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Black & Decker Inc. Patents
Black & Decker Inc.
Newark, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE44557 Ruggedized tradesworkers radio October 22, 2013
A tradesworker's radio has a weather and impact resistant features to enable a tradesworker to use the radio under adverse working conditions, such as construction or other work sites. Louvered grills covering moisture resistant loudspeakers are angled downward to protect the speaker
RE43603 Dual filter vacuum cleaner apparatus August 28, 2012
A dual filter arrangement for a vacuum cleaner for filtering particles of dust and debris from an airflow passing through the vacuum cleaner. The dual filter comprises a coarse pre-filter having an array of pores formed therein of substantially uniform diameter and a fine primary filter
RE42873 Hand-holdable vacuum cleaners November 1, 2011
There is provided a hand-holdable vacuum cleaner, comprising: an electric motor; an electrical on-off switch for operating said motor; a fan connected to an output shaft of said motor; an airflow pathway comprising an inlet for dirty air, an outlet for clean air, and a collection chamber
RE41857 Locking mechanism for inclination adjustment of a blade of a cutting device October 26, 2010
A cutting device includes a base, a swivel seat rotatably mounted on the base and having a first end and a second end, and a blade holder releasably engaged with the second end of the swivel seat. A blade is rotatably held by the blade holder. The blade holder is pivotable relative t
RE40643 Rotary hammer February 24, 2009
A rotary hammer includes a spindle 18 which can be rotatably driven by an intermediate shaft 24 by way of a drive device. A tool holder 16 is arranged for rotation with the spindle 18, and for releasably holding a bit or tool for selective rotation and/or reciprocation. A pneumatic h
RE40542 Dual filter vacuum cleaner apparatus October 21, 2008
A dual filter arrangement for a vacuum cleaner for filtering particles of dust and debris from an airflow passing through the vacuum cleaner. The dual filter comprises a coarse pre-filter having an array of pores formed therein of substantially uniform diameter and a fine primary filter
RE40345 Powered oscillating hand tool May 27, 2008
A powered oscillating hand tool includes a drive unit having an electric motor and a drive shaft; a bearing eccentrically mounted on the drive shaft and located radially eccentrically relative to the drive shaft; a carrier plate mounted on the bearing and a platen for mounting on the
RE39338 Lawn mower October 17, 2006
RE37905 Power tool and mechanism November 19, 2002
A power tool has an application mechanism (300) for connection to the output of an epicyclic gearbox provided with a torque control ring. The mechanism has a body (310) journalling a chuck spindle (302). Outside the body is a clutch control arrangement comprising balls (334,336) pressed
RE37247 Router June 26, 2001
A router with a cutter head containing the drive motor so that the cutter head is held in a displaceable manner at guide columns which are secured at a base plate which is provided with a central opening for the passage of a cutter inserted in the tool holder of the cutter head, is provi
RE36250 Electro-mechanical interlock and module system for lawn mower or other electrical device July 13, 1999
An electro-mechanical interlock and module system for an electrically powered device such as a cordless, electric lawn mower that includes a normally open interlock switch for controlling the enabling of the power circuit for the lawn mower. A key member is adapted for insertion into a
RE33379 Microprocessor based motor control October 9, 1990
A microprocessor based motor controller which provides open loop speed control at low conduction angles, closed loop speed control at high conduction angles, and a smooth transition between open loop and closed loop zones. In open loop, the motor speed is selected and is permitted to
D692742 Right angle attachment November 5, 2013
D692741 Power tool attachment head November 5, 2013
D692380 Battery pack October 29, 2013
D668514 Hedge trimmer October 9, 2012
D668405 Hand-held vacuum cleaner October 2, 2012
D665645 Power tool attachment head August 21, 2012
D665644 Power tool attachment head August 21, 2012
D664413 Impact wrench July 31, 2012
D663910 Hand-held vacuum cleaner July 17, 2012
D663183 Hammer drill July 10, 2012
D662241 Flashlight June 19, 2012
D661564 Reciprocating saw June 12, 2012
D661557 Hedge trimmer June 12, 2012
D658835 Steam mop May 1, 2012
D657846 Paint sprayer April 17, 2012
D657646 Powered screwdriver April 17, 2012
D657016 Paint sprayer April 3, 2012
D656804 Impact driver April 3, 2012
D656737 Paint roller April 3, 2012
D656695 Accessory brush for a vacuum cleaner March 27, 2012
D656645 Lamp March 27, 2012
D656459 Charger base for a hand-held vacuum cleaner March 27, 2012
D656371 String trimmer March 27, 2012
D655994 Impact driver March 20, 2012
D654510 Tiller February 21, 2012
D654509 Tiller February 21, 2012
D653513 Circular saw February 7, 2012
D653265 Lawnmower January 31, 2012
D653090 String trimmer January 31, 2012
D653008 Hand-held vacuum cleaner January 24, 2012
D652846 Lawnmower January 24, 2012
D652793 Power tool battery pack charger January 24, 2012
D650254 Oscillating tool December 13, 2011
D648998 Power cutter November 22, 2011
D648443 Saw horse combination November 8, 2011
D648350 Pressurized air manifold with regulator November 8, 2011
D647771 Oscillating tool November 1, 2011
D646991 Suction cup hanging device with laser level October 18, 2011

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