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Bolt, Beranek and Newman Inc. Patents
Bolt, Beranek and Newman Inc.
Cambridge, MA
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5796849 Active noise and vibration control system accounting for time varying plant, using residual sign August 18, 1998
An active noise and vibration control system is constructed such that the residual signal from the residual sensor is fed back into the controller and used to generate the probe signal. Measurements of the residual signal are used to create a related signal, which has the same magnitude
5628407 Method and apparatus for separation of magnetically responsive spheres May 13, 1997
A method and apparatus for automated separation of fluid borne magnetically responsive spheres into different populations by carefully manipulating forces of gravity, buoyancy, fluid friction, and magnetism. Distinct homogeneous sphere populations are separated from a non-homogeneous
5615868 Active pneumatic mount April 1, 1997
In the active pneumatic mount disclosed herein, a bellows or other flexible sealing means is utilized for containing a volume of pressurized gas which supports the weight of the equipment which is to be isolated. Within the pressurized volume is a means defining a chamber having an openi
5587615 Electromagnetic force generator December 24, 1996
The electromagnetic force generator disclosed herein employs first and second elongate magnetic cores having transversely facing pole faces at each end, the cores being essentially parallel with pole faces aligned and facing. Between each pair of aligned pole faces is a relatively moveab
5471567 Image element depth buffering using two buffers November 28, 1995
Depth buffered anti-aliasing in a real time image generation system utilizing two separate buffers, one for combining attributes of object pixel definitions which are of less than full coverage and another for storing the attributes of each new object pixel definition which is of ful
5394394 Message header classifier February 28, 1995
The classifier device disclosed herein analyzes message headers of the type which comprise a sequence of bit groups presented successively. The device employs a read/write memory for storing at a multiplicity of addresses, an alterable parse graph of instructions. The parse graph instruc
5359902 Load cell November 1, 1994
In the load cell disclosed herein, relative displacement between bridging members or end caps mounted at different points along the axis of an elastic hollow cylinder is sensed by means of a variable reluctance transducer employing a pair of magnetically permeable core elements. One
5339386 Volumetric effects pixel processing August 16, 1994
In a real time image generation system opaque or planar object pixels are defined by at least a color attribute and a depth value and volumetric pixels are defined by at least a color attribute, a depth value and an opacity gradient value. A volumetric data buffer is provided for storing
5319781 Generation of schedules using a genetic procedure June 7, 1994
In the scheduling method disclosed herein, a genetic algorithm is employed to improve a population of possible schedules represented by respective chromosomes, where the chromosomes upon which the genetic algorithm operates are not a direct encoding of a possible schedules. Rather, the
5319735 Embedded signalling June 7, 1994
A code signal representing a sequence of code symbols carrying digital information is generated with the frequency components of the code signal being essentially confined to a preselected signalling band lying within the bandwidth of an audio signal within which the code signal is to be
5301337 Distributed resource management system using hashing operation to direct resource request from d April 5, 1994
A resource managing method operates in a computer system in which a variety of processes run essentially simultaneously on a group of processors, each processor being provided with a respective section of memory which is also accessible by the other processors in the group though typical
5266854 Electromagnetic transducer November 30, 1993
In the electromagnetic transducer disclosed herein, first and second magnetic core structures are oriented in opposition with a space therebetween. In the space between the core structures, an armature is provided for completing magnetic circuits for both of the core structures with
5241619 Word dependent N-best search method August 31, 1993
As a step in finding the one most likely word sequence in a spoken language system, an N-best search is conducted to find the N most likely sentence hypotheses. During the search, word theories are distinguished based only on the one previous word. At each state within a word, the total
5206839 Underwater sound source April 27, 1993
In the underwater sound source disclosed herein, rigid diaphragms are provided at opposed ends of a hollow shell, the periphery of each of the diaphragms being sealed to the shell. Respective spring means operating between the shell and each of the diaphragms allows axial displacement of
5155727 Method of coupling a data transmitter unit to a signal line and apparatus for performing the inv October 13, 1992
A method for controlling the access of a data transmitter unit to a signal line, enabling approximately full utilization of the bandwidth of the signal line for data transfer, avoidance of collisions, conveyance of the transmitted data amount independently of the signal line length, and
5041971 Memory accessing switch network August 20, 1991
In parallel processing computational apparatus, a switching network employing both routing switch elements and concentrator elements efficiently couples bit serial messages from a multiplicity of processors to a multiplicity of memory modules. The apparatus operates in a highly synch
4961152 Adaptive computing system October 2, 1990
The adaptive computing system disclosed herein employs a data structure involving a multiplicity of classifiers, each of which includes a match string of characters which the system attempts to match up with messages generated either by the environment or by other classifiers. Associated
4943941 Floating point processor employing counter controlled shifting July 24, 1990
The floating point processor performs floating point addition or subtraction on a pair of binary arguments, each of which includes an exponent and a mantissa, without requiring a barrel shifter. The processor utilizes a serial arithmetic scheme in which corresponding portions of the
4700347 Digital phase adjustment October 13, 1987
In the apparatus disclosed herein, a data signal to be phase adjusted is applied to a plurality of delay lines providing progressively greater delays. The outputs of the several delay lines are compared over a period of time and a selection of one of the output signals for utilization is
4674124 Multichannel masking sound generator June 16, 1987
In the masking sound source disclosed herein, easily adjustable but matching acoustic energy spectrums are obtained from different channels by providing, for each channel, a plurality of bandpass filters, each of which is provided with a respective gain-controlled amplifier for selec
4538139 Signalling apparatus August 27, 1985
Signalling apparatus in which a sensed change in condition, e.g. a window opened by an intruder or a valuable art object moved, causes the free end of a cantilevered spring to be snapped or twanged. A piezoelectric film bonded to the spring generates a pulsating voltage which energizes a
4476572 Partition system for open plan office spaces October 9, 1984
The partition system disclosed herein incorporates apparatus for generating a speech masking acoustic field. Respective speakers are mounted near the bottom of each of a plurality of partition panel segments defining each work space and are aimed horizontally. These speakers are driven b
4358245 Low noise fan November 9, 1982
A low noise, axial flow fan particularly suited for use in a turbulent air flow such as the flow exiting an automobile radiator has a band that is secured to the outer ends of the fan blades. The blades are highly forwardly skewed and have an increasing blade angle as a function of blade
4168484 Method of and apparatus for radiant energy measurement of impedance transitions in media, for id September 18, 1979
This disclosure deals with measuring either discontinuous or continuous impedance transitions in various media to identify or delineate the properties and nature thereof by transmitting radiant energy waves to such media to produce reflected waves therefrom, deconvoluting the outgoing an
4130865 Multiprocessor computer apparatus employing distributed communications paths and a passive task December 19, 1978
Computer apparatus which employs a plurality of processing units, a memory unit, and a communication unit, each of the units including a data transfer bus. A bus coupler is provided between each pair of units of differing type to form a distributed data communications network. An add
4130832 Three-dimensional display December 19, 1978
The three-dimensional display system disclosed herein employs the varying focal properties of a vibrating mirror to cause sequentially generated image components to appear juxtaposed in space. The mirror is constructed as a circular reflective plate having substantial stiffness and r
4117419 Frequency measuring system employing an auto-correlation function frequency control loop September 26, 1978
In the frequency measuring system disclosed herein, a control signal is generated which is related to the value of function of the input signal for a selectable delay time. The average value of the control signal is employed to control the clock rate of a shift register which is used to
4094304 Method and apparatus for measurement of acoustic impedance transitions in media such as human bo June 13, 1978
Acoustic impedance transitions in human or animal bodies or other media are measured for identification and diagnostic purposes by exposing the body to acoustic energy pulses to produce echo pulses which are detected. The echo pulses are processed to indicate the relative specific acoust
4059726 Process and apparatus for speech privacy improvement through incoherent masking noise sound gene November 22, 1977
The invention involves the use of a plurality of incoherent noise generators distributed, in one embodiment, along ceilings in open-plan and partitioned office spaces and the like, to diffuse masking sound energy through acoustical tile and other false ceiling structures while tailoring
4035766 Error-checking scheme July 12, 1977
The error-checking scheme disclosed herein is adapted for use in digital data processing systems, e.g. computers, in which binary data is variously transmitted and/or stored and in which the data source or destination is designated by a binary address. In a preferred embodiment, the data
3989406 Method of and apparatus for preventing leading edge shocks and shock-related noise in transonic November 2, 1976
This disclosure is concerned with novel rotor blade and similar foil designs that, by critical skewing of intermediate blade regions where the airflow is supersonic, prevents leading edge shocks and shock-related noise.
3972646 Propeller blade structures and methods particularly adapted for marine ducted reversible thruste August 3, 1976
This disclosure is concerned with reducing blade-generated cavitation and accompanying noise in systems such as marine ducted reversible thrusters and the like, by novel techniques including a skew-forward blade configuration at the outer radii and particular blade thickness/chord le
3968597 Closure seal and method July 13, 1976
This disclosure deals with a novel closure seal embodying the compression of a region of a tubular member adjacent a door mounting edge during closure of the door, to pump air into a communicating region of the member disposed along the bottom edge of the door, to expand the same into a
3941122 High frequency ultrasonic process and apparatus for selectively dissolving and removing unwanted March 2, 1976
The present disclosure deals with ultrasonically selectively dissolving solid and semi-solid unwanted materials, such as vitreous gels, membranes, cataracts and similar materials in ophthalmic operation applications, for example, by radiating from a physically small source, high-frequenc

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