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Farnborough Hants, GB
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6646240 Fastening arrangements November 11, 2003
A tool (38) secures and releases a fastening arrangement which includes a first component (10) and a second component (12) which may be releasably fastened together. Fastening is by means of a retention element (34) of shape memory material associated with the second component (12) which
6480792 Fatigue monitoring systems and methods incorporating neural networks November 12, 2002
A fatigue monitoring system and method is disclosed in which a stream of data relating to the stresses experienced at a plurality of locations over the structure during operation is applied to a neural network trained to remove data stream values deemed to be in error. The data from the
6398450 Fastener arrangements June 4, 2002
A fastening arrangement (14) comprises a shank (16) with a head (18) retained in a first component (10). The other end (25) of the shank is tapered or of other non-constant cross section and terminates in a domed portion (26). A second part of the fastening arrangement includes a collar
6279500 Aircraft carriers and methods of operation thereof August 28, 2001
An aircraft carrier is provided with an airflow deflector such as flap 26, an inflatable flap 26 or an airjet curtain such that air passing along the flight deck is provided with an upward component of velocity, thereby to provide an upwash in the airwake behind the aircraft carrier. The
6149749 Repair of composite laminates November 21, 2000
A patch of fibre reinforced plastics composite material, a repair kit including such a patch and a method of using such a patch and repair kit are provided. The patch (1) is for attachment to a surface (17) of a fibre reinforced plastics composite structure (11) over an area of damage (1
6149105 Deployment mechanisms for aircraft auxiliary airfoils November 21, 2000
A deployment mechanism for moving an aircraft wing leading edge slat (2) or trailing edge flap (4) relative to a main airfoil (1) is provided. The mechanism includes an I-section support beam (6) extending between the main airfoil (1) and the slat (2) or flap (4). The support beam (6) is
6135395 Aircraft wing leading edge high lift device with suction October 24, 2000
An aircraft wing, wing assembly and method of reducing drag are provided. The wing asembly includes a main wing portion (10) and a leading edge high lift portion (12). The high lift portion is movable between a retracted position in which it generally merges with the main wing portion an
6131852 Aircraft undercarriage locking system October 17, 2000
An aircraft undercarriage having a drag stay mechanism 22 extending upwardly and rearwardly from a main leg portion of the gear to a part of the aircraft structure. The undercarriage also includes a locking linkage extending between the main leg 10 and the drag stay means 22, being a
6125216 Strain isolated optical fibre bragg grating sensor September 26, 2000
A strain isolated optical fibre Bragg grating sensor (1) has an optical fibre (2) provided at or adjacent one end (2a) with the Bragg grating (3). An open mouth cap (4) surrounds the fibre end (2a) and region provided with the Bragg grating (3) at a spacing from the fibre, fibre end and
6106644 Application of stop-off material, particularly for use in diffusion bonding and superplastic for August 22, 2000
A method of applying a pattern of stop-off material to a sheet is described, the pattern being stored in a computer memory; the method comprises:(a) placing the sheet (22) on a table (12) that is traversable by a printing head (14) capable of applying jets of fluid from a reservoir onto
6078396 Non-contact deformation measurement June 20, 2000
A method of analysing out of plane deflections in materials under load utilising the projection of a reference grating on to such a material whilst recording information relating to the individual color channels of a color video recording camera thereby providing an imaginery reference
6068212 Aircraft structure and powerplants for use therein May 30, 2000
The invention provides an aircraft incorporating a gas turbine engine powerplant wherein at least part of the powerplant forms a part of, or is integrated into, the airframe (i.e. the load-bearing structure of the aircraft) such that the powerplant is subjected to airframe loads (i.e.
6065720 Manufacture of aircraft May 23, 2000
A method of manufacture of an aircraft comprising the manufacture of a range of interconnectable demountable structural modules and assembly of one of a plurality of aircraft variants by the selection and assembly of a pre-determined set of said structural modules.
6048477 Manufacture of composite laminates April 11, 2000
A method of forming an aircraft landing gear strut fairing/debris protector and such a fairing/debris protector are provided. The fairing/debris protector comprises first and second fiber reinforced plastics skin elements (21, 23) with a foamed core (27) between them. The method incl
6042916 Composite material construction March 28, 2000
A composite material construction is provided including a laminate of plies (1, 2, 3, 6, 7) arranged with at least one warp dominated ply (7), alternating with at least one weft dominated ply (1, 2, 3) in a thickness direction and at least two weft dominated plies (1, 2, 3) and at least
6031602 Method and apparatus for inspecting or testing a sample by optical metrology February 29, 2000
A sample (1) is inspected or tested by illumination in which a line of coherent radiation (2) is scanned across the sample (1) with zero shear in the direction of scan. Two laterally displaced images of the sample (1) are generated which are phase stepped by stepping or ramping the phase
6018160 Apparatus for sensing temperature and/or strain in an object with optical fiber Bragg gratings January 25, 2000
Apparatus for sensing temperature and/or strain in an object includes a broadband light source (1), connector means (2) in the form of an optical circulator or an optical coupler to which at least two substantially identical optical fiber Bragg gratings (4, 5) are connected. Grating (4)
5993122 Machine tool attachment November 30, 1999
A drill or machine tool attachment for use with a vacuum debris extraction system, comprising a bar to which a vacuum extraction nozzle is attached, and a tube slidably mounted on the bar and connected to a drill or machine tool. The nozzle is located on the bar ahead of the drill or mac
5983445 Debris removal November 16, 1999
An attachment for use with a vacuum powered debris removal system, said attachment comprising a debris collection bowl, said bowl having a first aperture through which a material cutting tool may be removably inserted, a second aperture through which a vacuum source may be connected, and
5974896 Structural deflection measurement November 2, 1999
Apparatus for the measurement of out of plane displacements of a panel of material under test comprises; a laser (2) capable of focusing a laser spot (8) onto the surface of the panel (6) of material; a line generating lens (12) for converting the image of the projected laser spot (8) in
5944286 Joint assemblies August 31, 1999
A joint assembly and an aircraft wing assembly containing such a joint assembly are provided. Each joint assembly for connecting together a first member (1) and a second member (4) comprises a second channel member (5) affixed to the first member (1) having a first channel member (12) wi
5924279 Engine intake design July 20, 1999
An inlet gas mixing element for a gas turbine engine, comprising a gas intake duct 10, and downstream of the inlet duct a mixing element 22, the mixing element being so disposed in relation to the inside of the duct so as to rotate thereby urging the forced mixing of the air and other ga
5923227 Non-linear dispersive transmission line July 13, 1999
A non-linear dispersive transmission line includes a plurality of substantially block-like shaped capacitor elements (4) arranged in sequence in at least two arrays. The even numbered elements (4b, 4d etc) extend side by side to form a first array and the odd numbered elements (4a, 4
5913808 Turbine engine intake with gas mixer June 22, 1999
An inlet gas mixing element for a gas turbine engine, comprising a gas intake duct 10, and downstream of the inlet duct a mixing element 22, the mixing element being so disposed in relation to the inside of the duct so as to rotate thereby urging the forced mixing of the air and other ga
5909273 Fiber optic interferometric strain gauge assembly using an intensity ratio June 1, 1999
A fiber optic interferometric strain gauge assembly includes a sensor element (1) in the form of a length of single mode optical fiber whose ends (1a) and (1b) have a peak reflectivity not exceeding 10%. This reflectivity is provided either by semi-transparent coating on the fiber en
5879481 Heat treatment of aluminium-lithium alloys March 9, 1999
A method of heat treating an aluminum--lithium alloy is provided. The method includes carrying out a succession of at least two artificial aging steps. The first such step is carried out within a first temperature range and one or more further steps are carried out within successively re
5861856 Airborne radar January 19, 1999
A radar for an aircraft (1) comprises end-plates (4a, 4b) mounted at the tip's of two pairs of aircraft wings (2a, 2b, 3a, 3b). Each end-plate carries a sideways-looking phased array (6) whose beam is unobstructed by aircraft structure. The array can be made to have a large area, thus
5860283 Environmental control system January 19, 1999
An environment control system which comprises: a cooling turbine drivingly connected to a compressor, means for driving said cooling turbine-compressor combination, and intercooler means, wherein, in a first mode of operation, the working fluid circulates around a closed loop from th
5841034 Bonded joint analysis November 24, 1998
The present invention relates to a method of testing and/or monitoring structural adhesively bonded joints by the introduction of transducers into the stress or strain field effected by the movement of said adhesively bonded joints under load, such that the load transfer characterist
5811809 Nuclear event detector and threshold detector circuit therefor September 22, 1998
A threshold detector circuit (2) suitable for use with a nuclear event detector for sensing an ionising radiation pulse has a high tolerance to ambient temperature fluctuations. The threshold detector (2) comprises an amplifier stage (3) which includes a pair of complementary transistors
5806796 Composite laminate September 15, 1998
A composite laminate, an aircraft skin panel, an airfoil, an aircraft and a method of manufacturing such a composite laminate are provided. The laminate includes at least three layers, namely a first layer of fiber reinforced composite material, a second layer usually metallic and usuall
5793520 Optical cross bar switch assembly August 11, 1998
An optical cross bar switch assembly includes a first lens device (5) in the form of an array of lenslets (5a) operable to receive light from the input optical fiber array (1) in a manner such that the light from each fiber is received and collimated separately by an associated one of th
5739410 Method for matching vibration mode frequencies on a vibrating structure April 14, 1998
Vibration mode frequencies of a vibrating structure gyroscope sensing element are matched by removing and/or adding a desired variable amount of material from or to the sensing element (1) at at least one point (4) on or in the vicinity of the neutral axis (5).
5728346 Fabrication of chiral composite material March 17, 1998
Chiral composite material is made using an apertured plate (2) having apertures (3) therethrough corresponding to the desired locations of chiral elements (4) in the composite material. The plate (2) is located to overlie a substrate (1) with or without the intermission of spacer (10)
5723857 Method and apparatus for detecting cracks and strains on structures using optical fibers and Bra March 3, 1998
A method of measuring structural defects of a structure including the steps of: a) attaching to the structure at least one structural defect sensor each including a fibre optic cable in turn including a plurality of longitudinally extending optical fibres mounted in a predetermined space
5708565 Thermal and shock resistant data recorder assembly January 13, 1998
A thermal and shock resistant data recorder assembly as an outer container (1) containing an inner container (2) which in turn houses one or more data recorder elements (3). The elements (3) which have a thin conformal coating thereon are encapsulated in an innermost cavity (4) of the in
5650849 Optical rate sensor having modulated clockwise and counterclockwise beams July 22, 1997
In an open loop rate sensor clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW) beams from a common source 10 pass in opposite directions around a coil 20 of optical fiber and recombine on a detector 24. A phase modulator 22 applies a stepped phase modulation in which each step is of duration equa
5638165 Crack detection system June 10, 1997
An apparatus and method for utilizing the deformation characteristics of optical fiber transmission paths to enable the detection of deformations in materials, in which the fibers are disposed in relation to the material such that each separate deformation in the material lying in the pa
5629472 Method of minimizing bias and achieving mode alignment by trimming a vibrating rate sensor May 13, 1997
A vibrating cylindrical rate sensor (10) is mechanically balanced and mode aligned with respect to the vibrating portion of the sensor (10) by removing material from a vibrating portion of the vibrating cylinder (34) after the drive and pick-off transducers (30, 32, 30a, 18, 20) are fixe
5621171 Method for actively balancing a vibration structure gyroscope sensing element structure April 15, 1997
A vibrating structure gyroscope sensing element structure of ring-like or substantially cylindrical form made of ferromagnetic material is actively balanced by applying a variable strength magnetic field across a predetermined section of the circumference of the sensing element struc
5620152 Tethered missile system April 15, 1997
A missile (1) suitable for intercepting an airborne anti-tank threat is tethered to a ground station by control cables (9A,9B,9C,10). By altering the tension on the cables (9A,9B,9C) a vectored thrust nozzle arrangement (6,7) is rotated in order to control missile (1) attitude thereby en
5619327 Testing a metal component for cold compression of the metal April 8, 1997
The invention provides a method of testing a metal component (1) for cold compression of the metal when used, for example for fatigue enhancement. The component defines a generally smooth surface (6) and includes a region (22), eg an aperture, subject to cold compression which breaks tha
5619060 Thermal picture synthesizer device for generating a thermal image April 8, 1997
A thermal picture synthesis device (1) of multi-layer construction has a resistor element (3) spaced from a semi-conductor substrate layer (2). The resistor element (3) is made of titanium or Ni-chrome. A drive element layer (4) is provided either in or attached to the substrate layer (2
5610714 Optical gyroscope March 11, 1997
An optical gyroscope includes an optical fibre ring or coil (2) around which light may propagate in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, means (1, 3, 4, 5, 6) for inputting a beam of light in either direction into the coil (2), a phase modulator (7) for generating and applying a
5603449 Forming of diffusion bonded joints in superplastically formed metal structures February 18, 1997
A method of forming a diffusion bonded joint during superplastic forming of a hollow metal structure (43) from sheet material (15, 16, 17, 18) using a two-piece die (1) having opposed clenching faces (9, 10) disposed along a split line (2) thereof, the structure 43 being formed with a jo
5583508 Methods and systems of attitude determination December 10, 1996
The attitude of a body 12 is determined, or refined, by illuminating it with a direct beam and one or more indirect beams which are reflected from a scattering surface SS, all of the beams being radiated from the same or adjacent sources. The directions of arrival of the beams are determ
5574601 Optical beam expander November 12, 1996
A beam expander suitable for use with laser machining apparatus comprises a convex paraboloidal surface 7 and a concave paraboloidal surface 8 formed from a single metal element 10. The expander has an optional zoom facility provided by a plane mirror 12, moveable along an input-output a
5567082 Fastening arrangements October 22, 1996
A fastening arrangement for connecting two items comprises a stud 16 secured to one item 14 and a captive fastener 18 located in a fastener body 20 secured to the other item. The captive fastener 18 is made up of a nut 32, a washer 34 and an outer clip 36 for securing the nut to the clip
5564655 Rigging of aircraft wing flaps October 15, 1996
Apparatus, method and an arrangement for rigging an aircraft wing flap are provided. The apparatus (27) is for measuring horizontal and vertical positioning of a trailing edge (21) of a wing flap (14, 15) relative to a flap track beam (6) upon which the flap (14, 15) is mount for deploym
5557543 Tracking apparatus September 17, 1996
Apparatus suitable for tracking a road vehicle from an aerial platform uses a correlator (5) for processing data received from a thermal imager (1). The apparatus derives a binary template for use by the correlator (5), the template (13) being based on points of high curvature (12) in an
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