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Bally Manufacturing Corporation
Chicago, IL
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RE31441 Player operated game apparatus November 15, 1983
A pinball game has a playing field with ball directing lanes and targets and flipper elements for returning the ball. A programmed logic array is connected to the switches, response lamps, digit scoring lamps, and audible devices. A matrix circuit is connected to the switches and places
D315646 Exercise bicycle seat March 26, 1991
D307771 Cabinet for gaming machine May 8, 1990
D280748 Arcade game cabinet September 24, 1985
D278160 Video game cabinet March 26, 1985
D275209 Video game cabinet August 21, 1984
D275208 Video game cabinet August 21, 1984
D259350 Pinball game cabinet May 26, 1981
D253662 Coin-operated gaming machine December 11, 1979
5209477 Slot machine reel mounting assembly May 11, 1993
A reel mounting assembly for a slot machine is disclosed. The reel mounting assembly includes a frame for supporting a reel. An actuator is provided to adjust the position of the reel when the reel is inserted into the slot machine. The reel mounting assembly includes a base plate having
5190495 High capacity coin hopper for a gaming machine March 2, 1993
A high capacity coin hopper is disclosed comprising a cylinder mounted for rotation above a coin dispensing disc assembly. The central axis of the cylinder is offset above the central axis of the coin dispensing disc, creating a wall in the cylinder. Coins pile up against the wall, a
5179517 Game machine data transfer system utilizing portable data units January 12, 1993
The data transfer system operates by collecting data from game machines and transferring said data to a smart card type data transfer unit containing memory, addressing, control, and protection circuitry. Depending on the level of capability desired, the card may or may not have micropro
5123649 Gaming machine with dynamic pay schedule June 23, 1992
A gaming machine having a dynamic pay schedule is provided. The machine selects a pay schedule from a set of pay schedules as a function of the number of coins inserted and the current state of the machine. The state of the machine is represented by an event counter which is incremented
5113990 Bill validation and change system for a slot machine May 19, 1992
A bill validation and change system for a slot machine. The system accepts bills of a plurality of denominations and pays out change for the bills in coins of the denomation which may be accepted by the slot machine to play a game. Coins input to the slot machine are stored in a coin hop
5102136 Slot machine reel mounting assembly April 7, 1992
A reel mounting assembly for a slot machine is disclosed. The reel mounting assembly includes a frame for supporting a reel. An actuator is provided to adjust the position of the reel when the reel is inserted into the slot machine. The reel mounting assembly includes a base plate having
5067604 Self teaching coin discriminator November 26, 1991
By combining a number of different types of coin sensors including a reflective sensor, a capacitive sensor and inductive sensors together with a logic circuit it is possible to provide for highly accurate and flexible discrimination between authorized and unauthorized coins or tokens.
5020794 Motor control for an exercise machine simulating a weight stack June 4, 1991
In an exercise machine where an electric motor is used to simulate a weight stack a more realistic feel plus stability of operation is achieved by compensating the torque output of the motor for the mechanical characteristics of the machine including inertia, friction and gravitation
4991848 Gaming machine with a plateaued pay schedule February 12, 1991
Convenience and speed of play in a gaming machine are enhanced by providing a payout schedule that includes one very large payout along with a number of other large payout values that are plateaued just below an administrative value.
4871167 General purpose display controller for electronic games October 3, 1989
A general purpose controller suitable for use with an electronic amusement game having a raster scan display receives game data from the game during vertical blank periods, the game data specifying object images and their screen positions desired for the next display in the sequence of r
4864410 Apparatus and method of making photographs from a video image September 5, 1989
An apparatus for making photographs from a video image including a video system for creating the video image and for displaying the video image to the subject, a photographic system for producing a photograph from the video image, and a computer for transferring the video image from the
4858932 Nonuniform probability reel stop mechanism for gaming machines August 22, 1989
In order to provide a reel type gaming apparatus with the capability to pay out winnings having a higher value than an apparatus where the reels have an equal probability of stopping at each reel stop, a table is created in memory having pairs of lower and upper numerical limits which de
4846461 Foot pedal assembly for an exercise machine July 11, 1989
A foot pedal assembly for an exercise machine. The foot pedal assembly includes a foot pedal or base having a longitudinally extending upper surface on which the user's foot rests and a strap the ends of which are coupled to opposite sides of the foot pedal so that the strap extends
4840372 Diagnostic testing system for an exercie machine June 20, 1989
A diagnostic testing system for an exercise machine having a computer control. The computer control of the machine is responsive to the actuation of a test button to enter a diagnostic test mode in which various components of the machine may be checked for maintenance. Tests are prov
4831242 Control system for health club facilities and equipment May 16, 1989
A control system for a health club which stores user records including user activity data in order to monitor and control use of the club's facilities. A central controller includes a memory for storing the user records including attendance data and accounting data, and a main control
4813675 Reconfigurable casino table game and gaming machine table March 21, 1989
To increase casino floor space utilization, an enclosure containing a number of video gaming machines is constructed such that it can readily be converted to a casino table game. This is accomplished by configuring the top of the enclosure to receive a standard table game board. The encl
4799677 Video game having video disk read only memory January 24, 1989
There is provided a video game system utilizing a video disk as a read only memory to store digital video image data for use in generating the video game images. The video data is stored by compressing digitized video data using color cell compression and then further compressing the dat
4782468 Line power failure scheme for a gaming device November 1, 1988
A power failure scheme for a gaming device in which, upon the detection of a failure of the line power, particular processing operations are completed before power is completely lost. A regulated D.C. power supply coupled to the line power generates an interrupt having the highest pr
4727544 Memory integrity checking system for a gaming device February 23, 1988
A system for continuously checking the integrity of the memories of a computer controlled gaming device. The gaming device includes a plurality of EPROMs for storing software and fixed data according to which the gaming device operates. A checksum algorithm stored in one of the EPROMs
4720789 Video exercise or game floor controller with position indicating foot pads January 19, 1988
Operation of a video game or an exercise system utilizing a video display is enhanced by a floor controller utilizing weight sensitive pads that allows an operator to input information into the system by locating his feet in specific portions of the floor controller. The system includes
4714244 Rowing machine with improved mechanical features December 22, 1987
A rowing exercise machine having an improved user interface. The user interface has a cable for accepting user exercising stroke movements each stroke having a power and return portion. The cable is carried on a cable drum which is mounted on a shaft such that when the cable is unwound a
4711451 Reel mapping scheme for a gaming device December 8, 1987
A reel mapping scheme which allows one standard reel stop control software routine to control the stopping of the reels when the device is operated as a standard gaming device, a multiple stop gaming device or a virtual reel gaming device. The gaming device includes a number of rotating
4695053 Gaming device having player selectable winning combinations September 22, 1987
A gaming device of the type that utilizes multiple rotatable reels or a video display to display a random combination of predetermined symbols, and which issues a win indication or a payout whenever one of several predetermined winning combinations of symbols is obtained. Certain ones of
4685678 Position transducer system for a joystick August 11, 1987
A joystick position transducer system for use in a video game. The joystick position transducer includes a pair of inductors each having a movable slug, the slugs being coupled to a control handle or knob by means of respective linkages. The control handle or knob is responsive to extern
4674741 Rowing machine with video display June 23, 1987
An improved rowing exercising machine is disclosed. The machine has a mechanical apparatus for accepting user stroke movements; each stroke has a power portion and a return portion. The mechanical apparatus converts the energy from the user stroke movements into rotation of a flywheel. I
4652998 Video gaming system with pool prize structures March 24, 1987
A video amusement gaming system with pool prize structures including remote game terminals and a central controller with two-way communications between the remote game terminals and the central controller. Prize awards are based upon random shuffling of a set of prize awards among a
4648600 Video slot machine March 10, 1987
An electronic amusement device is provided in which a set of symbols is displayed on a cathode ray tube. A set of winning symbols is also displayed in response to selection by a player. Upon actuation of a lever arm by the player, the first-mentioned set of symbols is randomized and
4624459 Gaming device having random multiple payouts November 25, 1986
A gaming device having random multiple payouts. The device has a random number generator which generates a multiple payout random number. The device further includes a counter for accumulating the number of game wins. When the multiple payout random number equals the number of accumu
4597043 High speed CPU/sequencer for video games June 24, 1986
A high speed CPU/sequencer for use in a video game provides multi-channel binary output for display control purposes. The CPU/sequencer includes a macro-section that is user programmable with macro-instructions and a micro-section that is user programmable with micro-instructions. The
4589089 Computer-peripheral interface for a game apparatus May 13, 1986
A home computer system provides a video processor for use with a television receiver. The video processor can selectively perform a variety of modifications to pixel data under the direction of the CPU of the computer system before the pixel data is stored in a random access memory to
4582324 Illusion of skill game machine for a gaming system April 15, 1986
A video amusement game terminal for a gaming system for playing a game providing the illusion of skill. A game processor provides a video game presentation in response to player control wherein a prize award is disclosed through presentation of achievement by the player of a designat
4548408 Bonus ball pinball game October 22, 1985
A pinball type game includes a play surface having at least one target thereon adapted to be engaged by either of two game balls which can be propelled onto the play surface so as to traverses the play surface and return to a return end thereof. The two game balls are distinguished from
4542905 Game with an electromagnetic ball detector September 24, 1985
A ball detector senses and signals the presence of a metal containing ball near preselected points on a game playfield. The ball detector is positioned to avoid contact with the ball and includes an electromagnet for generating a magnetic flux near the preselected points on the game
4505167 Floating pawl structure providing compound angular yieldability March 19, 1985
A shock and overload relieving pawl structure for driving and indexing operations in which the pawl element is part of a floating carrier structure having simple and complex multi-angular mobility in coaction with a bi-directional normalizing spring arrangement all operative such tha
4498079 Prioritized overlay of foreground objects line buffer system for a video display system February 5, 1985
A priority ordered multiple video object display system is disclosed for use with a raster scan display having a plurality of display locations on a plurality of display lines. The display system comprises means for generating a list of ordered video object data packets, and buffer means
4484592 Amusement apparatus with high capacity token storage November 27, 1984
Coin-release amusement apparatus dispenses tokens in response to a winning combination and includes a coin-release device for activating the apparatus; a repository for receiving coins from the coin-release device; a token storage and dispensing device separate from the coin-release
4475228 Programmable sound circuit for electronic games October 2, 1984
A sound generator for use with microprocessor controlled amusement games includes a programmable sound generator and programmable filters. The programmable filters utilize duty-cycle-controlled resistors to provide analog filtering under microprocessor control. Resistor duty cycles are
4475172 Audio/visual home computer and game apparatus October 2, 1984
A home computer system provides a video processor for use with a television receiver. The video processor can selectively perform a variety of modifications to pixel data under the direction of the CPU of the computer system before the pixel data is stored in a random access memory to
4448417 Pinball game with simulated projectile display May 15, 1984
A pinball game, in addition to having an aspect in which a real projectile, i.e., a pinball, is manipulated to strike various targets, has a simulated projectile aspect in which a projectile is simulated by stepwise illumination of lights on an array. Events, in the simulated aspect, suc
4447058 Game gate device May 8, 1984
A game gate device having a variable width passageway for passage of a game ball. The gate device is pivotable for variable passageway spacing between a wide open and a narrow open position, wherein the spacing in both the wide open and narrow open positions are both sufficient to allow
4443209 Gaming apparatus having manually controllable-operating speed April 17, 1984
An improved amusement or game device of the type which has one or more indicia-bearing rotatable reels which are rotated upon initiation of play by a player is disclosed. The game device has an improved main drive mechanism which permits the player to vary the initial rotational speed of
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