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Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.
Maple Grove, MN
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RE40863 Apparatus and method for sealing vascular punctures July 21, 2009
An apparatus for closing and sealing a vascular puncture is connected to an energy supply such that heat is generated in, or thermally conducted to, the tissue, thereby thermally fusing the vascular tissue together. The method for closing and sealing a vascular puncture comprises applyin
RE40122 Expandable stent-graft covered with expanded polytetrafluoroethylene February 26, 2008
The expandable stent-graft generally defines a cylindrical lumen made from a stent having a discontinuous wall that is at least substantially covered with an expended polytetrafluoroethylene material. The expanded polytetrafluoroethylene covering may be a biaxially oriented, expanded
RE39200 Apparatus for treating a blood vessel July 18, 2006
Method of employing a balloon tube for creating a thrombosis of vessels located directly under the surface of a body cavity which is difficult to reach, through the initiation of an electric current between the balloon which is deflated as introduced into the body cavity and which is
8586072 Medical devices having coatings for controlled therapeutic agent delivery November 19, 2013
According to an aspect of the invention, medical devices are provided, which include a nanoparticle-derived inorganic layer disposed over a least a portion of structure that includes a substrate, and optionally, a therapeutic-agent-containing layer disposed over at least a portion of
8586071 Bulking agents November 19, 2013
The invention relates to bulking agents and apparatus and methods for using the disclosed bulking agents. The bulking agents can be used to treat such conditions as urinary and fecal incontinence, gastro-esophageal reflux, aneurismal blockages, and cosmetic deformities. The invention
8585749 Expansion-assisting delivery system for self-expanding stent November 19, 2013
A delivery system for a self-expanding stent includes a catheter having a distal end and being configured to retain a self-expanding stent proximate the distal end. The delivery system also includes an inflatable device provided on the catheter and positioned proximate the distal end.
8585716 Apparatus for applying hemostatic clips November 19, 2013
An apparatus includes a hemostatic clip assembly including at least one hemostatic clip, a first one of the at least one hemostatic clips having a tissue clamp movable between a tissue receiving configuration and a tissue clamping configuration and a deployment mechanism deploying a
8585715 Endoscopic apparatus with integrated variceal ligation device November 19, 2013
A variceal banding endoscope includes an elongated shaft having a distal end and a proximal end that is removably connected to a control unit. The endoscope includes a variceal banding apparatus fixedly attached to the distal end of the endoscope and capable of receiving a plurality of
8585699 Sphincterotome with improved orientation November 19, 2013
A sphincterotome including a cutting wire may be configured such that, when activated, the cutting wire assumes a desired cutting position at or near the "12 o'clock" position or any other desired angular configuration. A sphincterotome may have controlled bending characteristics. A
8585696 Electrosurgical probe having conductive outer surface to initiate ablation between electrode November 19, 2013
Tissue ablation probes and methods of treating diseased tissue are disclosed that include or use a partially uninsulated shaft that carries conductive elements such as electrode arrays. The shaft has an uninsulated outer surface that is electrically conductive and is electrically con
8585689 Cryotreatment devices and methods of forming conduction blocks November 19, 2013
Cryotreatment devices and methods of ablating tissue within the body are disclosed. A cryotreatment device in accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes an elongated member having one or more needle-like ablation tips configured to induce necrosis at a
8585639 Steering mechanism November 19, 2013
A hand-holdable steering mechanism is used as part of a medical device such as a catheter or an endoscope to allow movement of a steerable distal portion of the catheter or endoscope. The mechanism can include a housing, a first actuator, and a second actuator. The first actuator is
8580189 Stainless steel alloy having lowered nickel-chrominum toxicity and improved biocompatibility November 12, 2013
The present invention is directed towards an austenitic, stainless steel series 300 alloy having improved biocompatible characteristics. The modified stainless steel alloy consists essentially of, in weight percent, about TABLE-US-00001 C Mn Si P S .ltoreq.0.030
8579957 Stent delivery device with embolic protection November 12, 2013
A delivery device adapted to insert and deploy a stent within a body lumen. The delivery device includes a guide member adapted to retain a dilation assembly and a stent within a lumen thereof until the stent is to be deployed into the body lumen. The delivery device is configured to
8579935 Tissue fasteners and related deployment systems and methods November 12, 2013
Surgical tissue fasteners and related deployment systems and methods are disclosed. A tissue fastener used to join multiple tissue layers includes a first member, a second member, and a connecting member connecting the first and second members. In some embodiments, the first and second
8579895 Method of and apparatus for positioning and maintaining the position of endoscopic instruments November 12, 2013
The present invention provides an apparatus for, and a method of, accurate positioning of endoscopic instruments. Accurate positioning of the instruments is accomplished through the inclusion of a steering ability within the device. After the endoscopic instrument is properly positio
8579890 Cryo-ablation refrigerant distribution catheter November 12, 2013
Described herein are methods and devices for performing ablation via a cryoablation catheter. An ablation catheter having a cyroablation chamber at its distal end can be used to achieve a uniform ablation band in or around the pulmonary veins. The cyrochamber can house a dispersion membe
8579889 Linear ablation devices and methods of use November 12, 2013
Described herein are various methods and devices for delivering cryoablative therapy. Various ablative patterns can be produced by the devices, including, linear ablation patterns. One exemplary device includes a cryoablation chamber and a volume displacement chamber. In use, the vol
8579804 Variable length nephrostomy sheath November 12, 2013
An adjustable sheath assembly sized to accept a medical instrument and adapted for insertion into a body of a patient for maintaining a passageway therein. The device includes a first hollow member having a first length, and a second hollow member having a second length, the first an
8579802 Flexible endoscope with modifiable stiffness November 12, 2013
An apparatus includes a flexible elongate member that defines a lumen and is configured to be inserted within a body passageway of a patient. The flexible elongate member includes a proximal portion, a distal portion, and a medial portion disposed between the proximal portion and the dis
8574615 Medical devices having nanoporous coatings for controlled therapeutic agent delivery November 5, 2013
According to an aspect of the present invention, implantable or insertable medical devices are provided which contain (a) one or more depressions that contain at least one therapeutic agent, and (b) a nanoporous coating, disposed over the therapeutic-agent-containing depressions, whi
8574612 Medical devices having a coating of biologic macromolecules November 5, 2013
A medical device having a coating of biologic macromolecules. The coating of biologic macromolecules is protected by a temporary protective layer disposed over the biologic macromolecules. The temporary protective layer serves to protect the structure (e.g., conformation) and/or function
8574225 Efficient controlled cryogenic fluid delivery into a balloon catheter and other treatment device November 5, 2013
Devices, systems, and methods efficiently dilate and/or cool blood vessels and other body tissues. Controlled cooling with balloon catheters and other probes may be effected by a change in phase of a cryogenic fluid, often after measuring a minimum pulse width for actuating an indivi
8574219 Catheter shaft including a metallic tapered region November 5, 2013
A catheter shaft including a metallic tubular member including a plurality of apertures formed in the tubular wall of the metallic tubular member to provide a desired degree of flexibility to the metallic tubular member. The metallic tubular member includes a tapered region intermedi
8574191 Localized delivery of drug agents November 5, 2013
Medical devices including a substrate that are expandable from a compressed state to an expanded state; a coating on the substrate, the coating having a drug agent incorporated therein; and a sheath over the coating. The sheath is expandable from a compressed state to an expanded sta
8571635 Automated activation/deactivation of imaging device based on tracked medical device position October 29, 2013
Methods and systems for controlling an imaging procedure are provided. A medical device is introduced within a patient, and a position (e.g., location and/or orientation) of the medical device is detected within the patient relative to a reference position (e.g., a previously detected
8568643 Methods of manufacturing linearly expandable ureteral stents October 29, 2013
A method includes forming an elongated member having a tubular shape. The elongated member includes a sidewall that defines a lumen. A spiral-shaped opening is formed in the sidewall such that the elongated member is configured to move between a retracted configuration and an expande
8568488 Satiation devices and methods October 29, 2013
A satiation device is described which includes a sheath or liner extending from the proximal or middle stomach to the distal antrum. Food ingested by the patient passes through the sheath or liner, thereby minimizing contact between the ingested food and the stomach. It is believed t
8568437 Balloon folding apparatus, methods and products October 29, 2013
A medical balloon may be configured by at least partially inflating the medical balloon and forming at least one primary lobe in the balloon. The primary lobe extends from a central portion of the balloon. The primary lobe may be manipulated to form at least two secondary lobes therefrom
8568385 Device and method for restricting blood flow to fibroids October 29, 2013
A method of treating tissue comprises introducing into a hollow organ a support device and, after insertion, arranging the support device into a non-yielding configuration substantially filling the hollow organ and substantially preventing walls of the hollow organ from moving inward in
8567033 Method of constructing an articulation joint for steerable medical device October 29, 2013
A method of constructing an articulation joint includes forming a metallic tube with a number of rings formed therein. Springs may be secured to the inside surface or outside surface of the rings to allow the joint to bend in directions transverse to the axis of the springs. A fixtur
8562665 Tubular stent consists of chevron-shape expansion struts and contralaterally attached diagonal-c October 22, 2013
A circumferentially connected stent in a non-expanded state with a longitudinal axis, includes a first expansion column strut pair having a first expansion strut, a second expansion strut with a joining strut. The first expansion column strut pair defines a chevron shaped slot, and a
8562646 Anchoring to soft tissue October 22, 2013
Soft tissue anchors can be used in various surgical procedures, including pelvic floor reconstruction procedures. The anchors have one position that allows passage through the body and another position that inhibits passage of the anchors back through the soft tissue when a pull-back
8562642 Method and apparatus for tissue resection October 22, 2013
A resection device includes an elongated probe shaft and a tissue resection member disposed at a distal end of the elongated probe shaft. The tissue resection member has a cutting surface configured for being placed in contact with tissue. In one aspect of the invention, at least one
8562566 Stent delivery and guidewire guidance system October 22, 2013
A system for controlling multiple guidewires comprises a guiderail, which has a housing that defines a first guidewire lumen and a second guidewire lumen. The guidewire lumens extend through the entire length of the guiderail. The guiderail housing further defines a first longitudinal
8562560 Medical catheter assembly including a balloon bolster October 22, 2013
A medical catheter assembly including either a reinforced balloon bolster or the combination of a balloon bolster and a wire-basket bolster. According to one embodiment, the medical catheter assembly is a low-profile replacement PEG device comprising a feeding tube, an external bolst
8562543 Medical instrument October 22, 2013
A medical instrument includes a housing, a stylet having a portion in the housing, a cannula coaxially receiving the stylet and having a portion in the housing, and a member slidably coupled to the housing. The stylet and the cannula are movable between an extended position and a retract
8298462 Method of uniaxially expanding a fluoropolymer product October 30, 2012
This invention relates to a method of uniaxially expanding a fluoropolymer product including the steps of expanding a green fluoropolymer product in a first direction to create a first-expanded fluoropolymer product, and expanding the first-expanded fluoropolymer product in the same
8298280 Stent with protruding branch portion for bifurcated vessels October 30, 2012
The present invention is directed to a stent for use in a bifurcated body lumen having a main branch and a side branch. The stent comprises a radially expandable generally tubular stent body having proximal and distal opposing ends with a body wall having a surface extending therebet
8298278 Bifurcated stent with improvement securement October 30, 2012
A stent assembly includes a branch portion and a main body with a proximal main body, a contralateral main body, and a distal main body. The branch portion is in fluid communication with the main body. In the expanded state the branch portion extends at an oblique angle in relation t
8298258 Embolic protection device October 30, 2012
The invention provides an embolic filter, a support structure therefor, and methods for preparing said filter for deployment and retrieval.
8298192 Balloon assembly with a torque October 30, 2012
An expandable medical balloon for use in combination with a catheter assembly, the balloon having a torque in a first and second unexpanded state, and to methods of making and using the same.
8298179 Catheter assembly with tapered joints and method of manufacture October 30, 2012
A catheter assembly comprises at least one catheter shaft and a balloon. The catheter shaft comprises a substantially cylindrical portion and at least one tapered portion. The tapered portion forms an angle with the cylindrical portion of about 1 degree to about 25 degrees. At least one
8298178 Rapid exchange catheter with depressable channel October 30, 2012
A rapid exchange catheter extends from a proximal portion which remains outside of a patient's body during use to a distal portion which, during use, is located within a body lumen adjacent to a target area to be treated, wherein the proximal and distal portions are coupled by a medial
8298149 Systems and methods for making and using a motor distally-positioned within a catheter of an int October 30, 2012
A catheter assembly for an intravascular ultrasound system includes an imaging core configured and arranged for inserting into a distal end of a lumen of a catheter. The imaging core includes at least one transducer mounted to a driveshaft and configured and arranged for transforming
8293349 Balloon forming process and balloons made therefrom October 23, 2012
A dilatation balloon formed with at least one layer, the layer including at least one polymeric material and at least one material which is a heating medium, the heating medium sensitive to an electromagnetic field.
8293262 Medical devices having multiple layers October 23, 2012
Described herein are medical devices which are configured for implantation or insertion into a subject, preferably a mammalian subject. The medical devices contain one or more multilayer regions, which contain: (a) one or more (typically a plurality of) charged nanoparticle layers an
8292946 Medical implants with limited resistance to migration October 23, 2012
An implant adapted to be retained in a body lumen includes a barb for engaging the lumen wall. The barb includes a yieldable element adapted to yield in response to a force, above a predetermined limit, tending to cause migration of the implant. The barb may comprise a shape memory m
8292945 Stent designed for the delivery of therapeutic substance or other agents October 23, 2012
A stent comprising a serpentine portion extending about the circumference of the stent, the serpentine portion having a first end and a second end, the serpentine portion having a plurality of turns at the first end and a plurality of turns at the second end and struts extending therebet
8292940 Medical device having a rotatable shaft October 23, 2012
The invention provides design, material, manufacturing method, and use alternatives for medical devices. An example medical device includes a first elongated member having a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen extending therebetween and a second elongated member having a proximal

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