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Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated Patents
Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated
Murray Hill, Berkeley Heights, NJ
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T966005 Repertory dialer January 3, 1978
a repertory dialer is disclosed that includes a solid state display and a telephone keyboard coupled to a solid state memory. The solid state display comprises a plurality of alphanumeric characters, the first of which is used to provide an alphabetical index. The rest of the characters
T963002 Coating of fiber waveguides October 4, 1977
the specification describes coating techniques for glass fiber waveguides that avoid physical contact of the fiber by anything other than the coating solution. The techniques depend on the use of very flexible easily deformable materials for the exit die of flooded die applicators.
T963001 Telephone handset October 4, 1977
the design relates to a telephone handset substantially as shown.
T961003 Female connector August 2, 1977
a female connector or jack in accordance with the present invention includes a plurality of contact springs that are arranged in a row side by side one another and extend rearwardly cantilever fashion within a plug-receiving opening. It further includes a switch disposed on each side
T958010 Protection of optical fibers from static fatigue May 3, 1977
communications grade glass optical fibers are protected from static fatigue failure by an initial coating that reacts with surface silanol groups, thereby to occupy or tie up water vapor reaction sites. The OH surface radicals may be bonded to by condensation reactions including: est
T958009 Electrical adapter May 3, 1977
an adapter in accordance with the present invention comprises a male member joined to a female member. The male member includes a plug portion having a plurality of spaced slots into which a plurality of blade contacts are respectively inserted, the blade contacts making electrical conne
T955001 Telephone set February 1, 1977
An ornamental design for a telephone is disclosed in which the telephone is arcuate and includes a pushbutton dial that has a planar face and rectangular pushbuttons. The longitudinal walls on each side of the dial vary in height, the walls having a greater height at their ends than in
RE31651 Communication system using intelligent network processor August 21, 1984
Multibit digital signals, being telephone call signal samples from different simultaneous call connections and coded in an ordered coding system, are stored in different locations of a first buffer store. The respective signals are coupled through a stored program controlled switchin
RE31534 Communication system conferencing arrangement March 6, 1984
A communication conferencing arrangement is disclosed which relies upon the use of a plus/minus (+/-) nonlocking button followed by the operation of a button associated with any other line appearing at the station. If the operated line button is associated with a currently active line th
RE31510 Signal multiplexing circuit January 24, 1984
The disclosed signal multiplexing circuit (110) makes use of a single pair of wires (T, R) to interface a data and voice communication circuit such as an electronic key telephone (EKT) station set (100) with a central data and voice communication system such as a communication system (BC
RE31423 Magnetic domain detector October 18, 1983
Single wall domains are moved synchronously in a sheet of magnetic material along channels defined by magnetically soft overlays as an in-plane magnetic field reorients. A detector is described which includes as an integral part thereof a portion of the overlay defining the propagation
RE31351 Feedback nonlinear equalization of modulated data signals August 16, 1983
A receiver for a quadrature amplitude modulated data signal impaired by linear and nonlinear distortion, phase jitter and additive noise includes circuitry which compensates for these impairments. In particular, the receiver includes a processor (FIG. 1 44; FIG. 2, 44') which subtracts a
RE31319 Digital data communication system July 19, 1983
A digital data transmission system comprising a plurality of interconnected switching units, each such unit having connected thereto at least one transmission loop, and each such loop having at least one digital device attached thereto. The system provides controllable buffering of digit
RE31295 Carrier supply for frequency division multiplexed systems June 28, 1983
The terminals in the frequency division multiplexed systems of the prior art employ many steps of modulation whose frequency variations, due to changes in the frequencies generated by the carrier oscillators, add to produce a frequency offset which is unacceptable in modern wideband
RE31253 Echo cancellation in two-wire, two-way data transmission systems May 24, 1983
An adaptive echo canceller for two-wire, simultaneous two-way data communication at full bandwidth uses Nyquist-interval, rather than baud-interval, processing to achieve independence from timing discrepancies between near-end and far-end terminals. The entire echo signal, and not me
RE31188 Multiple template speech recognition system March 22, 1983
A speech analyzer for recognizing an unknown utterance as one of a set of reference words is adapted to generate a feature signal set for each utterance of every reference word. At least one template signal is produced for each reference word which template signal is representative o
RE31180 Quaternary spinodal copper alloys March 15, 1983
Copper alloys are disclosed which contain nickel and tin and Fe, Zn, Mn, Zr, Nb, Cr, Al, or Mg in amounts within specified limits. When cold worked and aged according to a critical schedule these alloys develop a predominantly spinodal structure which renders them strong as well as d
RE31053 Apparatus and method for holding and planarizing thin workpieces October 12, 1982
An apparatus and method for holding a thin workpiece such as a semiconductor wafer for operations which require the workpiece to have a high degree of planarity such as photolithographic printing includes positioning the workpiece onto a planar holding face comprising the points of a
RE30973 Telephone station coin memory and control system June 15, 1982
Automatic coin telephone station and central office facilities are disclosed for deriving data on the exact numbers and types of coins deposited during initial and overtime periods. Each station is equipped with nickel, dime and quarter binary counter memories and with flip-flop and
RE30854 Free machining Cu--Ni--Sn alloys January 26, 1982
Cu-Ni-Sn alloys are disclosed which are particularly suited to undergo shaping by machining such as drilling, and lathing. In addition to Cu, Ni, and Sn, these alloys contain specified small amounts of Te, Se, Pb, or MnS. When articles are formed by machining of alloys having such specif
RE30244 Radial flow reactor including glow discharge limitting shield April 1, 1980
An improved radio frequency (rf) powered radial flow cylindrical reactor utilizes a gas shield which substantially limits the glow plasma discharge reaction to a section of the reactor over the semiconductor substrates which are to be coated. The gas shield permits the use of higher rf i
RE30220 Station loop control arrangement for telephone switching system February 19, 1980
An arrangement for controlling the d.c. state of a subscriber's loop which has a port appearance in a time division switching network is disclosed. Because such a network provides no metallic path between the subscriber's line port and the trunk circuit, the abandonment of the call by th
RE30182 Precoded ternary data transmission December 25, 1979
A digital data transmission rate of three bits per cycle of bandwidth is achieved in precoded partial-response band-limited communication channels by partitioning binary digits into groups of three two-level digits and translating these binary groups of three into pairs of three-level di
RE29677 Single-wall domain arrangement June 20, 1978
The transfer of a domain from one channel to another in a single-wall domain memory is effected by a transfer loop into which a domain is moved by a field from a pulsed conductor and from which a domain exits in response to a magnetic field rotating in the plane of the layer in which
RE29215 Cross-office connecting scheme for interconnecting multiplexers and central office terminals May 10, 1977
Interchange of data between two way loops and a data trunk is provided by way of channel units, submultiplexer/demultiplexers and a common multiplexer/demultiplexer. Submultiplexers have five, 10 or 20 ports, creating time frames with corresponding numbers of time slots, all of equal
RE29191 Base reach-through active series voltage regulator April 19, 1977
The pass transistor of this series regulator supplies current at a regulated voltage only sightly below its unregulated supply voltage. The driver transistor, driven by the feedback loop, is supplied from a higher voltage source. During periods when the pass transistor cannot supply the
RE29078 Key telephone system December 14, 1976
A key telephone system is disclosed that includes a clock for generating both flash and wink lamp signals and digital timing signals. The system also includes a plurality of line control circuits, each of which is associated with an individual telephone line and a plurality of key te
RE29067 Compact flatbed page scanner December 7, 1976
A compact flatbed page scanner for facsimile transmission is described. The apparatus uses a linear charge coupled imaging device (CCID) for both light detection and electronic scanning across the width of the page. Compactness is achieved by folding the optical path from the scanned lin
RE28919 Speech processor using controlled center clipping July 27, 1976
An echo suppressor for full duplex telephone circuits consists of a filter bank of contiguous band filters in the transmission path, with each filter output feeding a separate center clipper. Each clipping level is controlled by echo signal amplitude as attenuated by the trans-hybrid los
RE28905 Field effect transistor memory cell July 13, 1976
A cross-coupled flip-flop stage, or memory cell, for a word oriented array of memory cells is developed from four insulated-gate field-effect transistors which perform storage, loading, and gating functions of the cell. The functions of the cell are controlled by three different voltage
RE28811 Interconnected loop data block transmission system May 11, 1976
A closed loop transmission system is described in which a plurality of stations have access to each loop to write messages into and read messages from standard-sized message blocks transmitted around the loop. One station in each loop provides regeneration of all message blocks. The
H763 Submicron bipolar transistor with edge contacts April 3, 1990
A new sub-micron bipolar transistor structure is proposed which utilizes narrow horizontal conducting layers between the edges of the active areas and the associated metal contacts. This structure allows the formation of a completely vertical transistor structure and eliminates the need
H665 Resistive field shields for high voltage devices August 1, 1989
A high voltage silicon device with a resistive field shield comprising semi-insulating silicon nitride (sin-SiN). The N/Si ratio is controlled to provide the resistive field shield with the desired conductivity. This resistive field shield material may also serve as an outer protection
H551 Optical package with improved fiber alignment fixture December 6, 1988
An optical package includes a two-piece fiber subassembly which allows for separate axial and radial alignment of the fiber to the active optical device. The subassembly consists of an inner ferrule encasing the fiber and an outer sleeve which holds the ferrule. The ferrule is moved axia
D295169 Wall-mounted microphone April 12, 1988
D274731 Cartridge for a printed circuit board or similar article July 17, 1984
D274724 Housing for a telephone July 17, 1984
D273955 Telephone stand May 22, 1984
D273909 Telephone stand May 22, 1984
D273584 Video display April 24, 1984
D272150 Telephone stand or similar article January 10, 1984
D272149 Telephone stand or similar article January 10, 1984
D271972 Telephone stand December 27, 1983
D271971 Telephone stand or similar article December 27, 1983
D271691 Telephone stand December 6, 1983
D270834 Acoustic coupler adapter October 4, 1983
D269432 Housing for a telephone amplifier June 21, 1983
D269088 Portable transceiver or similar article May 24, 1983
D268342 Stand for a portable transceiver or similar article March 22, 1983
D266927 Coin telephone set enclosure November 16, 1982

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