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British Telecommunications public limited company Patents
British Telecommunications public limited company
London, GB
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RE39717 Reconfigurable service provision via a communication network July 3, 2007
A services provision system provides information services over one or more communications networks and has a software infrastructure divided into domains. Each domain has an intelligent software agent and this community of agents sits in a computing environment represented in each domain
RE37857 Data processing system for communications network September 24, 2002
An inter-network call accounting system for use in a communication network such as the public switched telephone network in Britain allows call records to be sorted according to the network operator to be charged in respect of the calls, prior to being priced and charged. A data analyzer
RE37856 Data correction system for communications network September 24, 2002
An inter-network call accounting system for use in a communication network such as the public switched telephone network in Britain allows call records to be sorted according to the network operator to be charged in respect of the calls, prior to being priced and charged. A data analyzer
RE35057 Speech coding using sparse vector codebook and cyclic shift techniques October 10, 1995
Speech is analyzed to derive the parameters of a synthesis filter and the parameters of a suitable excitation which is selected from a codebook of excitation frames. The selection of the codebook entry is facilitated by determining a single-pulse excitation (e.g., using conventional mult
RE34824 Video coder January 10, 1995
A coder assembles bursts of blocks of image data (e.g. transform coded coefficients) and associated overhead data into a sequence of data which are then transmitted. Both the transform coded coefficients and the overhead data are initially stored in separate FIFO memory stores (21),
RE34520 Optical power limiter January 25, 1994
An optical power limiter structure comprises an asymmetric waveguide showing a defocussing nonlinearity of the core region material. The structure comprises a cladding region layer (2) and a core region layer (3) grown on a substrate (1). The core region layer (3) upper surface is ex
RE34205 Adaptive recognizing device March 30, 1993
An electronic adaptive recognizing device which includes an input store having a number of storage locations for receiving an input signal, and a number of addressable stores each having one or more address lines connected to a number of the input store locations in either a random way
D668239 Communications equipment October 2, 2012
D666576 Communications equipment September 4, 2012
D666575 Communications equipment September 4, 2012
D425903 Pedestal for mounting telephone May 30, 2000
D425725 Pedestal for mounting telephone May 30, 2000
D363285 Telephone base October 17, 1995
D359499 Video camera for a personal computer June 20, 1995
D356791 Videophone base March 28, 1995
D354057 Telephone base January 3, 1995
D340715 Telephone base October 26, 1993
D340053 Telephone base October 5, 1993
D339341 Payphone base September 14, 1993
D330702 Multiplexer November 3, 1992
D329426 Multiplexer September 15, 1992
D329425 Multiplexer September 15, 1992
D317612 Telephone handset June 18, 1991
D315664 Cleaving unit primarily for optical fibres March 26, 1991
D308668 Data communications terminal for deaf and/or deaf-blind persons June 19, 1990
D308059 Telephone base unit May 22, 1990
D307430 Telephone base unit April 24, 1990
D307272 Telephone handset April 17, 1990
D301233 Data communications terminal for deaf and/or deaf-blind persons May 23, 1989
8588285 Method and apparatus for operating a digital subscriber line arrangement November 19, 2013
A digital subscriber line arrangement includes a downstream modem, an upstream modem and a copper pair connection between the modems. Each modem includes electrical length estimation function code means which causes the respective modem to measure the attenuation of signals transmitt
8587327 Cable installation using induction November 19, 2013
A device for use with a conduit having a first conduit end and a conduit second end, into which conduit a cable can be installed using a flow of air into the first conduit end, the device being suitable for confirming that the air is flowing out from the second conduit end. In an emb
8584236 Method and apparatus for detecting abnormal traffic in a network November 12, 2013
A method of identifying traffic within a network representative of an abnormal network condition, including: monitoring a communications link for a high traffic volume level; identifying a domain being the source of the high traffic volume level; identifying within the domain, a sending
8582976 Transmission of broadband signals November 12, 2013
The invention is concerned with the transmission of broadband signals onto to a telephony connection having constraint profile limiting the maximum allowed power as a function of frequency. As a result, broadband signals can be delivered using low power equipment to a telephony line
8300528 Method and apparatus for communicating data over a data network including controlling bandwidth October 30, 2012
Providing an interface device interfacing between an access network and a back-bone network comprises: providing a management device, receiving data readings from a transceiver device indicative of the current or recent line rate of a DSL connection of the access network, and providing
8290040 Method and system for estimating global motion in video sequences October 16, 2012
The invention relates to estimating the global motion between frames of a motion-compensated inter-frame encoded video sequence, directly from the motion vectors encoded within the frames. For any particular frame, a motion estimation is determined from motion vectors direct from the
8280032 Registration of a telephone/computer association in a computer telephony integration environment October 2, 2012
The application relates to the registration of the identity of a telephone terminal in association with the identity of a computer terminal in a Computer Technology Integration environment CTI-enabled switching apparatus and a registration server interconnected by a CTI-link and a te
8276883 Cable installation October 2, 2012
A method, for use in connection with installing a cable into a conduit (4) having a first end and a second end (12), of detecting whether air is flowing from the first end to the second end, the method including the steps of: --providing a movement sensor (10) within or proximate to the
8271526 Content provisioning method and system September 18, 2012
Content items or data defining access to content items for provision to one or more users is respectively maintained. Respective content access data for those users from which content items or data defining access to content items are received is changed and a sub-set of the content item
8260959 Network service selection September 4, 2012
A method of selecting a suitable service for the delivery of a communication across an integrated network is disclosed. Before now, users had to select the service that best suited their needs at the time of each delivery. By providing a computer programmed to act as a purchasing age
8259802 Reference pictures for inter-frame differential video coding September 4, 2012
A video encoder using inter-frame differential coding has a store (3) for containing a plurality of reference pictures. For each incoming picture it chooses one (or more) of the stored reference pictures to use. Control means (10) select which locally decoded pictures are to be entered i
8255402 Method and system of classifying online data August 28, 2012
A method of automatically analyzing online posts, such that they may then be responded appropriately. The method may comprise: extracting a list of keywords from each of the plurality of posts; generating one or more keyword clusters based on the keywords extracted from each of the p
8254438 Video quality measurement August 28, 2012
This application is concerned with a non-intrusive video quality measurement method, in particular where the video signal having: an original form; encoded form in which video signal has been encoded using a compression algorithm utilizing a variable quantiser step size such that the
8228386 Video signal loss detection July 24, 2012
Faults resulting in reception of a still, but unknown, frame are recognized by comparing each received frame of the video signal with its predecessor, incrementing a counter in the event that the difference between the frames falls below a threshold; and generating an alarm signal in
8223852 Multicarrier modulation July 17, 2012
Signals are transmitted on sub-channels at different but mutually overlapping frequencies. A receiver separates the sub-channels into component signals Z.sub.0 . . . C.sub.254 Prior to decoding (7), interference estimates C.sub.0 . . . C.sub.254 are subtracted from the components. Th
8218443 Controlling bandwidth share July 10, 2012
There is proposed a modification to the ECN protocol to remove the one-to-one relationship between the network signalling congestion and the sender response to that congestion. The result is to allow a receiver terminal to exhibit some control of bandwidth share relative to other rec
8209429 Video stream switching June 26, 2012
A client on a packet based network is provided with a stream of encoded video data. The system is maximizes the bit-rate of the video stream by adapting to fluctuations in network capacity. Adaptation of the bit-rate of the transmitted enclosed video data is timed to occur upon a scene
8209421 Computer telephony system June 26, 2012
The system comprises a client and a set of servers for processing calls in a communications system; the servers providing call status messages to the client; in which each call status message comprises an identifier associated with the call to which the message relates. The client is
8200743 Anomaly management scheme for a multi-agent system June 12, 2012
An anomaly management method is provided for a multi-agent system (MAS) in which a plurality of application agents are arranged to be capable of interacting with each other over a communications network. The MAS has a plurality of anomaly management agents arranged to receive reports fro
8200314 Surgical navigation June 12, 2012
Methods and apparatus are provided for locating the position, preferably in three dimensions, of a sensor by generating magnetic fields which are detected at the sensor. The magnetic fields are generated from a plurality of locations and, in one embodiment of the invention, enable bo
8194693 Autonomous wireless networks June 5, 2012
A device is operable to use received signals to divide time into a succession of frames, each frame having plural consecutive timeslots, and into a succession of four or more superframes. A transmitter is operated only in a single timeslot in one frame. A receiver is operated in the
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