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Bath & Body Works, Inc. Patents
Bath & Body Works, Inc.
Reynoldsburg, OH
No. of patents:

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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D552481 Bottle October 9, 2007
D507636 Electric aromatherapy diffuser July 19, 2005
D506817 Electric air freshener cover June 28, 2005
D501545 Electric air freshener cover February 1, 2005
D497422 Electric air freshener cover October 19, 2004
D495046 Electric air freshener cover August 24, 2004
D493877 Electric air freshener cover August 3, 2004
D493876 Electric air freshener cover August 3, 2004
D472985 Oil lamp April 8, 2003
D454232 Candle snuffer March 5, 2002
D447255 Kiwi berry candle jar August 28, 2001
D446587 Jellybean candle jar August 14, 2001
D444247 Fruit salad candle jar June 26, 2001
D444246 Pink lemonade candle jar June 26, 2001
D444245 Blueberry cobbler candle jar June 26, 2001
D443082 Mixed peppers candle jar May 29, 2001
D443081 Carrot candle jar May 29, 2001
D443080 Mixed vegetables candle jar May 29, 2001
D442709 Tomato candle jar May 22, 2001
D442301 Candy corn candle jar May 15, 2001
D435100 Fragrance frame December 12, 2000
D434843 Air freshener jar December 5, 2000
D430659 Electric air freshener September 5, 2000
D429349 Strawberry candle jar August 8, 2000
D426655 Cucumber melon candle jar June 13, 2000
D426004 Country apple candle jar May 30, 2000
D425637 Cool watermelon candle jar May 23, 2000
D425220 Bud vase candle jar May 16, 2000
D425219 Mixed berry candle jar May 16, 2000
D424718 Raspberry candle jar May 9, 2000
D424219 Raspberry candle jar May 2, 2000
D423696 Mixed fruit candle jar April 25, 2000
D423695 Sparkling green apple candle jar April 25, 2000
D423694 Jelly bean candle jar April 25, 2000
D423693 Melon candle jar April 25, 2000
D423138 Pearberry candle jar April 18, 2000
D423125 Country apple candle jar April 18, 2000
D423124 Strawberry candle jar April 18, 2000
D407476 Air freshener March 30, 1999
D406886 Air freshener with bow tie and lace fabric March 16, 1999
D406770 Combined container and cap March 16, 1999
D404313 Jar January 19, 1999
D402207 Bottle December 8, 1998
D401855 Lid for jar December 1, 1998
D401138 Combined container and cap November 17, 1998
D397198 Air freshener with jar and fabric August 18, 1998
D392879 Combined tube and cap March 31, 1998
D392194 Bottle with pattern areas March 17, 1998
D392032 Fragrance bottle March 10, 1998
D391169 Combined bottle and cap February 24, 1998
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