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Baxter International, Inc. Patents
Baxter International, Inc.
Deerfield, IL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE43142 Needleless connector January 24, 2012
A needless connector is provided which utilizes a resealable preslit septum valve. The valve is resiliently restrained relative to a housing with the valve and housing configured to accept a standard male luer lock having a luer tip which penetrates the valve through the opening to e
RE35804 Systems and methods for removing undesired matter from blood cells May 26, 1998
Systems and methods of collecting blood cells, substantially free of undesired matter, use a first container, that forms a part of a blood collection system, to initially collect a quantity of blood cells. A filtration system is then attached to the first container. The filtration sy
RE34512 Opthalmic drape with fluid collection pouch January 18, 1994
A surgical ophthalmic drape which is a complete draping system and provides a sterile field and fluid control. The ophthalmic drape includes a main sheet and a fluid pouch. The fluid pouch has a fenestration which is smaller than the main sheet fenestration. The adhesive layer on the bot
RE33727 Bandage frame October 29, 1991
A frame for spreading relatively large adhesive backed bandages into a generally flat configuration for applying to a patient. Such bandages might be for a wound dressing, burn dressing, surgical incise drape, etc. The frame is attached to the bandage when the bandage is being stuck to
RE33518 Pressure transducer assembly January 15, 1991
A pressure transducer assembly is disclosed for directly monitoring pressure in a fluid which flows through the assembly. The assembly includes a housing defining a chamber therewithin and having an inlet port and an outlet port in fluid-flow communication with the chamber. An electr
D507631 Valve July 19, 2005
D499793 Valve December 14, 2004
D492034 Base for a medical machine June 22, 2004
D484982 Chassis for a medical machine January 6, 2004
D483872 Display portion for a medical machine December 16, 2003
D479324 Push button September 2, 2003
D479323 Infusion pump September 2, 2003
D475454 Infusion pump June 3, 2003
D474837 Display screen of an infusion pump May 20, 2003
D462758 Pistol grip manually operable irrigation surgical instrument September 10, 2002
D462437 Manually operable irrigation surgical instrument September 3, 2002
D439657 Push button fluid delivery controller March 27, 2001
D424692 Syringe holder May 9, 2000
D405525 Patient controlled analgesia actuator February 9, 1999
D390654 Volumetric infusion pump February 10, 1998
D389916 Blood processing device January 27, 1998
D379515 Stylet for a bone marrow biopsy needle May 27, 1997
D379229 Bone marrow biopsy needle May 13, 1997
D374616 Cryopreservation container October 15, 1996
D373921 Combined universal spine drape and anesthesia screen September 24, 1996
D370822 Bilateral extremity drape June 18, 1996
D367534 Blood processing machine February 27, 1996
D361616 Portable hemapheresis device August 22, 1995
D351470 Peritoneal dialysis cycler October 11, 1994
D351230 Filter for I.V. administration October 4, 1994
D350394 Ventilator circuit September 6, 1994
D339194 Pressure control module September 7, 1993
D334233 Cannula hub body with viewing lens March 23, 1993
D333404 Surgical drape February 23, 1993
D329017 Stackable medicine package September 1, 1992
D328451 Common Ground adaptor August 4, 1992
D327318 Locking cannula June 23, 1992
D324566 Flexible container for medical liquids March 10, 1992
D321252 Locking cannula October 29, 1991
D321251 Cannula receiver October 29, 1991
D321250 Cannula October 29, 1991
D319506 I.V. flow regulator August 27, 1991
D316449 Dual reservoir sample cup April 23, 1991
D314435 Dual vent filter for use with intravenous tubing February 5, 1991
D312695 Dual vent filter for use with intravenous tubing December 4, 1990
D312503 Dual vent filter for use with intravenous tubing November 27, 1990
D312502 Dual vent filter with vent guard for use with intravenous tubing November 27, 1990
D309779 Dual reservoir sample cup August 7, 1990
D307324 Dual vent filter for use with intravenous tubing April 17, 1990
D302304 Secondary set lock to secure a secondary intravenous set line to a primary intravenous set line July 18, 1989

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