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7941520 System and method for tracking telephone network capacity and equipment May 10, 2011
A system and method of managing telephone network facilities. A telephone network facilities database, such as LEIS, is accessed and selected information, including wire center location, equipment and slot information stored therein, is extracted and re-stored in a relational databas
7260189 Systems and methods for information provision August 21, 2007
One or more voice mail messages, respectively, may be provided as one or more reminder messages. After the playing of a voice mail message, an option may be provided to use the message as a reminder message. Delivery information for the reminder message is obtained. The delivery info
7246354 NMS CORBA listener for EMS signals July 17, 2007
A system and method is described for informing an upstream NMS when any changes have occurred in an electronic system architecture through a notification listener. The listener receives signals from EMS and translates them into a readily relayable format and forwards the signals to t
7240096 System and method for providing service technicians access to dispatch information July 3, 2007
A secondary source of dispatch information is provided in the event of a failure of a primary source of dispatch information. The second source of dispatch information can be accessed electronically by service technicians in the field when the primary source of dispatch information f
7231448 System and method for automated network element database population June 12, 2007
In an illustrative method for populating a database for use in automated administration of network elements, data that describes network elements in a telecommunication system is aggregated from existing systems. The aggregated network element data is validated and inserted into a da
7228334 Systems methods to selectively control forwarding of electronic mail June 5, 2007
A system and method for detecting and selectively preventing the forwarding of an electronic message, wherein the message is sent by a sender to a recipient, and wherein the message has a message body and a message header. The system comprises a wireless gateway in communication with
7225139 Trouble tracking system and method May 29, 2007
A trouble ticket tracking system and method including a server in communication with an electronic network and a database for storing trouble tickets in communication with the server. A user computer is in communication with the network and has access, via a graphical user interface
7221950 Auto sensing home base station for mobile telephone with remote answering capabilities May 22, 2007
The present invention discloses in one embodiment a mobile telephone capable of communicating with a home base station through radio signals. The mobile telephone registers with a home base station before beginning to communicate with the home base station. The home base station is c
7219137 Technician wireline and wireless intranet access via systems interface to legacy systems May 15, 2007
Methods and systems are disclosed for a user to access an intranet from within a systems interface to back-end legacy systems. A user logs a computer into a systems interface which permits access to back-end legacy systems. The computer accesses the systems interface over a wireline or a
7215942 Architecture for managing prepaid wireless communications services May 8, 2007
The present invention is directed to a system and method for managing a prepaid wireless account for voice and data communications services. According to one embodiment the communications system, having a prepaid architecture for managing a plurality of prepaid wireless accounts for
7213258 System and method for managing and controlling data May 1, 2007
A system for managing and controlling data. The system includes provisions for easily and rapidly updating and managing a computer system, particularly a complex computer system in which several computers communicate with one another. The system also includes a central database which
7209890 System and method for replenishing a wireless terminal account April 24, 2007
A system and method for replenishing a wireless terminal account of a customer of a telecommunication service provider. In one embodiment the method includes transmitting through a point-of-sale device a merchant identification, a customer mobile identification number and an amount to
7209738 Portable communications device coupled to first network by way of second network April 24, 2007
A portable communications device (PCD) is coupled to a first network by way of a second network. The PCD is normally in radio communication with the first network, and is coupled to the first network by way of the second network when the PCD is out of radio communication with the first
7207008 Method, system, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for interactive notification of events April 17, 2007
A method, system, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for the interactive notification of events is provided. A notification client application program executes in a background state and receives notifications from a business application server computer that an event has occurred
7203930 Graphical interface system monitor providing error notification message with modifiable indicati April 10, 2007
An interface is provided between a running computer application and a system monitor. The system monitor handles notification messages generated by the computer application. The interface includes an import module to scan a source file, extract notification messages from the source f
7203533 Multipurpose antenna accessory for protection of portable wireless communication devices April 10, 2007
A protector for a portable wireless communication device that has a housing and a keypad. One embodiment of the protector may comprise a cover member that is pivotally attached to the housing and selectively pivotable between a first position wherein the cover covers the keypad and o
7203293 System and method for monitoring incoming communications to a telecommunications device April 10, 2007
A system for notifying an Internet-accessible device of a communication placed from a first telecommunications device to a second telecommunications device by a calling party is disclosed. The system includes a switch and a node in communication with the switch. The switch is for det
7203168 System and method for managing network elements in an ATM network April 10, 2007
Reporting tools used to manage an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) network. Tools include a trunk inventory reporting tool, a trunk utilization reporting tool, an exceptions reporting tool and a flow control processor activation utility. Reports generated by these the tools include i
7200864 Systems and methods for universal password control April 3, 2007
A system and method is described for controlling the password(s) of one or more programs through a universal program. The universal control program allows access to one or more other programs and allows editing of the passwords of the other programs directly through the universal access
7200820 System and method for viewing search results April 3, 2007
A system and method for viewing search results is disclosed. A method of communicating a search result according to various views is disclosed. A method of displaying metadata associated with content of websites is disclosed. A method of displaying metadata associated with relationships
7200597 Graphic search initiation April 3, 2007
A system for retrieving information. The system has a storage unit for storing an image that includes first and second selectable objects. The first selectable object is associated with a first metadata and the second selectable object is associated with a second metadata. The system
7200425 Device and method for augmenting cellular telephone audio signals April 3, 2007
A system and method is described for augmenting cellular telephone signals for a cellular telephone. In an exemplary embodiment, a cellular battery is equipped with a sound generating device that stores one or more audio signals that are activated upon receipt of a telephone call. Option
7200148 System and method for analyzing asynchronous transfer mode communications April 3, 2007
Systems and methods for generating a command to monitor communications in a asynchronous transfer mode network are described. In an embodiment of the present invention, an analyst or automated system creates a command to instruct a network element to mirror a port to another network elem
7197558 Methods and systems for network element fault information processing March 27, 2007
Embodiments of the present invention relate to systems and methods for network element fault information processing. In an embodiment, a network element identifier and a network element fault information processing instruction are received. A query for network element fault information
7197537 Remote access and retrieval of electronic files March 27, 2007
A system and methods for remotely accessing, retrieving, and transmitting data offering remote data management control and verification of data delivery is provided. In an illustrative implementation, the present invention comprises a computing application operating on at least one c
7197134 DTMF generating assistant March 27, 2007
A DTMF generating device for automatically generating DTMF tones corresponding to a predefined phone number comprises a processor, a memory, and a speaker enveloped in a credit card sized casing. The memory has stored therein DTMF tone samples corresponding to the predefined phone nu
7194252 Remote electronic mailbox access March 20, 2007
An apparatus for retrieving electronic mail messages via a wireless network. The apparatus comprises a gateway for sending an electronic mail retrieval reply message to a wireless device in response to receiving an electronic mail retrieval request message from the wireless device. The
7191228 Health checker for EMS CORBA notification listener March 13, 2007
A system and method is described for checking the health status of a communication pathways between an EMS and a notification listener that receives notification signals from the EMS when changes have occurred in a downstream electronic system architecture.
7191209 Application server and method to perform hierarchical configurable data manipulation March 13, 2007
Clients using standard software protocols may access a manipulation application server for manipulation service on data via a number of methods including Internet applications, a Java RMI server, a CORBA gateway server and graphical screen interphase applications. The manipulation se
7190786 Telephone with removable DSL cartridge March 13, 2007
A telephone including a removable DSL filter cartridge is disclosed. The telephone includes a location adapted to receive a filter cartridge. The filter cartridge is designed to fit inside the location provided on the telephone. The filter cartridge includes a first end that electrically
7185059 Multi-system instant messaging (IM) February 27, 2007
Systems and methods for instant messaging (IM) with multiple contacts from multiple IM systems are presented. In one embodiment, incoming IM messages from multiple IM systems are translated and displayed to the user. Similarly, outgoing IM messages from the user are translated for co
7185002 Systems and methods for data retrieval, manipulation, and delivery February 27, 2007
Systems and methods are disclosed that include a user interface that enables a user to request a pre-defined report. The user may specify either or both of an electronic mail delivery address for the report and an interval at which the report is to be updated. Such systems and method
7184748 Pre-paid wireless interactive voice response system with variable announcements February 27, 2007
A wireless communications system providing interactive voice response is disclosed. The system is menu-driven, and can accept information and requests from customers. In response to one type of request, the system can provide the customer with information regarding one or more previous
7183898 Coupling wireless portable communications device to a base station by a second network when out February 27, 2007
A method of coupling a wireless portable communications device (PCD) to a base station by way of a second network is disclosed. The PCD is normally in communication with the base station by way of a first network, and is coupled to the base station by way of the second network when the P
7167893 Methods and systems for processing a plurality of errors January 23, 2007
As part of handling a large amount of error information generated on a mainframe system associated, for example, with a telephone billing system, a utility software program allows a user to easily process the error information. The information is generated by the mainframe in flat fi
7162254 Methods and systems for delivering travel-related information January 9, 2007
Methods and systems are provided for delivering travel related information with an intelligent network. One method embodiment includes establishing a communication with the intelligent network through an access device, determining a location of the access device, and obtaining the tr
7162019 System and method for privacy screening January 9, 2007
A communications network-based system and service is disclosed. The service permits subscribers to control and manage incoming telephone calls. Subscribers can establish preferences for how calls will be handled by a communications network if the calls are received while the subscrib
7155608 Foreign network SPAM blocker December 26, 2006
A method involves blocking unsolicited e-mail being transmitted from a remote server when a roaming customer of the ISP logs onto the Internet through the foreign NAS. The roaming customer first logs onto the ISP through the foreign NAS by providing a user identification (USERID) and
7155509 System and method for reliably purging a fault server December 26, 2006
Improvements to existing trap-generated message memory purge procedures and processes are shown and described. The improvements may be implemented in a telecommunications system having a plurality of managed elements, each of the managed elements potentially generating traps which ar
7155404 Mechanized tax worksheet December 26, 2006
A system and method for verifying charges on a customer bill includes a computers for downloading, from a mainframe computer, to a local server billing data associated with a customer account, populating a database with a portion of the billing data, performing pre-calculation functions
7155009 Modem with removable DSL cartridge December 26, 2006
A modem including a removable DSL filter cartridge is disclosed. The modem includes a location adapted to receive a filter cartridge. The filter cartridge is designed to fit inside the location provided on the modem. The filter cartridge includes a first end that electrically connects th
7155003 Networks, systems and methods for routing data traffic within a telephone network based on avail December 26, 2006
When a subscriber calls into its Internet Service Provider (ISP), a central office receiving the call is triggered to perform a Local Number Portability (LNP) query. This LNP query is sent to an Intelligent Traffic Routing and Control (INTRAC) unit resident on a Service Control Point
7149702 System and method for document delays associated with a project December 12, 2006
A system and method for documenting delays associated with a project. The present invention includes provisions that enables a field personnel working on a project on the field to document excusable delays as the delays are encountered. The field personnel is equipped with a communic
7149514 Cellular docking station December 12, 2006
A system for communicating with the user of a cellular telephone via the cellular mobile radio (CMR) system and the public switched telephone network (PSTN). A communications interface appends the telephone exchange number of an outgoing communication to include an identifier unique to
7149479 Wireless frequency re-use determination systems December 12, 2006
A method of measuring frequency interference between adjacent cell sites in a wireless telecommunications system. The method includes selecting a frequency in a cell site to be used as a beacon frequency. The method also includes activating the beacon frequency in the cell site and r
7146326 System and method for outside plant construction pit scheduling tool and log December 5, 2006
A method for managing three groups, the method comprising the steps of: providing a first group with access to a web application, to place a first command into the web application; providing a second group with access to the web application, to receive the first command from the firs
7145865 Method for moving network elements with minimal network outages in an active ATM network December 5, 2006
A method for moving permanent virtual circuits in an ATM network with minimal downtime includes creating a list of the permanent virtual circuits to be moved; building a set of shadow permanent virtual circuits using the new ATM port and a temporary set of virtual path identifier and
7142530 Methods and systems of network management November 28, 2006
A network management system (NMS) automatically models a path for a customer's services from a terminating unit through elements typically on a link-by-link basis, across networks if appropriate, to a network service provider (NSP) or Internet service provider (ISP). The path may be
7140587 Support device November 28, 2006
A support device may be used by a technician when performing elevated line work, for example. The support device may include a body portion having a ring portion extending from one end of the body portion. The support device also may include first and second hanger portions extending fro
7139382 System and method for restricting incoming calls November 21, 2006
A method for restricting the completion of a call made to a subscriber is disclosed. The method includes activating a termination attempt trigger, requesting call-processing instructions in response to detection of the activated termination attempt trigger, receiving call-processing
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