector will create a stronger hissing noise due to the greater dark current that is caused thereby. The
8228499 Method for positioning biological samples in a microscopic arrangement July 24, 2012
The invention relates to methods for positioning at least one preferably biological specimen in the specimen space of a microscope arrangement, and to devices for carrying out these methods. Methods and devices are proposed, wherein the specimen's orientation relative to a detection
8217998 Microscope picture processing July 10, 2012
A microscope image processing method includes applying a computing operation to at least one part of a microscope image, having the following steps: (a) providing the image in the mass storage device, (b) breaking down the microscope image into at least two image segments that can be
8214561 Peripheral interface and process for data transfer, especially for laser scanning microscopes July 3, 2012
A peripheral interface and process for data transfer, especially for laser scanning microscopes. The peripheral interface permits a gap-free transfer of data with high transmission speed using a non-real-time-enabled operating system of the control computer. A peripheral connection f
8213081 Objective replacement device for microscopes July 3, 2012
The invention relates to an objective replacement device for a microscope, wherein the sample is located in a sample chamber and surrounded by an immersion medium within the sample chamber, means for positioning and aligning the sample relative to the focus of an objective being pres
8207510 Method and arrangement for collimated microscopic imaging June 26, 2012
A method and arrangement for collimated microscopic imaging, including a first illumination of a sample in at least one region for exciting fluorescence, and a spatially resolving detection of the sample light by detector elements, the detection being associated with the region, wher
8203784 Multispectral lighting apparatus June 19, 2012
The invention is directed to a multispectral illumination device for a microscope or for a reader. According to the invention, the illumination device comprises at least three receptacle positions for lighting modules and at least one receptacle position for coupling modules, the mechani
8194312 Optics changer June 5, 2012
The invention relates to an optics changer for arranging an optical element in a target position in a changer chamber of an optical device accessible from the outside via a insertion channel, including a base frame and the optical element that is pivotally fastened to the base frame
8189915 Method for segmentation in an n-dimensional feature space and method for classifying objects in May 29, 2012
A segmentation method includes several steps wherein a single data space is selected by the user in an n-dimensional feature space in a first step. This selected data space is basically interpreted by the system as containing at least two classes of objects to be segmented. In the fo
8189897 Program-controlled microscope and method for externally controlling microscopes May 29, 2012
The object in a program-controlled microscope and method for the external control of microscopes is to ensure the availability of externally generated data independent from the external control device generating the data. The microscope has an interface by which data which are genera
8179575 Chromatic registration for biological sample imaging May 15, 2012
Systems and techniques for chromatic distortion reduction. Relative chromatic distortion information for an imaging system may be obtained, where the relative chromatic distortion information indicates relative displacement of a first color signal and a second color signal from a ref
8125709 Illumination device, in particular for microscopes February 28, 2012
The present invention is directed to a controllable microscope illumination within a microscope system by which all essential contrasting methods in microscopy can be realized. The illumination device according to the invention comprises a plurality of individual light sources which
8125708 Lens changer for a stereomicroscope February 28, 2012
An objective changer for a telescope-type stereomicroscope which has two telescope systems whose entrance-side beam paths are oriented parallel to one another, which includes a carrier and an objective holder which is held at the carrier so as to be movable relative to the carrier betwee
8120771 Configuration of a laser scanning microscope for raster image correlation spectroscopy measureme February 21, 2012
By means of an improved configuration method, mathematical transport models can be fitted to correlations determined by means of scanning fluorescence spectroscopy with few errors. With improved methods for carrying out or evaluating a raster image correlation spectroscopy measuremen
8116543 System for and method of intelligently directed segmentation analysis for automated microscope s February 14, 2012
The present disclosure includes systems and techniques relating to intelligently directed segmentation analysis for automated microscope systems. In general, in one implementation, the technique includes obtaining an image of at least a portion of a scan region including a biological
8115164 Calibration device and laser scanning microscope with such a calibration device February 14, 2012
A calibration device for managing a variety of performance tests and/or calibration tasks in a laser scanning microscope. The calibration device, which has focusing optics and a test structure arranged in the focal plane of the focusing optics, with structural elements detectable in
8111456 Stage drive for microscopes February 7, 2012
A stage drive for moving a microscope stage designed as a mechanical stage including a first drive element linked to a first output element, and a second drive element, which is linked to a second output element. Through first and second transmission elements, the first output element
8111396 Spectrometric measurement system and method for compensating for veiling glare February 7, 2012
The present solution is directed to a measuring system and a method for determining spectrometric measurement results with high accuracy. The spectrometric measuring system, comprises a radiation source, an entrance slit, a dispersion element, and a detector with detector elements ar
8102526 Spectrometer with a slit for incident light and fabrication of the slit January 24, 2012
A spectrometer including an entrance slit and the production of the entrance slit. The spectrometer includes a housing, an entrance slit, and an imaging diffraction grating inside the housing for splitting and imaging the light onto an optoelectric detector. The detector is arranged
8098374 Highly sensitive spectroscopic unit January 17, 2012
The invention is directed to a highly sensitive spectrum analysis unit with a diffraction grating, wherein a parallel light bundle having a wavelength range impinges on a diffraction grating which splits the different wavelengths into spectra by diffraction in first directions, and w
8097865 Multispectral illuminaton device January 17, 2012
An illumination device includes at least four semiconductor radiation sources (18) for emitting optical radiation in respectively different emission wavelength ranges. At least one color splitter (22.1, 22.2, 22.3), which is reflective for optical radiation of the respective semicond
8077413 Adjustable pinhole for a laser scanning microscope December 13, 2011
An adjustable pinhole, in particular for a beam path for illumination and/or detection in a laser-scanning microscope. The pinhole consists of at least two planar basic modules, which have frame-like joints, on which at least one blade is arranged in a displaceable manner in one directio
8040598 Microscope for observing a sample in the bright field illumination by transmitted light or in fl October 18, 2011
A microscope for observing an object selectably using the bright-field transmitted light contrast procedure or the incident-light fluorescence contrast procedure. During the bright-field transmitted light contrast procedure, an illumination beam path is directed from a bright-field l
8036868 Intergrated systems and methods of virtual or live microscope slide presentation October 11, 2011
A method for creating a virtual slide is provided. A virtual slide is a digital representation of an area of interest of a microscopic slide. One method is to use a motorized microscope that can move a specimen with respect to a microscopic objective. With such a system, one can capture
8013288 Method for correcting a control of an optical scanner and the optical scanner September 6, 2011
In a method for correcting a control of an optical scanner (14) which has a beam deflecting element (31) for deflecting a beam of optical radiation and a drive unit (30, 30') for moving the beam deflecting element (31), said drive unit deflecting a beam of optical radiation directed at t
8004757 Safety system for a laser radiation device August 23, 2011
A laser radiation-guiding device including: a laser including a control unit; ports for connection of one module each, it being possible that laser radiation may exit at the ports. The device further can include joining part sensors respectively assigned to a port and whose electrical
8000511 System for and method of focusing in automated microscope systems August 16, 2011
The present disclosure includes systems and techniques relating to focusing in automated microscope systems. In general, in one implementation, the technique includes obtaining an image of at least a portion of a scan region, analyzing the image to find an area in the image represent
7999238 Arrangement for processing signals at the output of a multichannel detector August 16, 2011
An arrangement for signal processing at the output of a multichannel detector in the spectrally resolved acquisition of time-variable fluorescence phenomena in a microscope, particularly lifetime measurements, is characterized in that an FPGA (free programmable gate array) is arrange
7933083 Diaphragm device April 26, 2011
A diaphragm device with which individual wavelengths or ranges of wavelengths in the path of a beam of spectrally dispersed light can be suppressed. Such a diaphragm device comprises at least one array of diaphragms, wherein the individual diaphragms of the array are arranged in a de
7929824 Optical image recording and image evaluation system April 19, 2011
An optical image recordation and image evaluation system has an imaging beam path and at least two digital cameras and a beam splitter. The beam splitter splits the light of the imaging beam path and conducts the same to respective digital cameras. The start time points for image rec
7923672 Process and devices for optically sensing a specimen with a large depth of field April 12, 2011
A device for optically sensing a specimen with a large depth of field has a lighting module which illuminates a zone of the specimen during a predetermined measurement period with a pattern whose phase is modified in time during the measurement period, generating a specimen light to
7916916 System and method for remote navigation of a specimen March 29, 2011
A method of providing remote navigation of a specimen includes receiving a command to remotely control a microscope and a camera coupled with the microscope to view a portion of a specimen disposed on the microscope, capturing a digital image of the portion with the camera in response to
7916913 System and method for reconstructing a diagnostic trajectory March 29, 2011
A system and method for reconstructing a diagnostic trajectory.
7907348 Microscope objective March 15, 2011
The invention relates to a microscope objective with preferably anti-symmetric lenses or lens groups with an optical magnification of -100 and a visual field factor of 20.According to the invention the microscope objective consists of 9 lenses with 3 cemented elements, starting from
7888628 Optical zoom system for a light scanning microscope February 15, 2011
For a confocal scanning microscope (1) an optical zoom system (41) with linear scanning is provided, which not only makes a zoom function possible, in that a variable magnification of an image is possible, but rather which additionally produces a pupil image in the illuminating beam
7876948 System for creating microscopic digital montage images January 25, 2011
An imaging apparatus. The imaging apparatus may find an area in which a specimen is present, then focus on the specimen and capture images of the specimen during continuous stage motion.
7873193 Serial section analysis for computer-controlled microscopic imaging January 18, 2011
Automated projection of serial section images in microscopic imaging systems. A computer-controlled microscope that is connected electrically to a controller that has a display device. A batch of serial section slides includes a series of serial section slides, each of which has a mi
7872799 Device for controlling light radiation January 18, 2011
Device for controlling light radiation, which is excited in a specimen and/or which is backscattered and/or reflected and which contains one or more wavelengths, at a plurality of light outlets, wherein a separation of the light radiation into differently polarized components is carried
7869641 System and method for finding regions of interest for microscopic digital montage imaging January 11, 2011
A system for determining tissue locations on a slide.
7869123 Laser scanning microscope with high-speed data processing January 11, 2011
Specimen laser-scanning microscope with raster scanning illumination and detector modules, which illuminates and detects a specimen by raster scanning. A real-time control device (device) performs synchronous reading-out with the raster scanning pixel cycle. A data port serially comm
7859673 Method and arrangement for detecting light signals December 28, 2010
A method for detecting and analyzing light signals, in which a light signal impinges an optoelectric converter, where it is converted into an electric signal and the electric signal subsequent to the conversion is distributed into several analysis channels (13.1-13.4), within each an
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