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CTI, Inc.
Knoxville, TN
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6599484 Apparatus for processing radionuclides July 29, 2003
An apparatus for processing radionuclides which generally includes a reaction vessel and a block. The reaction vessel includes a test tube and a cover secured to a top portion of the test tube. The cover defines at least one opening for receiving an input tube therethrough such that raw
6449331 Combined PET and CT detector and method for using same September 10, 2002
A combined positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) detector mounted on a single support on the same gantry of a combined PET and CT scanner. The common detector includes an array of scintillator crystals or pixels with each pixel mated to a photodetector. The
6359952 Target grid assembly March 19, 2002
A target grid assembly for employment in a target assembly used to produce radioisotopes by bombarding a target material contained in the target assembly with a particle beam. The target assembly includes the target grid assembly, the target window and a target body enclosed in a target
6342688 Method for preparing iridium crucibles for crystal growth January 29, 2002
A method of preparing an iridium crucible for crystal growth. As a form of preventive maintenance or during a repair, an iridium crucible is prepared by a method of surface conditioning by way of weld puddling the entire surface of the bottom or on the sidewalls from the bottom up to a h
6328027 Method for precision cutting of soluble scintillator materials December 11, 2001
A method for precision cutting liquid soluble scintillator materials by an operator is disclosed, including the steps of providing a first run of a moving filament in operative proximity to cut the scintillator materials, concurrent with wetting at least the first run length of the movin
5586153 Process for producing radionuclides using porous carbon December 17, 1996
A process for producing radionuclides using a porous carbon target. The process includes the steps of inserting a porous carbon target with tailored solid and void dimensions in the path of a bombarding beam; introducing fluid into the porous carbon target; bombarding the porous carb
5296708 Method and apparatus for transmission measurements to form a 3-D image in tomography application March 22, 1994
A method and apparatus for producing radioactive transmission measurements to form a 3-D image with a point source of radiation, such as required in tomography applications. This involves the passing of the point source proximate the face of each detector of the tomograph units. As such,
5224037 Design of super-fast three-dimensional projection system for Positron Emission Tomography June 29, 1993
A 3-dimensional projection system (10) for the rapid back projection of multi-ring Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan data composed of planes (44) of two-dimensional data defining individual Lines Of Response (LOR) (42) into a plurality of image voxels for three-dimensional display

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