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Canadian Lady-Canadelle Inc. Patents
Canadian Lady-Canadelle Inc.
Montreal, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D243722 Brassiere March 22, 1977
4162885 Apparatus for hot molding of material July 31, 1979
Apparatus for molding material including a frame for holding the material and which is movable away from the molding die so that the material can be loaded and unloaded into and out of the frame at positions clear of the die. The frame has spring biased movable mountings having pins whic
4046089 Machine for making shoulder straps September 6, 1977
A machine for forming shoulder straps for ladies garments, of the type having a first tape with a buckle secured to one end and a second (elastic) tape having a ring secured to its end, the two tapes being united by passing the free end of the first tape through the ring and then bac
4046088 Apparatus for sewing rings, buckles and the like elements onto tape September 6, 1977
Apparatus for forming components of shoulder straps for ladies garments including tapes with either a buckle or a ring sewn onto one end. The apparatus allows the sewing to be performed with a non-linear seam, by means of a sewing machine of the type which moves its bed and sewing foot
4020983 Apparatus for joining a buckle to a tape May 3, 1977
Apparatus for forming a component of shoulder straps for ladies garments, including a tape with a two-slot buckle sewn onto one end. A feature of the apparatus is a pivotable buckle holding and transfer device arranged to receive horizontal buckles at a delivery point and pivotable throu

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