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Pittsburgh, PA
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RE37200 Color-stable polycarbonate composition and articles molded therefrom May 29, 2001
A thermoplastic polycarbonate molding composition free from organo phosphorus compounds and having an improved resistance to discoloration caused by exposure to High Intensity Discharge (HID) light and heat is disclosed. Accordingly, the molding composition contains (co)polycarbonate
RE36259 Preparing essentially monomeric normal human serum albumin July 27, 1999
A composition is disclosed which comprises a solution of human serum albumin essentially free of chemicals used in processing. The preparation is also essentially free of metals such as aluminum. The composition is 100% pure by cellulose acetate electrophoresis and is essentially mon
RE35316 Method for filtering a fluid sample using an in-line fluid filter for an automated analyzer August 27, 1996
A method for filtering a whole blood sample using a filter element constructed and arranged to block the passage of fibrous and particulate matter which may be present in a liquid sample, such as a whole blood sample, while allowing the blood cells to pass is disclosed. In one embodi
H1901 Flame retardant chemical resistant thermoplastic molding composition October 3, 2000
A flame retardant thermoplastic composition having an improved level of chemical resistance is disclosed. The composition which contains about 1 to 14 pbw bromine, comprises (i) a bromine containing carbonate polymer, (ii) a thermoplastic polyester resin, (iii) a graft polymer, (iv) a
D474410 Sensor package May 13, 2003
D473310 Glucose meter April 15, 2003
D469107 Set of icons for display on a glucose meter January 21, 2003
D460823 Removable cover for a glucose meter July 23, 2002
D460557 Removable cover for a glucose meter July 16, 2002
D456514 Blood glucose sensor dispensing instrument April 30, 2002
D456082 Lateral flow immunoassay cassette April 23, 2002
D454399 Exterior housing for an analytical instrument March 12, 2002
D452564 Cradle for analyte monitoring device December 25, 2001
D444157 Gripper finger June 26, 2001
D433759 Vial carrier November 14, 2000
D428497 Test tube sample rack July 18, 2000
D427692 Plug for reagent package July 4, 2000
D427062 Container June 27, 2000
D421130 Sample tube rack February 22, 2000
D420747 Sample tube rack February 15, 2000
D419235 Exterior housing for an analytical instrument January 18, 2000
D419234 Exterior housing for an analytical instrument January 18, 2000
D418915 Door panel for an analytical instrument January 11, 2000
D418597 Door panel for an analytical instrument January 4, 2000
D418596 Exterior housing for an analytical instrument January 4, 2000
D418497 Icon for a screen January 4, 2000
D417073 Tool holster November 30, 1999
D417009 Sample tube rack November 23, 1999
D415570 Clamp October 19, 1999
D414273 Puck spring for a sample tube holder September 21, 1999
D413677 Sample tube rack September 7, 1999
D413391 Test tube sample rack August 31, 1999
D411307 Diluent package container June 22, 1999
D411014 Container for reagent June 15, 1999
D410582 Reagent strip analyzer June 8, 1999
D410274 Filter May 25, 1999
D407485 Ion-selective electrode fluid pack March 30, 1999
D407484 Ion-selective electrode fluid pack March 30, 1999
D407464 Valve March 30, 1999
D406887 Ion-selective electrode fluid pack March 16, 1999
D405192 Puck housing February 2, 1999
D404832 Cover for a container January 26, 1999
D404797 Filter January 26, 1999
D402766 Puck December 15, 1998
D402765 Puck end cap December 15, 1998
D400673 Diagnostic analyzer November 3, 1998
D393717 Lancet endcap pointer April 21, 1998
D393716 Lancet endcap April 21, 1998
D379516 Lancet May 27, 1997
D377901 Packaging insert February 11, 1997
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