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Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG Patents
Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG
Braunschweig, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7578073 Appliance for removing fluids and/or solids August 25, 2009
This invention relates to an appliance (1) for the removal of fluids and/or solids from a mixture of particulate materials with a container (2) that constitutes a ring-shaped processing space (20) with a cylindrical outer contour with devices for the charging and discharging of the p
7335302 Centrifuge basket and centrifuge February 26, 2008
A centrifuge basket having a basket casing, on the inside of which is formed a working screen for separating off suspension liquid. The basket casing has openings of elliptical design. The openings are offset in relation to one another in the axial direction and in the circumferential
6177021 Method and device for clearing the crystalline material out of a centrifuge basket January 23, 2001
The invention relates to a method and a device for clearing product, e.g., sugar, from the inside of a centrifuge basket of a discontinues centrifuge. A scraper blade, which is attached to a clearing rod, is pivoted toward the spun-off layer of product. The scraper blade scrapes off
6106632 Process for mechanically dewatering extracted sugar beet pulp August 22, 2000
In a process for mechanically dewatering extracted sugar beet pulp, the dry matter content in the pressed pulp is increased by introducing directly into the pressed pulp layer in the pressing region a suspension of salt or salts of polyvalent ions. An apparatus for this process is also d
5746915 Centrifuge with a drive unit and an endless drive means May 5, 1998
A centrifuge includes an elastically supported centrifuge basket, a drive unit, and an endless drive arrangement, such as a drive belt arranged on a drive pulley of the drive unit and a driven pulley of the centrifuge basket support unit, for driving the centrifuge basket. A tension
5653815 Process for solid-liquid extraction and extraction tower for carrying out the process August 5, 1997
In a process for solid-liquid extraction, in particular of sucrose from beet cossettes, countercurrent extraction in an extraction tower is employed. The tower juice is drawn off together with the small-sized solid constituents obtained in the process, such as sand, essentially exclu
5618352 Continuously operating centrifuge for spinning sugar massecuite April 8, 1997
A continuously operating centrifuge for spinning sugar massecuite has a perforated basket which widens conically and rotates about a vertical axis. The perforated basket has a throwing-off edge from which the sugar particles are spun off outwardly and are then collected in a further
5458056 Extraction tower October 17, 1995
An extraction tower for the extraction of slices includes an outer tower casing having an inside wall and a bottom region; arresters disposed along the inside wall; a sieve disposed in the bottom region; a tubular shaft centrally disposed in the casing and having a toothed rim at a top e
5244502 Continuously operating centrifuge September 14, 1993
A continuously operable centrifuge for spinning off sugar massecuite has an upwardly conically expanded strainer basket (20) mounted for rotation about a vertical axis (16). A downwardly conically expanding massecuite distributor (40) rotating with the basket reaches into a floor region
4816075 Apparatus for comminuting plant material for further treatment March 28, 1989
An apparatus for preparing plant material, such as sugar cane, comminutes the material for further processing, for example, by cane mills or a diffuser. An upfront cutter (2) and a shredder (8) are immediately adjoining each other at the end of an adjustable speed conveyor (1). A mat
4804419 Continuously operable sugar centrifuge February 14, 1989
A continuously operable sugar centrifugal is equipped with an upwardly opening conical centrifugal drum surrounded by a sugar collecting housing (3). The upper edge of the drum (1) is equipped with a sugar discharge flange which faces a rotatably mounted ring carrying a plurality of suga
4802925 Continuously operable centrifuge for mashing and centrifuging of sugar massecuite February 7, 1989
A continuously operating centrifugal for mashing and centrifuging of sugar massecuite is equipped with an upwardly, conically opening screen drum (2) which is rotating about a vertical axis (1). The screen drum is carried by a hub (5) reaching into the interior of the drum and supporting
4762570 Continuously operable sugar centrifuge August 9, 1988
The screen drum of a continuously operable sugar centrifuge is divided into three sections along its axial length from the drum bottom to the sugar discharge rim. A first upper section extends from the discharge rim downwardly. This first section has such a wall inclination (.alpha.)
4718945 Sugar centrifuge January 12, 1988
A continuously operating sugar centrifugal is equipped with the following components, a massecuite supply device, a frustum-shaped screen drum which is rotatably drivable, a housing surrounding the screen drum, a distributor and accelerating device arranged for cooperation with the s
4443266 Continuously operating sugar centrifuge April 17, 1984
A continuously operable sugar centrifuge modified as taught herein is capable of producing quality sugar. For this purpose elastic, spring resilient sheet metal members (11) are attached to a rotatable ring with an adjustable angle of incidence so that the surface of these flexible s
4409031 Continuously operable sugar centrifugal and method for improving the purity of the produced suga October 11, 1983
Continuously operable sugar centrifugals can achieve degrees of sugar purities comparable to those achieved by batch centrifugals if the diameter of the drying stage following the washing stage flares out in steps and/or extends at an opposed angle. Further, the inside of the drying

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