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Canon Kabushiki Kaishi Patents
Canon Kabushiki Kaishi
Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8041149 Image processing apparatus, and control method and program of the same October 18, 2011
It is intended to provide an image composition apparatus, a control method and program of an image processing apparatus which, when a user wants to combine a photo image and a handwritten image, even if the image processing apparatus is used for other purposes or even if the power of
7437065 Imaging apparatus October 14, 2008
At least one exemplary embodiment is directed to an imaging apparatus which includes a rear-focus-type lens system configured to perform autofocusing on the basis of a video signal received from an image pickup device. The imaging apparatus can determine a distance from a subject on
7173747 Tiltable-body apparatus, and method of fabricating the same February 6, 2007
The tiltable-body apparatus including a frame member, a tiltable body, and a pair of torsion springs having a twisting longitudinal axis. The torsion springs are disposed along the twisting longitudinal-axis opposingly with the tiltable body being interposed, support the tiltable bod
7161625 Image pickup apparatus January 9, 2007
For preventing the blooming phenomenon, there is provided an image pickup apparatus comprising a solid-state image pickup device adapted for a first readout method in which plural pixels are added to be read and a second readout method in which plural pixels are not added; and a circuit
7154542 Image pickup apparatus having an exposure control circuit December 26, 2006
In order to form a magnified image without degradation of a resolution, signals of pixels contained in a first image pickup area are read through addition of n (n is a natural number) pixels, and signals of pixels contained in a second image pickup area smaller than the first image p
7151250 Probe with hollow waveguide and method for producing the same December 19, 2006
A probe for detecting light or irradiating light comprises a cantilever supported at an end thereof by a substrate, a hollow tip formed at a free end of the cantilever, a microaperture formed at the end of the tip, and a hollow waveguide formed inside the cantilever.A method for producin
7142243 Image sensing apparatus having a member that adjusts with temperature change November 28, 2006
This invention has building members which include an image sensing portion, an optical member for forming a beam from an object to be sensed into an image on the image sensing portion, a positioning portion which positions the optical member, and a support member which holds the opti
7142233 Image pickup element November 28, 2006
To output a color image signal of an arbitrary basic block and facilitate processing on the output side, an image pickup element including a plurality of photodetectors each having a color filter array, a vertical direction selection circuit for selecting in the vertical direction an
7136328 Magneto-optical recording device capable of setting the time phase of laser pulses and magnetic November 14, 2006
The present invention provides a magneto-optical recording method capable of securing a sufficient phase margin, even if a recording power or medium temperature fluctuates, and obtaining a reproduction signal having a preferable quality, wherein the time phases of a laser pulse and a
7135666 Image pick-up device having well structure and image pick-up system using the image pick-up devi November 14, 2006
Receiving a subject image at good sensitivity by improving the light collection efficiency of incident light, wherein an image pick-up element includes a light-receiving portion, poly-silicon wiring formed on the light-receiving portion, and a well structure. The poly-silicon wiring is
6636644 Image processing suitable for use with MPEG4, avoiding false-color problems in extraction of por October 21, 2003
In a chroma subsampled image, since an extracted object contains a color outside the object upon extracting the object, the color of an object boundary portion becomes unnatural upon reproduction, and coding efficiency lowers.In this invention, the object is extracted while determining p
6256085 Exposure apparatus July 3, 2001
An exposure apparatus optically transfers a pattern drawn on an original plate onto an exposure target. When positioning a stage, which is movable with an exposure target or original plate being mounted thereon, the coordinate origin as the reference is switched, when necessary, to match
6244702 Method and apparatus for producing color filter, color filter, liquid crystal display device and June 12, 2001
This invention relates to a highly precise and efficient color filter producing apparatus, which is provided with at least a set of drawing heads for respectively generating ink jets of red, green and blue colors, movement means for moving, with a substrate on which a color filter is to
6219400 X-ray optical system and X-ray exposure apparatus April 17, 2001
An X-ray optical system includes an X-ray illumination system having at least two mirrors, a driving system for moving the at least two mirrors, a detecting system having at least one sensor, for detecting at least one of tilt and incidence position of X-rays in the X-ray illumination sy
5841448 Substrate for ink-jet head, having an optical element ink-jet head, and ink-jet apparatus November 24, 1998
There is disclosed an ink-jet head for performing recording by discharging an ink, including a discharge port for discharging the ink, and an ink channel which communicates with the discharge port and is provided with a discharge energy generating element for discharging the ink. An opti
5771049 Fluid-jet recording apparatus and method in which fluid-jet head heating is controlled June 23, 1998
An ink-jet printer for printing an imaging using an ink-jet head has a heater for holding the temperature of the ink-jet head above a predetermined temperature. The temperature of the ink-jet head is held above the predetermined temperature at the time of a recording operation. When
5745136 Liquid jet head, and liquid jet apparatus therefor April 28, 1998
A liquid jet head for discharging liquid comprises a plurality of element boards each having electrothermal transducing elements to generate thermal energy for discharging liquid, and functional elements to drive the electrothermal transducing elements on one and the same board; and a
5696547 Recording apparatus with auxilliary recording and method thereof December 9, 1997
A thermal transfer recording apparatus for image recording on a recording medium by transferring the ink of an ink sheet onto said recording medium, comprises ink sheet transport means for transporting said ink sheet, recording medium transport means for transporting said recording mediu
5671199 Detecting apparatus for detecting a tracking error signal in an optical information recording an September 23, 1997
An optical information recording and/or reproducing apparatus has a detecting apparatus for detecting a tracking error signal. The detecting apparatus includes a spot forming system for forming three spots of a main spot, a first subspot, and a second subspot on an optical information
5322376 Serial printing apparatus including an error correcting capability and having a memory June 21, 1994
A recording apparatus has a memory for storing information entered from a key input device, whereby the stored information can be used to rapidly and precisely position erasing means at a previously recorded indicium for erasure thereof. The apparatus may also have at least one drive sys
5313305 Video camera having viewfinder and a power saving function feature May 17, 1994
In a video camera having an image sensor for converting an object image into a video signal, a viewfinder for visualizing the object image and a power source, waste of electric energy is prevented by controlling the supply of power to the viewfinder by detecting the access or non-access
4992877 Image pickup apparatus with supervision of noise level differences between fields February 12, 1991
There is provided an image pickup apparatus having an image pickup element for dividing a photoelectrically converted video signal of one frame into first and second fields and for sequentially reading the fields out, wherein the apparatus has a suppression circuit to suppress the signal
4981351 Film retrieving apparatus January 1, 1991
A film retrieving apparatus for retrieving a desired frame in a film has an optical device for projecting images recorded in the frames of the film, a moving device for moving the film along a plane orthogonal to the optical path of the optical device, image detecting device for putting
4974950 Optical system for deflecting image December 4, 1990
An optical system comprising, from front to rear, a first lens group of positive power, a second lens group of negative power and a third lens group of positive power, wherein deflection of an image is made by parallel decentering the second lens group.
4964703 Image-forming lens October 23, 1990
An image-forming lens having a primary surface defined by a spherical surface and located on the side of an object when the lens is used to provide negative magnification, a secondary surface defined by a flat plane and located on the side of an image, the lens having therein a refra
4964697 Lens barrel having circuit board with polygonal aperture October 23, 1990
A lens barrel for use in an optical instrument such as a camera or other imaging device has a circuit board having an aperture which allows a light beam from a photographed object to pass therethrough. The aperture has a substantially polygonal shape which substantially coincides with an
4964686 Finder optical device October 23, 1990
A secondary image forming type finder opitcal device having an objective lens solely used therefor, comprising, from front to rear, an objective lens unit including at least one positive lens, a relay lens unit formed by arranging a lens of positive refractive power and a lens of negativ
4963005 Zoom lens having built-in diaphragm October 16, 1990
A zoom lens comprising, from front to rear, a first lens unit of negative power and a second lens unit of positive power, both lens being axially moved to effect zooming, in which a diaphragm is arranged between the first and second lens units to remain stationary during zooming.
4933817 Illuminating device June 12, 1990
An illuminating device comprises a light-condensing block forming a transparent pillar member having a greater refractive index than the ambience and having a cross-sectional shape forming a part of an ellipse, and a light source disposed axially of the pillar member in a focal plane
4835005 Process for forming deposition film May 30, 1989
A process for forming a deposition film on a substrate comprises introducing separately a precursor or activated species formed in a decomposition space (B) and activated species formed in a decomposition space (C), into the deposition space wherein the film is formed on the substrat

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