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8588060 E-spring (G.8032) interworking to provide access protection November 19, 2013
A method of enabling a resilient interface between a first node and a G.8032 Ethernet ring. A Link Aggregation Group (LAG) comprising respective links is provided between the first node and at least two ring nodes of the Ethernet ring. An aggregation function is instantiated at the f
8582705 Serializer-deserializer circuit with multi-format and multi-data rate capability November 12, 2013
The present invention provides a serializer/deserializer (SERDES) circuit that can cover both client- and network-side interfaces for high-speed data rates. The present invention leverages commonality between the client and network (also known as line) side, and accommodates differen
8582607 Geographically-diverse redundant servers over optical connections with managed path differential November 12, 2013
The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for geographically-diverse redundant servers and the like interconnected via wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) systems with managed path differential delay of the WDM systems. The present disclosure provides transport systems
8572485 Splitting and merging routing domains October 29, 2013
Apparatuses and methods for merging multiple domains into a merged domain and splitting a single domain into multiple domains in an Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) are disclosed. For merging, a node in a first domain can be identified to be a new Routing Controller (RC) for
8572281 Leaking routes among routing engines in a highly scalable router October 29, 2013
A method and system for leaking routes between routing engines in a communication network. The method and system includes a route distribution service that receives and stores routing information from one or more exporting routers. The stored routing information includes the identity
8300625 Call control using a layered call model October 30, 2012
An aspect of the present invention provides a method of controlling a multi-layer transport network. In accordance with the invention a determination is made as to whether a connection supporting a performance requirement of a call can be established within a first layer of the netwo
8295278 Systems and methods for pseudowire-in-pseudowire to transport pseudowire payload across packet s October 23, 2012
The present invention provides systems and methods which create an infrastructure/transport Pseudowire (PW) a priori between two Provider Edge (PE) devices. Accordingly, other PWs can be mapped to this transport PW. In an exemplary application, the transport PW (which is a MS-PW by i
8295175 Service metrics for managing services transported over circuit-oriented and connectionless netwo October 23, 2012
Described are a system and method for managing a service transported over a transport network between first and second service termination points. Packet traffic associated with the service is received at a service termination point connected to the transport network. Performance of the
8289879 Methods and systems for preventing the misconfiguration of optical networks using a network mana October 16, 2012
The present invention provides methods and systems for preventing the misconfiguration of OSRP and OS/ISIS networks using a NMS, including: configuring a GNE with an address and NE ID for the NMS; forwarding topology information through a management interface to a NMS server; at the
8285154 System and method for multi-rate, high-sensitivity clock and data recovery with adjustable decis October 9, 2012
The present invention provides a system and method for multi-rate, high-sensitivity CDR, including a variable/adjustable decision threshold, RF input clock recovery, and OE conversion feature. The system includes an optical input connector, CDR circuit, decision threshold circuit, in
8280258 Optical communication systems and methods utilizing a split amplification band and nonlinear com October 2, 2012
The present disclosure provides optical communication systems and methods that utilize, on top or in place of the conventional framework: (1) optical amplifiers that are provided with extended bandwidth coverage, such as Extended Band Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs), combination
8280257 Systems and methods for side-lobe compensation in reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers October 2, 2012
Systems and methods to reduce passband side-lobes associated with WSS-based ROADMs by applying a filter on each channel are provided. In an exemplary embodiment, a comb filter, such as a thin film filter or an interleaver, is utilized. Additionally, the present invention provides sys
8270599 Transparent protocol independent data compression and encryption September 18, 2012
A network interface includes at least one physical memory, at least one client port, at least one processor accessing the at least one physical memory, and at least one network port. The client port receives data blocks which contain a quantity of bits from at least one first client
8260141 Method to transform a dynamic analog optical network to a digital representation September 4, 2012
A system for enabling reconfiguration of a Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM) optical communications network. A plurality of channel transmitters are provided for generating respective optical signals within corresponding wavelength channels of the network. A broadband light sourc
8259733 Systems and methods for rapid optical transport network circuit provisioning September 4, 2012
The present disclosure provides systems and methods for rapid circuit provisioning in Optical Transport Networks (OTN) using signaling and routing protocols thereby enabling fast mesh restoration. The present invention utilizes a shim layer between OTN messaging (e.g., GCC or High-Le
8259590 Systems and methods for scalable and rapid Ethernet fault detection September 4, 2012
The present invention provides scalable and rapid Ethernet fault detection which eliminates the requirement to contiguously send heartbeat frames at regular intervals to detect connectivity faults for each Ethernet Path. The present invention generates Continuity Check Message (CCM)
8249467 Self test of a dual polarization transmitter August 21, 2012
A method of testing a dual-polarization optical transmitter comprising a pair of polarization transmitters for respectively generating first and second polarization signals, and a polarization combiner for generating an optical signal composed of the first and second polarization signals
8243743 In-band signaling for point-multipoint packet protection switching August 14, 2012
A method and system provide in-band protection switch signaling in a communication system arranged as a point-to-multipoint tree. The point-to-multipoint tree includes a root node communicatively coupled to a plurality of leaf nodes through both a working link and a protection link.
8240620 Routing assembly for wires in electronic assemblies and the like August 14, 2012
The present invention provides an assembly for routing and retaining wires or cables in an electronic assembly or the like, including: an elongate member; and a plurality of annular structures disposed in a spaced apart relationship about the elongate member, wherein each of the plur
8233215 Optical module manufacturing and testing systems and methods July 31, 2012
The present disclosure relates to streamlining optical module and/or subassembly development, manufacturing, and testing through introducing a memory component within a module and/or subassembly that is utilized with a host module for system calibration and/or configuration. In an ex
8230294 Low density parity check (LDPC) decoder using broadcast messaging July 24, 2012
In a decoder implementing a belief propagation algorithm for iteratively decoding a Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) encoded data block, a method of computing messages to be sent by a first node of the decoder to at least one neighbor node of the decoder. The method comprises: processing
8228931 Distributed virtual storage switch July 24, 2012
An architecture that enables distributed storage capacity to be shared as though accesses were being made to a Fiber Channel Switch is described. The distributed capacity may include Fiber Channel devices and thus a method for addressing Fiber Channel devices coupled in a resilient ring
8223779 Systems and methods for parallel multi-core control plane processing July 17, 2012
The present invention provides systems and methods for parallel multi-core control plane processing with optical networks. This enables optical switches utilizing control planes, such as G.ASON, to meet scalability and performance requirements of evolving networks. The multi-core pro
8218445 Smart ethernet edge networking system July 10, 2012
A system is provided for selecting connection paths in a telecommunications network having a multiplicity of nodes interconnected by a multiplicity of links. The system identifies multiple constraints for connection paths through the network between source and destination nodes, and
8218434 Ethernet facility and equipment protection July 10, 2012
Described is a system and method of protection switching in an Ethernet network. First and second point-to-point Ethernet links are established to data equipment. Identical streams of Ethernet traffic are received at a first Ethernet port and at a second Ethernet port. The stream of
8213446 Frame-interleaving systems and methods for 100G optical transport enabling multi-level optical t July 3, 2012
The present invention provides frame-interleaving systems and methods for Optical Transport Unit K (OTUK) (i.e. Optical Transport Unit 4 (OTU4)), 100 Gb/s Ethernet (100 GbE), and other 100 Gb/s (100 G) optical transport enabling multi-level optical transmission. The frame-interleaving sy
8204382 Radio frequency-based optical transport network systems and methods June 19, 2012
The present disclosure provides radio frequency (RF)-based OTN systems and methods. This includes a framework to carry services over RF-based links without using SONET/SDH or asynchronous radio. In an exemplary embodiment, the present disclosure utilizes an OTN framework over RF. Add
8204374 Reconfigurable multichannel (WDM) optical ring network with optical shared protection June 19, 2012
A reconfigurable multi-channel (WDM) optical ring network with optical shared protection. Preferably, the shared protection is based on a channel optical shared protection ring. The reconfigurable multi-channel (WDM) ring network connects signals between add/drop nodes with reconfigu
8204085 Virtual concatenation for parallel data streams June 19, 2012
It is often required to send a plurality of streams of data in parallel between two network nodes in a synchronous transmission network and also to maintain a particular alignment between those streams of data. This is particularly required when the streams of data are to be transmitted
8199772 Systems and methods for synchronous generic framing protocol mapping June 12, 2012
The present invention provides systems and methods for mapping synchronous input signals, such as synchronous Ethernet, into Generic Framing Protocol (GFP) frames for using GFP directly on Optical Transport Network (OTN) while preserving the synchronous timing of the input signals. T
8194554 Method and apparatus for providing bypass connectivity between routers June 5, 2012
Forwarding Adjacencies (FAs) can be set up between IP/MPLS routers without requiring a Routing Adjacency (RA) to be brought up for every FA. This enables increased bypass connectivity to be established between end-point routers in the IP/MPLS network without attendant additional proc
8184643 Device, system, and method for transporting data using combined broadband and legacy network inf May 22, 2012
The invention relates generally to data communications using multiple data networks to transport data to one or more end user devices.
8184556 Systems and methods for distance-proof N-pass auto negotiation for gigabit ethernet May 22, 2012
The present invention provides distance-proof N-pass Auto Negotiation systems and methods for Gigabit Ethernet. The present invention distance proofs Auto Negotiation. No matter the distance between two nodes configured according to the systems and methods of the present invention, t
8184526 Systems and methods for Connectivity Fault Management extensions for automated activation of ser May 22, 2012
The present disclosure provides systems and methods for Ethernet Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) extensions to provide a CFM messaging mechanism for support of information exchange and the like, in addition to end-to-end connectivity and fault management. In an exemplary embodime
8180228 Programmable phase detector for sequence equalizer for optical channels May 15, 2012
In a direct-detection receiver having an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for sampling a received optical signal and a sequence estimator for recovering data symbols from a multi-bit sample stream generated by the ADC, a method of acquiring a channel lock condition of a clock recovery
8166365 Cycle slip location and correction April 24, 2012
Methods and techniques are disclosed for correcting the effect of cycle slips in a coherent communications system. A signal comprising SYNC bursts having a predetermined periodicity and a plurality of known symbols at predetermined locations between successive SYNC bursts is received
8166183 Method and system for fast virtual concatenation setup in a communication network April 24, 2012
The invention is directed to optimizing setup of a VCAT connections using (largest) CCAT containers so as to minimize the number of cross-connection commands needed to enable data transfer. A system and method are provided for enhancing VCAT networks to include faster service restora
8165912 Methods and systems for portfolio investment thesis based on application life cycles April 24, 2012
The disclosure provides a product/service portfolio investment calculation methodology based on an application life cycle. The present invention defines an application life cycle with a plurality of phases, and provides a mechanism to define a location within the application life cyc
8160446 Methods and systems to stabilize an optical network against nodal gain changes April 17, 2012
The present invention provides methods and systems to stabilize an optical network against nodal gain changes through two nested control loops for controlling node gain and node output power. The present invention includes two nested control-loops running at different update speeds i
8155148 Telecommunications transport methods and systems for the transparent mapping/demapping of client April 10, 2012
The present invention provides telecommunications transport methods and systems for the transparent mapping/demapping of client data signals without the insertion/deletion of idle characters for client data signal rate adaptation. These methods and systems include mapping an incoming
8154867 High density switching platform with interbay connections arrangement April 10, 2012
A high density switching platform arranges multiple circuit cards interconnected by a single backplane. A single backplane has three sets of circuit cards on one side. A shared ventilation chamber on the other side of the backplane draws ambient air through each of the three sets of
8149692 Ring topology discovery mechanism April 3, 2012
A method automatically discovers a topology of a communication network ring. The ring includes a plurality of nodes. Each node includes a first port and a second port. A ring topology request or a response to the ring topology request is received from at least one node on the ring. The r
8139954 System and method for reducing memory requirements for electrical domain compensation of intra-c March 20, 2012
A digital filter is provided for processing an electrical input signal to be conveyed through an optical communications system. The processing generates a predistorted electrical signal using a compensation function that substantially mitigates for intra-channel non-linearity imparted to
8139485 Logical transport resource traffic management March 20, 2012
A method for managing data packets passing through an Ethernet node having multiple ingress ports and multiple egress ports, the ingress ports receiving the data packets from at least one service, and the egress ports configured with at least one Logical Transport Resource (LTR) conf
8135846 Communication between call controllers by amending call processing messages March 13, 2012
Call Control entities in a network communicate between themselves by amending call processing messages to include encrypted network information. As such, a call may be established whose path through the network is dependent on the paths of other calls. Information of a scope larger t
8135283 Clock recovery with channel coefficients March 13, 2012
In a coherent optical receiver of an optical communications network, a method of recovering a clock signal from a high speed optical signal received through an optical link. A set of compensation vectors are adaptively computed for compensating Inter-symbol Interference (ISI) due to
8131149 Optical routing device and optical network using same March 6, 2012
The invention pertains to methods, apparatus, and systems optical of networking using tunable receivers, optical blocking elements selectively placed in the network, and optical routing elements comprised of passive elements, such as optical couplers and splitters. The routing elements
8131148 Optical transmitter error reduction using receiver feedback March 6, 2012
Described is a method of reducing transmitter error in an optical communications channel. An optical signal transmitted from an optical transmitter that has impairment due to transmitter error is processed to generate a digitally-equalized signal. A nonlinear characteristic of the di
8127042 Data driven connection rule/constraint engine applied to trail management February 28, 2012
A method of identifying a connectivity characteristic structure in a network provided between a plurality of nodes in a network comprises the steps of acquiring node information detailing for each port of each node a connection characteristic of that port; collating for at least a pl
8125925 Method and apparatus for non-disruptive call modification February 28, 2012
A method and system for changing the extent of data plane resources controlled by a control plane for a network connection which spans a contiguous set of nodes controlled by existing network control resources is disclosed. This is done in a non-disruptive manner. This typically invo
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