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CNH America LLC
New Holland, PA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D693376 Combined tractor front window and exhaust November 12, 2013
D693375 Tractor November 12, 2013
D693374 Tractor November 12, 2013
D668687 Agricultural implement October 9, 2012
D667847 Vertical tillage system September 25, 2012
D654844 Roll over protection structure February 28, 2012
D648357 Agricultural bale press November 8, 2011
D646699 Frame for agricultural implement October 11, 2011
D646306 Equipment boom October 4, 2011
D645479 Mower disc September 20, 2011
D644161 Auxiliary fuel tank for a vehicle August 30, 2011
D644160 Auxiliary fuel tank for a vehicle August 30, 2011
D643052 Agricultural bale press August 9, 2011
D635590 Tandem disc with finishing basket April 5, 2011
D632312 Tractor hood portion February 8, 2011
D631489 Tractor hood portion January 25, 2011
D628214 Disk harrow November 30, 2010
D626972 Agricultural baler November 9, 2010
D625340 Row unit soil finishing apparatus October 12, 2010
D624939 Helical concave October 5, 2010
D623669 Disk ripper primary tillage tool September 14, 2010
D613777 Tractor April 13, 2010
D613776 Tractor April 13, 2010
D608374 Shielding for a bale press January 19, 2010
D600253 Small square baler September 15, 2009
D599830 Combine harvester September 8, 2009
D591776 High capacity drawbar support with safety chain provisions May 5, 2009
D585461 Agricultural tillage pivoting gauge wheel January 27, 2009
D565607 Vehicular sprayer hood April 1, 2008
D560693 Sprayer engine package enclosure January 29, 2008
D560692 Grille arrangement for a drive unit enclosure January 29, 2008
D559868 Front fold planter January 15, 2008
D544889 High visibility roof for tractor cab June 19, 2007
D544886 Forage harvester June 19, 2007
D541455 Adjustable light April 24, 2007
D540829 Tractor loader backhoe with tracks April 17, 2007
D540828 Tracked mini-excavator loader April 17, 2007
D528134 Cab for an agricultural vehicle September 12, 2006
D523874 Tractor loader backhoe with rotatable cab June 27, 2006
D512080 Engine enclosure November 29, 2005
D511532 Sloped vehicle hood November 15, 2005
D510941 Self-propelled windrower October 25, 2005
D508499 Rear grill for skid steer loader August 16, 2005
D503365 3-button shuttle shift control March 29, 2005
D500772 Work vehicle grille January 11, 2005
8585475 Crop residue distribution apparatus and system with cooperatively movable deflector door and spr November 19, 2013
The crop residue distribution apparatus and system use a horizontal crop spreader assembly and deflector door independently relatively positionable to be configurable in a straw windrowing and chaff spreading configuration in which straw flow is directed through an aperture between d
8577563 Initiating tractor stop and bale wrap function November 5, 2013
A combination tractor and baler is provided to automate tractor stopping and baler wrapping while incorporating operator interaction to improve the efficiency of the tractor and baler combination in operation. Automated control systems and manual operator devices are utilized to impr
8574048 Combine spreader arrangement having independently positionable spreader disks November 5, 2013
A spreader assembly for a combine harvester is disclosed, the assembly including a pair of disks configured to be rotated such that chaff material dropped onto the disks is spread about the combine harvester, wherein each disk is operably connected to its own motor and a spreader fra
8571744 Guidance method for agricultural vehicle October 29, 2013
An automated method and system includes an automatic guidance system (AGS) and swath pattern. The AGS steers a vehicle towing a rotary baler in an "S", or oscillatory pattern around a predetermined approximate centerline of the swath path. The oscillatory pattern may be user defined.
8562059 Seat for a bi-directional work vehicle October 22, 2013
An improved mechanism for a movable seat for use on a bi-directional work vehicle that laterally shifts the lower seating surface as it is pivoted between raised and lowered positions to increase clearance adjacent to the seat to improve operator ingress and egress to the vehicle operato
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