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Brunswick Corporation Patents
Brunswick Corporation
Skokie, IL
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
T981002 Marine propulsion unit with water speed measurement means April 3, 1979
a marine propulsion drive unit which includes a speed measurement indicator. The speed measurement indicator is operatively connected to a pitot tube 22 within the lower gear unit 14 of the marine propulsion drive. The opening of the pitot tube 22 being in the leading edge 27 of the
RE39032 Multipurpose control mechanism for a marine vessel March 21, 2006
A multipurpose control mechanism allows the operator of a marine vessel to use the mechanism as both a standard throttle and gear selection device and, alternatively, as a multi-axes joystick command device. The control mechanism comprises a base portion and a lever that is movable relat
RE33735 Golf club shaft November 5, 1991
A shaft for a golf club includes a first series of step portions, with the step portions increasing in diameter along the shaft from a tip or hosel end of the shaft toward a grip end. The step portions are separated from adjacent step portions by transitional portions which consist of a
RE32998 Ignition interrupt system with stall interval July 25, 1989
A spark ignition interrupt system (24) is provided for a marine propulsion internal combustion engine (6) to reduce engine speed and facilitate shifting of a marine propulsion transmission (13). Spark ignition is terminated in response to a given shift condition until engine speed drops
RE32667 Gated knock detector for internal-combustion engines May 17, 1988
A system for use with an internal combustion engine which reduces, or eliminates, engine knock and attendant engine damage. An audio transducer is placed on an engine cylinder to convert audio signals occurring within the combustion chamber into an electrical signal. This signal is sampl
RE30489 Longitudinal load carrying method for fiber reinforced filament wound structures January 20, 1981
A lightweight composite fiber wound tubular member or casing, such as a rocket motor case, has one or more openings formed through one end portion of the wall thereof by orienting the filaments or fibers around each opening to provide reinforcement for loads applied to fasteners passing
RE30471 Automatic bowling score computing and display device January 6, 1981
A bowling score computer having either manual keyboard or automatic pinfall sensing input. The computer is operative to record mark counts, totalize and display team scores, allow entry of handicap scores and automatically record pace-setter scores. First and second pinfall values for ea
RE30467 Bowling scorer utilizing semiconductor elements December 30, 1980
.Iadd.An electronic scorer for scoring bowling games played by a multiplicity of players including a device for receiving pinfall information relevant to the balls rolled by a multiplicity of players during a bowling game, a single computation device for computing the bowling scores
RE30441 Bowling scoring apparatus and programming system therefor December 2, 1980
1. A machine for calculating and printing score information of a bowling game wherein balls are bowled to knock down pins during each of a succession of scoring frames comprising: a plurality of accumulators, each corresponding to a bowler, adapted to receive, accumulate and store score
RE28964 Ultrahigh strength steels September 14, 1976
An ultrahigh strength material made from ordinary 18-8 stainless steel has a tensile strength in excess of 400,000 p.s.i. The method of producing the ultrahigh strength is accomplished by thermo-mechanical operations. The material can have any desired geometric cross section configuratio
D643440 Outboard motor August 16, 2011
D638064 Shuffleboard table May 17, 2011
D632595 Score board February 15, 2011
D583830 Marine drive housing December 30, 2008
D580685 Marine vehicle seat base November 18, 2008
D565130 Climber exercise apparatus March 25, 2008
D518489 Marine drive housing April 4, 2006
D478597 Outboard motor cowl August 19, 2003
D476715 Bait casting fishing reel July 1, 2003
D474480 Outboard motor cowl May 13, 2003
D452292 Baitcast fishing reel December 18, 2001
D447787 Fishing reel September 11, 2001
D443019 Spinning reel foot and stem May 29, 2001
D443018 Crank handle for a fishing reel May 29, 2001
D435333 Footwear tread December 26, 2000
D429783 Treadmill handle bar August 22, 2000
D424657 Fishing reel May 9, 2000
D423635 Fishing reel April 25, 2000
D421444 Outboard motor cowl March 7, 2000
D414237 Fishing reel September 21, 1999
D408827 Trolling motor foot pedal control April 27, 1999
D407136 Fishing reel March 23, 1999
D406997 Foldable hand tool March 23, 1999
D402868 Pliers with multiple tools December 22, 1998
D394616 Hexagonal sled May 26, 1998
D392018 Fishing reel March 10, 1998
D390508 Chainguard February 10, 1998
D389223 Fishing rod section January 13, 1998
D382568 Trolling handle August 19, 1997
D380478 Multi-position trolling motor head and handle July 1, 1997
D375503 Motor head November 12, 1996
D375502 Motor head November 12, 1996
D374475 Spincast fishing reel October 8, 1996
D360015 Rod mounted tackle box July 4, 1995
D348916 Billiard table July 19, 1994
D319210 Five blade marine propeller August 20, 1991
D295867 Combined tiller arm and control panel for an outboard motor May 24, 1988
D291108 Fishing reel July 28, 1987
D290989 Spinning fishing reel July 21, 1987
D290987 Spin cast fishing reel July 21, 1987

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