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RE40787 Multilayer plastic substrates June 23, 2009
A multilayer plastic substrate. The substrate comprises a plurality of thin film layers of at least one polymer, the plurality of thin film layers being adjacent to one another and having sufficient strength to be self-supporting, wherein the multilayer plastic substrate has an average
RE40531 Ultrabarrier substrates October 7, 2008
A barrier assembly. The barrier assembly includes at least one barrier stack having at least one barrier layer and at least one polymer layer. The barrier stack has an oxygen transmission rate of less than 0.005 cc/m.sup.2/day at C. and 0% relative humidity, and an oxygen
RE40299 Mesoporous-silica films, fibers, and powders by evaporation May 6, 2008
This invention pertains to surfactant-templated nanometer-scale porosity of a silica precursor solution and forming a mesoporous material by first forming the silica precursor solution into a preform having a high surface area to volume ratio, then rapid drying or evaporating a solvent
RE34757 Combined electrophoresis-electrospray interface and method October 18, 1994
A system and method for analyzing molecular constituents of a composition sample includes: forming a solution of the sample, separating the solution by capillary electrophoresis into an eluent of constituents longitudinally separated according to their relative electrophoretic mobilities
D562940 Handle February 26, 2008
D545942 Sprayer handle July 3, 2007
D486650 Camouflage pattern for sheet material February 17, 2004
D485992 Camouflage pattern for sheet material February 3, 2004
D485685 Camouflage pattern for sheet material January 27, 2004
D324081 Random number generator February 18, 1992
8585880 Method and apparatus for simultaneous spectroelectrochemical analysis November 19, 2013
An apparatus and method of simultaneous spectroelectrochemical analysis is disclosed. A transparent surface is provided. An analyte solution on the transparent surface is contacted with a working electrode and at least one other electrode. Light from a light source is focused on either
8581158 Electrically conductive coating composition November 12, 2013
An electrically conductive coating composition is provided for use on aircraft and other substrate surfaces to prevent the formation of ice or to melt ice. The conductive coating composition may include a nanomaterial such as carbon nanotubes dispersed in a solvent which may be appli
8572862 Open-loop heat-recovery dryer November 5, 2013
A drying apparatus is disclosed that includes a drum and an open-loop airflow pathway originating at an ambient air inlet, passing through the drum, and terminating at an exhaust outlet. A passive heat exchanger is included for passively transferring heat from air flowing from the drum
8565614 Spectrally efficient digital data transmission utilizing phase encoded MMW October 22, 2013
A digital data transmission device is provided comprising optical waveguide architecture, a sideband generator, a modulation controller, an optical filter, a data mapping unit, and a phase controller. The optical waveguide architecture is configured to direct an optical signal through
8563169 Self assembled multi-layer nanocomposite of graphene and metal oxide materials October 22, 2013
Nanocomposite materials having at least two layers, each layer consisting of one metal oxide bonded to at least one graphene layer were developed. The nanocomposite materials will typically have many alternating layers of metal oxides and graphene layers, bonded in a sandwich type co
8562854 Compositions for deicing/anti-icing October 22, 2013
A non-toxic deicing/anti-icing fluid includes at least 20% by weight of a freeze point depressant selected from short chain polyols having 3 to 5 carbon atoms. The fluid further includes at least 10% by weight of water, a thickener, a surfactant, and a pH moderator. The fluid meets the
8299443 Microchip and wedge ion funnels and planar ion beam analyzers using same October 30, 2012
Electrodynamic ion funnels confine, guide, or focus ions in gases using the Dehmelt potential of oscillatory electric field. New funnel designs operating at or close to atmospheric gas pressure are described. Effective ion focusing at such pressures is enabled by fields of extreme am
8293426 Cassettes for solid-oxide fuel cell stacks and methods of making the same October 23, 2012
Solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stack assembly designs are consistently investigated to develop an assembly that provides optimal performance, and durability, within desired cost parameters. A new design includes a repeat unit having a SOFC cassette and being characterized by a three-co
8277659 Microchip capillary electrophoresis absent electrokinetic injection October 2, 2012
Microchip capillary electrophoresis (CE) utilizing a sample injector based on a mechanical valve rather than electrokinetic injection can provide improved sample injections, enhanced capabilities, and can eliminate the need for changing the electric field in the separation channel to
8271461 Storing and managing information artifacts collected by information analysts using a computing d September 18, 2012
Systems and computer-implemented processes for storage and management of information artifacts collected by information analysts using a computing device. The processes and systems can capture a sequence of interactive operation elements that are performed by the information analyst, who
8269170 Methods and systems for remote detection of gases September 18, 2012
Novel systems and methods for remotely detecting at least one constituent of a gas via infrared detection are provided. A system includes at least one extended source of broadband infrared radiation and a spectrally sensitive receiver positioned remotely from the source. The source and
8267001 Composite armor and method for making composite armor September 18, 2012
A composite armor panel and a method for making the armor is disclosed. In one embodiment the armor consists of a plurality of ceramic tiles (21) individually edge-wrapped (52) with fiber or edge-wrap fabric, which are further wrapped with a face-wrap fabric, and encapsulated in a hy
8263930 Platform for field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry with ion propulsion modes emplo September 11, 2012
A differential ion mobility spectrometry or field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry (FAIMS) platform is disclosed that utilizes both gas flow and electric field, consecutively or simultaneously, to move ions through the analytical gap. The consecutive combination of flow and
8258995 Holographic imaging based on time-domain data of natural-fiber-containing materials September 4, 2012
Methods and apparatuses for imaging material properties in natural-fiber-containing materials can utilize time-domain data. In particular, images can be constructed that provide quantified measures of localized moisture content. For example, one or more antennas and at least one tran
8258761 Electrical energy consumption control apparatuses and electrical energy consumption control meth September 4, 2012
Electrical energy consumption control apparatuses and electrical energy consumption control methods are described. According to one aspect, an electrical energy consumption control apparatus includes processing circuitry configured to receive a signal which is indicative of current o
8257867 Nanocomposite of graphene and metal oxide materials September 4, 2012
Nanocomposite materials comprising a metal oxide bonded to at least one graphene material. The nanocomposite materials exhibit a specific capacity of at least twice that of the metal oxide material without the graphene at a charge/discharge rate greater than about 10C.
8247582 Esters of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural and methods for their preparation August 21, 2012
Disclosed are compositions and methods for the production of mono-esters and di-esters from the reaction of HMF and a reactant selected from a diacid or a diacid derivative; typical reactants are PAN, phthaloyl dichloride, dimethyl phthalate, maleic acid, and maleic anhydride or mono
8241817 Approach for improved stability and performance of SOFC metallic interconnects August 14, 2012
The present invention provides a material and a method for its creation and use wherein a reactive element, preferably a rare earth element, is included in an oxide coating material. The inclusion of this material modifies the growth and structure of the scale beneath the coating on
8241605 Methods and apparatus for catalytic hydrothermal gasification of biomass August 14, 2012
Continuous processing of wet biomass feedstock by catalytic hydrothermal gasification must address catalyst fouling and poisoning. One solution can involve heating the wet biomass with a heating unit to a temperature sufficient for organic constituents in the feedstock to decompose, for
8239425 Isolating desired content, metadata, or both from social media August 7, 2012
Desired content, metadata, or both can be isolated from the full content of social media websites having content-rich pages. Achieving this can include obtaining from the content-rich pages a language-independent representation having a hierarchical structure of nodes and then genera
8236973 Adsorption separation processes for ionic liquid catalytic processes August 7, 2012
Presently disclosed are methods and apparatus for separation of reaction products from reaction mixtures in an ionic liquid catalysis process, particularly in conversion of biomass, cellulose, and sugars into chemical intermediates such as 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF). In one embodi
8231697 Rapid start fuel reforming systems and techniques July 31, 2012
An on-board fuel processor includes a microchannel steam reforming reactor (30) and a water vaporizer (40) heated in series with a combustion gas. The reformer (30) and the vaporizer (40) are both of a cross-flow panel configuration that allows for low combustion side pressure drop.
8222367 Polymers for use in fuel cell components July 17, 2012
A proton conducting hydrocarbon-based polymer has acid groups on side chains attached to the main chain, where the acid groups are between 7 and 12 atoms away from the main chain. Another polymer includes a semi-fluorinated aromatic hydrocarbon main chain and side chains that include
8222223 Method of treating biocells July 17, 2012
A method of treating biocells includes the steps of: a. providing biocells; b. applying at least one stressor to the biocells sufficient to cause nonlethal and reparable cell wall damage to the biocells, thereby putting the biocells in a catabolic state during which catabolic metabol
8218703 Methods of processing a wireless communication signal, wireless communication synchronization me July 10, 2012
In one aspect, a wireless communication device includes an antenna configured to receive electromagnetic energy corresponding to a wireless communication signal outputted using an interrogator and to output electrical energy corresponding to the received electromagnetic energy, commu
8215864 Impact attenuator system July 10, 2012
An impact attenuator system includes a hyperelastic member that comprises an energy-absorbing material which behaves in a rate-independent hyperelastic manner so that its permanent set is minimized and the material can absorb tremendous amounts of impact energy while remaining fully
8206666 Reactors having varying cross-section, methods of making same, and methods of conducting reactio June 26, 2012
The present invention provides methods of conducting chemical reactions in a reaction channel that has an varying cross-sectional area such that a chemical reactant or reactants experience varying local contact time as the reactant(s) flow through the channel. The invention also provides
8203023 Tailored fischer-tropsch synthesis product distribution June 19, 2012
Novel methods of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis are described. It has been discovered that conducting the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over a catalyst with a catalytically active surface layer of 35 microns or less results in a liquid hydrocarbon product with a high ratio of C.sub.5-C.sub.20
8202569 Process of making porous electrodes June 19, 2012
Methods and feedstock compositions for preparing porous electrodes as contained in lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries that comprise an electrolyte composition are described. The methods are characterized by depositing on a substrate a feedstock having a soluble pore former, pr
8197777 Microcombustors, microreformers, and methods involving combusting or reforming liquids June 12, 2012
The invention describes combustors and steam reformers and methods of combustion and steam reforming. For example, integrated combustion reactors are described in which heat from combustion is transferred to an endothermic reaction. Thermally efficient reactors and methods of alcohol
8193382 Hydroxymethyl furfural oxidation methods June 5, 2012
A method of oxidizing hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) includes providing a starting material which includes HMF in a solvent comprising water into a reactor. At least one of air and O.sub.2 is provided into the reactor. The starting material is contacted with the catalyst comprising Pt on a
8193381 Hydroxymethyl furfural oxidation methods June 5, 2012
A method of oxidizing hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) includes providing a starting material which includes HMF in a solvent comprising water into a reactor. At least one of air and O.sub.2 is provided into the reactor. The starting material is contacted with the catalyst comprising Pt on a
8193142 Composition June 5, 2012
A cleaning composition comprises a dispersion. The dispersion includes an acidic aqueous phase and a suspended particle. The particle is coated with an acid stable coating.
8191435 Method and apparatus for concentrating vapors for analysis June 5, 2012
A pre-concentration device and a method are disclosed for concentrating gaseous vapors for analysis. Vapors sorbed and concentrated within the bed of the pre-concentration device are thermally desorbed, achieving at least partial separation of the vapor mixtures. The pre-concentration
8187775 High resolution photomask May 29, 2012
A film photomask comprises a polymer substrate such as a photosensitive polymer than can be darkened. The photomask substrate is sensitive to light within a first wavelength range and is initially transparent to light within a second wavelength range that is utilized for product expo
8183826 Battery charging control methods, electric vehicle charging methods, battery charging apparatuse May 22, 2012
Battery charging control methods, electric vehicle charging methods, battery charging apparatuses and rechargeable battery systems. According to one aspect, a battery charging control method includes accessing information regarding a presence of at least one of a surplus and a defici
8182965 Optimized cell configurations for stable LSCF-based solid oxide fuel cells May 22, 2012
Lanthanum strontium cobalt iron oxides (La(1-x)SrxCoyFe1-yO3-f; (LSCF) have excellent power density (>500 mW/cm2 at C.). When covered with a metallization layer, LSCF cathodes have demonstrated increased durability and stability. Other modifications, such as the thicke
8178703 Methods for production of polyols from oils and their use in the production of polyesters and po May 15, 2012
Methods to convert biobased oils, oil derivatives, and modified oils to highly functionalized esters, ester polyols, amides, and amide polyols. The products can be used to make polyurethane and polyester films and foams.
8173960 Low pressure electrospray ionization system and process for effective transmission of ions May 8, 2012
Systems and methods that provide up to complete transmission of ions between coupled stages with low effective ion losses. An "interfaceless" electrospray ionization system is further described that operates an electrospray at a reduced pressure such that standard electrospray sample
8166777 Glass composition and process for sealing void spaces in electrochemical devices May 1, 2012
A glass foaming material and method are disclosed for filling void spaces in electrochemical devices. The glass material includes a reagent that foams at a temperature above the softening point of the glass. Expansion of the glass fills void spaces including by-pass and tolerance channel

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