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Weinheim, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D625924 Toilet brush head October 26, 2010
D620214 Head for cleaning brushware July 20, 2010
D599969 Mop head September 8, 2009
D597271 Wringer for a cleaning implement July 28, 2009
D593268 Mop head May 26, 2009
D589734 Housing for a toilet brush April 7, 2009
D575515 Broom head August 26, 2008
D572014 Broom body July 1, 2008
D572013 Broom body July 1, 2008
D518262 Bucket March 28, 2006
D462583 Squeezing apparatus September 10, 2002
D462491 Bucket September 3, 2002
8585127 Cable guide on a vehicle door November 19, 2013
The present invention relates to a motor vehicle having a component whose position can be changed and which is provided with a cable. For this cable, the motor vehicle has a cable store with a force and/or torque storage means, of which the stored force and/or stored torque changes w
8584300 Squeeze mop November 19, 2013
Squeeze mop, including a bearing body that is formed by a double joint and two squeeze plates that are arranged on either side of the double joint in the longitudinal direction of the bearing body and that are joined thereto, and a handle, the bearing body having on the side that fac
8561245 Cleaning implement October 22, 2013
A cleaning implement (10) comprising a handle (12) a cleaning end (24) coupled to the handle, and a cleaning head (14). The cleaning head may be removably coupled to the cleaning end, and can include a pair of tabs (30) extending through an aperture (32) in the cleaning end. Each tab may
8293666 Bonded structure for use in garments October 23, 2012
A bonded structure for use in a garment, comprising at least two mutually interbonded interlining fabrics, wherein the interlining fabrics each include warp yarns and weft yarns and wherein the interlining fabrics are next to each other, such that the structure has high shape stability e
8292302 Mounting guard ring October 23, 2012
A mounting guard ring for a sealing ring with at least one sealing lip, surrounding a sleeve-shaped protective ring with a supporting surface for the sealing lip disposed at the outer periphery and a holding device shaped as a grip, the protective ring being provided in at least one
8287983 Velour needle-punched nonwoven material and use thereof October 16, 2012
The invention describes a velour needle-punched nonwoven material, which is produced by placing an optionally pre-strengthened nonwoven material on a brush-like stitch base and needling of the nonwoven on this stitch base. The velour needle-punched nonwoven material according to the
8246024 Bushing having limit stops August 21, 2012
A bushing, having a core member, at least one enveloping body surrounding the same, and at least one elastic connecting layer, the elastic connecting layer joining together and spacing apart the enveloping body and the core member, and the core member and the enveloping body being mo
8234970 Gasket, cover with gasket, and pneumatic cylinder with cover and gasket August 7, 2012
A gasket includes a damping buffer for a piston that can be charged with a pressure medium and that can be moved back and forth axially in a cylinder pipe and includes at least one static seal for sealing the cylinder pipe vis-a-vis a cover connected to the face of the cylinder pipe
8221844 Wallpaper for use in an automobile and a method for making same July 17, 2012
An automobile wallpaper, and an exterior surface finishing agent for the door trim, seats, and so on, of automobiles, as well as its manufacturing method. To manufacture such automobile wallpaper, a printing process is performed on the surface of a surface material which is currently bei
8210543 Seal for a bushing July 3, 2012
A bushing, including a core, a sleeve that surrounds the core and a spring element that is arranged between the core and the sleeve, wherein, on at least one face of the bushing, there is a sealing element that seals the spring element vis-a-vis the environment.
8181943 Humidifier May 22, 2012
A humidifier (1), including at least one housing (2), in which multiple fibers (3) constructed as water-permeable hollow fiber membranes are arranged, wherein a first air stream (4) is passed inside the fibers (3) and a second air stream (5) is passed outside the fibers (3), and wherein
8161592 Cleaning implement April 24, 2012
The broom may include a broom body. The broom body may include a shaft side, a shoulder disposed on the shaft side, a cleaning side, and a bump guard disposed on the shoulder. The broom may further comprise a shaft extending from the shoulder and a plurality of bristles extending from
8157883 Compressible filter element having end caps inclined to one another April 17, 2012
A filter element, comprising a first component, a second component, and a filter medium, which is situated between the components, the components being spaced apart by the filter medium, the components and the filter medium delimiting a permeable volume, and the filter medium implementin
8136196 Dusting tool March 20, 2012
A dusting tool (1) with a handle (2) to which two bars (3, 4) are attached at a certain distance from each other, with the free ends (5, 6) of said bars (3, 4) being connected to each other and with a number of spacers (7) being disposed between said bars (3, 4).
8128729 Filter arrangement March 6, 2012
A method of providing error correction to flow velocity readings of a fluid flowing through a filter arrangement for monitoring the service life of the filter, wherein a filter arrangement, comprising a filter and a sensor device is arranged downstream of the filter, the sensor device
8124550 Thermally bound non-woven material February 28, 2012
The invention relates to a thermally bound non-woven material containing a low-shrinkage dual-component core-sheath fiber consisting of a crystalline polyester core and a crystalline polyester sheath which has a melting point at least C. lower than the core, the heat-shrin
8122561 Wringer February 28, 2012
A wringer (1) for a mop (2) with a receptacle (3) in which the mop (2) can be wrung out by inward pressure, where the receptacle (3) consists of a number of wall parts (4), each of which has an inner leg (5) and an outer leg (6), which are connected together, where spacers (7) are ar
8122557 Broom body February 28, 2012
The invention relates to a broom body (1) having, on its underside facing the surface to be cleaned, at least two cleaning bodies (3, 4) made of different materials. One cleaning body (3) is forted by a foam material body (5), which is non-positively and/or positively joined to the broom
8114794 Elastic, soft and punctiformly bound non-woven fabric provided with filler particles and method February 14, 2012
The invention relates to a nonwoven fabric which is bonded at selected points by use of a binder containing particles composed of filler material (a phase change material, among others) and which is not bonded at other selected points. The nonwoven fabric is characterized by a soft t
8105725 Module for a fuel cell arrangement January 31, 2012
A module for a fuel cell arrangement is provided, having plates which are configured in the form of a stack, at least two plates being partially joined to one another by a sealing element, at least one further seal being configured between the plates.
8104748 Hollow fiber system January 31, 2012
Disclosed is a hollow fiber system for a humidifier, including hollow fibers that are permeable to steam. A first air flow can be conducted within the hollow fibers while a second air flow can be conducted outside the hollow fibers. The hollow fibers are located at least in part at a
8104747 Humidifier January 31, 2012
A humidifier including a housing which is used to receive a humidifier module. The housing can be connected by the housing cover and is provided with at least one first sealing element, which seals the humidifier module in relation to the housing. The humidifier module is arranged in
8099824 Squeezing device for a flat-body wiper and cleaning system January 24, 2012
A squeezing device for a wiping cover of a flat-body wiper, the wiper cover hanging downward and partially detached from a wiper plate of the flat-body wiper in a vertical position of the wiper plate, the wiper plate including a downward facing pressure surface in the vertical positi
8079568 Valve with magnetic sealing element made of foam December 20, 2011
A valve is described having an inlet, an outlet, a sealing element and a device to generate a magnetic field, whereby the sealing element can be moved at least partially by the device and whereby the sealing element connects the inlet to the outlet in a fluid-conducting manner in that th
8028999 Axle boot October 4, 2011
An axle boot for joint sealing, in particular on the drive train of motor vehicles, includes a substantially axisymmetric bellows, which is designed as a single piece with a connecting collar. The connecting collar has a plurality of indentations projecting towards the inside that ar
8021997 Multicomponent spunbonded nonwoven, method for its manufacture, and use of the multicomponent sp September 20, 2011
A multicomponent spunbonded nonwoven is provided which is composed of at least two polymers which form interfaces toward one another, which are produced by at least one spinning machine having uniform spinning nozzle apertures, and which are hydrodynamically drawn, lapped in a sheet-like
8011055 Cleaning implement September 6, 2011
A cleaning implement that includes a shaft, a mop disposed on one end of the shaft, a wringer, and a fixed grip. The wringer includes a wringing sleeve and a wringer handle. The wringer is movable over a range of travel between a mopping position and a range of wringing positions, in
7997802 Axial plain bearing assembly August 16, 2011
An axial plain bearing assembly includes a thrust ring provided for common rotation with a rotary component. The thrust ring has a radial seal face on an end face thereof for co-operating with a radial seal face of a non-rotational seal ring of a gas-lubricated mechanical face seal a
7988160 Cleaning cart August 2, 2011
A cleaning cart (1) is provided with an expandable frame (2) comprising combinable and detachably connectable elements, with a first element (3) being designed so as to be U-shaped and with its two ends (4) being bent to form right angles so that the ends (4) project outwardly from the
7954197 Mop-head plate comprising mop cover June 7, 2011
The invention relates to a mop (1) comprising a mop-head plate (2) and an interchangeable mop cover (3) with a mopping surface (4) that is attached to the mop-head plate (2). According to the invention, the mop cover (3) is equipped on two opposing sides with a respective fixing device (
7937796 Wiping mop and foot pedal therefor May 10, 2011
The invention relates to a wiping mop comprising a mop head (1) provided with at least one cleaning body (2), wherein said mop head (1) is connected to a handle (3), the mop head (1) and a handle (3) comprise a circular foot pedal (4) for wringing the cleaning body (2) by means of a
7917989 Mop system, wringer device and mop April 5, 2011
The invention relates to a mop (1) comprising a mop-head plate (2) for a mop cover (3). The mop-head plate (2) comprises a first connector (4), which can be connected to at least one second connector (5) of a wringer device (6) in order to wring out the mop cover (3). The invention also
7892622 Method for manufacturing a tufted product, tufted product, and use thereof February 22, 2011
The object of the invention is to provide a method which is as simple and economical as possible for manufacturing a tufted product, in particular a tufted top layer of a carpet, having improved nep adhesion properties. For this purpose splittable fibers are used which split on or in the
7866252 Gasket, cover with gasket, and pneumatic cylinder with cover and gasket January 11, 2011
A gasket includes a damping buffer (1) for a piston (2) that can be charged with a pressure medium and that can be moved back and forth axially in a cylinder pipe (3) and includes at least one static seal (4) for sealing the cylinder pipe (3) vis-a-vis a cover (5) connected to the fa
7857322 Sealing ring December 28, 2010
The present invention provides a sealing ring having at least eight sealing edges. Sealing rings, such as O-ring seals, are generally known. These universal sealing rings can be used for statically or dynamically sealing machine elements. They have the advantage of being suited for a
7837565 Arrangement for connecting two shaft ends with a bearing November 23, 2010
An arrangement, comprising two shaft ends (1, 2), which are mutually connected by a coupling element (3) so as to transmit torque, the coupling element (3) being associated with a bearing (4), which receives at least one shaft end (1), the bearing (4) comprising a support body (5) fo
7815887 Conductive nonwoven fabric October 19, 2010
The invention relates to a conductive nonwoven fabric that is carbonized and/or graphitized and possesses a bending rigidity <8 taber, a density of 0.1 g/m.sup.3 to 0.5 g/m.sup.3, a thickness of 80 .mu.m to 500 .mu.m, and an electrical conductivity of 10 to 300 S/cm in the nonwoven
7802491 Device for dampening torsional vibrations and arrangement September 28, 2010
A device for dampening torsional vibrations, comprising a centering sleeve (1) for the reception of a rotatable element and a flywheel mass (2) is characterized in that, with regard to the objective to be solved, namely the realization of an arrangement having a constructively simple des
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