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4998624 Method of separating carbonaceous components from particulate coal containing inorganic solids a March 12, 1991
Carbonaceous components are separated from particulate coal containing inorganic solids by agitating and aerating the coal, agglomerating oil and water to form agglomerates of carbonaceous components of the coal and oil with air trapped in the agglomerates. The air trapped in the agglome
4943811 Dual polarization electromagnetic power reception and conversion system July 24, 1990
An antenna array for receiving dual polarized electromagnetic waves, comprised of a first thin-film printed circuit rectenna having a plurality of linear half-wavelength dipole antennae oriented in a first direction for receiving a first component of the dual polarized waves, and a secon
4933916 Phase measurements using pseudo-random code June 12, 1990
Signal phase delay may be accurately measured by transmitting a pseudo-random noise coded reference signal, deriving in-phase and quadrature components of the received coded signal and then separately decoding the in-phase and quadrature components. This technique effectively compres
4931866 Distributed coaxial light source producing constant target luminance June 5, 1990
A luminous source for illluminating targets in e.g. machine vision systems, remote manipulator systems used in outer space, etc., producing nearly constant target luminance as the target maintains various distances from the camera. This is achieved by the luminous source having a dual
4929798 Pseudoadiabatic reactor for exothermal catalytic conversions May 29, 1990
A multitubular catalytic reactor for exothermal catalytic reactions comprises a bundle of parallel tubes all of the same length and a catalyst within the tubes. The tube bundle has an inlet side and an outlet side. Devices are provided for introducing separately reactants to within the
4901921 Particle injection device for thermal spraying February 20, 1990
There is described a method and an apparatus wherein particles and a carrier gas are injected under pressure into a plasma flame. The particles are completely melted and are theraefter propelled onto a substrate to produce a coating thereon. According to the invention, the speed of the
4895423 Fabrication technique for low-loss fused taper directional couplers and pressure sensor produced January 23, 1990
A method of forming a single mode biconical fiber optic coupler comprising holding 2 or more optical fibers parallel to and in contact with each other at spaced apart locations, exerting equal tension in opposite directions to the fibers at said spaced apart locations to stretch the
4888108 Separation of fine solids from petroleum oils and the like December 19, 1989
Dispersed solids, particularly fine peptized hydrophobic solids, present in some petroleum oils, bitumen solutions or concentrates, heavy oils and the like, may be removed by distributing an additive selected from resorcinol, catechol, formic acid, maleic acid or anhydride, chloral hydra
4883622 Method of manufacturing discrete fiber reinforced, plastic tube and apparatus therefor November 28, 1989
A method and apparatus for making multi-layered plastic tube reinforced with fibers by a co-extrusion process. The method and apparatus provide more specifically a multi-layered plastic tube with an intermediate layer thereof having discrete fibers where at least a major portion of the
4874948 Method and apparatus for evaluating the degree of cure in polymeric composites October 17, 1989
The degree of cure in a polymeric composite is evaluated in a simple, rapid and non-destructive manner by heating a surface portion of the polymeric composite to substantially curing temperature, over a predetermined period of time, and continuously monitoring with a non-contact temperat
4843847 Apparatus and method for ultrasonically inspecting articles for internal defects July 4, 1989
A mechanically amplified electroacoustic transducer system comprising an electroacoustic transducer having a vibrating element and an amplifier rod forming a probe extending from the transducer and in acoustically coupling contact with the vibrating element over a relatively small region
4836709 Water wave absorber June 6, 1989
There is described a water wave absorber, particularly suitable for use in testing tanks, to reduce the reflection of generated waves. The absorber comprises a series of sheets of unflattened expanded material, usually metal, positioned one behind the other and the sheets being arranged
4826299 Linear deiverging lens May 2, 1989
A new type of lens is described. The lens has the appearance of a prism with a relatively sharp radius at the apex. This lens finds an application in expanding a laser beam in one direction only.
4814084 Reverse osmosis membrane of cellulosic material March 21, 1989
There is provided a method of manufacturing cellulose membranes with pore radii less than 30.times.10.sup.-10 m, suitable for reverse osmosis applications. The method comprises dissolving a cellulosic material in a DMSO/PF solvent at a temperature about C. for about 90 min.,
4800541 Method for underwater acoustic direction sensing January 24, 1989
A method of determining the bearing "S" of a signal transmitter relative to a remote signal receiver. A signal pulse having a high signal to noise ratio is transmitted and sampled at closely spaced receivers displaced from the transmitter by a distance "D". Sampled phase components are
4795969 Load loss standard for testing and calibrating high voltage power measuring systems January 3, 1989
A current-comparator technique for obtaining a load loss standard with adjustable loss tangent (or power factor) for in-situ calibration of transformer loss measuring system is described. The load loss standard, driven by the test voltage through a low-loss high-voltage compressed-ga
4790188 Method of, and an apparatus for, evaluating forming capabilities of solid plate December 13, 1988
A method of, and apparatus for, evaluating forming capabilities of metal plate by means of ultrasonic waves where the rolling direction and the density of the plate are known. The method comprises the steps of launching acoustic waves into the plate and detecting acoustic waves propa
4788080 Process and apparatus for coating particles with fine powder November 29, 1988
There is disclosed a process for coating particles, such as ceramic, metallic and organic cores, with fine powder, such as ceramic, metal, organic or carbon powder. The process comprises providing a mixture comprising the particles and a binder which is capable of slowly melting to v
4787748 Synchronous optical scanning apparatus November 29, 1988
A triangular, synchronous optical scanning apparatus to be used in a three-dimensional imaging is disclosed. A pair of curved stationary reflecting mirrors can be provided in optical beam paths to modify the reference plane to conform to the target surface.
4783860 Combined flapper and piston motion wave board module November 15, 1988
There is described a wet back device for generating waves in a liquid in a test tank or the like. Such devices are known and usually operate a wave generating board by a push-pull piston operation or a flapping wave generating board pivoted in the tank and rocked about a horizontal axis
4781796 Apparatus for the conversion of sludges November 1, 1988
An apparatus for the conversion of sludge including a heated continuous tubular member having a continuous conveyor extending therethrough and defining along its length in succession a heating zone, a connecting zone and a reaction zone. The connecting zone conveys solid products from th
4776658 Fiber optic modulator October 11, 1988
New all-optical modulators that use nonlinear refraction and absorption to modify fiber-to-fiber coupling are disclosed. No resonators, feedback or stringent wavelength controls are needed. Implementations of the AND, NOR, NOT and XOR gates with better than 20 dB contrast ratio are descr
4755459 Detection of gonococcal infections using monoclonal antibodies July 5, 1988
Monoclonal antibodies specific to Neisseria gonorrhoeae lipopolysaccharide components having no cross-reactivity with N. meningitidis have been produced and found useful in the diagnosis of the presence of N. gonorrhoeae.
4754654 Submersible seawater pump sampler July 5, 1988
There is described a submersible water sampler for use in the collection of samples for testing. Conventional in situ samplers have had the disadvantage that they have been bulky and difficult to handle. There is described an in situ water pump sampler which has a frame member attached
4754645 Ultrasonic characterization of polymers under simulated processing conditions July 5, 1988
A method and an apparatus for ultrasonically characterizing polymer materials under simulated processing conditions are disclosed. According to the invention, a sample of a polymer is held in confinement between two axially aligned buffer rods having opposed parallel end surfaces spaced
4754497 FM receivers using three-terminal negative admittance networks or two and three-terminal negativ June 28, 1988
Novel FM receivers are disclosed, which are very compact and simple yet possess high sensitivity. The receivers use novel three-terminal and two-terminal negative admittance networks. In one embodiment, one three-terminal negative admittance network forms a complete FM homodyne recei
4749466 Solid electrolyte for oxygen sensor June 7, 1988
The invention is based on the discovery that in a solid electrolyte galvanic sensor, e.g. an yttria-stablized zirconia body, it is not necessary, as has hitherto been believed, to eliminate all impurities to achieve the important performance characteristics of rapid response time, re
4738795 Demulsification of water-in-oil emulsions April 19, 1988
Crude petroleum water-in-oil emulsions such as those produced by steam injection or water flooding in secondary oil well treatments (and other emulsions of this type) can be very effectively broken by the addition of water-insoluble, polar compounds selected from certain aliphatic ca
4737413 Chemorepellant compound April 12, 1988
A chemorepellant compound is disclosed having a general formula ##STR1## where R.sub.1 is H or an alkyl group in the range C.sub.1 to C.sub.6, and R.sub.2 is H or an appropriate hydroxyl protecting group, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts and esters thereof. A preferred form of
4736459 FM receivers using two-terminal negative admittance networks April 5, 1988
FM receivers which are very compact and simple yet have high sensitivity are described. The FM receivers are of the homodyne type or heterodyne type including a frequency converter. All the FM receivers contain two-termimal negative admittance networks.
4733051 Method and apparatus for controlling root pass weld penetration in open butt joints March 22, 1988
The invention is concerned with controlling weldpool penetration during root pass welding in an open butt joint defined in a workpiece to be welded by a welding torch with a welding wire being continuously fed from the welding torch to the joint to form a weldpool penetrating the joint,
4732046 Method and apparatus for the introduction of a vaporizable sample into an analytical test appara March 22, 1988
This invention is concerned with an apparatus and a method for the introduction of vaporizable samples into an apparatus for the analysis of such samples, such as a gas chromatograph, and especially a capillary gas chromatograph and ion mobility spectrometer. A sample is vaporized or
4728409 Perforated bipole electrochemical reactor March 1, 1988
An electrochemical reactor is provided with spaced apart anode and cathode monopolar electrodes. At least one bipolar electrode, and preferably a plurality of bipolar electrodes, are disposed between the monopolar electrodes. Each bipolar electrode has a plurality of openings thereth
4715048 Frequency offset diversity receiving system December 22, 1987
A diversity receiving system for differential detection of minimum shift key (MSK) signals. The system may be advantageously implemented in order to realize high quality mobile satellite communication systems where shadowing is a significant problem and channel bandwidth and power are
4708006 Combination locks November 24, 1987
A combination lock having two or more disks and a cam which includes a drive pin for driving an adjacent disk which, in turn, drives the next disk. The disks have pins adapted to be received in apertures in two or more disks, known as wheel gates, the disks and the cam can be moved i
4707064 Optical mixing/demixing device November 17, 1987
An optical mixing/demixing device is provided comprising a series of solid, light transmitting blocks, each having opposed, front and rear parallel, planar faces, coated with optical interference multilayer coatings, and first and second light transmitting faces arranged one on each side
4702676 Liquid driven pump or propulsive apparatus October 27, 1987
The apparatus relates to a jet pump or apparatus which displaces a main fluid by a pressurized driving liquid. The apparatus has a duct to receive the main fluid, and a driving liquid manifold cooperating with the duct to receive the pressurized driving liquid. First and second sets of i
4700262 Continuous electrostatic conveyor for small particles October 13, 1987
The electrostatic conveyor consists of a duct having an inlet and an outlet, and apparatus for generating travelling, curvilinear, AC fields along the length of the duct. Charged particles, of conductive or non-conductive materials, under electrostatic forces, are exposed to unidirec
4698071 Trace vapor concentrator October 6, 1987
The specification discloses a method and apparatus for concentration of vapors present in trace quantities in the atmosphere in a continuous and rapid manner. It relates especially to a device to enhance the concentration of trace vapors to such a level that they may be more readily
4695017 Railroad switch snow deflecting air nozzle apparatus September 22, 1987
A railroad switch, snow deflecting apparatus is described in which air is fed through conduits to primary nozzles for directing air along the rails and towards the switch points to a position adjacent the apex of the switch. Secondary nozzles are spaced from the primary nozzles and behin
4690826 Bacterial enzyme used as cheese ripening aid September 1, 1987
A process for producing cheddar cheese having accelerated ripening properties. The process involves using a ripening aid which is a protease derived from the psychrotrophic flora of raw milk, and preferably from the bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens. The ripening aid is added to the milk
4687163 Railway switch control system August 18, 1987
A control switch system for a railway switch heater with an environment probe near the switch and controlling switching on and off of the switch heater in a predetermined mode.
4679203 Magnetically induced pulser laser excitation system July 7, 1987
A novel excitation scheme has been developed for discharge lasers. The technique uses an auxiliary circuit based upon pulse transformer technology to induce a fast, high voltage pulse directly onto a ground potential laser electrode resulting in the breakdown of the laser gas mix. Sa
4678132 Traction device for line handling equipment July 7, 1987
A traction device using grooveless traction rollers. An angled roller mounting arrangement allows a number of line wraps to traverse back and forth across the rollers, following the spooling on the storage reel without the aid of a fairlead system for deployment. The device provides
4673132 Spraying apparatus June 16, 1987
Spraying apparatus comprising a shroud in the form of a tube flared at one end and made of electrical insulating material, said shroud adapted for connection to an air supply such that in operation a high velocity air stream issues from the flared end of the shroud, at least one air shea
4670162 High thermal flux density wet oxidation steam generator June 2, 1987
A wet air oxidation process for oxidizing organic matter dispersed in a liquid fuel stream at controlled high temperatures and pressures is capable of treating concentrations of organic matter in the feed stream far in excess of concentrations of organic matter treated in the normal
4666089 Multi-liquid electrostatic spraying apparatus May 19, 1987
An atomized cloud of droplets having an electric charge is generated wherein different discrete parts of the cloud are formed from different liquids. The discrete part of the cloud which has an active ingredient, such as a chemical insecticide or herbicide, is contained such as by en
4662728 Light guide apparatus May 5, 1987
The light guide apparatus will guide a beam whose rays have a predetermined phase space distribution with a maximum deviation angle .theta..sub.max in a first plane perpendicular to the beam axis. The guiding apparatus includes an optical system positioned at a distance l/2 from the firs
4660001 Three-terminal negative admittance network April 21, 1987
Three-terminal negative admittance networks are disclosed. The preferred networks include either a bipolar junction transistor or a field-effect transistor phase shift mechanisms are used to generate a negative admittance. Various biasing schemes for proper operations of the network
4659937 Optical device for measuring the diameter and detecting surface defects of moving wire April 21, 1987
An apparatus using optical techniques for simultaneously detecting surface defects and measuring the diameter of a wire coming out from an extruder. A combination of cylindrical lenses is used for projecting, perpendicularly across the longitudinal axis of the wire, a sharply focused
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