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Bell Communications Research, Inc. Patents
Bell Communications Research, Inc.
Morristown, NJ
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RE35337 Temperature compensation of liquid-crystal etalon filters September 24, 1996
A compensator for thermal or other uncontrollable effects in a liquid-crystal etalon filter. The narrow pass band of the filter is controlled by adjusting the amplitude of an AC drive signal applied to the electrodes on either side of the liquid crystal in the filter. An optical dete
RE34954 Method for secure time-stamping of digital documents May 30, 1995
A system for time-stamping a digital document, including for example text, video, audio, or pictorial data, protects the secrecy of the document text and provides a tamper-proof time seal establishing an author's claim to the temporal existence of the document. Initially, the author redu
RE34248 Primary source of electrical energy using a mixture of fuel and oxidizer May 11, 1993
A solid electrolyte fuel cell capable of operating with a mixture of an oxidizer and a fuel includes a permeable catalytic electrode and an impermeable catalytic electrode separated by an electron insulating, ion conducting, gas permeable solid electrolyte. The device produces charge
6075631 Hitless reconfiguration of a wavelength division multiplexed optical communication network June 13, 2000
A method of reconfiguring a multi-wavelength communication network. The transition includes determining the union of the old and new topologies. During at least the start of the transition, the network supports the union topology. New connections are connected according to the new to
5960178 Queue system and method for point-to-point message passing having a separate table for storing m September 28, 1999
A queuing system and method to provide efficient and effective message communication between computers, processing devices, or network elements. The queue includes three tables. A message data table includes the message data. A message state table identifies several parameters about a me
5940139 Background extraction in a video picture August 17, 1999
A novel video object extraction has a first object 12, such as a foreground object, illuminated with visible light 16 and a second object 14, such as a background object, illuminated with a combination of infrared 18 and visible light 16. A novel camera system observes the scene. The nov
5930700 System and method for automatically screening and directing incoming calls July 27, 1999
A system and method that allow a subscriber to have incoming telephone calls automatically screened and directed is described. The system allows a subscriber to automatically manage his incoming communications in a way that is easy to control and which requires a minimum of unnecessary
5926789 Audio-based wide area information system July 20, 1999
A wide area information system includes a client and at least one server on which audio data is stored. Audio data is selectively transferred to the client from the server by at least occasionally establishing a transfer connection between the server and the client. The transfer of audio
5917624 Method and system for applying fiber to the curb architecture using a broadband gateway at servi June 29, 1999
A system for connecting fiber optic telecommunications and video services to individual homes using a single twisted pair or coaxial cable line between the optical network unit and each service location. The single twisted pair or coaxial cable line connects to a broadband gateway locate
5905719 Method and system for wireless internet access May 18, 1999
Disclosed are a system and method for providing wireless access to a network, such as the internet. The disclosed technique takes into account the inherent asymmetric and bursty characteristics of internet communication to obtain more efficiency in the communication between a user an
5905505 Method and system for copy protection of on-screen display of text May 18, 1999
Method and system for preventing copying of textual images during display on a screen. The method includes randomly adding bits to the bitmapped background of the textual image to produce two random bitmapped textual images. The random bitmapped images are then alternately displayed on t
5896128 System and method for associating multimedia objects for use in a video conferencing system April 20, 1999
A video conferencing system and method that uses a central multimedia bridge to combine multimedia signals from a plurality of conference participants into a single composite signal for each participant. The system gives each conference participant the ability to customize their indi
5892829 Method and apparatus for generating secure hash functions April 6, 1999
A secure hash function according to the present invention uses a stretch function 202 and a compression function 202 to provide a secure hash value. A stretch function is a function which increases an input string (pre-image). In one version of the invention, a stretch function .func
5884181 Interference reduction in shared-frequency wireless communication systems March 16, 1999
An apparatus and method for reducing interference between an uplink transmitter of a space-based wireless communication system and an uplink or downlink receiver of a terrestrial wireless communication system are described. The space-based system may be a Fixed Satellite Service (FSS)
5883946 Method and apparatus for provisioning customized telecommunications services March 16, 1999
A system for interfacing a service activation controller and a service management system allows a remote system to generate, update and delete call processing records and to create, update and delete tables. A provisioning message with one or more requests is sent to the service mana
5883606 Flat virtual displays for virtual reality March 16, 1999
Disclosed is a virtual display (300) which provides a wide field-of-view that is lightweight and may be as thin as ordinary eyeglasses. One version of the invention includes a display (302), such as an LCD, a microlens array (304), and an aperture array (306) disposed between the LCD and
5882951 Method for making InP-based lasers with reduced blue shifts March 16, 1999
An InP-based opto-electronic integrated circuit including an active layer having one or more quantum wells (36, 38). According to the invention, a barrier layer (34) of AlGaInAs is formed, preferably between the quantum wells and the substrate (30) to prevent the migration of species fro
5878224 System for preventing server overload by adaptively modifying gap interval that is used by sourc March 2, 1999
An apparatus and method for preventing overload of a network server by messages received from a source initiating network server transactions. The method and apparatus use available network traffic measurements to estimate target transaction rates and admission factors. The method in
5870452 System and method for controlling message looping between network elements February 9, 1999
In the proposed Local Number Portability (LNP) telecommunications network, the traditional link between the first six digits of a ten-digit dialed number and the geographic link of a switch is broken. Some pre-LNP telephone services, however, have been implemented based on this geogr
5848141 Method and apparatus for provisioning call processing records using logic and data templates December 8, 1998
A system and method for creating a call processing record that receives a provisioning request including call data, a logic template identifier, and one or more data template identifiers. The logic template and the data templates are identified based on the logic template identifier and
5842010 Periodic wireless data broadcast November 24, 1998
A periodic wireless data transmission has improved access latency obtaining information regarding users' interest in the information and by arranging the information on an transmission in order of descending popularity. In one embodiment, each adjacent pair of topics on the transmission.
5841563 Method and system for efficient optical transmission of NTSC video November 24, 1998
A technique for delivering analog video over fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks addresses a fundamental problem of the standard signal format, i.e., power budget constraint, by increasing the usable optical signal efficiency. In particular, a technique is provided for transmitting an
5840371 Treatment for improved conductivity of collector-electrode interface in laminated lithium-ion re November 24, 1998
A coating of a vinylidene fluoride polymer on a metal foil is heated at about C. to C. in a non-oxidizing atmosphere of inert gas to provide a rechargeable battery current collector having an exceptional bonding surface which maintains a long-lasting and highl
5840087 Method for making laminated rechargeable battery cells November 24, 1998
Formation of a unitary laminate rechargeable battery comprising electrode and separator/electrolyte elements of polymer composition utilizes apparatus comprising compression rollers of sufficient hardness to resist deformation during laminating contact with such elements. Maximum pro
5838035 Barrier layer for ferroelectric capacitor integrated on silicon November 17, 1998
A ferroelectric cell in which a ferroelectric stack of a perovskite ferroelectric sandwiched by cubic perovskite metal-oxide conductive electrodes are formed over a silicon body, such as a polysilicon plug penetrating a field oxide over a silicon transistor. According to the inventio
5832519 System and method for updating database values without the use of locking operations November 3, 1998
A data processing system (10) comprising a general purpose computer (20) for carrying out database processing operations. An aggregation system (30) is in communication with the general purpose computer (20). The aggregation system (30) includes a memory (32) for storing, for each of a
5832072 Communication network with hidden calling number capability November 3, 1998
A method and apparatus are disclosed for delivering calling line information in a manner which preserves the privacy interests of the caller while providing useful information to the called party. The caller initiates a call from a caller terminal of a communication network. A destin
5822681 Method for assigning band port channels in an unlicensed personal communications system October 13, 1998
A number of RPs stagger the times in which they begin searching for available channels. In a preferred method, one of a plurality of RPs in a UPCS system is selected to have a first start time. The system determines which RPs in the system can "see" the selected RP. Each of these RPs is
5812794 Method and apparatus for implementing data network system having object-oriented architecture September 22, 1998
A data network system for communicating data between a plurality of data generating systems externally connected to the data network system and a plurality of application systems externally connected to the data network system The data network system provides source objects corresponding
5809140 Session key distribution using smart cards September 15, 1998
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for providing secure session key distribution using a smart circuit card or other intelligent device. First and second hosts communicate with each other and with a server over a communication network. The first host initiates the session key distri
5802232 Bonded structure with portions of differing crystallographic orientations, particularly useful a September 1, 1998
A waveguide having alternating regions of different crystallographic orientations, thereby providing quasi-phase-matching for a non-linear frequency conversion, in which two wafers with epitaxial layers thereon are bonded together having different, preferably opposed, crystallographic
5798903 Electrode structure for ferroelectric capacitor integrated on silicon August 25, 1998
A ferroelectric capacitor structure and its method of making in which a ferroelectric stack of two metal-oxide electrodes sandwiching a ferroelectric layer is fabricated on a silicon substrate with an intervening barrier layer, preferably of TiN. In one embodiment, a platinum layer i
5796902 Coherent blue/green optical source and other structures utilizing non-linear optical waveguide w August 18, 1998
A waveguide having alternating regions of different crystallographic orientations, thereby providing quasi-phase-matching for a non-linear frequency conversion, in which two wafers with or without epitaxial layers thereon are bonded together having different, preferably opposed, crys
5796729 Integrated telecommunication system architecture for wireless and wireline access featuring PACS August 18, 1998
Disclosed is a telecommunication system that is both highly cost effective for small scale applications (for example, those having less than 80 lines), yet field upgrade-expandable to applications having a significant number of additional lines (for example, 30,000 lines). An integrated
5796424 System and method for providing videoconferencing services August 18, 1998
A broadband system includes a broadband switch network, a broadband session controller, and a broadband service control point. The broadband network provides connections between information sender/receivers in response to instructions from a broadband service control point or in response
5794053 Method and system for dynamic interface contract creation August 11, 1998
A system for creating user defined software interface contracts for sending host system data to any external system. The external systems can reside on any type of hardware platform. The invocation of a contract is controlled by a set of user defined conditions known as an event. The
5793745 Bundled protection switching in a wide area network background of the invention August 11, 1998
Protection Bundles (PB) facilitate efficient protection switching in a network and can be applied at any network layer. A PB is preferably assigned to all working signals sharing the exact same protection facilities. The working facilities that a PB traverses define a Bundled Protect
5790717 Apparatus and method for predicting subjective quality of compressed images August 4, 1998
An apparatus and method are described for predicting a subjective quality rating associated with a reference image compressed at a given level. My apparatus includes components for, and my method includes steps of, storing a digitized color image representing a reference image in memory
5787161 Network designer for communication networks July 28, 1998
In communication network, the network blocking probability can be efficiently calculated by applying a Gaussian approximation to a fixed point algorithm. Gaussian curves are approximated to represent state probability distributions of the network links. By efficiently calculating the
5778057 Service control point congestion control method July 7, 1998
A method of managing the overloading of calls directed to a single telephone number. The method enables Service Control Point to service calls a small percentage of the time during measurement intervals in order to receive Termination Notification messages. The Service Control Point
5778056 Broadband network and method for connecting information providers July 7, 1998
A broadband system includes a broadband switch network, a broadband session controller, and a broadband service control point. The broadband network provides connections between information sender/receivers in response to instructions from a broadband service control point or in response
5777988 System and method for equalizing delay in a dynamic packet switching network July 7, 1998
A system and method for equalizing delay in a dynamic packet switching network using transmit and receive buffers. The network includes a plurality of user access stations each equipped with a transmit buffer and a receive buffer, and a plurality of switches and communication links i
5777763 In-line optical wavelength reference and control module July 7, 1998
An apparatus and method for use in an optical system. An in-line optical wavelength reference and control module (WRCM) is inserted in series with an optical fiber signal path between an input fiber and an output fiber. The WRCM includes an input lens, a multi-element grating and an outp
5777356 Platinum-free ferroelectric memory cell with intermetallic barrier layer and method of making sa July 7, 1998
A ferroelectric memory cell integrated on a silicon substrate. The ferroelectric stack includes a ferroelectric layer, such as PbNbZrTiO, sandwiched between conductive metal-oxide electrodes, such as the perovskite LaSrCoO. The ferroelectric stack is grown over a barrier layer of an
5771256 InP-based lasers with reduced blue shifts June 23, 1998
An InP-based opto-electronic integrated circuit including an active layer having one or more quantum wells (36, 38). According to the invention, a barrier layer (34) of AlGaInAs is formed, preferably between the quantum wells and the substrate (30) to prevent the migration of species fro
5764277 Group-of-block based video signal combining for multipoint continuous presence video conferencin June 9, 1998
An apparatus and method for combining video signals from multiple users in a continuous presence video conferencing system. Video signals are received from each of a number of different system users. The signals include input frames each having a number of different groups-of-blocks
5759720 Lithium aluminum manganese oxy-fluorides for Li-ion rechargeable battery electrodes June 2, 1998
The cycling stability and capacity of Li-ion rechargeable batteries are improved, particularly in an elevated temperature range of about C., by the use of lithium aluminum manganese oxy-fluoride electrode components having the general formula, Li.sub.1+x Al.sub.y Mn.sub.2-
5758653 Simultaneous absorption and diffusion imaging system and method using direct reconstruction of s June 2, 1998
A method for the direct reconstruction of the absorption and diffusion images from measurements of the transmitted intensity of the scattered radiation effected by irradiating the object with a time-domain source. The transmitted intensity is related to the absorption and the diffusion
5757900 System and method for single access database retrievals May 26, 1998
In a telecommunications network, a method is provided for reading a desired telephone data record associated with a given telephone number from a line record database. Initially, a data processor reads data from an accessing data record stored in an index database. The accessing data rec
5751961 Integrated internet system for translating logical addresses of internet documents to physical a May 12, 1998
An ISCP gateway connects an ISCP to the Internet. Internet call processing records ("CPRs") are generated and stored in a database associated with the ISCP. These Internet CPRs translate logical addresses in the URL standard to physical worldwide Web ("WWW") addresses in the URL standard
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